Tuesday, October 6, 2009




The future of the MCA is at stake.

We live in uncertain times, but never before has the future of the MCA been so uncertain.

The MCA has never been this weak in its 60 years of existence.

It has never been this redundant and yet nothing is done.

It has never been less united and yet it continues to be torn apart.

It has never been so irrelevant and yet NO action is taken.

The MCA today has no impact on national politics.

It has no influence on the policies and plans of this country.

Worst of all, it has failed in its duty to champion the needs and aspirations of the rakyat.

In the last 12 months, we have been a ship without a captain.

We have been left drifting in a sea of uncertainty.

Our president has failed to meet the challenges, failed to unite MCA members and failed to change the party for the better.

Our president has disrupted and destroyed the MCA in every sense, at every level.

We have no choice but to convene this Extraordinary General Meeting.

The destruction of the MCA legacy must be STOPPED.


We have no confidence in the president.

After 308, the president has failed us on ALL counts. The term “non-performance” is an understatement.

In the last 12 months, the president has failed to engage the party.

Only 6 Presidential Council meetings (which is typically a weekly affair) and 6 Central Committee meetings have been held.

He has ignored the MCA and its grassroots. He has betrayed the MCA’s 60 years of struggle and achievement for his own selfish gains.

We have lost confidence in the MCA President and REJECT he who places more importance on himself than the party.

· We want a leader that can unite the MCA

The current president makes decisions solely in his own interest and has caused division at every level of the party – from senior leaders to the grassroots.

· We want a leader that can be fair, reasonable and impartial with the power entrusted by the MCA.

The current president has marginalised the MCA grassroots in favour of ‘Yes’-men. Inexperienced and unproven representatives whom he favours are wrongfully appointed into positions of responsibility. Those who are not on his side are disregarded and insulted, even labelled as ‘gangsters’.

· We want a leader that respects the grassroots and the community.

The current president glorifies himself as a hero. Yet at the same time, he shamelessly makes himself appear to be the victim to gain public sympathy. He continues to neglect to the grassroots and their wishes.

· We want a leader that practises consensus politics.

The current president has created a culture of fear and anxiety within the party. He constantly manipulates others and uses them as his mouthpiece. Instead of dialogue and conversation, the party currently suffers from isolation and segregation.

· We want a leader who prioritizes MCA matters before personal agenda.

The current president confuses the grassroots and the public on matters regarding his obligation as a minister with his duty as president of the MCA. He has exploited the party to hide his shortcomings as a minister. On top of that, he has also abused his status to manipulate party resources for his own political agenda.

· We want a leader who works well with coalition partners, NGOs and the grassroots.

The current president remains aloof and distant from all stakeholders. When he does act, he is brash and arrogant. No one but his own Yes-men can work with him thus the party and its members suffer.

· We want a leader who can be decisive and clear with their stance on all issues.

The current president cannot make up his mind and is too weak to make a stand. He constantly reverses his own opinions based on his whims and fancy. These uninformed statements are driven by his irrational moods and personal desires

This is for the MCA members who love the party more than the president.


The party must act NOW.

Act now, to return the MCA to its former strength and glory.

Act now, to uphold 60 years of our predecessor’s blood, sweat and tears.

The MCA must REUNITE to harness the collective power of all the party’s leaders and members.

· REUNITE to inspire confidence in the MCA

We must bring back honour to the party, to all its members and the grassroots.

· REUNITE to establish consensus politics and inclusive leadership.

The MCA has to put together an effective team that doesn’t just talk, but get things done together.

· REUNITE to appoint capable and accomplished leaders in the Central Committee, Presidential Council and State Liaison Committee.

We will re-appoint leaders that combine the right mix of experience, talent and attitude. This reorganization would better reflect the aspirations of the grassroots.

· REUNITE to restore morale and rekindle the spirit of the members.

MCA leaders and members must work together with mutual trust and respect. We need to build a culture that is inspiring and passionate.

· REUNITE to reinstall democracy to the party

The will and wishes of the grassroots and members are invaluable. Their opinion must be accounted for and incorporated into all party decisions. Only then can the MCA be united again as a strong political force.

· REUNITE to heed the needs of the grassroots and the rakyat.

It is the duty of the MCA to listen to the aspirations of the people and take action to address their needs.

· REUNITE to create a fair and meritocratic culture within the party

The MCA thrives when its members work without fear of personal vengeance or unfair bias. There must not be any witch hunt or revenge, and all members can be assured of being recognized for their contribution to the party and the Rakyat.


We currently feel a sense of despair for the party is in disarray.

If nothing is done and done quickly, we will have no role to play in Malaysian politics. Our position in Barisan Nasional will be compromised, and our party will be replaced.

We must re-establish the MCA as a 60-year strong party that is relevant and significant to the people and the nation.

The MCA must REJUVENATE itself and reassume its rightful place as the 2nd largest component party in Barisan Nasional.

· REJUVENATE the MCA to drive towards success in the 13th General Election.

It is the responsibility of the MCA to win back the faith of the Chinese community. We should be the champions of constitutional, civil and human rights for all Malaysians.

· REJUVENATE the MCA to help realise the goals of 1 Malaysia.

The MCA needs to embody the ethos of ‘People First, Performance Now’.

· REJUVENATE the MCA to take on its role as an essential component and equal partner in Barisan Nasional.

The MCA needs to proactively engage the key ministries in dialogue to ensure fairness and accountability in all policies and actions. We must be an influential force in national politics.

· REJUVENATE to effectively empower the party divisions.

The party’s financial resources and manpower must be deployed to party divisions nationwide. Activities at the grassroots level need to be supported by resources from the party to better serve the rakyat.

· REJUVENATE the MCA to deploy its 1 million members to better serve the rakyat.

We must utilise the combined strength of the grassroots and party assets to maximise our impact on the community. Only then can the MCA serve with sincerity and effectiveness.

· REJUVENATE the MCA to engage NGOs and harness the benefits of cooperation.

We must have positive discourse and work hand-in-hand with the private sector towards mutual success.

· REJUVENATE the MCA as the guardian of education

We must strive to protect our rights to education in our mother tongue.

· Our goal must also be to develop more structured and planned funding channels from the government for our mother tongue education.

· The MCA must continue to build new Chinese primary schools and relocation of Chinese schools.

· The government must be convinced to recognize Unified Examination conducted by independent Chinese schools to enable its graduates to enter teacher’s training colleges and other institutes of higher education.

· REJUVENATE the MCA management of the STAR to a higher level of professionalism and accomplishment

The MCA needs to recognize and position STAR Publications as an independent platform that will never succumb to political interference. We must allow the management board and editorial team self-governance to succeed on their own accord.

· REJUVENATE the MCA to handle party assets and investments in an efficient, accountable and transparent manner.

We must engage expert professionals that are qualified and specialized to manage MCA’s considerable resources well. In turn, they will be held accountable to the party members to prevent any abuse or mistreatment by the leadership.

· REJUVENATE the MCA as a driver of socio-economic prosperity.

The MCA has the influence to shape a harmonious and thriving Malaysia. Our knowledge and experience should be shared with the rakyat.

· REJUVENATE the MCA to strive for Malaysian employees rights to minimum wage

The MCA needs to push for a minimum wage council for selected sectors to ensure Malaysians earn a fair amount for their efforts. To compliment this, we need to implement employee improvement initiatives to increase productivity and skills of our workforce. This will reduce our dependence on foreign labour.

· REJUVENATE the MCA to attract and inspire Malaysian youth.

The MCA has to cultivate an environment that recognises potential, creates opportunity and gives hope to future generations.

· REJUVENATE to investigate the PKFZ matter diligently and transparently

As the government has endorsed the investigation of the PKFZ situation, the party must pro-actively play our role in the probe. The MCA will maintain efforts in a fair and transparent manner, towards successfully resolving the issue.

The Future of the party is in Your Hands.




Tuanku said...

Hi! Dr Chua,

We believe that the new Rakyat’s manifesto of REJECT BN, REUNITE MALAYSIANS, RESTORE JUSTICE will provide a road map for 1Malaysian Malaysia slogan.

Today, we want a strong and united Malaysians. We want all MP & ADUN leaders who serve the Rakyat and not their own interests.

Dr Chua and On TK infighting and differences must ceased immediately and get rid of the “dog bites dog” war in MCA party. Malaysians especially Chinese people are fed up with both tainted MCA leaders' war of words and behaved worst than Mat Rempits.

The Future of all Malaysians Chinese people are in OUR VOTES but the future longevity or close shop of MCA party in next 13GE are in YOUR MCA HANDS.

GTLim said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Whateever OTK may want to say now..it's too late! The Delegates has no more CONFIDENCE in him to run the MCA.

We will vote for OTK to step down in the coming EGM and allow you to regenerate MCA.

I am looking forward to seeing the wordings "ONG TEE KEAT YOU ARE FIRED" in the Papers on the 11/10/2009.

GTLim said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Quote from NST:
The government today announced an 11-member Special Task Force headed by Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan to restore the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) project and identify measures for its development.

The great OTK has been FIRED from this PKFZ project which is why his name is not in the 11 member list.

It's a disgrace and an embarrassing situations for the Malaysian Chinese that their appointed President is deemed so incapable and has to be fired.

Surely this announcement is an eye opener for the Delegates in the coming EGM that they must vote FOR THE RESOLUTIONS and do away with the President.

GTLim said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Quote: the STAR:

MACC probe on Tiong’s allegation against Tee Keat draws a blank

We require MACC Official Announcement to confirm the above.

GTLim said...

Dear Dr Chua,

Quote Malaysian Insider:
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 8 — The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today reiterated that investigations into claims that the MCA president received RM10 million in donation from Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) chief executive Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing are on-going.

MACC deputy chief commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed told The Malaysian Insider that a press statement to clarify the issue was sent to media yesterday.

According to the statement, investigations were on-going and the MACC urged all parties to stop speculating.

When I read the announcement in the Star my thoughts went to those words you said about the Star paper. You were right..they are not credit worthy with the news they are and have been reporting and they are the tools of OTK to be used as he likes. The above quoted announcement reported in the Malaysian Insider today, points to the Star integrity.

OTK has to go at any cost. He is incapable and using dirty tactics at all times to stay in power.

3 said...

innocent till proven guilty

GTLim said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

My condolences!

I was right again..the Rats (4 Vice Presidents) are now surfacing in the open now that the two Cats are away. The whole saga clearly points to the stupidity of OTK. He is a bloody idiot to have started all these and I am so pleased that the delegates have chosen to get rid of this parasite.
The doomsday of MCA will be 2013.

Rita said...

The person to reject is Soi Lek. A message to CSL: If you can't or won't work with the person elected to the top post, have the decency to resign & you can try to replace him come next party elections. What you have done is cause disharmony and division in the party. I can't imagine the VP of USA working against his chief and criticizing his leadership & performance or for that matter deputy president of umno.

Daniel said...

Dear Dr.Chua,

Never in my mind would I've thought MCA is facing such a catastrophe. After all these years we have stand united but couldn't keep it when we needed to. Everything looks bleak and hopeless.

Even the ever reliable MCA Public Complaints Department is falling far behind its standards. It was once a place where people can actually get help when options are no longer available. It was once a place where people can rest their tired souls on a reliable shoulder.

Never would I've thought that even the MCA Public Complaints Department are no longer practising justice and fairness, and I'm very disappointed that not only help was not offered, it was a terrible experience to be bullied in front of those who hurt us and even terrible to know that people with status can get away with their power. Our plea for justice is falling on deaf ears.

Dr.Chua, although I might not know you in person, but I believe you are a person who dares to speak up when you feel it's right. I hope things can really change for the better and there are many people out there who needs someone to stand up for them rightfully.

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