Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Press Statement on remarks made by Perkasa chief

I wish to condemn in the strongest terms the statement by Perkasa chief YB Dato’ Ibrahim Ali for asking the government to delay the development allocations to the Chinese community.

I wish to stress that government money belongs to the people. It should be used for the local community for local development. It should not in any way be used to punish the voters.

I have discussed the matter with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak who has given an assurance that Barisan Nasional will fulfill its pledges of development to the voters of Hulu Selangor. Barisan Nasional does not renegade on its promises.

It is the existence of organisations like Perkasa that the MCA finds it difficult in getting the Chinese to support the BN.

Politicians should also be reminded not to utter remarks, especially those that touch on the fabric of culture, religion and race that can hurt other communities. This will run contrary to the 1Malaysia agenda as propagated by our Prime Minister.

Malaysia will not be able to progress if we continue to have people like Ibrahim Ali who professes to champion along racial lines with disregard to the sensitivity of other communities in the country.


ong said...

The attitude of UMNO leaders towards Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA gives the impression that Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA are UMNO's secret partners. If Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA are UMNO's secret partners then this means that indirectly Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA are also BN's secret partners since UMNO is the senior BN partner. Since MCA is also part of the BN coalition, then indirectly Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA are also MCA's secret partner. Therefore since you are an MCA member and more significantly MCA president, Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA also become your secret partners. Logical, isn't it?

Pearls said...

You and I know that this is UMNO sandiwara. Come on la.. we are not that stupid all the time...

Of course UMNO cannot be seen talking, acting, behaving, thinking, dreaming, vocalizing (what else??) like they used to do before March 08 and as such, they have to create a Perkasa to do it for them. Just look at UMNO's reaction and remarks of Perkasa.

So, MCA, for the love of GOD, please la wake up!!

chin said...

MCA should continue to be VOCAL on BN policies which are NON Malaysian friendly. What the Rakyat wanted is a fair policies for all races in Public Universities Enrolment, Equal allocation of education funds for all types of primary up to Secondary schools, Equal allocations of scholarship and civil servant enrolment. Equal business grant for those want are in need of business funds. We need as A VETERAN to CHECK AND BALANCE the Fanatic in UMNO.REMEMBER THERE MUST BE EXECUTION NOT MERE TALKING as we the NEW GENERATION OF MALAYSIAN has been deny of lots of opportunities. As a tax payer, we did not enjoy enough of benefit while sending our children to Chinese primary and Independent Secondary schools. As a middle lower income parent we have to spend too much on our children tertiary education if we are deny the opportunity to enter public universities. What about our spending in private medical bills?

linda said...

Dato Seri

Please read this article at:-


It sums up all for MCA to chew WISELY.

UMNO doesn't give a damn to MCA, Gerakan or MIC. As long as racial lines is played by UMNO, you will not be able to progress in MCA's agendas.

Be realistic about the politics in Malaysia. So long as UMNO loses power, MCA will survive as would Gerakan or MIC.

Think of the future of Malaysia if you are really bothered about Malaysia. Otherwise, it is doomed come 2020....let alone the proud industralized country expounded by Mahathir....(ooops) 2019 bankrupted first before the next year, by the act of God...Malaysia will achieve 2020 industralized nation status.

linda said...


I just read in Malaysiakini today under the reference http://malaysiakini.com/news/133109 that MCA is

" striving to revamp its previous conservative image: it wants to adopt a bolder approach to win the hearts and minds of the Chinese Malaysian community".

I hope MCA should 'bite and not just bark' and this was what i meant in my last email to you which you refused to publish. It touched on MCA getting out of BN. Why so scared to pull out. Be mindful of GE13, MCA will be wiped out!!!

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