Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do not let our racial harmony be hijacked by a few

Racial harmony in this country is often very fragile. The use of the word “Allah” among non-muslim is enough to provoke the whole nation to be held to ransom by a small group of irresponsible people. In this unfortunate episode, we are happy to note that it is leaders from all political divides who are quick to react, to ensure that the insensible act of a few would not provoke religious and racial conflict. It goes to show that our leaders have the nation at heart. Leaders are willing to put their political differences for the greater good of the nation. We should not let the nation be hijacked by a small group of people who like to see the nation in fire.

I still believe that the setting up of an interfaith council is crucial. While we do not like sensitive issue to be resolved in a high profile manner, there is a necessity for leaders of the various religious faith and political leaders of all political affliations to sit down to resolve sensitive religious issues. Burying our head like the proverbial ostrich will let a small group of religion extremist run wild.

The interfaith council should also be set up at the state level. In state with the Sultan as a head of the religious council, the enactment of Muslim enactment and non Musilim enactment comes under the jurisdiction of the respective state. Hence, the state interfaith council have an important role to play. It should also serves as a platform for all religious leaders to discuss including places of worship of non Muslim . It cannot be denied that, often non Muslim faces a lot of problems in getting approval for new places of worship, for the renovation or extension of its existing places of worship. The district and the state security officials often are not helpful, and do not understand the needs of the non Muslim.

Recently, I led a group of 12 MCA wakil rakyat to meet up with the Mentri Besar of Johor. I must thank him for his understanding in granting approval in principle for the conversion of 12 pieces of land that is owned either by the private sector or government land for places of worship for the non Musllim. Often, intervention by the Mentri Besar is required in the various state in order to get approval for places of worship by the non Muslim. Hence, there is a need to have a system in place that is transparent and fair for the non Muslim when they apply for the conversion of land to become places of worship. I even suggested to the Mentri Besar that Johor should lead the way by setting up a state interfaith council, and he promised to look into this suggestion seriously.

Malaysian of all races and religious faith should pursued the middle path. We need to accept that we need each other for nation building. We are all the loser in this religious conflict if we allow a few with their narrow agenda to dictate the majority who are still love the nation.


雪山锺某 said...

Datuk Seri, the middle path ideology was pitched by DAP. In BN, we have been preaching and practising pro-Umno path all these while. Are you taking a left turn now?

You have lost your last bit of credibility by teaming up with OTK.
Since both of you are morally tainted Chinese politicians, you should just leave BN alone and join DAP.

Mike Tan said...

If BN components had the manhood to speak up against Ketuanan Melayu and gradual Islamisation,such scenes would not have taken place. MCA,MIC and Gerakan would not have become irrelevent.

As old habits die hard,these eunuch parties are still riddled with internal politics instead of make amends.

Who actually allowed a few to hijack our harmony? Started with
Mahathir,Ninja Ling,Semi Value and their high authoritative gradient/outdated racial based parties.

Bobo Socrates said...


I agree that we should have an interfaith council.

Also at the same time we must stop politicians from talking about religion in public. I know this is difficult, because politicians must always talk, whether they know or they know not.

But, sometimes, in order to save life, you must allow the doctor to remove any part of your body.

hainansword said...

Datuk Seri, i agree with your say that leaders are willing to put their political differences for the greater good of the nation and should not let the nation be hijacked by a small group of people who like to see the nation in fire.
In conjunction with this, is the MCA leaders should put their personal interest aside and not hijacked by a few people who had put the party in a worst public perception condition? Please remember, wise and good leader will always take into consideration of well intended opinions and uphold the party dignity without making any self benefited decision. Only unmoral, stubborn,arrogant and self serving leader who will eventually self pressurizing,self destructing and demolishing the party!

aku dr amin said...

i agree with u datuk. dont let this small things make us saperate as one malaysia. whoever u are either bn or pakatan rakyat, dont ever use religous issue to get ur support. lets us be a good politicians. avoid any hatred issues

aku dr amin said...

have a nice day datuk seri.

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