Friday, April 24, 2009

Civil Court to Handle Conversions

I welcome the decision made by the Cabinet that civil courts will be involved in disputes regarding marriage in the event where one of spouse convert to Islam.

I have said it in my MCA Party Election manifesto that MCA’s stand is that the law must be reformed to ensure that when an individual embraces Islam, the convert’s spouse (or ex-spouse), children and other family members’ rights and entitlements under civil laws remain unchanged. Regardless of such conversion, all issues arising out of the marriage must be settled according to civil law and not state Islamic law enactments, since the marriage was solemnized or registered under civil law. Furthermore, legislation must be enacted to specify that only the civil courts have jurisdiction to hear any matter regarding the divorce.

The Cabinet also made another important milestone decision recently that in the event of one spouse converting to Islam, the children will follow the religion of the parents during the time of their marriage. The children can then decide on their own religion at the age of 18. Before this recent Cabinet decision, the children are invariably converted to Islam if one of the spouse embraces Islam.

Often in the past, when one of the spouse convert to Islam, the other spouse’s children will be in a dilemma as most of the time, they will be dragged into converting into Islam without their consent and knowledge. Therefore, the decision by the Cabinet should be welcomed by all Malaysians. I am sure it will also prevent more court cases and issues involving one of the spouse seeking legal redress about their children’s religious status.

While it is any person’s right to profess the religion of his/her choice, it is not right to use religion as a tool to escape from responsibilities. Here, I would like to quote what Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Syed Nazri has said, “Religion should not be used as a tool to escape responsibilities and conversion is not grounds for automatic dissolution of a marriage”.

Hence, it is hoped that with the decision of the Cabinet, there will be less dispute regarding the children’s religion when one of the spouses convert to Islam and divorce should follow the civil law. It is indeed a laudable act by the government.






















呉 和豪 said...

Saudara Dr.Chua Soi Lek

Here, I would like to quote what Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Syed Nazri has said, “Religion should not be used as a tool to escape responsibilities and conversion is not grounds for automatic dissolution of a marriage”.

Unknown said...

if it's not due to 308 political tsunami this will not happen 'civil court to handle conversions'
Utusan is 'korek' with their headline 'BANGKITLAH MELAYU' !!!
refer to all d by-elections recently..... they've weaken up & due to their united strength, regime umno/bn was in deep trouble !!!

Unknown said...

Dear Dr. Chua:

I fully support YOUR view on the urgent need of the reform of the law and I remember you put that in your MCA Party Election manifesto as well..THANK YOU

I am really very sad and disappointed that a high calibre and outspoken person like you has been sidelined and suppressed by your party leadership under Ong....How many MCA fella can be as discerning as you, and as brave as you to speak up when there are issues like this being surfaced?

Instead, those less capable fella(but good at "apple polishing" I suppose) have been made minister /deputy minister (including the lady who assume deputy minister post through "back door")...sigh sigh...

Gemini said...

OTK promised to give full account on PKFZ scandal, which he had failed to deliver.
OTK would never gain the respect of people unless he started doing so.

As time passes, people have firmed up their mind not to believe OTK anymore. Even he has since become the president of MCA, so what?!

l藍海 said...

想要把炸弹丢进人家阵营:D现在给我用“反弹系统”把导弹送回你们家门了:p 刺激吧?

Kedah Kids said...

dear Dr.
undang undang sudah ada lama dah. bila aman damai tidaklah dipakai guna, bagus juga dapat banyak kes dapat diselesaikan.

berjaga jaga juga apa yang akan digunakan PAS selepas ini. adakah PAS juga akan menggunakan pendekatan yang sama???

Donplaypuks® said...

I say well done to the Govt! For once, they have done the right thing, and speedily as well.

ON another matter headlined as 'Kit Siang Flays Ong over PKFZ'
see below:

"Port Klang Free Zone scandal – from RM2.3 billion under Ling Liong Sik, RM4.6 billion under Chan Kong Choy and now to RM8 billion under Ong Tee Keat?
April 25th, 2009"

Are you going to allow your "boss' to get away with the greatest cover up in MCA's history now being attempted by Ong Tee Kiat?

If you don't act as honourably as the Cabinet did on the conversion issue, rest assured that come GE 2012, MCA (and you) will be HISTORY!!

Catherine said...

KUALA LUMPUR, April 26 – Deputy Minister of Federal Territories Datuk M. Saravanan today “caught” two doctors at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) emergency department, reading newspapers and doing their own stuff instead of attending to more than 20 patients in pain waiting for treatment.

芯蒂 said...

Ever since Liow became the Health Minister, the service at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur has gone from bad to worse. My due respect to our previous Health minister, Dr.Chua Soi Lek who made numerous surprise visits which I witnessed twice.
Regretfully, all we had were the bad, rude reception and at the mercy of these HKL staff especially at the general clinic area.
Hence, the rakyat want to see an immediate improvement in our hospitals, or Liow should resign for his negligence and lackadaisical attitude.
We also wish to say that there are many civil servants who think that they are holding very secured rice bowls for their life time. They just don't have the passion for their work.

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