Monday, August 18, 2014

PR Selangor Crisis

It looks like it is not game over for Khalid and that he will cling to his post until this November. The crisis and the mess created in Selangor is a glaring example that PR is not an alternative to BN.

During the GE, PR leaders sing praises of Khalid as an excellent, clean and accountable leader. Then came the Kajang move where Anwar failed to realize his dream of becoming MB before ultimately hoping to become the PM. The dirt is now poured on MB Khalid and knives are out for his throat.  This is a contradiction to the praises they sing about him before the GE.

It goes to show that PR leaders are not as honourable and honest as what they claimed to be. In the long rule of BN in Malaysia, BN never had a crisis like what we saw now in Selangor. 

The crisis in Selangor clearly demonstrates that PKR is a one-family show. Anwar from being an unelected leader in the Party decided that he could have a puppet in the form of his wife as an MB. The wife is not a reluctant politician as she makes up to be. No wonder people do not trust politicians, whether from the government or the opposition.

PKR and DAP leaders talk about democracy, fairness, concerned for the welfare of the Rakyat. It is only fair that since Khalid is sacked from PKR, the EXCO members from PKR and DAP who have openly opposed him should resign as an honourable exit as EXCO. Clinging to the job will only negate all the claims about transparency, accountability and integrity. Don't treat Rakyat like fools. While the Sultan has given a lifeline to Khalid and he claimes that he has the majoriy support of the assembly, Khalid should now move to show he has the support of the state assembly. It will probably be a hung assembly unless some PKR or DAP Adun decides to crossover to BN. PAS with 15 members, UMNO with 12 plus Khalid being an independent, assuming that he does not join any of the 2 political party will be pitted against PKR, which has 13 and DAP with 15 seats. The role of the Sultan becomes more important in a hung dewan. In a scenario like this, the most honourable way to resolve this issue is to hold a snap state election to let the rakyat decide. Then only you can resolve the political crisis created by Anwar in Selangor. If the Selangor crisis is prolonged, there is no doubt that the Rakyat will suffer.

Thank God Anwar is not the PM.


satu m'sia said...

Agreed with DS Dr. Chua

呉 和豪 said...



我只希望我得朋友要 改朝换代,就要从现在作好准备,生活要简单,要学耕种,要学养牛,要深居简出,不要在夜夜生歌以迎接另一方向的转型,以免精神受到打击。


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