Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have been travelling a lot lately. I was in Permatang Pasir for Nomination Day yesterday and today, I am on my way to Johor Bahru for the MCA Central Committee meeting. Therefore, I have no time to do any postings in these few days. I hope that all readers will understand.


Tuanku said...

Hi ! Dr Chua,

Your notification to all readers is a good gesture of a leader. TQ

BTW, Rakyat are disappointed with your attendance in BN campaign in the nomination day for an unprofessional lawyer candidate who stands for UMNO in the by-election in Permatang Pasir recently. Your MCA Boss OTK is very smart guy who stay away because his absent was indirectly disagreed with the questionable candidate in BN selection.
Why cant other BN component parties objected to the questionable candidate as a BN candidate ? Simple answer: Ex-MCA Boss Ong KT said "UMNO is a BIG BULLY in BN". Well ! "PAS sure WIN when a barred BN lawyer involved in fraud case with a bad image will tarnish Permatang Pasir area" cried Pak Aji and Mak Aminah, PP kampong folks.

Well! Rakyat can't blamed you since you are appointed by Najib to carry out his smelling jobs to find out ways to win back Penang and BN used dirty planning to destroy DAP in Chinese heartland in Penang. Similar, Rakyat can witness the use of MACC and PDRM against the Selangor govt now. Whereas, MCA boss OTK is under big seige from external force like Tiong accusations and suspected internal force from your team as claimed by some MCA members. Such accusations made has protrayed Dr Chua as a Chinese Traitor who works for UMNO boss and with bad faith for a political comeback in MCA Empire.

Rakyat is very dissapointed with the unqualified person who is non medical pratitioner like Dato Liow is appointed as Health Minister. The current toll rises 64 deaths and 4,259 victims are good reason for him to be sacked under KPI standard in any countries. Well! Liow failed to take full responsibilities on pandemic influenza A(H1N1)deaths. Hope Dr Chua to take over his post anytime with Najib consent. Tell Najib now.

Last but not least, we readers here solely trust Dr Chua a true gentleman and a principle Chinese politician who fights for the rights of all races especially to defend Chinese constitution rights in Malaysia.

Dr Chua, please do wear a special green face mask with halal trademark as "PAS FOR ALL" complement from Tok Nik Aziz to you in the nomination day in Permatang Pasir. Dont leave home without PAS face mask since Johor Bahru is a H1N1 hotspot, Allah bless you are healthy and strong during your attendance in the MCA Central Committee meeting.

1Malaysian Malaysia Boleh

Tuanku said...

Dear Dr Chua,

What is your analysis and comments on BN candidate choice after you have attended the nomination day in Permatang Pasir ?

Please englighten your loyal readers here.

Rakyat analysis and comments here for your perusal and report to Najib.

Rakyat totally 100% agreed with PAS Mahfuz comments : “It’s not about character assassination, it’s not a personal attack. It is a matter of principle. If BN had fielded a different candidate, it would have been a different case" unlike DPM personal assissination against Anwar as a Malay Traitor today.

Al-Quran verse wrote "A thief is a thief irrespective how much was stolen, the severe punishment cannot be denied.". The Bar Council and High Court decisions on the questionable candidate are the true facts that he has been found guilty under the Legal Profession Act over a breach of trust involving a sum of RM140,000 belonging to a rubber plantation workers co-operative.

The UMNO candidate had misled his own UMNO, DPM and Zahid !

Zahid was reported as defending Rohaizat’s innocence, saying BN would go down to the ground to explain to the Permatang Pasir electorates “what had really happened.” - Zahid ingat PP folks are bodoh tak tahu baca internet or listen to PAS leaders explanation better than Zahid ?

Yes, Dr M said " A dirty politician does left his skeleton and dirty linen in public will face the music soon ".

PAS candidate has won 50% of the battle on the nomination day when UMNO candidate is a questionable candidate. So another 50% for PAS to win the hearts of 100% Chinese and India voters and balance 50% Malays votes are sure WIN again. Bravo PAS for ALL !!

Does Dr Chua thinks Permatang Pasir folks/voters will vote for an unclean BN candidate ?

Dr Chua reply is very much appreciated.


Tuanku said...

Dear Dr Chua,

Rakyat and majority Chinese are shocked to read your press statement "MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek has asked the party president and Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat not to involve the party in a possible legal battle with Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, saying that it is "his personal problem".

Well, all Chinese Malaysians agreed with the writer,CW Ye replied: " Dr Chua you are so wrong, it is a MCA problem and not OTK's.All this while Tiong has claimed to have donated 10 million to MCA, and providing the ridiculously cheap RM1 monthly rental of property to MCA run TAR college. Granted OTK has taken a few free rides on some private jets, but I imagine that is also to carry out official MCA errands as well. All these perks were going to MCA. So, why is that OTK's personal problem? All this would not have surfaced if OTK didn't stumble on something worth digging in the PKFZ scandal. While I am not a big fan of MCA, for once I applauded OTK's action for wanting to get to the bottom of this scandal. Since the scandal has started however I have not seen any MCA leaders publicly stand out behind him to show any support. What is everyone hiding? Isn't now a great time for MCA to come clean, regroup, admit some passed mistakes if it ever happen (what's done is done), earn some renew support from public, filter out some black sheeps in the party (too many?)"

Many Chinese know OTK position as party president is considered shaky with Dr Chua's supporters expected to push ahead with plans to call for an EGM to remove him.
Certain MCA leaders asking members not to sign any petitions calling for an EGM, Chua replied that it was an "insult" to the members' political maturity.

Well, Dr Chua and OTK must work hard to unite all MCA leaders and members to proof and win the support of all Chinese Malaysians. It is not the best time to dog bites dog fights to remove each other in MCA. Beside, the Chinese Malaysians want to know "WHO IS A CHINESE TRAITOR" in our Chinese Malaysian society in Malaysia based on the result of dog fights now.

Well, Dr Chua it is time to show your supporters and entire Chinese Malaysians what you are capable of - CHANGE FOR THE BETTER?

Instead most MCA leaders opted for the safer route of the old ways, protecting each other's interest, kiasi, kaisu and keep their mouth shut, dare not voice out for Chinese constitution rights and hostiled to the Big Bully in BN forever.

Come to think about it, it is not even a MCA problem, it is our Chinese Malaysians problem and generally a Malaysia's problem.

Last but not least, Happy 52 Merdeka to you and all 1Malaysian Malaysia.

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