Monday, November 2, 2009

A Single Stream Education System

It is good that the Prime Minister is firm and clear on this issue, that the government will not implement an education system that divides the people. Until the people from various races are in the agreement, then the single stream system will not be implemented. The PM also reminded the rakyat that we should not be taken up by racist remarks made by any political leader since they do not necessarily reflect the views of the majority.

It is very simplistic to think that a single stream of education system will ensure racial interaction, harmony and unity. There are many countries where you have a single stream of education, but the people are as divisive as ever. Racial unity is a very complex issue that cannot be achieved just by implementing a single stream education system. Leaders who make such a call should be reminded that educational freedom is enshrined in the constitution and it is an inherent right of all Malaysians.

Right now, while there are various streams of education system, the curriculum are set by the Ministry of Education. The content of the various educational streams should instill nation building, mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance of the uniqueness of the diversity of races in this country. Government policies that are fair, equitable, democratic that will ensure confidence and trust in the government is important. No race should be marginalized or left out from the mainstream of development. Every group is entitled to share the expanding economic cake. Government should help on the needs basis.

The government can continue to assist the bumiputras who are in needs but non-bumis who are also in needs should receive help from the government. When every rakyat feels he is a stakeholder in sharing the expanding economic cake, then it is easier to achieve racial harmony and nation building.

To be fair, since Najib became the Prime Minister, he has courageously implemented many new measures to ensure that he walks the talk of Satu Malaysia. Meeting the needs and the expectation of the various races in a multiracial country like Malaysia is a mind-boggling task. Even the PR states are confronted with many problems of how to meet the needs of the various parties within the coalition.


TheLamer99 said...

菜伯伯, 一句話而已..
恭喜你恢復署理會長一職 !!

我也功成身退囉.. XD~~

希望您老人家能繼續為華社服務 !!

Unknown said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Congrats to u! I am very glad to hear that you have back to your post!

I am happy and hope you can continue to serve this lovely nation.

If possible, hope you can become the Health Minister again because you have the better capability to take over this post and perform well.

Thank you ^^ Congrats..... God Bless U ^^

wangguo said...


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Yes, Malaysia's Big Bully is at it again - accusing others of his and his cohorts' sins! If ALL Malaysian parents and teachers had taught their young to love and respect others regardless of colour, religion and creed, there would have been so much peace and harmony in Malaysia- but of course, the insecure and greedy BIG BULLY made sure that there is divide & rule and deepening divide - as time goes by, between Bumiputras and other Malaysians! BIG Bully had made sure that the credible education system that was inherited from the British was destroyed so as to bring the level of all Malaysians down to that of the old pribumi, AND the Big Bully knows that the Chinese Educationists are now not allowing this race-based government to rob other Malaysians of the only remaining vestige of a credible education system - the Chinese Education system!

The Chinese insists on adopting own chinese education system and now Chinese are not so much dependant on the civil servant jobs. If all the Chinese follow single stream education system, how are Chinese going to find a job in the private sector. In fact many non Chinese (Malays) students are studying in chinese school and the numbers are keep on growing fast yearly.

The recent meeting between Najib Abdul Razak and several Chinese educationists ad association leaders over Chinese education has been widely seen as another political type strategy to win back the Chinese votes, bypassing the divided shameful and weak MCA party.

The meeting between Najib and Chinese organisations is a reminder to MCA (that they can be bypassed by UMNO and become irrelevant)," said Tang Ah Chai, the Kuala Lumpur-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall chief executive officer. MCA is a sinking ship like Gerakan is losing faith to close shop soon.

God bless the Chinese Educationists - that they stand firm against a hate-filled corrupted government from robbing their Chinese children of what the Chinese hold dear - "A GOOD CHINESE EDUCATION SYSTEM" that many greedy, selfish and corrupted MCA leaders have failed badly today.

GTLim said...

Hi Dr.Chua,

I am so happy for you. He who laughs last, laughs best huh!

Keep it up! You deserve this!

Well done!

呉 和豪 said...


很高兴你重新归队,希望我们 能以3*8=23的方法来实现大团结。3*8 就是大家发, 23 就是容易生存。不要辜负一代大 禅师星云的好意。

呉 和豪 said...


我国的特征是多元,多元生物,多元文化,多元资源。 我国对于世界的贡献也是在于多元生物,
靠主流的运作。这原理在水力学,地理学,,电气学,医学,经营学 都可以给与证明。没有主
流与支流的配合那会产生广阔的三角洲,造就农作物的生长,成就人类的文明。 各语文教育的发展也属于
主流教育的发展, 不但没有阻碍社会经济的发展,而且对我国的社会经济带来很多的益处。我很感谢我们的
先贤很有公益心,出钱出力在马来西亚建很多学校及南洋大学 为社会培养英才。 

Anonymous said...

I am always your supporter...

and please make the SSS happened becoz it is vital to our society..

a good example is me and my indian dan chinese friend at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Ibrahim,Sg PEtani and Sekolah Menengah Ibrahim,Sg PEtani.. we learned in BM,BI but still we able to pick up a lot of values and understand each other..especially now when everybody married and matured.. and until now we still meet each other and visit each other..

Bong said...

Congrats Dr Chua!When i hear the news i can't fall into sleep. welcome again!!~


Suci Dalam Debu said...


Just make sure MARA also admits all, then I will start to believe in "A Single Stream Education System".

Anyway, welcome back into Round 2. I am sure Round 3 is just around the corner.

呉 和豪 said...

Dear Comrade Dato Seri Dr.Chua Soi Lek

流域 因为有支流,才能辽阔, 万物才能茂盛。单靠主流,万物不能茂盛,万物能够各自成长,又
能共存共荣,共包容就称为园融和谐。照顾流域的支流就是照顾自然生态。照顾母语教育就是照顾文化生态.我们应该感谢上苍,因为人间境界真善 美这里已包括。我国对于世界的贡献也是在于多元
生物,多元文化,多元资源,能够和谐共存. 因为多元生物,多元文化,多元资源的存在[一个马来西亚]才能显示他

Hill isn't Broken said...

Dear Dr. Chua,
The very person who had said some one was immoral in flirtation and womanizing. Black is black which can not be whitening. Even after whitening, the black spot is still there to be seen obviously. These are his famous idiom and ideology of talking.
Now, he has shaken your hand in order to utilize your powerful support to help him tight gripping of his risky omnipotent of power as MCA president.
Is he to be considered immoral?
I have commented my point of view in his blog about morality on somebody's flirtation and womanizing style of life is not a great deal.
He bombarded me like hell.
But one thing I have put it right is that; can you maintain your standard of morality for how long? I asked him. You wanted to stay inside a shell forever or not? These were what I put into his blog as questions for him to ponder about.
Hoping that you can do well in your newly regain post as deputy president of MCA. Good luck!

zhou said...



GTLim said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

This will work if English Language is used.

Today's disatisfaction from the Rakyat stemmed from the mistake of Tun M when he convert the medium of education to Bahasa Melayu 30 years ago resulting in dissatisfied parents sending their children either to Indian, Chinese and International Schools and or overseas.

What good can Bahasa Melayu do for our Children in the World? They will be lost when they are in foreign land just like today.

Admittedly it is only good for use in Malaysia and Indonesia.

企業教練 said...

恭喜! 我想回歸黨務是非常急廹的! 畢竟308後,馬華如何挽回支持的對策是非常重要的, 尤其是中下層民眾的生計, 需求等.

GG Lim said...

Congrats Dr.Choi for having the last laugh. It's really a good leason for those who made some much troubles & wasted so much effort & time in trying to phase you out. At the end, they saw what they reap

1WORLD a.k.a. aje said...

In S'pore ,single stream schools work because they chose English as the medium.It is something like a neutral language.If Malaysia follow suit I think the response will be overwhelming.

1WORLD a.k.a. aje said...

Well said.

GTLim said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

There is no way the Malaysians working abroad can come home to Malaysia no matter how we try to woo them!

As I have mentioned earlier, the sin of Tun M (for changing the medium of education) has resulted in Parents sending their children abroad for the English education since 30 years ago. How would you expect the Malaysians to cope with the livestyle if they decide to come home?

One of my friends (ex Malaysian) visited Malaysia some time ago. He went to a Coffee Shop and he was served by a Myamar worker. He tried speaking to the worker in Bahasa Melayu and to his astonishment the worker just stared at my friend. He was a Malaysian and is visiting his own country and when he open his mouth to speak a language which Tun M has introduced 30 years, no one understands him. So what language do you want the Malaysian from abroad to speak when they get home to Malaysia?

There is no way we can entice the present professionals who has decided to make the foreign land their home because they felt very secured with the qualifications they have obtained overseas which are acceptable all over the world.

Prevention is better than cure. So maybe we should start by changing the medium of education back to the English language and hopfully in 30 years time,the outflow of our young leaders to other countries will be curtailed.

Ken Yoo said...


The present education system is a brain child of Tun Mahathir. It took him almost 20 years to realise his mistake (after seeing the outcome of the quality of students the system produces, a case of briliant mind clouded by nationalism or simply lack of foresight), and he advocates and fights for science and maths to be taught in English. However, our education minister begs to differ.

I personally find our education system has deteriorated to an extent that worries us as parents.

The present education minister, for the sake of convenience, sold our children's future for an easy way out.

It is true to a certain extent that many teachers cannot teach science and maths in English, and that the students are not well versed in English, the most important language in this borderless world. This phenomena reflects that our education system has utterly failed. It produces teachers who are not qualified to teach and students who cannot even learn a language well. Where are we heading?

Yes, for convenience sake, the teachers need not be trained and be made compulsory to learn English. Why can't the education ministry send the teachers for 2 months intensive training? If the teachers cannot learn, how can they be qualified to teach?

It is time to bring back meritocracy in our education system. If students are allowed to pass to fill allocated quotas and the teachers be allowed to teach when they are obviously not trained or qualified, the system will never succeed.

The parents are really concerned about the deteriorating standard of the national type primary and secondary schools and even the public universities. I have interviewed graduates from UM who obtained first class honor but cannot even solve a simple fundamental problem.

We are glad that the Chinese primary schools have been able to maintain the standard.

Dr. Chua, may we request you to talk to our education minister to look into the fundamental issues and take the bull by the horn, face the reality and do something about our education system, for the sake of our children whose parents cannot afford better private education. We have been trying to take a easy way out for too long, now is the time to change and reform.

Concerned parent.

Unknown said...

Dear Datok;

" ..... Government should help on the needs basis...."

Yes. This is how it should be.

What about those who want more and more at the cost of the needy?

What to do if such elements cause mush distress and strain?

Goministry (普天下去传事工) said...
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Unknown said...

Congrats on your very timely victory in the election.
Follow the meaning of your name. The Chinese respect strong leadership as shown over the years in China. L H Lee

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