Friday, March 20, 2015


I predicted before the 505 GE that UMNO State Assemblymen would support PAS in implementing Hudud in Kelantan. This has now become a political reality.  Religion is used as a political tool by all political divide to achieve their political agenda. MCA accused DAP of being impotent to persuade PAS not to implement Hudud. DAP’s agree to disagree with PAS is only a political rhetoric to con the voters.

When it comes to the implementation of Hudud by PAS in Kelantan, UMNO for political expediency and religious responsibility will support PAS. A lot of Chinese political commentators including Chinese press used to mock at me and stated that this is an empty threat and that it will not frighten the Chinese community. Hence, during the 505 GE, there was a significant rise of support for PAS by the Chinese community.  Soon, DAP will accuse MCA of equally impotent to restrain UMNO from rendering support to PAS in implementing Hudud in Kelantan.

The acid test will be when PAS tables the private bill for the implementation of Hudud in the Parliament. Will UMNO support PAS in Parliament? The proposed Private Bill by PAS in Parliament will never be passed through without UMNO MPs’ support. I am confident that Prime Minister who is the President of UMNO and Chairman of BN is fully aware of MCA’s stand with regards to PAS’ Hudud. When I was the President, Prime Minister himself had cautioned me to tone down my attack against PAS Hudud as it may be twisted that MCA is anti-Islam.

Hence, I predict that UMNO MPs will not support PAS’s Private Bill in the Parliament. Somebody in MCA will then go to town to claim credit. However, if UMNO MPs support PAS’ Private Bill in Parliament, MCA cannot continue to ignore the elephant in the room and blame others for supporting PAS Hudud in Kelantan. To continue issuing statement condemning DAP is an exercise of futility. The Malaysian community expects more from MCA and it is time for MCA leadership to rise to the occasion.

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