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蔡细历也是马华署理总会长。他今天陪同副首相丹斯里慕尤丁巡视Bukit Tangga华小后,发表文告指出,马华非常关注这项课题,也严厉谴责这些极端的滋事份子。



他认为,阿拉字眼的争议是一项敏感的宗教课题 ,希望各造能冷静等待法庭的判决。


Bobo Socrates said...


I have this to say over this issue.

In ancient China all wars were started by the warlords; and the people can't live peacefully.

Logically,if the warlords were to make peace among themselves,there would be no more wars and the people can again live peacefully as one people.

By analogy,therefore the leaders of the people must take the lead and speak with one voice to condemn the criminal acts and to call for the police to take swift actions to arrest the criminals and deal with them in accordance with the law of our land.

呉 和豪 said...

Dato Seri Dr Chua long time no see
我要祝贺马华公会的领袖及会员,因为我们做了非常有意义的事件,让Melati教会用三春礼堂,做礼拜, 这证明马华公会是以民为本的政治团体,证明马华公会没有乖离单元政党多元文化的路线。没有违背敦 陈祯禄的创党精神,因此我呼唤拉曼的校友要大力支持马华公会.


UMNO is getting more radical by day. MCA, MIC & GERAKAN where do you stand. Why are you all so quiet?

Christian community know where you stand even if you don't voiced out and we will know who to vote comes next election.

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