Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau By-Elections

In both the by-elections, BN failed to win both seats. In the case of Bukit Gantang, PAS candidate won with an increased majority of 1845 votes as compared with the 308 General Election. In Bukit Selambau seat, the PKR candidate won the election also with the increased majority of 41 votes.

In both seats, the support of non-Malays for BN has gone down. In Bukit Selambau state seat, the Indian votes may have gone up slightly for the MIC candidate. I do not have the detailed analysis of all the voting trends in the saluran but it is obvious that in Bukit Gantang, where the Chinese voters were concentrated in Simpang and also in Kuala Sepetang, longstanding local issues that were neglected by BN state assemblyman (Gerakan) and MP was a sore point among the Chinese voters.

Two days of walking from house to house in Simpang and Kuala Sepetang, it became obvious that the Chinese voters are disillusioned with promises made by BN ‘s YBs, that remains unfulfilled. In Kg. Baru Kuala Sepetang, the main issue is that they have been squatting on the land without proper land title. Seeing how the houses are constructed, I can understand the technical and the legal difficulty in approving their land title. They were constructed hazardly without the approval of relevant authorities. The only way to regain their support and trust is to grant them the land title without taking into consideration that the building may not fulfill all the building bylaws. Otherwise, come General Election, the voters will still not vote for BN.

BN including MCA needs to relook at its campaign strategy. The young voters seem to avoid BN. Most of the BN election workers including MCA are middle-aged 40 and above with a sprinkling of Youth and Puteri. Most of the election workers in PR are of the younger generation. What is glaring is that I do not see a lot of BN Pemuda working on the ground, other than big groups of UMNO motorcyclists. Often, these group of motorcyclists create noise and traffic obstruction and they have no role to play to convince voters to vote for BN.

In ceramah, most BN leaders talk about development and often, national development, which a lot of voters fail to connect. The opposition ceramah obviously attract more crowd, hammer on BN, especially UMNO for corruption and abuse of power and system of patronage that is practiced at the local level.

Portraying Nizar as pro-Chinese and also as alleged treason to Malay Sultan seems to have very little impact on Malay voters. However, it only serves to drive away the non-Malay voters. At the local level, UMNO leaders are still playing the racial cards while the more educated Malay voters feel that there are more self-serving leaders rather than for their race.

As usual, grants were given to Chinese schools and there was promise of land swapping for squatters on KTM land. It is the lack of trust and confidence by the voters that these last minute gestures don’t seem to work. BN need to seriously look into its campaign strategy. Ceramah speaker should be multiracial rather than UMNO ceramah by Malay speakers, MCA by Chinese leaders with a sprinkling of UMNO leaders. I observe that in all PR ceramah, the speakers come from all races, hence attracting a multiracial crowd. The MCA Wanita needs to work harder to attract younger members who are more committed, more aggressive, more articulate and vocal. The same applied to the Youth in MCA. Somehow, in both the by-elections, I do not see a lot of Youth leaders, both at the branch and division been actively involved at the local level.

Mahathir rejoining UMNO and making a last minute appearance in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau do not have any significant impact on voter’s support on BN.

Nizar obviously won a lot of sympathy after being ousted as Perak MB. He was also backed by PAS’ formidable organization and election machineries. DAP strategy to tell Chinese voter that they have lost a state government which is Chinese dominated to a Malay dominated government has obviously found favours among Chinese voters. PAS Non-Muslim Chinese Supporter Club seems to work tirelessly to convince Chinese that PAS will be a better alternative then UMNO.

After the 308 election, BN has lost 3 Parliamentary by-election-Permatang Pauh, Kuala Terengganu and now Bukit Gantang. This cannot be taken lightly. It is a tell tale sign for BN that it is not business as usual. BN under Najib has to walk the talk. No beautiful slogans and empty promises. Spend more time to interact with the rakyat rather than attending many official functions where only the selected few are invited and hardly any interaction between the leaders and the rakyat. BN has to undergo big change and not small change and small steps. There is a need to review the many weaknesses within the BN machineries. The time has come to overhaul the whole machinery. For MCA, it is not just Chinese schools and Chinese new villages and Chinese temples. The Chinese wants us to do more. Until then, Chinese support for BN seems to be elusive.



我在新板及十八丁进行了两天的沿户访问,当地选民显然已对国阵议员的口头承诺极度失望。 十八丁新村的居民长期申请地契不果,此问题困扰他们多年。我到新村走过一趟,发现居民盖房时未经有关当局批准,所该的房子有一定风险,我可以理解当局审理地契申请时,面对的技术和法律难题。然而,国阵若要挽回当地居民的支持和信任,务必迅速解决此问题,尽管这些房子不符合建筑条例,当局应考虑网开一面发放地契。否则在来届大选,选民仍会拒投国阵。








D'evil said...

Datuk Seri. You are making sense. But I dont think others in MCA, UMNO and Gerakan will listen.

You are casting pearls amongst swine.

Unknown said...

Hope in the coming election, the BN Ceramah is to talk about what they have done before the election INSTEAD of what they are to do if they win this election! Similary people like to hear how much allocation has been distributed and materialized rather than how much is to give in the future!

sinleong said...

no use flogging a dead horse, dead BN. quit MCA and join DAP or PKR.

Johnny NGAU said...

Y.Bhg. Datuk Seri Panglima,
Perhaps, the above postmortem/ analysis could be right and acceptable, but it is hard to imagine why some of the new villages as reported by Chinese medias are still without basic utilities such as water and electricity supplies.

阿土伯 said...

MCA and Gerakan only will gain back people's heart fast if leave BN. With UMNO around, not even Non Malay will keep away from MCA and Gerakan, it is hard also to gain support from even Malay. If still want to be under BN, whole BN especially UMNO must change accordingly. If one of the component party refuse to change, then sure they will be replaced one day. BN under UMNO lead had done a lot of mistake which cause bad damages to Rakyat. Eventhough MCA & Gerakan and maybe MIC strongly against some proposal and idea, but UMNO still insisted. Therefore, BN lose is not because of its component party not performing, is because of the mistake of the "Driver". Since we know the driver is driving towards the wrong destination, why we dont want to drop the bus and go towards the correct direction? Worry of the minister position? If one day, somebody else with Rakyat's Direction take over the Bus as driver, BN will then disappear.

Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed said...

There are several other reasons you have failed to mention, viz the abuse of government machinery and media and making infantile statements thinking that the voters are stupid.
What about police arrogance, locking up the state secretariat, intimidation of Perak Speaker by the police and MACC, behaviour of a biased judge against Pakatan.
What about killings in custody? Oh, so many more reasons.
MCA is a party with almost ZERO Chinese support. What you have are rent seekers and hangers-on.
Don't just blame UMNO. Blame MCA.

Pearls said...

Aiyooo.. Kalah lagi.. Berturut-turut kalah 4 kali dah. How la?? Kalah, karam, poohchit.. end of story. Poor thing!

Sigh...frankly, if you ask me, BN is in very serious shit. However, all is not lost if there are people like you in BN. You have successfully pointed out crucial points as to why BN has lost big time AGAIN. The tricky question now is whether will there be others like you in BN to help bring such points to light and make/force those dinosaurs who make decisions see these points and commit themselves to change OR will these dinosaurauses ignore these crucial pointers and continue to lull themselves in their little caves? Responses from that UMNO 2nd man who look like a toad, duno what's his name la.. and Ong Tee Keat seems to imply that it is the 2nd option lo. STILL HARMBIN!! STILL KOON BEH KEE!! (still dreaming! still not yet wake up and smell the coffee)HOW LA!!!

A lot needs to be done by Najib for himself and BN. He needs to repair his already horribly tainted like prostitute reputation to start with, brainstorm with everyone, those cannot brain storm will have to have their brains STORMED! guide/coach/shift/change/ hammer/clobber everyone's thick like bank valve's mindset, crack the damn whip, etc.

Sigh, plenty to do and not much time left. I dont envy Najib at all...infact, I feel very sorry for him.

Vince said...

Hi Dr Chua,

The result is expected and no surprises to us actually. The way that BN took Perak state is so well known and hyped that the fact that BN do not dare to dissolve the Perak State Gov has burn negative image in minds of all races, this really affect all Perak poll results. (HYF do not dare to show her face here anymore.)
Brain Food: MP is selected for a reason that is "To represent the PEOPLE and fight for their benefit", not to FIGHT for OWN personal benefit. How may TRUE MP do we have in the PARLIMENT nowdays? Maybe you can share with us?

On your Quote:
"Seeing how the houses are constructed, I can understand the technical and the legal difficulty in approving their land title. They were constructed hazardly without the approval of relevant authorities. The only way to regain their support and trust is to grant them the land title without taking into consideration that the building may not fulfill all the building bylaws. Otherwise, come General Election, the voters will still not vote for BN."
Dr Chua, again we have to remind you that we do not want to stay in unsafe house too. Given a choice, who would want to live in an unsafe house? The question is where to stay? Has the State Gov plan out low cost house program properly at the rate it is able to support the community?
How about land that was cleared by the people's great great grandfather, lived on it since decades ago but it was never granted a title (even if applied)? We have seen houses (that was built by Felda settler) so run down that you would not dare to go in was issues land title by BN state Gov. Why? Where is the safety concept mentioned here?
We are human, given the ability to learn and survive (we all live in caves before this :) ).
Title is land ownership... not house owner ship, there is no CF for Kampung houses ok?
If i have a small piece of land title and i built a camp to live there, is it wrong? Any idea? When you go house to house in the election area, is all the house have CF? So what do you propose to improve? (This is my point of view, i do not represent the people nor i am an MP. But please do give my thoughts some attention, true or false?)

Gemini said...

MCA needs to stand up!
Do something!
Else, ........

bungled said...

Need to change?
I think people are way past this 'need to change" talk. Wasn't it only just now Muhyddin said he wanted to set up a commitee to find out why they lost the elections? It is laughable. We seem to have a new commitee after each election but UMNO seems just as clueless.
Time to 'sau tong' leh... MCA included.

Unknown said...

I disagree with you saying Nizar gain a lot of sympathy vote after being ousted as Perak MB.

The real fact is the nowadays the voters are getting smarter and unlike you and your belove BN govt who are getting stupid and thought can fool the voters/rakyat forever!

The Chinese community no longer scare by the Islamic state issue which your BN used since 1999.
Now is 2009, wake up man.
It just show you BN guys never grow!

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

Alhamdulilah Melayu Cina India bersatu hati menyokong MB nizar.

Unknown said...

Dear CSL

PR will never have any change in Batang Ai, so PR win 2 Bukits and lost 1 Batang. Sound like a good deal to me, right?

In order for PR to make an inroad into Sarawak and Sabah, the Indelible Ink has to be implemented and others form of rigging has to be stopped. I am not a sour grape or bad loser in Sarawak, I am a Sarawakian and work as boatman to ferry voters around. So I have seen it happens before.

Yahoo to the Rakyat!

Shiok Guy

happylazy said...

dato - firstly i must say that this is my first time posting on your blog. Let me begin by expressing my appreciation towards your honesty and good work when you were a minister. You handled your problem well - and best of all - you were up front with it. No cover up - just honesty, which i must say is refreshing.

I also belive that its time for us to re look at what benefits race based politics have in Malaysia. You said in your post as well - multi racial crowds were attracted from the PR guys. Lets think about that - the MOST famous division of your party is the MCA public complaints department - it gets more response that the government agency that is supposed to be in charge of this. If i am not mistaken - that division is why MCA started in the first place.

The reason why BN lost - is because of a moving culture towards that of 1Malaysia (or whatever they want to call it).

You cant say 1Malaysia to everyone then in the next sentence, with the same breath - say hidup melayu.

Shouldnt it be Hidup Malaysia? My vote goes to ANYONE who says HIDUP MALAYSIA!

Thanks Dr. - i will follow your carrer closely. I pray that more and more people like you come to cabinet.

amoker said...

Too bad you are in cold storage.
But MCA won't change...

Unknown said...

Its time MCA wake to the call of the rakyat especially the Chinese,
we wnat to be recognise as Malaysians and not Malaysian Chinese. How many times your party had said they would change to listen the Chinese people, so far your party has done nothing. All talk and no action. I think you should resign from the party, so as to serve all Malaysians better.

louis cho said...

This is my 1st time to leave a comment in your blog.

Be honest, i'm not a MCA supporter.
The main reason is your MCA party are not showing sincerity to our chinese community!
this is what i angry off.
I'm agree with what u say, nowadays most youngster are not supporting BN.
Why, everyone's know.
PR is not a good party, however its bringing us a hope! BN no!
This is what i can say...
Tonite i leave a comment in ur blog is because...Dr. Chua, you are the only one which showing a leadership character in MCA!
I respect u!
You are a strong man, and i really u can do something for our chinese, our society and all malaysians.

My english is not good, so hope u dun mind. Haha..thank u.

BareSheen said...

Datuk Seri, no you do not make sense at all. You harped on "machineries". What exactly is that? We Malaysians have grown up. What we expect are simple things. Perhaps it is so simple that it eludes you guys. We just want respect for our thoughts and opinions. We want genuine friendship among all races. Where our differences, strengths, weaknesses, foibles, commonalities are accepted, embraced and celebrated without judgement. We are sick and tired hearing politicians pitting one race against another. We want to see that the government work for the people, not the other way around!! We want our imaginations to be excited by strong, capable and clean leaders with integrity, lofty but inclusive ambitions. Where no single Malaysians will be left out and where the weak, the poor and the disadvantaged of any race are helped and assisted.

I can go on and on. Please, just speak to any Ali, Ah Chong and Ramasamy. All we want is to be treated with respect and where our hard work and efforts count for something, not our skin colour and religion.

So, you are completely off the mark, my dear Dr. My gawd, as if machinery (whatever you meant by it) can actually do anything. You are so out of touch Dr. that you are fast joining the dinasours that is UMNO and its ilk.

Please, speak for all, excite our dreams of a common Malaysia for all.

Failing which, you are just another political reject.

Fernando said...

In the next general election, the people will be more interested in changing the federal government rather than waiting BN to reinvent itself.

Voices Of Taiping said...

I saw you at SMK Sin Min that morning and I thought I could at least say hi and respect to our ex-minister but what flashes in my mind is that I have to reject racial party leaders, so instead of that I just walk through the crowd, Dr Chua, please understand that we voted Nizar not because he is pro-chinese, but because he is a good man and he is "colour-blind", without looking at the skin colour he helped all rakyat.
As a doctor I think your justification power if better than us, I hope you are not in the same category as those professors who gave their own "analysis" during the TV1 live telecast of the election results.
And please tell Ir Ong that we don't need a chinese DPM, what we need is a good and clean DPM like Nizar, we need good leaders, even if the cabinet does not have a chinese we don't mind as long as they can work for all Malaysian.
I don't expect you to read our comments anyway, and doing so is only good for pakatan.

我是某某人 said...

After reading your post, seems like your are the only people in MCA dare to admit to the problem, unlike the chairman who blame the result on others party. It is very clearly stated, MCA is losing Chinese votes especially new generation.

As a Chinese new generation, I am reluctant to support BN due to the unfairness, safety and corruption happen past and present. Perhaps, changing of government will bring some "fresh air" to Malaysia.

kangcs said...

黄绍华 | 4月8日 傍晚5点21分







第二副首相职,马华你不必争拉,没你的份!民政党就更不必谈拉,继续做你的 “政治乞丐”好了。周美芬说败选是预料中的事,马华已尽了力。翁总更不像话,说双武的失利不代表国阵惨败,因为国阵在砂州巴当艾州议席大胜。


kangcs said...

黄绍华 | 4月8日 傍晚5点21分







第二副首相职,马华你不必争拉,没你的份!民政党就更不必谈拉,继续做你的 “政治乞丐”好了。周美芬说败选是预料中的事,马华已尽了力。翁总更不像话,说双武的失利不代表国阵惨败,因为国阵在砂州巴当艾州议席大胜。


kangcs said...


呉 和豪 said...

Dato Seri Dr.Chua

MCA should change at all levels ,

our member should project themselves one to serve the people and not as one who is interested in post only .Suggest that ,unless with good reasons a member should join the branch where he/she resides.We should do this in order to provide good services to people and to prevent hopping

Also suggest to the chairman , deputy chairman of branch or division to listen to the suggestions given by member ,support them and not to oppress them

Ooi Beng Hooi said...

Lack of confidence in Najib and Ong Tee Keat's leadership might have caused BN to lose some Chinese Votes in the two 'Bukit' by-elections

D'evil said...

Dear Datuk Seri. You should call a spade a spade. Gerakan screwed up in Bukit Gantang, not withstanding their Pom Pom girls.

Ghifari X said...

The fake euphoria in UMNO reverberated within the components as well that led Sammy Ong Tee Keat's and Mahathir on the campaign trail. These fools believed that they could really and truly convert UMNO over televised AGA 2009, hysteria and the new but Stale PM antics into a general public contest. Everyone knew full well that Bantang Ai where the people are kept there, in miserable poverty and are fearful of the war lord Taib Mahmud that not only does PR stand not a chance bu nature itself - literally that is. I don’t blame them, They will come around God Willing!
This geriatric couple MahaTeeSammy Just didn’t get it. The people is embolden and not only emotionally but with the rational of hope of change. There is no more magic- UMNO is wasting its time and money on sorcerers police intransigence and its licensing regime, where basic freedoms and avenues to descent ambitions are controlled and auction off to compliant grovelers. Malaysians indigenous/contemporary and others want respect equality and accountability something UMNO/BN is incapable of delivering far less recognizes.

Unknown said...

Saudara 呉和豪,

Just be frank, aren't you interested in any party post? Yes, one should serve the people & not just hoping to get a party post.

My simple question here is, Mr Goh:

Are you serving the right people at the right time & in the right place?

You call on the members to support the leaders? What great joke! Are they worth being supported if they have wronged? Can they garner our whole-hearted support?

Come on, saudara Goh, please wake up before it's too late!

Talk alone, makes no sense! The rakyat's voice now is loud & clear.

Mike said...

The 3 by-election outcomes are pretty much expected. In West Malaysia, the political plate has begun to shift and it will continue with momentum.

However the ruling coalition government still refuse to recognize the reality. Educated and well informed voters have overcome many of previous used issues and tactic including the huduh law (which MCA have been happily exploiting for the last 50 years). Now it has lost that magic touch for the none bumi.

As I have previously pointed out actually OTK knew MCA has lost the majority of Chinese support. In his own web site survey 4 out of 5 visitors voted for MCA to leave the coalition. This survey clearly tell you the current support for MCA is only about 20%. This match back with the results of the recent 4 by-elections.

Have MCA done any things concrete or substantial to revert the trend? Or MCA current leadership able to do that?

The answer is a clearly NO…. You see the current leadership is still living in his own safety cocoon thinking with the none Chinese support they can still hang on to power. As a matter of fact, the sense of crisis is so poor that they were still dreaming of additional of a second PM post. What a bunch of idiot ! In fact people are going to trim down all the fat by removing your Ministerial Post.

Actually if you ask me, should they retain 10 ministerial posts for MCA, frankly I don’t give a damn. If those MCA ministers are sleeping inside the cabinet only function is to show up for some opening and have no gut to fight for the right Claude, ISA, tolls highway, education etc. even there is no MCA ministers I also don’t care.

You see the HU HA on privatized tolls highway, one of the second minister already indicated it is not the right time to review. May I ask MCA when is the right time….? Until next election …… we will see more defection in the southern part … Meanwhile all the MCA leaders don’t count on the southern states to hide, the only safe place may be is to migrate to in-land Sarawak….

呉 和豪 said...

YB Dato Seri DrChua

即使输了也要为民服务, 也要覆行诺言,国阵的同志们,既使遇到挫折,阻力,也不要放弃,从现在就应该努力,协助政府把武吉干旦及武吉市南马打造为发展的模范区,而使到好的效果能传播到全国甚至整个世界。
我们可以把我们从台湾所学习到的应用在武吉干旦的发展,推动一村一产品 运动, 使它成为生

Unknown said...

Interesting and honest assessment from a BN leader. If most BN leaders were like you and reform, BN will have a good chance in GE13.

I have to declare that I am pro-PR. Nevertheless, it is insightful to read your blog.

Catherine said...

Why did the BN win handsomely in Batang Ai?

I cannot be sure except to say thank God, Mahathir did not campaign at Batang Ai.

Voices Of Taiping said...




clchan82 said...

Nizar obviously won a lot of sympathy after being ousted as Perak MB.

I am shocked u make this kinda quote, it just remind me that you are living in the BN circle for the pass 50years, although u might be just slightly better then other BN leaders.

It is quite simple now, if you are supporting Perak take over by BN, then you are not supported by majority Perakian.

There's a quote "Join BN foR money, join PR for justices for all". A lots of young malaysians feel shameful to tell their friends they joined UMNO, MCA or MIC! They feel honorable to be PR volunteers.

Few of my friends arranged 5-6 cars to go campaign for Nizar. And easily they raise the transportation fees just using the email or messengers. The forces and momentum are so huge... BN youth go for campaign because of money, PR campaigners go by their own money!

The public perspective is so deep inside young Malaysians. This BN death fish is getting rot.

Datuk Seri, I as part of this young generation of Malaysians want to remind you, if you think Nizar won because of sympathy votes. You are just ignorant as others BN leaders.

Unknown said...

Datuk Seri, a party which is race base will become irrelevant. The three PR component are multirace party. I strongly believe only the multirace party will fight & uphold the right for all human regardless of race. Whether u like it or not, the new generation now are more expose to the universal value of human right. A party which continue to hold on to the 'win-lose' of one race will eventually distinct. don't keep on telling or blamming to UMNO. U r steering the party not UMNO. We r dissappointed with ur president saying that MCA is just playing a support role in the recent election. MCA should lead if UMNO can't. MCA should stand up and commit to the all Malaysian not UMNO. R u sure MCA is MCA not UMNO-mca. We do not see DAP is PKR-dap or PAS-dap nor seeing PAS as DAP-pas or PKR-pas.
I believe u r deeply understand what rakyat want especially chinse. Throw away all the nonsense & accuses. Show us u are MCA. A NEW MCA for fair, just, and commit to the Rakyat.

l藍海 said...


Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

The result is not surprised to me but to everyone. But i salute to your analysis rather than the OTK pushing away the blame by saying that it is not MCA's fault. In a big family, if something goes wrong, everybody in the family should take the blame and the responsibility. More things need to be done by BN but not NATO (no action talk only). There are many ways to look at one thing. Lost in the by-elections is nothing, if the BN really wanted to find out what actually are the reasons that caused the failure. Through this incident, the BN really have to think how to win the trust from the rakyat before the next GE.
Heard that, you will not be in the cabinet of the new PM. What do you think?
GOD BLESS...............

Unknown said...

Hello, Dr Chua,

The PR won in 4 by-elections is crystal clear referendum that UMNO, MCA, MIC or BN are too corrupt to fool the Malaysians.

My oldman said: " BN can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but BN cannot fool all the people all the time."

The young generation of Malaysians have woke up to reject the corrupt and arrogant BN leaders especially the UMNO warlords who acted like BIG Bullies and played racist card. We thanked Tun M for his bad mouth in the recent ceramah to drive away non Malay voters for his " suratkhabar lama" stories and also deserted by young Malay voters. Only the old Malay folks still believed BN veterans' ceramahs and false stories of instant maggi noddles for both Bukits. Nothing happen if BN win and BN MP missing in action is business as usual for BN ruling style and self-service interest comes first before the rakyat. The One People, One Nation and One Malaysia Concept for PR. Bravo !!

Now Datuk Seri can see from his naked eyes the true pictures and listened from all voters that they rejected racist politic, kick out corrupt leaders and croyism & nepotism system in BN. Yes, the UMNO Youth behaved rudely like KJ created nuisances to the rakyat of both rural Bukits.

Now it is time PR Youth teams came out to show their leadership talents to convince the rakyat that they are future leaders of PR.

prachai said...

Dear Datuk,

Since I belong to the young people category, I will try to tell you why young voters avoid BN like the plague.

BN is not cool.

How cool can it be if people who are control freaks helm the party? You know what division chiefs like to do, especially the UMNO ones.

But look at PAS, PR ... wow, cool, people put in sincere efforts, no matter how tiny. There is a sense of camaraderie not motivated by money. It's cool to be with these guys. Hell, I would hang out with these guys too if I were there!

You are treated with respect and not like a fool. Just look at the stupid cartoons BN [those involving Buddha, damn, those are really low class, but MCA thought they were funny!] produced during the election.

Stop insulting the intelligence of young people.

RM 400, bicycles will not change people's attitude. You give, I take [it's my money anyway], but don't expect me to vote for BN.

I have had a chance to look at the younger members in MCA and man, I am completely disgusted by their

2.double standards
3.low intellectual, cultural level
4.questionable ethics
5.deceitful conduct

Better hang around with the PAS chaps.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Dr Chua, I share your views. I am 23 years old this year and I speak from a youth perspective.

Friends of my age and those in the 20s, I only know at most 10 people who support Barisan Nasional, what more to say MCA.

Most of my friends are talking about DAP, PAS, PKR.

This is a worrying trend. MCA Youth needs to work hard and forge ahead to woo youths to join the party and Barisan Nasional.

Just a glance at the Facebook of Pemuda MCA, it is sad. We only have 28 people as I am writing this.

The youths today are always on Facebook, blogs and websites.

The Internet is a key factor.

MCA needs a Cyber Department and Barisan Nasional needs an answer to news portal like Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Today.

We seriously need to gather same minded cyber folks as well as organize an online media that will be able to mirror the model of Malaysiakini.

That way, we will be able to deliver effectively and attract youths.

Nowadays, people read only the alternative media. What the alternative media writes, youths say "Ya betul" although it sounds nonsensical.

They do not have a proper alternative to refer to.

MCA Youth and Barisan Nasional must join the Cyberworld or risk being voted out in the 13th General Election when 1 million new voters are expected to be in the system.

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Dear Dr Chua,

For MCA to regain the lost support, not to mention the new ones, your Number 1 has to know what the members want.

As it is, OTK is too busy kissing up to UMNO. He screwed up the first time by excluding you from the cabinet and now wasted a golden opportunity to rectify that. OTK does not have his pulse on the majority of MCA members.

Fools never learn and come GE13, I pray hard that ALL MCA candidates will be wiped out or at least, lost so badly that it becomes irrelevant, just like GERAKAN.

It is difficult for you for not being appointed a a minister but you are a gentleman and don't protest so vehemently. Nevertheless, I hope you will persevere because come next MCA election, go for the number one post.

OR, you can quit MCA and join PR. It is never too late.

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.