Friday, August 7, 2009

Selangor EXCO Ronnie Liu Under Siege

EXCO at the state level has certain executive power. Every Wednesday, they attend the state EXCO meeting, chaired by the Menteri Besar. The EXCO meeting is a mini cabinet where the state financial officer, state legal advisor and state secretary are also present. They are regarded as ex-officials and give advise pertaining to legal and administrative matters. Most land matters and local authority problems are usually brought up at the state meeting.

An EXCO member while being invested with certain power, are not involved directly on issues involving enforcement. Hence, if I am in charge of local government, I cannot directly interfere in the promotion and transfer of staffs within the local authorities. I can express my opinion through the state’s secretary or if it involves legal matter, through the state legal officer. When it involves land issues, I would normally contact the Director of Lands and Mines. Only on certain major policy matter, it can be brought to the attention of the MB. When it comes to enforcement, my hands will be tied. Of course we cannot deny that enforcement officers do abuse their power. There are structures and legal avenues within the state and local council that everyone has to follow, including state EXCOs. If enforcement officers abuse their power, there are also procedures to follow whereby these can be rectified effectively without much ruckus.

Under the Excise Act in the federal laws, beer could be freely sold, be it in supermarket, sundry shop or convenient store and no license is required to sell beer because it has very low content of alcohol. Ronnie rushing to the scene and insisting that the seized beer to be returned by local council will not solve the problem. This act by Ronnie has caused PAS Selangor Commissioner Datuk Hasan Ali calling for Ronnie to be removed from his EXCO post because he has crossed his boundary and jurisdiction as an EXCO.

It would be better if Muslims can be inculcated with the right Islamic values as to the wrong of drinking beer. If they drink alcohols or liquors, they would be punished if caught. One good example is the recent incident of a Malay model, who was caught drinking in a hotel lounge were punished with caning and fine of RM5000. This case provoked an outcry from a lot of Muslims who felt that the punishment was way above the wrong committed. More campaigns should be done by Selangor state government to educate Muslims about their Islamic values, especially on Muslim youths who are vulnerable to the negative effects of alcohol.

Now, it all boils down to Selangor MB’s decision. His decision is crucial to whether PR remains united or divided over liquor issue. It appears to be that the PKR is in the dilemma as DAP and PAS are bickering among themselves over different opinions in this issue. I remembered PAS started proposing ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages at sundry shops and convenient stores end of last year but Khalid objected to the proposal. However, not even a year after that, this proposal returns. I wonder what is the motive of PAS by proposing such ban in Selangor, where there are multiracial communities. Are they trying to start up some hudud laws in Selangor? Only PAS knows!


malayamuda said...

you are also under seige

Yew Joon said...

I think u can start off with BN states , BN rules 7 states now .. Do you dare to talk to your master UMNO ?

What is MCA stand on ISA? Why no voice from MCA ?

In PR , PAS free to shout at DAP and PKR .. then go to the exco and decide ..

In BN .. MCA dont dare to shout at UMNO ... else will sacked or suspend .. Actually now is the right time other BN components to strike and demand UMNO to be fair .. but looks like u all only intrested in hanging in power ..

Make me proud , Dr Chua ..

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

Asalamualaikum.(may peace be upon you)

what do you expect when The DAP cant put their house in order.

time and time DAP always side with pig farmers even though the pig farmers are clearly in the wrong if you know what i mean.
(in kedah and in NS)
and also the sale of liquor as if liquor are in the blood of the chinese.

drinking gambling womanising are not part of the chinese culture.

DAP should be brave to voice out what is wrong and not blindly support evil vices.

time for dap to organise more gotong royong and bermuzakarah among malays and chinese and indians and semangat muhibbah and kesejahteraan will benefit the DAP in the long run.

also ask all DAP DUN/MP to brush up on their bahasa kebangsaan.
bahasa pasar just will not do.

i am chinese and have plenty of malay friends who really respect me becoz of my understanding about their culture and religion.

insyaalaah in the long run DAP will be more acceptable to the Malays.

Tuanku said...

Hi! Dr Chua,

Yes, PAS is causing more troubles in PR unity and also affected the smooth administration of PR govts.

PAS actions are more or less similar to UMNO goons. They played religion and race issues to pursue their hidden political agendas. It is shameful for PAS to use religion issue for political own interests. Similar shameful for UMNO to use racist issue to divide and rule in Malaysia. Both PAS and UMNO unity talks are well known to topple other mutliracial parties for their own political intentions to enrich their cronies and families only.

Unfortunate MCA and Gerakan are also selfish, corrupt, coward and take care own interest. Both parties are coward and dare not questions both PAS and UMNO on both religion and racist issues but prefer to hit out and disgrace at own Chinese race in DAP.

What a great Shameful acts to MCA and Gerakan ?

We agreed with the coments from Malayamuda and Yew Joon. Dr Chua is also under seige directly from MCA enemies and indirectly from UMNO goons. Dr Chua should investigate and find out why they continued using your sex scandal as a deadly weapon to bury your political career. Next, they will also bury the political future of your MP son soon. This is because you dare to speak out loud against the bad MCA leaders and also unintentionally offended UMNO goons. Well, they wish to silent you to become their coward running dog forever in BN.

Last but not least, it is timely Dr Chu to recall, revisit and reconsider the 5 reasons why Dr Chua should quit MCA today.

Almighty ALLAH will punish the sinful politicians in HELL soon.
GOD Blessing You Always.

cakappolitikmca said...

DR Chua Take care, OTK is going after your neck. So much as PAS is very intolerant party, OTK is also a extremist on his own right. All indications are there to finish you for the second time, the last time they thought that they have done their job, but only to realise that you are capable of surprises. This time around they will not make any more mistake.


Malaysian Chinese said...

Well dr, perhaps this is one of the path to democracy?

jararaca said...

Forget about ronnie.

After the general elections. I see no changes at all in MCA. (Forget about the dead Gerakan)

What is MCA's stand on ISA, MACC, Crime, the police, IGP and the recent attack by Utusan.

None? bcos MCA continue to be the Kautow to UMNO. so useless MCA. DAP kautow to noone!!

so, votes still with PR. I see significant improvement under PR. They are just more honest and humble. at least MACC now is investigating over tens of dollars not millions of dollars with corrupted bn.

Join PKR will be your calling.

Dannis Leong Profile said...


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