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一個半月籌獲1000萬 醫藥基金獲各界支持





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jassngo said...

Dear OTK supporters,

The fact that you still supporting OTK is because you still believe that MCA can bring us Chinese forward in BN. I would like to invite you to think of the bigger picture.

OTK directly and indirectly might have benefited Chinese in his own way in the past. But, he now openly rejected MCA central committee decision of not accepting ministerial posts if MCA do not win the heart of Chinese voters. This shows how selfish he is.

If he wins in next election, he will represent MCA to become minister. He doesn’t care about other fellow MCA candidates, they win the seat or not is their own business, as long as he can win his seat (because of his position in MCA and Government in the past, of course he brought some development to his constituency and gain support from you)

Do you want a strong MCA who win all the seats contested (this is the bigger picture….imagine what MCA can do with the strong support from Chinese in BN), or you want a solo-man who is selfishly thinking of revenge and regain his power in MCA. He said the decision of MCA is regarded by public that MCA putting pressure on them to vote for MCA, forgetting that he threatens (putting pressure on MCA leaders) to contest as individual candidate if he is not chosen to represent MCA.

Lastly, if you support OTK not because of MCA, then prepare to support him as individual or maybe PKR who only know how to point out the problem, not the solution.

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