Thursday, June 24, 2010

Outrage over the shooting of tiger

MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has expressed outrage over the shooting of a three-year-old male tiger by a Rela member at Kampung Ulu Damaq in Sungai Bayor, Perak on Tuesday (June 22).

We fully understand that the safety of the villagers is of paramount importance, the Rela member should have notified and sought help from the Perak Wildlife Protection and National Parks Department instead of acting on his own.

The reason for killing the tiger, believed to have killed poultry belonging to a villager, was not acceptable.

MCA had received many calls from the public expressing their unhappiness and outrage over the shooting.

Infact, for the safety of the people and the tiger, the Rela member and villagers should have notified the authorities the first time they spotted the animal.

The tiger was believed to have strayed into the village some 10 km from the Bintang Hijau Forest Reserve to forage for food as its habitat had been encroached.

According to a report in The Star today (June 23) Selama acting OCPD Asst Superintendent Ramli Mohammad said the tiger had been spotted several times in the village and that it had apparently killed poultry belonging to a villager.

We can rear poultry or buy them in the market but not tigers. Beside, the number of tigers in the country is on the decline. Hence, tigers must be protected.

Besides a protected species and that the number of tigers in the country is on the
decline, tigers also have a very special place in the Malaysian culture, and that this year is also the Year of the Tiger.

I urge the authorities to have an in depth investigation on the matter and take action against those found guilty. This must serve as a lesson for others as well.









富能教練 said...

是的,非常認同! 保護野生動物或許可加入RFID追踪!

l藍海 said...


chin said...

1 Malaysia, Rakyat didahulukan.

Isu sekarang adalah Institusi RELA harus didirikan seperti Institusi Kepolisian.

Anggota RELA mesti diberikan buku panduan terhadap "DO" and DON'T".

Syarakt kemasukan RELA harus diperketatkan kepada PESARA-PESARA kakitangan kerajaan dan swasta supaya tidak timbul isu disiplin dan penyelewengan.

Di dalam kes ini peluru pemabuk harus digunakan atau jabatan Haiwan harus bertindak.


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