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Press statement: National Economic Model

MCA welcomes the New Economic Model (NEM) announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to achieve high-income status of USD 15,000 by year 2020.

It is heartening to note that the Government is committed in making the NEM all- inclusive and one that embraces all races in the country. It also recognises that there should be more transparency in Government policies and the private sector remains the engine of growth.

There will also be less direct state participation in the economy.

The MCA fully agrees that price control and subsidy have distorted the market of goods and services, rendering Malaysia less competitive.

Quality education and skill enhancement for Malaysians is an important component for us to add value to the various sectors of our economy. The Government needs to address the long -standing issue of ensuring fair and easy access to quality education. The skill enhancement programmes needs to be enhanced as well.

The Government also needs to re-look at the incentives and ensure that training programmes are market oriented.

There is a need to review the implementation of the NEP to ensure that the twin objective of NEP will not be derailed. Hence, MCA is delighted to note the renewed affirmative action will be merit and need based, transparent and market friendly.

Race should not be the main criteria in implementing economic and social-economic policies.

With that, only the government is seen to walk the talk of 1Malaysia. The Government must show its political courage and wisdom in addressing the weaknesses of affirmative policies and there should be no politics of patronage and tolerance for rent-seeker.

We need to develop new sources of revenue. We have a good start in green technology and it is time that we tap into high value green industries and services. We can never hope to be a world financial centre but we have great potential to be a hub of integrated Islamic financial services.

The NEM has not adequately addressed the issue of Malaysia’s over-dependence on foreign workers. The Government needs to draw up a master plan on manpower requirement for the next 10 years. We must upgrade our workers to be highly and multi-skilled labour or else it will not be easy to overcome our dependence on cheap unskilled foreign labour.

The Government must also seriously look into the implementation of the minimum wage in some of the sectors with growth potential but dependent on foreign workers. Until then, we will face an exodus of skilled Malaysian workers to foreign countries.

The brain gain policy has not been successful because it is more on the very minimal monetary gain for the individual involved. We have to attract not only the individual but also his family. Hence, living environment, security, access to quality education, potential to develop their entrepreneurial skills and transparent Government policies are also important consideration.

The NEM has generated hope and excitement. Public and private cooperation is vital. The MCA believes that improving the efficiency and the quality of public delivery system is crucial. However, the MCA has no doubt about the political will of the Government to achieve the goals of the NEM.


Anonymous said...


呉 和豪 said...

Dear Dato Seri Dr.Chua

I as a grassroot oF MCA do not agrre with the following. I wonder if you have made this statement based on the feed back from the grassroot.

The New Economi Model has been discussed mentioned at in how branches , what is of more concerned is only the struggling for power?
I also have doubt about the advantages of inviting the chinese
society leader to sit on the presedent council? The chinese society leader will only be an asset if they really practice walking management

The MCA fully agrees that price control and subsidy have distorted the market of goods and services, rendering Malaysia less competitive.

呉 和豪 said...

Penulis : Ahli Jawatan Kuasa MCA Kepong .

Baru baru ini Dato Seri Chua Soi Lek membuat ulasan bahawa “ MCA penuh setuju bahawa kawalan harga dan subsidi telah mengujudkan kedaaan luarbiasa bagi pasaran barangan dan perkhidmatan akan mengurangkan daya saingan Malaysia 。The MCA fully agrees that price control and subsidy have distorted the market of goods and services, rendering Malaysia less competitivey
. Adakah ini satu pandangan yang melampau? Skim subsidi ke atas barang keperluan utama bukan saja diamalkan di negara kita, malah juga diamalkan oleh negara maju seperti Jepun. Di Jepun, subsidi yang diberikan oleh kerajaan Jepun ke atas beras adalah jauh lebih tinggi daripada harga pasaran beras, iaitu kira-kira 20 kali ganda. Tetapi langkah ini tidak menjejaskan prestasi ekonomi Jepun, sebaliknya memberi kesan baik dalam membentuk masyarakat yang stabil di Jepun.
Selain daripada subsidi ke atas barangan keperluan kerajaan jepun juga memberikan Subsidi US2000 bagi setiap kereta hybrid keluaran Honda sebagai langkah untuk menggalakan industry Teknology Hijau.
Kawalan harga dan subsidi kalau dikawal dengan betul boleh mendatangkan kesan positif seperti berikut
i) Mengujudkan social yang stabil
ii) Merangsang Ekonomi
iii) Menggalakan Industri yang berinovatif.
Oleh yang demikian saya berminta Pucuk pimpinan MCA membuat kajiaan yang menyeluruh bekenaan dengan Subsidi dan kawalan hargal untuk mencari solution yang optimum bagi rakyat Negara kita.

呉 和豪 said...

新经济模式时有提到马华公会完全同意物价控制及补贴已造成不正常的物品及服务市场操作, 而减底了马来西亚的竟争力。The MCA fully agrees that price control and subsidy have distorted the market of goods and services, rendering Malaysia less competitivey

chin said...

National Economic Model / 1 Malaysia, Rakyat didahulukan.

The National Economic Model is not about abolishing the subsidies in daily utilities of Malaysian. It is not about raising the income of the Rakyat but the NEM should focus on removing unnecessary continue wastage of Public funds on projects highlighted over the past 36 months.

The NEM must also focus on removing all unnecessary wastage on so called Malaysia subsidy bill on AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.

The NEM should also focus on helping the Rakyat to progressively paying lower toll each year, buying cheaper National car. PROTON should be able to produce SAVVY at RM18K per unit.

The NEM should not inflate the Rakyat consumption on TOLL and CAR each year over the past 20 years if you want to remove the fuel subsidy.

NEM should focus on the Rakyat with income less than RM50K per annum. How to assist this group of Rakyat to live comfortably with 3 kids that will eventually further their studies in the Public Higher Institutions.

The NEM must also must ensure enough of Rakyat Bukan Bumiputera be enroled into GMI, JMI, MFI etc so that the NEM to raise higher income for all Rakyat.

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