Sunday, October 19, 2008

I've won as MCA Deputy President

Tonight is a memorable night for me as I've won as MCA Deputy President. I sincerely thank all my supporters for their enormous support.

With all party members' support and cooperation, we now need to re-unite and reform the party. All elected leaders must work hand in hand to fulfill their promises to party members as well as the rakyat.

Once again, I thank all central delegates for their votes.


UNCLE BOO said...

Congratulation Dr Chua.

Michael said...

I m from Pg. Although i m a staunch supporter of DAP , i congratulate on ur winning. Make a difference in MCA and Penanqites will be back s i still believe mca can make a stand 4 us in our country.
Of all non-bumi x/present ministers u r 1 of d d best we had .
DAP supporter in PG.

artic turban said...

Well done sir, it was a really hard struggle to reawake like a phoenix from the ashes. Now what?, will you continue to be led by the nose by umno? Will you allow Mca be sidelind again, typically by the UMNO ANTICS?, Either voice out, about the truth and justice and equal playing field, or come next election, I gurantee you Mca will be worse off than where GERAKAN,PPP,MIC ARE. The people of Malaysia are sick and tired of the umno election, and they will never change, will you now join them to allow the perpetual feeding frenzy that Malaysia is facing from these sharks? The choice is yours, where you stand come the day after the next election will be decided by your policies of whether you are thinking about the people or whether you will continue the lie of umno, decision is yours. You have been given a second chance to redeem the wrong which was done to you, now is the time to put it into affect, no more bullshite from umno.

Anonymous said...

Your supporters have given you another mandate to work for the people. Your supporters will also hope and pray that you will avoid all pit falls in your life. The whole of Malaysia which has judged you is now eyeing at your works. You will be judged more than the President of MCA himself. It is a very big and heavy responsibility.

jatt said...

Should i say congrats?Congrats!

kyototan said...

Congrat Datuk CSL. To be frank I am no fan of yours. I admire the fact that you are able to convince the the MCA delegate you are the best choice out of the others. Polictically you had been better than those who competed with you and hopefully with this advantage you are able to contribute to the Malaysian race.

tongchaijadi said...

try to improve on the m'sia movie making industry as this can generate good revenue n publicity for our great country.
1st come Hollywood, then Bollywood so we must have malaywood or Chualywood.

Francis Lui said...

Congratulation! Please continue to reform for the betterment of all Malaysian. Another arrest in Johor under ISA. MCA must act and do something about it rather just singing the old song to abolish ISA in MCA's conference. Please please insert pressure and influence to abolish ISA.

A Voice said...

BP UMNO supporter here offering congratulations. YOu ar eon my bloglist.

I cheered for you not becasue you are from Batu Pahat but becasue I am fully aware of your work and your sincerity to work together.

Much time have been wasted on politicking. The country got a lot of problems to deal with, seriously problem. Hope UMNO will clear it's issues by December.

Congratulation again.
Perhaps more productive time at Katarina? :)

chin loon said...

Although i am not the Mca member, but i still proud of you!
You are the best, Dr. Chua!
Keep going your good job to reform the party!

yatim said...

Congrats Dr. Chua. Your win means the delegates have agreed on your promised of more openess in MCA, more people oriented actions and stand-up to the racist guys in UMNO. Sincerely hope that you would carry-out all promises you made. You are not just representing the MCA central delegates. The Chinese community is looking up at you and so do the other minority communities in Malaysia. pls do not disappoint us. Once again "Congrates".

NEIL said...

DR, CONGRATULATION!The job has finally began.Expectations are high and we the rakyat are waiting for your new team to do what you all preaches.

amoker said...


Now, is the big challenge since "UMNO is not a bully".

Ah Chin said...

Congratulations to you. You may have your tainted side, but the delegates had thought it was a personal matter and should not be allowed to stand in the way of the larger picture. Well, at least they had the common sense this time around. Ong, your nearest rival, lost because he still cannot shake himself off the old, tired and subservient way of closed door diplomacy in dealing with Umno. I'm not an MCA supporter but I found myself hoping that, for the sake of MCA, you would win after watching your telecast debate on tv. Carry on doc!

tualang3 said...

Dr Chua,

As a Malaysian, I would like to congratulate you for the success in winning the Deputy President of MCA. The delegates have given the second chance to lead. But remember never ever repeat the mistake you have done.

MCA might forgive you this time. But would there be a second chance?

I think your fight is not yet over. You have won over the the Chinese delegates. What about others, Malaysian at large?

ken said...


I hope u will not "find no balls after some time".

koh said...


koh said...


Negara Kita said...


vin said...

Ryan | 10月19日 上午10点47分








我劝你们马华修改党章。未来要参选的人应该需要准备一份Letter of Good Conduct。我们政府有这项服务,在外交部的网上能下栽到这份表格。


bwho said...

Dr: Chua congr that you had won the DP post .with your agenda and reform hopefully you can bring HOPE for the chinese commnity.good luck

Lost said...

Dato... My Heartiest Congratulations to you. I have never doubted that you will win! You have once again proven yourself!

天空 said...

Congratulation Dato! we'r so happy tat u can continue to contribute to party n nation!It means..Wish u all the best n take a good care bcoz it is a long run after tis..

JohnnyChong said...

The MCA or Malaysian who are race of chinese need to learn sanjung bahasa Malaysia to show the unity of Malaysian for Malaysia not just talk only like DAP as I proudly says: Only Lim Guam Eng from DAP can speak Bahasa Malaysia well & sanjung Bahasa Malaysia that reward him as Penang Chief Minister yet how about MCA how they will get their strong support from Pahang, Sabah & Sarawak if they not start to Sanjung Bahasa Malaysia as 1st move cause in Sabah & Sarawak we has lots Sino race who not good in chinese or lots Malaysian who are chinese yet english & bahasa educated then How MCA will get their support that but well Last Says: Congrat Dr. Chua cause his a man who dare to admit the mistake of life he done that most Politician can't do today. God Bless Dr. Chua

春天 said...

Congratulations !

smkt2009 said...


马华 经不起另一个党争。互相扶持,


smkt2009 said...


马华 经不起另一个党争。互相扶持,


Genesis said...
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Genesis said...

Congratulations SL. We, the Class '65 HSBP wish you well and all the very best in your newly elected post of Deputy President of MCA. We wish to remind you that whatever you promised in your campaign of re-inventing MCA to be a relevant party to the nation, you must hold true to your committment.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Now that you have won
Your work has just begun
Be sure you know what all citizens really want
Ensure you shoot sharply with your political gun

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 191008
Sun. 19th Oct. 2008.

uncleboy said...

Dear Datuk Seri, congratlations on your victory. And yes, the best man won the race for the deputy president post.

More than anything, this signifies a new era not only in MCA but also Malaysian politics.

They way the delegates voted exemplifies their maturity, voting not only from their heart but also with their head.

Not to blindly follow, but really evaluating the candidates carefully in all aspects. This is the only time i feel comforted after 308, where i feel voters were more empowered but are not savvy and sophisticated enough to make the right decisions. A worrying state. But the MCA results yesterday showed otherwise; we are maturing in the right direction. That MCA are made of progressive thinkers.

Your victory will become a great story for many many years to come.
Also a good example and precedence for many people.

For us to tell our children, our friends, our fellow msians. That you can pick up after a mistake; so as long as your heart is in the right place and are willing to rectify, to move on.

Congratulations again Datuk Seri; you are the force of change!

firefly said...

I am not a MCA supporter but I really admire your courage and fighting spirit. I wish you all the best.

Francis Lui said...

Dear Dr Chua,
If you want to continue to disseminate information to younger generation. I think MCA better gear up their online presence from now on. Clearly, MCA is far lacking in term of using Social Media Network to disseminate information and I STRONG URGE MCA TO START THE BALL ROLLING. You need people with experience in this area the draw up a complete online strategies to address younger generation crowds.


jrajster said...

Congrats Datuk,

It will never be the same again as far as Malaysian politic goes. Your re-entry is allowed for one thing and one thing only; to speak aloud for all Malaysians and to face Umno head-on on all abuses.

KIMHO8 said...
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Pearls said...


Now, go do what you need to do. The talking is over and now, it is the doing part.

Not many people get a 2nd chance so, please don't screw it again OK..

asian-fellow said...


The public might have said OTK and yourself are "hard" in style of handling and possess "different" view or judgement on almost all occasions.

Having positive differences are nothing wrong, as long as those are good for the nation and MCA.

For the benefits of all Malaysians, including Chinese, Indians and Malays, please do your BEST for a good teamwork in MCA and delete the concept of Team A or B!!!

I can see all BN members (even UMNO) have been rectifying the shortcomings and improving situation/ themselves.

Without MCA, MIC and UMNO... "Malaysia" is NOT in existence, so please take good care of it...

凯雯,凯馨 said...


raveendran nair said...

Congratulations Dr.Chua. Now the ball with you and you must walk your talk. While difinitely you have to talk for your community but dont forget Malaysian from various community will expect you to talk on behalf of Malaysian too.

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Congratulation to you. Finally you made it. This is not the end of the road, infact it is the beginning of the road. Hope that you will deliver your promises. I know some people will not happy that you have won the post, but just to keep your promises will do. Hope that, MCA will have a new page under u and OTK. Hope that both of you will bring more things new to the MCA and chinese community. GOD will bless you.

James said...


KIMHO8 said...

We want equality and transparency.

The revenge on Khairy and Ahmad Ismail totally nonsense.

Don't think this will make
us, the Chinese happy and shiok.

It is not a satisfactory solution. Not even consider as a solution at all.

EDS said...

Congratulation Dr Chua SL. I admire your courage to stand and won the MCA Deputy President post.

You must continue to have the courage and gut to give Malaysia a hope by preventing UMNO from destroying Malaysia.

Time will tell, or you just good in lip service!

Good luck to you.

Countryman said...

Well done, Dr. We sincerely hope you and Ong Tee Keat will now move on as a formidable team and bring great and good changes for MCA.

With your character, we have full confidence that you will not harbour any ill feeling for whatever that had happened in the past.

Let's move on and bring back the past glory to MCA.


KIMHO8 said...
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KIMHO8 said...
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Datuk said...

Congratulation Dr. Chua! You had beaten the odds that againsts you.

Hope you and OTK working together to spreahead the reform in MCA and making MCA a prominent party to berespected within the BN family.

If the Big brother is still refuse to change and no way for reinventing for the ultimate international competitiveness, no way for creating a bigger cake for sharing, then do not hesitate to reshape the entire political landscape in Malaysia.

Rakyat are observing and always behind you. You make the call ! Do not dissapointing us anymore !

vin said...


另一方面,从组织的角度来看,翁蔡都是“主宰” 型的人物,双头马车,肯定撕烂整辆马车。黄家定及陈广才的核心团队里都没有“主宰”型的人,所以整辆马车五年来都没有动,现在的情况刚好和之前极端相反。解决的方法有二:1)其中一方肯妥协;2)找一个比较柔性的总秘书,否则马华末日不远矣。



1) 牺性他国,利益本国;
2) 牺牲国家,利益党团;
3) 牺牲外人,利益随从;
4) 牺牲他人,利益自己。




Dr Lim Song Chai said...

congratulations Dr Chua.

The delegates had chosen you to reform, reinvent and rebuild our beloved party.
The delegates also hope all of you in the central party can work together and well to form a formidable MCA to face the NEW MALAYSIA challenges.
All the best to you and our party

南洋閩學網誌 said...

Do not be overjoyed by this victory , as you gathered less than 50% of the total votes, those voted for you may be influenced by sentiments or other factors. Also

the results also does not refects

the aspiration of grassroot. Because most of the grassroot want morally right leader. I do not what is going to happen next. Plase relinguish the post for the benefits of country and the people.

As an MCA you have to follow the value of Malaysia Chinese and not the western value.

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

You surprised me (or more so the delegates) by winning the Deputy President's post, against such odds, without a Govt. or party post (prior to last saturday).

I saw a picture of you in the Press where you sat on plastic chairs, whilst some party 'minnows' sat on the colorful big chairs upfront. To come from that position and to win the No. 2 Position in the party is quite remarkable.

The new MCA Team holds some hope for change in this country but I think the ultras in UMNO are not going to let you guys sit pretty in your position - unless you go back to the old ways by keeping your big mouth shut!

Winning comes with a heavy responsibilty and I wish you well.

PL said...

Don't be like Gerakan being a first class hyprocite and lately the best ball-carrier. Gerakan can only talk big about reforms, rejection of ISA..blah..blah..blah...during their general assembly. Why are the Gerakan MPs not supporting PR's motion to debate the ISA in Parliment?
Gerakan deserved to be kicked out of Penang.
Will MCA MPs make good what they so boldly boast about reforms recently? As long as MCA is with BN-Umno, you will not get our block of votes

KIMHO8 said...
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robertchai48 said...

Congratulation. It is indeed you have courage, determination and strong will. Put the past behind and stand up for a better Malaysia for everyone in Malaysia. We need leader to voice up our aspiration and hope in Malaysia irrespective of races.

Continue with this blog. it is indeed help to garner votes from the fence sitters. MCA will return back to lead PR lead state.

Carry out your ideas in your party manifesto. Work with other BN component parties to win back lose seat. Hopefully UMNO leaders realise their mistake. PAS will gain more with their attitude. Keep our finger cross, the voters will come back to BN

vin said...

Hey All, let me tell you one thing.Did you know that Gelang Patah chairman Teoh Sew Hock is the supporter for Chua Soi Lek. You Know he is Big Ah Long(Da Er Long). Dr Chua you are DP of MCA, You better walk away Teoh Sew Hock.If you not,People will think that you're also invest money in his company, and you're also Ah Long Chua.

Funniman1965 said...

Congratulations. Now that you had won over MCA, next phase would be to win all of the Chinese irregardless which platform they belong to. I look forward to that day when you start to have tea with rest of the Chinese leaders.

冠凯 said...


Anonymous said...


Teochiew Nang said...

Dr. Chua,

Congratulations for your reborn as a MCA leader after going through the tormenting period of political soul searching. You were crucified for the evil of others who encroached into your private life. The mens rea of such act was to nail you and to end your political career for good. Such mala fide motive should be brought to light and the evils punished for violation of basic human rights

Despite all ill-strategies of the invincible hands, they couldn't bring you to yield. Amazingly your resurrection served them the warnings and connoted the beginning of the new chapter in MCA political history.

Personally we may have exchanged some pleasantries and threw some moral supports during your trying period a couple of times not because of we shared the same dialect and came from same hometown, but honestly I shared the same sentiments as you and the aspirations of MCA prospective after 308 general election.

The end result indicated to us the policies embarked by MCA all this while has gone hay wire. We could perceive that MCA was not sensitive to the basic requirements of the Chinese at large in Malaysia. The past doings of MCA was classified as non performance and not justified as political party who could champion for the basic needs of the Chinese.

I echoed your inspiration that the social activities of MCA should leave it to the NGOs to carry out. As a political party, rightfully MCA functions should confine strictly on politic! The legacy of helping the Chinese to achieve the equal footings for the betterment of the next generations to come shall be the emphasis.

Let us forget about the past and look for the future as a way forward (notwithstanding that whether you have the heart to forgive the ills you have had undergone).

Having said that, I believe it is the beginning of the end since the task ahead of you is enormous. I sincerely believe I can count on you to deliver your campaign manifesto. It is not only promises and it is more than social contract but a contract that binds between you and all central delegates of MCA that provided you the mandate. They entrusted you to champion through as the general.

Last not least, Dr. Chua, the Deputy President of MCA, allow me to share my thoughts with you to achieve the strategies of your political blue prints. Generally at large, MCA should look at government machinery to ensure that policies of the government be implemented as the wishes of the policies master. Many a time, implementation process fails because lack of safety net and of too many little Napoleons in the Government civil service. As such there should be a machinery of check and balance to monitor the process to ensure they achieve to the desire intentions of the makers.

To fine tune the strategy, Dr. Chua may I plead with you that kindly look at the ratio of ethnic composition in the civil service to ensure more employment opportunities be given to the Chinese. On top of that there should be equal opportunity for career development in the service at the decision-making level. Practically the ethnic Chinese has losing hope and faith to engage job opportunities in civil service. Again it is the perceptions that lack of implementation will as the basic factor for the decline in interest and participation. Consequently all policies are not implemented and enjoyed by the people at large as the wishes of the political masters.

Teochiew Nang Puchong

yintaoshu said...



KIMHO8 said...


Any news?

Ng said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Dato' Sri. The overwhelming mandates endorsed by the central delegates is not only hoping that you will put MCA in order and lead MCA to greater heights, but more importantly to articulate in BN the aspirations of Malaysian Chinese community. You can only do so effectively by involving yourself in the Cabinet. If the MCA President Chooses not to, for the reasons only known to himself, let the central delegates to decide, calling an EGM if it is necessary.
Best regards,
Nai Soo

NEIL said...

Dr,will you be endorsing people with the same type of behaviour as yours,womanising,if you become MCA president one day?

傻婆 said...


time to celebrate?
u hv no time for tat, do wat u should do!!!
Prove the party's members r voted for the RIGHT person...

Kopi Kau Kau said...


Congratulation , I am indeed surprised you could win..... I lost my bet to my coffee shop regulars..

As usual you are on natural high... but please' walk your talk ' and not 'take a walk'... We are watching and shall ever praise or be critical to your performance..

Please live up to your manifesto and ideals.... I believe you would not have time with us for a cuppa of kopi kau kau chi piu.....

kaypo said...

Dato Dr Chua .
Our Heartiest Congratulation.
Your victory proves and signifies a new era not only in MCA but also in malaysia politics.
You and president ong tee keat have brought hope to MCA
Let's move on hand in hand and bring back the past glory to MCA.


Now that you are the DP of MCA, how would lead? How would you want the MCA MPs to cast their votes if a motion that is not beneficial to the people is tabled in the parliament? Does MCA still want to toe the party line? Will MCA support the motion tabled by the PR if it is beneficial for the people? Would MCA table any motion that wipe out corruption and abolish ISA? How would MCA contribute to the setting up of Anti-corruption commission, Judicairy Commission, IPCMC, etc? I have doubts if MCA can do anything, as long as MCA is still toeing the party line. Your son is in the Parliament. Do you think he dare to vote against any motion that is against the people's will? I doubt it. Anyway, congratulation.

yintaoshu said...

Congratulations Dr Chua

Rita said...

I am not surprised you won. After all you got your son selected to contest for a state seat. So this is someone with a lot of influence through whatever means. Well, isn't this also some kind of empire building?
Dare to admit? Well, faced with indisputable evidence, what choice did you have? You should have come clean sooner. The minute the rumour started, you should have admitted you were the person in the video and resigned from all govt and party posts and let those higher up decide your fate. This would have earned you respect from all. Instead you tried to cling on and only resigned, I presume after advice from the PM and MCA leaders.
So the only mistake you made was using the same room and the same hotel? This is laughable. Another thing, how come when you were in the cabinet and govt you were not that vocal? Typical of most politicians – they will say anything to either hold on to power or make a come a come-back. By the way, I am just an ordinary citizen and neither a member any political party nor a supporter of any politician.

max said...

Dato, hope that you will do your best to discuss with UMNO for us with your good AQ.
I know that your AQ is very high after face those problem.
Congratution! DR. Chua

yintaoshu said...

Congratulations Dr Chua,

Hope you can contribute more with your current appointment as deputy vice president. Keep up the good work.

Best regards,

mike said...

You didn't win, you wre elected by the grace of the people.

Socrato said...

I congratulate you. If I were in MCA my vote will certainly for you too.
Hope that you can fulfil your promise as a bold and honest stateman.
UMNO continues to play the racial cards, now almost to the extreme. One day this will destroy MCA , and even the very country we love. MCA really need to show the determination to reject all forms of racial politics. Unite with the East malaysia component parties. Do not dance to UMNO's music, for God's sake. Umno with current parlimentary seats cannot afford to be too arrogant, unless you still want to "kowtow" to them. We really need to make sure they change, and if they refuse, the whole country have to reject them and isolate them . Make UMNO an unpopular ideology, and all Malaysian of all races in an united front. MCA and BN component parties play a crucial role here.
Please win back the dignity of MCA.

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