Thursday, August 28, 2008

Indication of Anwar Ibrahim's Victory in Permatang Pauh

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's thumping victory in Permatang Pauh is an indictment on Umno, MCA, MIC and the entire Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

The people there have sent a strong message to the BN leadership that they have no confidence in the government of the day. Of course it is also Anwar’s homeground. However, whether he will move from PM in waiting to the real PM remains elusive.

Permatang Pauh represented a failure of parties like the MCA and MIC to convince non-Malays of any reason to support BN.

But crucially, the Malays there also rejected Umno's more pro-Malay stance, seemingly in favour of Anwar's multi-racial politics.

As Umno licks its wounds and reviews the situation, it is imperative that MCA take the opportunity to attempt to convince Umno that it has to really reform and the BN has to take on a substantially more multi-racial face to have any chance of winning back voter support.

Umno needs to be convinced that there has to be more of a sense of equal partnership in how BN operates, in order for it win back some non-Malay support.

For now, the Chinese think the MCA does not represent the Chinese and the MIC does not represent the Indians.

And the healthy path towards regaining Malay support is certainly not to become more racial and nationalistic.

The sense of entitlement and arrogance associated with Umno must be shed.

Many people are angry with Umno and BN, and they are uniting under the Pakatan Rakyat umbrella. PR leaders seem to speak the language that people like to hear.

It is well and fine for us in BN to point out the weaknesses of the PR alliance, but at the same time we must also work to reform ourselves.

For now, the MCA is directionless with the president and deputy president retiring soon.

We need to sit down and thrash out ideas and map out reforms to even have a chance of regaining Chinese support.

The people want a more multi-racial approach. That message is loud and clear. So we have to try to give it to them because we are here to serve.

It is our responsibility and obligation in MCA to convince our partner Umno to see the light.

If Umno does not change nothing will happen. That is for sure because it is the biggest party.

But even as the MCA tries to convince Umno, it must continue with its own reforms.

Our leaders cannot afford to be quiet as a church mouse anymore.

In the past, MCA leaders will say it was better to solve things behind closed doors so as not to inflame the sensitivities of the different communities.

Perhaps those days are now over.

I have put forward a lot of ideas in recent months about how the MCA should be reformed.

The MCA now needs to be more vocal in articulating the feelings of all Malaysians in order for it to remain relevant. It must change, reform and reinvent so that it continues to be the voices to not only Chinese, but to all other races in Malaysia.


Gelombang Rakyat said...

You have raised several points of value, that are worth considering. Especially by all top leaders in Barisan Nasional component parties. Yes, MCA too.

The way I see it, parties such as UMNO, MCA, and MIC, and a few more Barisan Nasional component parties, are suddenly experiencing deformation. Particularly after PRU 12.

There is a total need for all these parties to move foward, onward, and upward, toward reformation, and then transformation.

A total reengineering, I agree.

The campaign during the PRU 12 by the Opposition, has been, in Barisan Nasional, there is only UMNO. The one party known as MCA, is MCA-UMNO, and MIC another party is a MIC-UMNO.

Barisan Nasional is UMNO, and UMNO is Barisan Nasional. Other component parties are UMNO also.

But, to members of UMNO, yes, UMNO is not the UMNO, they used to know.

UMNO has shifted to be Pak Lah is UMNO, and UMNO is Pak Lah. Of course together with his exclusive few elite loyal leaders.

Thus, Barisan Nasional is also, her Chairman's. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Outside Barisan Nasional, Malaysians and Malaysia see clearly that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is the problem.

When the problem is there how then can Barisan Nasional earn the solution.

Since 9th March 2008, if Abdullah Ahmad Badawi be responsible and steps down, then the next leader in line, can proceed to do the obvious.

But, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has done nothing much thus far to solidify UMNO, and ensuring Barisan Nasional to remain relevant.

Except raising the price of petrol and diesel, and the chain reaction of other prices increasing of material, goods, and services. In addition to inviting people to plant vegetables around their houses, and him riding the commuter to realize its services status.

Since, almost all leaders in UMNO, MCA, MIC, and more, keep on chorusing, "kami berdiri teguh di belakang Pak Lah, kesetiaan yang tidak berbelah bagi".

So okay, fine. Stand there all you want, yet more and more individuals are saying NO to Pak Lah, then NO to Najib, No to UMNO, No to MCA too, No to MIC, No to Gerakan, and already No to Barisan Nasional.

There are those who support Anwar Ibrahim like they do not support any other leader.

Plus there are those who no longer support any leader in Barisan Nasional especially when these leaders clinging to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi only, and do not carry their voices up, when continuously in suffering. Thus, they are shifting now supporting Anwar Ibrahim.

At the moment, some of us see that there is no one leader in Barisan Nasional, and MCA too, have enough dare or bravery to convey the message to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Thus far, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is not a willing listener, especially when it comes to urging him to step down.

So while waiting for the uncertainty of mid 2010, more are invited and joining force to make 16 September 2008 happened.

All these, is just, to knock out one lousy leader. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

This is how I see it the indication of Anwar Ibrahim's Victory in Permatang Pauh.

Hi&Lo said...

The days of race-based parties are over. Can't a Malay or Indian fight for Chinese and a Chinese fight for Malays and Indians?

I don't deny the good works of the MCA Public Complaints Bureau. But if the complaint offends Umno, does it dare to see the resolution to its successful conclusion? I am referring to the comfort women and the survivors of the Batang Kali massacre.

becakayu said...

dont just talk about umno. what's preventing mca to open its door to ALL malaysians? rebrand it as Parti MCA. Just like RHB, OCBC, KFC etc where the original meaning of the abbreviation does not matter anymore.

Administrator said...

Dear Sir,

The day that MCA shifts from focusing on (re)building the PARTY to focusing on building the COUNTRY, will be the day that MCA regains its relevance and credibility to us.

For a start, we can start with the new DNA Bill. You are so right - why wasn't a single question raised by a single MCA MP on such an important Bill despite the number of worrying articles contained in it? This kind of legislation puts our country on the road to join the likes of Myanmar!

If we cannot depend on MCA to safeguard the rakyat's interests in Parliament, we are FORCED (no exageration) to support any Opposition, just ANY Opposition including PAS, in the Elections.

I implore the MCA to consider the DNA Bill on objective facts alone, and to make a stand in Parliament based on conscience and on principles of justice, without being influenced by politics or individual interests.

The DNA Bill is much too important to be bulldozed through Parliament, because it has very serious implications for the future course of justice in this country. The points that Datuk Anifah raised are very valid and mandate further study. Sad that not a squeak was heard from MCA.

This is NOT about politics or the interests of certain individuals. I am a non-partisan Chinese professional. If MCA MPs make an independent, principled stand in Parliament on this Bill, MCA will in one single stroke restore a large measure of the credibility and relevance that it has lost. This is also a chance to show that MCA represent the interests of the rakyat instead of being subservient to UMNO.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

The main problem is that mca is a racial based party.
The next problem is that mca blindly follows umno with nearly no question ask.
mca is guilty playing money politics ( most recent was ng yenyen and her rm200)as well as turning blind eyes to rampant corruption of the government.
Those made Malaysian jumping mad!

It was okay if the non malays are refer as second class citizens.
We don't mind with that as we are indeed second class. That we have to admit! As this helps to explain as to why all head of government dept , GLCs , Prime minister , deputy prime minister ,armed forces generals,bandaraya chief ,cj ,yang pertua negeri and dot dot dot.
See? we don't mind.
But Malaysian will be jumping mad the moment you say Balik Cina! Balik India! because WE PAID TAXES.

As for mca , mca is a political party. Existence of mca depends on voters.Voters are your boss.
If your boss wants a change, you better do it!
I think your boss wants mca to divorce umno.
mca really have to find its own soul or be forever remains as an empty " saya sokong" type of empty vessel.

Thank you

bluskyes said...

Dr Chua,
I'm very curious to know: do you think MCA, MIC, UMNO, and BN overall can be fixed from within? I am very pessimistic. Although BN is all I've known from the time I was aware of Malaysian politics, I have never wanted to be associated with it, as none of the component parties appeal to me. I believe in the idea of multi-racial politics as I don't believe that any party can claim to look out for the interests of all races if it is monoracial.
My perspective is, if you truly care for Malaysia and truly want to make a change, you should hope over to DAP or PKR right now. There is sincerity and hope for change there. Not in BN.

conscience said...

Dr Chua, I must concede that I am no MCA lover. After reading your article, I will be patient and see how true are you to your words.
Yes, racial politic is the thing of the past but, sadly, UMNO is still aggressively pursuing this path. Up till now, MCA has been very silent, why?
It is a known fact, MCA is a 'beggar' party in BN, are you suggesting that with a change of a few leaders, the old mindset will be transformed?
Is'nt it be better for MCA to leave BN and try to form a coalition with MIC and Gerakan to be the third party if the birth of the two party system is realized in Malaysia...independent to UMNO and PKR?
"Keeping the ba*ta*ds honest."

Amber said...

The MCA has failed to have TAR College's qualifications recognised by the JPA. Thousands of students are now studying unrecognised programmes. What does the MCA has to say?

The college has also failed to retain good lecturers due to its low remuneration. What can MCA do to resolve the problem?

Can Dr. Chua solve the problem? Can Ong Tee Kiat solve the problem?

Good luck.

jrajster said...

A post-election forum was organized by the Star paper after March 8th where you were one of the guest speakers. Representing BN, you shared your views on what BN should do and how it could reinvent itself. Well, that was some 5 months ago.

The just concluded Permatang Pauh election once again saw Anwar trouncing BN to its worst loss ever. Doesn’t it prove something? Dear Doctor, please wake up from your dream. BN had their glorious time, it’s all over now. People just do not want BN for obvious reasons that you and I know.

The team of leaders of UMNO is perceived to be corrupts.

a) Pak Lah is regarded as passive leader who lacks ideas and implementation. Also seen as corrupt of billions with son and son in-law
b) Najib is seen as the most corrupt leader of all time. Abuse of power, sex and murder and many more. His credibility is completely gone among Malaysians
c) The other leaders too almost with similar issues and leaders without issues are not in their succession plan

Now, given this scenario do you think MCA could regain its’ respect and trust with Chinese and others in Malaysia? The answer is plain simple and I don’t think you need a political analyst to explain this to you.

It’s time for you and other capable leaders to join Pakatan Rakyat. Be part of this dream team to make Malaysia for all. Learn to accept and say with all your heart “anak Melayu anak saya, anak Cina anak saya dan anak Indiapun anak saya.

I am sure we will have more people like Gobalakrishnan, (MP of Padang Serai who was remanded for defending Anwar) who can “junjung” leaders like you regardless of their color

Unknown said...

Datuk oh Datuk, I wonder.....

Please make a survey on your own. Which Chinese citizen that is an internet user having been to Msiankini,Msian-Today and lowyat forum would still vote for the BN or MCA?

If yes, please ask them what they think the MCA can do to make a difference in this country to help them.

All those extremist that said we're a second class citizen was reported and have we ever hear MCA said anything about it? Silence is agreeing. So you agree that we are second class citizen?

Or is it that you and your cronies already have enough money in your mouth to make any comment about it

Why is it whenever the Chinese and Indian in this country is make a mockery, we only hear DAP being vocal about it. And what makes you think that when election come, we would happily vote MCA in?

For what? To represent us and nod your head to UMNO. Do remember this, even in places where there is no DAP to vote for, the Chinese would take their chances with PAS instead to ensure that Anwar become the new PM to ensure equality for all

Who could have think of the Chinese would ever think of voting for a country that would turn this into Afganistan?

RPK would give you the answer to that. He's the one who point out to us that whatever happen, PAS would never be able to turn this country into an Islamic country.

On another note, I wish you luck on becoming the next MCA president. But there is not much pride to be the captain in a sinking ship.


Datuk said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I must admit.... i am not your supporter and disagreed with your ways of doing things during those day...when you were still in the mainstream politic...

But i must also are one of the competent comtemporary politicians in our matherland!

However, with the latest political landscape especially:

i) Afer DSAI won in permatang pauh

ii) The hardcord and stubbonness
of Taiko in the family of BN

iii)Directionless of other BN
component parties,

iv)You have been barred and not
part and parcel of the central
leadership in MCA

The option for further advancement of your career in politic is rather the journey for internal reformation within BN will full of stumbling blocks and no enough time for rescue the sinking titantic ....

In my opinion, you can consider the option to join PR camp as your experiences and competencies will be channelled efectively for the sake of our nation, society and your ownself.

Otherwise, it's no a bad idea also to consider to retired from politic and spend meaningful time with your family or other NGO.

This is my's pretty alright to be differed...

Stanley said...

Dr,If umno don't change mca must change into a multi-racial party.We can't be best man all the time.We have to grow up and get married one day,but now that one day seem so far away.The rakyat wants it now.As Mahathir wrote in 'Affirmative Action' we can't be waiting all the time if the malays are slow to learn,we can't be helping them all the time if the malays refuse to work or educate themselves to earn more money,we can't be make a fool just becos they are the majority,we can't be giving way all the time when they keep blocking our path,we can't be offering our helping hands all the time when they keep waving the keris and calling us migrant...the list goes on and on.All this MUST stop NOW.Any persons or parties that can speak the language we the rakyat can understand NOW,gets our support.The result in Permatang Pauh say it all.If the BN gov't still don't read, as they have encountered on 308,then I bet the 13th election will definitely be the last election for them.The number 13 says it all.MCA MUST find ways,the faster the better,to prevent this erosion from destroying MCA.But still if MCA sticks with umno,we tne chinese wouldn't shed a drop of tear if MCA sinks together with umno.May a saviour will rise from the ashes to speak the language we all can understand.Today Anwar is the shinning example that BN must take note.We are glad that we have Anwar,who dares to give BN a run for the money,dares to bash BN,etc.Can we chinese have some one like Anwar to provide us the leadership that we yearn for?I pray that my good LORD answer my prayer.

Freddy Toh said...

If Umno does not change nothing will happen. That is for sure because it is the biggest party.


Datuk Seri,

What do you propose to do if you were to helm MCA and UMNO does not change? At least the other one had timidly declared in a Chinese newspaper that he will pull MCA out of BN. I'm afraid you stop short of giving a solution in the event that UMNO does not change.

You have a chance to make a stand in his posting of yours which you didn't take!

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Actually, Malaysia is a very good country that with the natural resources and don't have the natural disasters. In fact what people want is very simple, healthy economic and everybody got a job that's it. These are the very basic things that government should provide to the people. However, look at the current situation, economic is not stable and inflation is increasing and unemployment rate also increasing. Therefore, people are unhappy to the government, and it provides an opportunity to the opposition party to bite the government back. If a government that can do a good job that take care of all rakyat with regards the races, do you think people will come out and strike, opposition party can threaten the government? Take Singapore as an example, although the PAP government control country and opposition party is weak, but they can manage the country well. A winner learns from others, but a loser resents others.
God Bless.........................

SamWise said...

Welcome back Dr Chua. Its takes courage to admit that a change is required to the top tier of BN. However, I must also point out to you that after the last GE and PP by-election, do you honestly think that UMNO has learned their lesson? Judging from the reaction of the UNMO ministers to Anwar winning the by-election, do you think that there is hope for UMNO or BN coalition for that matter? Like you say, change is inevitable. But what if UMNO still refuses to change? Would MCA then betray the people again to honour its blind alligence to UMNO? Would MCA still then betray the ppl because MCA cannot let go of its years of business relationship with UMNOputras? The clock is ticking for MCA...what is your next move my good Dr?

Time to ask yourself this question as well,'is it set in stone that you cannot crossover to PR'? Parties in PR are equals (for the time being). Why dont you work with that and serve the people from different platform?

krobo said...

Dear All,

We concur with the views and comments put forward by Dato Dr. Chua as they represent the true aspirations and wish of all Malaysians. However, these are the same points raised by the BN supreme council after the recently concluded General Election. Fast forward, we have yet to notice solid changes among BN particularly UMNO. They have continued to trade racial barbs as demonstrated by the protest of UITM. Even at the Permatang Pauh, endless racial slogans were thrown out loud by UMNO leaders at their ceramah. We have been reminded that our PM had heard the rakyat and he heard them loud and will take actions on activities reported. Where are the actions? To the Chinese, a mere suggestion by the Selangor MB was politicised in order to whip up the support of the Malays. Where was our PM? Am sure those racial barbs raised by the UITM students and UMNO warlords were loud enough for him to step in to say that Malaysia is ready to change to a more integrated and harmonious Malaysia as promised. Such promises had been made over and over again similar to an old broken record. To the Indians, they are still waiting for the release of the 5 Hindraf leaders. To the Malays, they want answers to the questions raised that NEP benefitted only a few elites and well connected individuals. They would also wanting to know the fate awaiting their unemployed children and what the government would do with them.

UMNO leaders failed to read the writtings on the wall i.e. most Malaysians had grown tired with their racial politiking. The goodies thrown at them like reduction of petrol at the eleventh hour, promised of development and others were flatly rejected.

Pakatan Rakyat has came up with a new concept and most Malaysians are ready to embrace. BN has governed for 51 years and if they haven't change during these period, what make us so sure they will just because they lost Permatang Pauh. UMNO warlords continued to play down the lost of P. Pauh and in self denial.

We believe that most BN leaders know the facts as to why the dismal showing but as the saying goes, "knowledge is knowing facts, wisdom is knowing what to do with the facts you know".

Sadly they are not doing anything and continue to live in self denial. A leopard will never change its spot.

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

The Permatang Pauh by-election results spelt out starkly the eventual Fall of Barisan Nasional is nigh. The writings are on the wall!

Pak Lah said Permatang Pauh doesen't change anything - yes for now. But comes Sept 16, 2008 or Dec 31, 2008 or PRU 13 - I don't think BN will still be governing this country.

UNLESS there are serious changes in BN leadership and that includes UMNO, MCA, MIC & Gerakan. All current President and Deputy President MUST go!

Pak Lah must go. Najib too.
Ka Ting & Kong Choy had said they will go. So good on them.
Samy must go. His Deputy too.
Tsu Koon must go. The whole lot of jaded partymen must go.

Only then can BN hope to survive the coming onslaught of people's power! The Dawn of a New Malaysia is real and it is here. Self-denial will only bring about sel-destruction.

I don't think you BN guys have got the guts to cut and make good. Even if you do, there's no guarantee you guys can stop the tide towards a truly 2-Party System and finding yourselves on the opposition end of the Govt.

What's next, Doc? I leave it to you and your party members to sort yourselves out from this current quagmire.

I can only wish you luck!

Unknown said...

Dr, during the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign, the UMNO Divisional Chairman in Penang’s Bukit Bendara Ahmad Ismail uttered that the Chinese in Malaysia were merely “Penumpang” who temporarily lived in Malaysia, inferring literally they have no right to enjoy what are enjoying now in Malaysia.

What a racialist man he is, Ahmad Ismail! Why until now we have not heard a word from any of the top UMNO leaders condemning, or at a minimum, expressing “regret” of such unwarranted remarks by a divisional chief? If UMNO, or BN still wants to regain the confidence of non-Malays in particular, and right thinking Malaysians in general, this is the first thing it should do, and right thinking UMNO leaders should immediately dissociate themselves with Ahmad Ismail.

If BN or UMNO condones such person within, it will have no future in a multiracial country like Malaysia; it will be swept further into political oblivion in no time.

Neither have we heard any official response from the MCA, except Ong Tee Kiat and Wee Ka Siong, and you also have been unusually silent on this issue. I hope I am wrong on you. Too trivial to comment?

Can you understand the outrage of the Chinese community?

If BN continues to have such politician inside, and MCA is unable to cause the top BN leadership to change its attitude, MCA must think seriously if its stay within the BN is still relevant.

C3 said...

I am in shock to read about Amber's concerned that TAR graduates are not recognized by JPA.

What is MCA doing all these while?

This news is new to me and i am not happy to hear this!


Dr., what is your son do in the parliament? Do you think he can represent the rakyat? Would he vote against any motion that is not favored by the rakyat? Would your coach him to be a real wakil rakyat (not wakil party)? You have given us many lessons in the blog, but talk is easy. Please make sure YB Chua of Labis is on the rakyat side.

colorless said...

The days of gerrymandering by Umno and their beggars are over.
Tun M was right. Not that we love PR but we hate BN especially the racist Umno.

Unknown said...

dear dr chua and readers,

At the current state, we cannot depend on MCA to safeguard the rakyat's interests in Parliament. Having said that, I disagreed with some of the readers here asking MCA+MIC to pull out from BN. Please allow me to share my view:

1) Now we have the situation of DAP-PAS-PKR-OTHERS against MCA-MIC-UMNO-OTHERS. This gives us the option to revert back to the old government should they fail to safeguard interest of ALL people. The present/future government will be more considerate and under pressure to please everyone, failing to do so will resulting another 'tsunami in politics'.

2) Of course, MIC,MCA, and other parties should prove to the people that they are not merely UMNO's puppet. pls defend for the right thing and for justice, not for individual gain.

3) Having said that, (at worst case) we might have a situation where PAS-UMNO against MIC-MCA-DAP-OTHERS where PKR would be the decisive factor. Judging by the growth rate, the ratio between bumis and non-bumis changes from 60-40 and god knows when it will be 80-20, that is when the non-bumis should start packing and leave the country for good. i urged the parties and rakyat to look into this matter. start packing now or start building up your clans NOW!!! :) umno dogs has this vision long ago when they start encouraging the bumis to have more children. this is what we call POLITICS.

Any constructive criticism/comments to my point are definitely welcomed.

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.