Wednesday, March 24, 2010



linda said...

Dato Seri

Under the Transparency section, would you pursue the PKFZ matter if you were elected as the President? If your answer is yes, I would then think you walk the talk of your Humble Ant slogan; otherwise it will be no different from any of the past Presidents of MCA( Malaise. Cheats & Anguish)

Rita said...

Very impressive about you ant story. The trouble is you want to be the Queen and if you can't then stir up trouble in the nest. We have had enough of self-serving politicians like yourself!

Bong said...

Dr Chua.

I had read it, it is true that we need to work like Ant.You are smart leader, as MCA will go through the good future leading by you.Always support you, and i sincerely pray that you will win the president of MCA .


noormalaysia said...

Dr Chua,

Saya harap Dr akan menang sebagai Presiden MCA.

Semoga Allah kabulkan harapan saya.


Ivan Tan said...

Congratulation Datuk Dr Chua.
Finally,your sweat and effort are recognised by the delegates.
We are the victory at last.
William Tan (Muar)

Bong said...

Dr Chua;

As what i told my friends and family, you are sure to be MCA president no other one else.Congratulation to you!!!Hopefully 1 day i can hava a chance to meet you and congrats you.



selai said...

congrats mr president! hope long live for party and people.

l藍海 said...


Poo Ching Loong said...

Congrates Dr. Hope the new team will serve chinese community well...

Summerblush said...

Dr Chua,

Congratulations on your achievement! My parents would like you to handle PKFZ matter with care. Don't fight anymore within MCA, get united. We the Chinese Malaysians in M'sia need MCA as well as DAP to fight for our well-being.

Good luck & look forward to your action!

Tuanku said...

Dear Dr Chua,


You have a good fighting spirit and never say die to beat two giant MCA leaders and to win the hearts of the delegates in the MCA President election. Bravo !

I salute your achievement today because you are really a true gentleman and a good leader who dares to admit your human desire mistake, resigned, step down, face public music and seek for forgiveness from your family members and public. You deserved a great respect and standing ovation for your victory to become the 9th MCA President.

Last but not least, all Malaysians and Chinese people here look up upon you as a "MCA Taiko" to walk the talk in executing your "ANT Project" in good governance, transparent, clean, trustworth, accountability and 1Malaysia policy irrespective of their races, creeds, religions and status in societies in the multi-Ants Malaysia today.

Will you do it ? Mr MCA President !
I hope YB Jr Chua will agree with me. GOD blessing always.

Sincere ANT Supporter,


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