Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seminar on Government Transformation Programme

This morning MCA has successfully organized a seminar on Government Transformation Programme (GTP). About 200 representatives from the various Chinese Guilds & Associations and MCA Leaders attended the face to face interaction with Y.B. Datuk Seri Idris Jala, Minister in the Prime Minister Department. Below is my speech at the seminar:

Thank you Y.B. Datuk Seri Idris Jala for your presence.

It is indeed a great honour that we have with us today the “Guru” himself Datuk Seri Idris Jala who will give us a better insight to the much talked about Government Transformation Programme (GTP).

GTP is one of the four (4) Pillars to drive change. The objective of GTP is two-folds – first, to transform the Government to be more effective in its delivery of services and accountable for outcomes that matter most to the rakyat; and second, to move Malaysia forward to become an advanced, united, and just society with high standards of living for all. This is in line with the national mission of achieving Vision 2020 - for Malaysia to become a fully developed nation.

The 4 Pillars are:-
  • 1st Pillar: 1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now
  • 2nd Pillar: GTP
  • 3rd Pillar: New Economic Model
  • 4th Pillar: 10th Malaysia Plan

It also makes the Government more accountable for the outcomes of policies that mattered most to the rakyat.

We are all here because we want t o know about the transformation plan of the government. To be precise we want to know what is in store for the Malaysian rakyat irrespective of race or creed.

The political landscape is different now and the people are more demanding and are crying out for transparency, fairness and for being able to compete on a level playing ground.

We have to change to suit changing times and cope with situations to stay relevant. There is no room for those who are still in denial mode.

The government must bear in mind that when we transform or initiate changes, it should create an impact to the lives of the people which we represent.

It should not be paying mere lip service and the GTP should not be another public relations exercise of the government to look good.

As the Prime Minister has rightly pointed out at the launch of the GTP Roadmap in January that it is the people who will decide via the ballot box if the GTP does not achieve its objectives and that the Government would be held accountable for its promises.

With those words coming from the Prime Minister himself, I am sure that the government has no choice but to ensure the success of the programme.

You may be wondering what the GTP roadmap is all about. Well this is why we have our friend Idris Jala here. But basically the roadmap describes the programme in detail and covers the approach taken in the transformation journey and explains how the GTP is guided by the principles of 1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now.

It is also outlines the Government’s approach to building 1Malaysia and its commitment to the six National Key Result Areas (NKRAs).

And just last month, the New Economic Model which aims to transform the country into a high-income nation was unveiled.

Drawn up by group of experts, NEM will among others, recommend action on reducing subsidies, providing a wider safety net to cover more people, improving the skills of the locals, addressing the question of affirmative action and redefining the poor and seeking ways to help them.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in unveiling the thrust of NEM had said that the framework will review various economic policies to suit the new economic reality including affirmative action to ensure fairer and more equitable distribution of wealth based on needs and merits.

On this note, it is MCA’s fervent hope that the Government will walk the talk and ensure the implementation of economic and social-economic policies are implemented fairly and justly for the sake of all Malaysians.

There must be political courage and not political patronage when policies are carried out and there should not be any flip flop decisions or policies which would not go down well with the people as well as foreign investors.

There must be consistency and well thought out policy formation which is transparent.

On 1Malaysia, it is based on the concept of fairness to all. This means no group should be marginalized and support and opportunities should be provided on the basis of need and merit.

It should be clearly spelt out how does the ordinary man in the street will benefit from these flurry of initiatives. How does it translate to a better lifestyle and livelihood of those in the rural areas and how will those with lower household incomes improve their overall quality of life?

While the government is engaging the people in line with its transparent approach in governing the country, the various political parties should also help give their input to the transformation programme.

MCA which has an enormous outreach with its 1 million strong membership base could well make use of its ready resources by getting feedback from the people with regards to the transformation programme.

Leaders should gather feedback, reaction and suggestion from the Rakyat. In doing so, they can feel the pulse of the nation and carry back the right messages from the people to the government.

Likewise, Chinese guilds and associations, business leaders and non-government organizations should also provide inputs so that a more well represented programme can be churned out.

There is no time to waste now. Malaysia cannot afford to lost its way or lost out. Countries such as South Korea had taken off after initiating reforms and making their economies competitive.

We don’t have time to waste on divisive issues. We will be left behind if we still remain the realm of yesterday of being a divisive and divided nation.

On this note, the government must bear in mind that in must harness the best brains for the country and can ill afford the threat of an exodus of brain drain if its policies gave rise to resentment and anger.

It is timely that we review and relook on the incentives to attract the best brains back to our country to propel the nation toward the goals of its economic initiatives.

A country may have the right geographical advantage, the best resources but without the best talents to carry out its initiatives, it cannot propel itself to join the ranks of the high-income nation.

In its push for reforms, one of the key initiatives should be affirmative action based on need and not ethnicity. With such political will in mind, a major policy shift can be realized and this by itself could arrest the brain drain and attract investments in higher value activities. Any initiatives undertaken by the government should from now on be in line with the consultative approach of engaging with more stakeholders.
It should be guideline towards a strong foundation of truly 1Malaysia in the making and not just a political jargon so to speak.

A journey of hundred miles starts with the first step and Malaysians have taken many more steps than this to make what Malaysia is today. So let us now open our ears and allow Idris Jala to take us on a journey to enlighten us on this well thought out ambitious plan which comes under the purview of the Prime Minister’s Department.

It is just the beginning of a brighter Malaysia. The journey has just begun.


Lua Kun Eng said...

Dr Chua,

The legitimate interests of all communities are being recognised by our Constitution.

Mr Lonely said...

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Anonymous said...

Transformation must be from a bad situation to a good situation. Not from a bad situation to a worse situation and later to the worst situation. Transformation must not be for the sake of transforming but it must meet the objectives of transformation. Can you please tell Datuk Idris Jala in the context of people first, performance now that MAS is delaying more and more flights ?

frustrated community said...

Datuk Dr. Chua,
With regard to the recent comments on the chinese community at the Hulu Selangor by-election, I wish to highlight the following:-
You leaders are promoting so much about the 1Malaysia concept but you do not realised is that within the government department, they themselves are not united or showing the 1Malaysia concept. I say this is based on my experience with the MOE.
I went to the MOE of JLN DUTA to request for an application form for setting up a tuition center. I was told that all application is to be made at Putrajaya. So I arranged to submit at Putrajaya. About 1 month later, I was informed that there is a new form and I have to resubmit using the new form. So I did it accordingly.
Then another month or so, I receive a cc letter from MOE Putrajaya to say that my application has been transfered to Jln Duta Branch. About a week or so, I received a call from MOE Jln Duta officer to informed me that I have to resubmit the whole application again as their form is different from Putrajaya's application form. Could you understand how my feel was and if within the MOE they are not united or not showing the 1Malaysia concept, how can the public see their sincerity?
I have wasted about 3 months to submit the application form. On the otherhand, I just want to legalised my operation and help the children to improve their study.

chin said...

1Malaysia, Rakyat didahulukan.

1. Kementerian Perumahan mesti memberitahu Kabinet untuk menghapuskan diskaun 5%-10% untuk pembeli Bumiputera dan memperkenalkan Model Baru Ekonomi dengan memeberikan diskaun kepada semua pembeli Rakyat Malaysia berpendapatan isirumah RM3 ribu ke bawah sebulan.

2. Kementerian Pengangkutan mesti meluluskan lebih banyak "FEEDER SERVICE" jenis "MINI BUS" dari komuter station ke taman-taman perumahan. Melalui Model Ekonomi Baru ini maslah pengangguran dapat dikurangkan dan penumpang akan dapat perkhidmatan yang lebih pantas. Masalah sekarang tiada "connecting services" dari taman-taman perumahan ke Komuter station yang terdekat dengan tambang mini bus yang pantas dan murah.

3. Kementerian Kesihatan harus memastikan terdapat taman-taman rekreaksi di hospital swasta dan bukannya hospital swasta konkret.Bagaimana hospital swasta dapat memberikan perkhidmatan dengan yuran yang berpatutan untuk kelas menengah rendah? Model Ekonomi Baru di sini adalah Rakyat berbelanja dengan perkhidmatan yang baik.

4. Kementerian Pelancongan harus memperkenalkan lebih banyak aktiviti-aktiviti pelancongan di semua peringkat persekolahan di kepulauan dan pergunungan setiap tahun setiap tahun. Model Ekonomi Baru di sini adalah pada masa yang sama melatih lebih ramai pemandu pelancong di peringakat persekolahan apabila mereka melanjutkan pelajaran ke luar negera, mereka secara langsung akan menjadi DUTA PELANCONG untuk Malaysia.

5. Kementerian Pendidikan harus memberikan peruntukan yang saksama untuk semua peringkat sekolah tanpa mengira jenis kebangsaan. Semua pelajar tanpa mengira kaum harus dimasukkan ke semua peringkat Universiti Awam. UITM harus memasukkan 30% pelajar Bukan Bumiputera dan pada masa yang sama UTAR dan KTAR harus memasukkan 30% pelajar Bumiputera. Sekolah-sekolah berasrama penuh harus memasukkan pelajar kampung baru, estate tanpa mengira kaum. Yuran pelajaran swasta yang tinngi harus dipantau supaya rakyat Malaysia tidak dibebankan dengan perbelanjaan pelajaran yang tinggi walaupun adanya PTPTN.MCA harus mendirikan kampus KTAR dan UTAR di setiap negeri sepertimana UITM. Pendidikan tinngi dengan yuran yang murah harus diberikan semua rakyat Malaysia. Model Ekonomi Baru di sini adalah lebihkan kampus KTAR dan UTAR di setiap negeri dan seterusnya lebih taman perumahan akan didirikan. Model Ekonomi Baru di sini adalah aktiviti-aktiviti ekonomi yang lebih giat di setiap negeri dan mengurangkan kehilangan matawang Ringgit ke luar negara.


呉 和豪 said...

Dear Dato Seri Dr.Chua Soi Lek
During the open day of economic transformation program at PWTC recently, Prime Minister’s Department and Pemandu chief executive officer Datuk Seri Idris Jala said Economic
Transformation programe is an action based program and not only a plan alone , I strongly with this and strongly support the implemantation of economic transformation program aims to
transform Malaysia into higher income nation and advanced state.. Every organization involving production of goods and services is engaging in action based programs and to those who are familiar with Kaizen (continuos improvement System ) Plan ,Do , Check and Action are the four essential elements in a continuous improvement of an action based program.The
same applies to Malaysia ,Malaysia as an economic entity in order to sustains its development needs an PDCA action based program .The plan to transform Malaysia into a higher income
ination and advanced nation by 2020 would not be realised without Do , Check and Action in sucessions. Due to scarcity of economic resources , it is crucial for us to identify the
economic sectors where we are strong so that we can focus our attentions and resources to obtain optimun social economic results. and this was done through brainstorming workshop
session involving 1000 key participant from public and private sectors followed by the set up of 12 NKEA (National Key Economic AREA)labs to check the viability of the plan. baed on the
various input variables . With the release of the release of the results it is now time for the enterprenier, the worker and the student to plan and take action based on the opportunty listed
out in the NKEA results .

To me a user of Plastic injection flow programe , the Economic Transformation Program is analogous to a simulation program which is designed by human based on established theoroes
and principles and can not be flaw less and need to upgraded continuously according to PDCA cycle.

GOH HOE HOE , Commitee Member MCA Kepong Diviasion sKuala Lumpur

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