Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Riot in Perak

I was shocked when I read that one of the PAS leaders who wrote that if the Perak issue is not resolved, it might degenerate into the exact situation in Bangkok. This is uncalled for and an irresponsible threat. More so coming from a PAS leader, when PAS has always advocate that Islam do not promote violence.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know the vast difference between the political situation in Thailand and that of Perak. In Perak, both BN and PR have gone to the court to resolve what is essentially a state constitutional crisis. In Thailand, they have taken politics to the street and Malaysia of all political divide should not try to be a copycat of the Thailand’s model whereby street politics have replaced the ballot box. Obviously, there are powerful people behind the opposing forces. I will not try to go into details since I am not privileged to detail and accurate informations to people who are actors behind the scene directing the street demonstration. You can never be a street demonstrator for weeks if you do not have the financial resources.

The fall of the PR state government in Perak do not call for street demonstration and violence for the problem to be resolved. It is only through a peaceful means of the ballot box that we can resolve the issue. The BN leadership feels that it has a simple majority and will continue to cling to power. The PR leaders felt cheated of their victory. I find it difficult to accept that when the BN wakil rakyat leaped frog to PR, it is because of justice and democracy, but when the PR wakil rakyat switched camp to BN, it is because of money. One must not forget who started these games and gimmick of ‘katak’ politics right after the 308 election.

Malaysians are generally peace-loving people. We value the racial harmony and stability that we have. Nobody in his right mind would want to turn our political struggle into violence in order to achieve their objectives. We can have our differences of opinions and political outlook but it should never be settled by street demonstration and violence. We should condemn anybody who advocates such means to achieve their ends. I am confident that common sense and love for the country will prevail among our rakyat.






DEnnis said...



mynakednews said...


Lets have balls Datuk. How dare you to take on Utusan Melayu with its seditious remarks. I still prefer to vote for PAS as i know what they are up to. Whereas your sleeping partner cannot be trusted as we dont know when they will stab our back. Wake up Datuk. Stop carrying balls. Anyway you are not going to be Minister as UMNO wants only "untainted" ministers. I hope they could explain in details what does "untainted" means. For me you are one the most untainted person, corruption wise. Good luck Datuk.

sinleong said...

chua, the way the BN government is suppressing and manipulating the police and the judiciary, you cannot blame the situation if it degenerates into a riot. you cannot pretend to be ignorant that the recent judicial decisions are biased and rediculous and sets a very dangerous and wrong precedent. and the use of police to block and intimidate pakatan lawmakers. what happened in perak is a coup de tat and you are part of it. so, you do not have any moral and ethical qualification to comment.

shyblackturtle said...

Pls be realistic, havent UMNO commented worse than this before, calling you a pendatang? now u suddenly seem to be very annoyed with this statement!!
Where was yr anger when the keris was out? pls tell us.
Personally i do admire the work u have done for the medical sector and many of us still do praise you but pls be a bit more thoughtful in this proceedings.
You cant be serious that its seditious when Utusan made so disparaging statements!! Pls go after them!! Thank you

Ti Lian Ker said...

PAS will resort to violence given the slightest chance or justification.
So let's not kid ourselves...

Malaysianjustice said...

Why are you opening you mouth only when PAS give statements like this!

Where were you when your UMNO counterpart threaten the BAR council with voilence?!?!

Why were you quiet then?!?!

Stop being childish and use the "teacher he beat me first" excuselah!

It only makes you look bad!!

petestop said...

Dr Chua,

As usual, you are one of the most articular MCA leaders.

However, what you said here is but nullified by what is said by UMNO owned Utusan:

Why fear PAS, when UMNO is openly courting PAS and stating that they don't need non-Malay to form government ?

What is the point of MCA sticking with your political master of 50+ years ?

Did they throw a bone for you ?

In fact you admitted yourself that during your time in Health Ministry, even the Emergency evacuation services contract are dole out by Finance Ministry.

Now the CLVB is placed under PM's department, instead of Transport Ministry ?

MCA lead Ministry are but neutered ministry, as the real power is held by UMNO.

Your own MCA founder keep wishing and wishing to become at least DPM, but it turned out to be worst, you lost even the Finance Ministry.

So, after 50 years, do you think MCA is relevant to us ?

Go die a slow death in the grave of your own digging.

Vince said...

Dr Chua,

The solution to this problem is so simple.... Dissolve the current State Gov and go for re-election.
We really do not know why this is so hard to do? Do you know? I for One is very interested to hear your view on why the so called Perak state Gov can not be dissolve?

Unknown said...

Dear Dr Chua
I, for one do not condone acts for violence and it is wrong if PAS is talking about a riot. Peaceful demonstrations is okay though. The problem with BN parties, UMNO, MCA or MIC is that they are quick to point out that others are wrong but what about the many wrongs that BN has done. Don't you think the grabbing of power like that is wrong? It makes the rakyat like me feel more disgusted than ever with BN. How can BN with UMNO's doings ever win votes. MCA and all BN component parties should talk to UMNO about what is right and what is wrong before it can ever win the confidence of the people back. Using force, the ISA, treason or whatever acts to silence people is definitely not the way to the peoples' heart.

Unknown said...

You know well your BN scare of dissolve the Perak Legislative Assembly becaise scare to face the voters and therefore all the above you said is just talk cock!

Never think of talking cock can regain support from the voters!

Your another talk cock fren Madey will not keep his face into the water closet after BN defeated in the 2 Bukit by election!

D'evil said...

Dear Datuk Seri. You are now behaving like a BN politician instead of the Statesman.

I am ashamed of you.

resident.wangsamaju said...

I believe in the ballot box too, but this time the box's taken away. hehe.

One thing though I dont think a demo ala Thailand will take place successfully here. We'll be dead first because of the trigger-happy side of the law!

Cheers, Dr!

The Secret Entrepreneur said...

"The fall of the PR state government in Perak do not call for street demonstration and violence for the problem to be resolved. It is only through a peaceful means of the ballot box that we can resolve the issue. The BN leadership feels that it has a simple majority and will continue to cling to power. "

I agree with you when yous aid that "It is only through a peaceful means of the ballot vox that we can resolve this issue"

Now my question to you is how?How come your Barisan Nasional are not gentleman enough to go for by-election to let the rakyat choose who they want?Are they scared of losing?Were they chosen by the Perakians as the government that they want?

Simple majority?By doing it themselves or did they get the consent from the people first.Barisan Nasional should have go for a by election no doubt about that.Pakatan are not asking for BN to be overthrown but simply going for a by election to let the rakyat choose which is fair and the right way to do things.


malayamuda said...

once all avenues for justice fails, the people will have to resort to violence

the police has been bought over by UMNO
the courts have been bought over by UMNO
the election commission has been bought over by UMNO
the MACC has been bought over by UMNO
the Royalty has been bought over by UMNO

who do the people turn to uphold the law and justice when the very people who are supposed to safeguard it are not doing so ?

dont the people have a right to safeguard this country, IT IS OUR COUNTRY. THIS COUNTRY DOESNT BELONG TO UMNO OR BARISAN NASIONAL.

Mahathir says the younger generation doesnt know the meaning of freedom and what is it liked to be colonised.

To tell you the truth, we feel we are still being colinised by UMNO/BN and we have yet to taste true freedom.


Mike said...

This Perak thing is a simple issue to resolve but then again some people tend to make thing complicate.

We all know the main reason, why the coalition government cannot afford a state wise re-election. Thing is just that simple and I don’t think Dr should waste time chasing around the tails.

Meanwhile Dr your own backyard is on fire…

The recent Cabinet re-shuffling, MCA appears to be a big winners with 4+6+1. However the big loser is MCA Johor….


根据中文报引述消息报道,马华振林山国会议员曾亚英,疑不满柔州马华官职不成正比而向马华党中央领袖无限期告假, 曾亚英已向也是柔佛州联委会主席的翁诗杰递交请假信,今后不会出席任何党内活动,只是继续以国会议员身份进行选区服务。












Dr you own backyard is on fire so don’t be so busybody with other people matter.

petestop said...

What I see here is only MCA members syok sendiri supporting their own statements.

MCA does not reflect what is in the grounds at all.

In other words, by your own doing, you are making yourself irrelevant.

My parents are also MCA members, but they have always voted for DAP.

For me, I will only vote political party reflects the Rakyat wishes. In Perak case, it is the Opposition, and PAS is actually very acceptable to us compared to MCA tainted by UMNO, because at least PAS is principled and do treat us more equitably.

Go figure.

呉 和豪 said...

Dear All Malaysian

"I was shocked when I read that one of the PAS leaders who wrote that if the Perak issue is not resolved, it might degenerate into the exact situation in Bangkok"

This is what that leader wants to see happened but not what the rakyat want. Do you think leader of this attribute worth of supporting

Eugene said...

Dr Chua,

The 'rot' in Perak is caused by who else we dont even have to elaborate.

Seriously it is a disgrace to the component party, action equivalent to day light robbery.

Why cant both BN & PR just call for by-elections. Whoever wins rule simple as that? Why BN is so afraid of another by-election?

Using Federal Court to overule Perak Speaker is against Federal Constitution. Now we have just witness how the law, constitution, even basic human right being violated by the ruling coalition.

Still remember DSAI said they will call for state re-election after crossover during 916. Would you support the same?

It is shameful and despicable in the eyes of the rakyat of how the state of Perak taken over. No wonder more and more people have no second thought to embrace PAS, DAP and PKR rather than Gerakan & MCA.

Pearls said...

You people read what the Federal Court say about how the Perak Speaker cannot suspend Zamry, the so called MB? Sigh...

You and I know what is right and wrong. You and I know that when the next election comes, people will remember and RAIN verdict!!

It is only 3 years or so before the next election and Perak people will remember this episode clearly and will repay BN appropriately.

cordoba1 said...

The fact is the Chinese in Malaysia has lost all respect for the MCA and I predict in the next elections, MCA will be wiped out completely. Many Chinese voted for PAS last elections and they will continue to do so. So please stop pretending that the Perak issue will go away...MCA run the risk of complete irrelevance if it choose to ignore this issue...

NEIL said...

The most sacred thing is our vote.I have no quarrel with this.
But Dr,you are blurred on this Perak.Tell me how umno/BN steal Perak.Why don't you say they should have let PR dissolve the state assembly and call snap election.If you do what you preach,then let the ballot boxes do the talkin.Don't just speak as a lapdog.I hate people who speak with a forked tongue and does nothing about it.
If you say what you are,DR, then come out with a full statement about who is wrong in Perak!I will be most gland to hear your views.Speak fairly,DR.Don't act for umno!
We have seen what umno have done to perak,using money and power plus the sultan.
Touch your heart and say the truth,not lies!
Before I like to believe and admire you but now I'm beginning to see worms coming out from your mouth.Don't make me lost my vote for you!

fylam said...

Dr Chua,

Whilst you may be disappointed with the way PAS reacts, what alternatives are there when the judiciary and every branch of the Executive including the Police and MACC, Public Prosecutor etc are being plain unjust and unfair.

Do you expect the rakyat to swallow what is being ditched out by the ruling party ?

What has the MCA done to this stop this injustice ? Keep quiet and then the future generations will be affected by their decisions now.

How can MCA and Gerakan claimed to be a component of a just government when the majority of the rakyat is seeing the unjust and oppressive measures being implemented right before their eyes ?

Only those BN leaders working for their own selfish ends have the heart to allow such decisions being made.

It is not a matter of party discipline anymore. It transcends your very own conscience and your principles on why you go into politics in the first place i.e to fight for the best interests of the rakyat.

When such principles and conscience is not met by the component party leaders, then the only way out is to leave politics altogether or join another party with a noble platform.

Well, PAS has its noble aims and the rakyat no more rejected them based on the publicity campaign launched by UMNO and MCA.

They are more gentlemen than UMNO.
PAS extends permission and granted land for the construction of religious places of worship in Kelantan unlike BN where they objected unreasonably.

Take the case of the MAZU statue in Sandakan, Sabah. This is plain insensitive on the part of the BN CM and the Sandakan municipal council and unfortunately not a word of support for the project from either MCA or Gerakan.

I will extend my vote to PAS whenever there is a PAS vs UMNO or PAS vs MCA candidates. No doubt about it.

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