Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back From Campaigning

Sorry dear readers for not doing any posting in the last one week. I spent 3 days campaigning in Permatang Pasir by election, and 2 days in Johor for functions which I have to officiate.

Meanwhile, I have chosen not to respond to personal attack launched by MCA President. I have a lot to say but I have chosen to remain silent. I can understand why my president is hysterical. I thought by remaining silent would enabled him to concentrate his ongoing battle with Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing and his allegation of RM10million. Obviously, the MCA President as usual, thinks that he can do no wrong. If I choose to respond then he will continue to allege that he is facing attack from all fronts, both within and outside the party. The President was so paranoid about his purported enemy that MCA leaders and members that have gathered at the Johor MCA headquarters in Jalan Segget, Johor Bahru were reported as ‘gangsters’ out to ‘ambush’ him.

With regards to his legal battle with Datuk Seri Tiong, I can only wish him good luck. I have said it in the last MCA Central Committee meeting that it is best to let the police, MACC and now the court to decide who is telling the truth. I had supported President to lodge a police report and seek legal redress, but I objected to the party itself getting involved. It is unfair to get the party involved, since the alleged RM10miliion never go into the party’s coffer and hence it becomes a personal problem for the President. It is up to President to defend his honour.

I will choose an appropriate time to defend myself against baseless allegations leveled against me by the President.






talkosong said...

Dr, you are too busy with all the work and thus MCA is left to rot in the hands of OTK.You must use your position to strengthen MCA and your team so that your team will be ever ready to dethrone the president in due time. The work must start now when the president is most likely to stumble.

I must also admit that OTK does the right thing in suing that Tiong becos only through this legal process will he be cleanse of all this stupid allegations. While I may not like this president, I still harbour hopes that he will not only clear his name but the good name of all the chinese.

When all the commotion dies down, then only the work of infighting will start once again. Till then get your ammunition ready for this battle between life and death. Good luck to the president in his suit and good luck to you Dr.

Eager spectator.

Food so delicious! said...

Baby Do It To Me One More Time!! Kalah lagi!Sigh.. I think BN can gulung its tikar and go balik kampung.

For the love of GOD la.. Permatang Pasir's by-election was a huge joke. Candidate salah, campaign style salah.. my god!! How stupid can BN get!? Can't BN do better than that?! What's with a disbarred candidate who got 2 wives and yet denies it? What a character!! and BN expect to win? WHAT A CHARACTER BN!!

As for this fiasco with Kuala Dimensi, chinese being chinese la will all fold arms and see how MCA president is going to fight all alone and come out of this.. it's as if it's like ancient Roman time where everybody just watch the Gladiator battle it out with some beast! THIS IS SO BARBARIC AND INSANE!

If you as a Deputy President so love the race and party, for heaven's sake la.. support your president la!! Put away whatever differences and what shit you might have and stand united for all!! For the Chinese race, for the party.. Show it to everyone that we Chinese can do it! What's with all the internal inferno and tornado?!

And I am wondering why has UMNO big head kept quiet all these while? Why didnt that big head defend his counterpart!? Nah.. like that la.. we Chinese fight amongst ourselves and the other races all stand around snicker at our stupidity and weaknesses.

So, in a nutshell, if MCA is to survive and regain the trust and support of its race, than everyone in the party, yes, you included, must stand behind the president!!
Dont let him, the president fight this all by himself. Say what you must, say what you like but now is not the time to be fighting amongst ourselves and end up losing to everyone and everything!

Can we all see some brain activities? Can we all see some basic human integrity here?

Unknown said...

I cannot understand how could you campaign for someone who stole from his client?

Where is your dignity and character?
Fortunately for the people of Permatang Pasir and Penang, he lost!

DEnnis said...




Unknown said...

Agreed Dr. RM10 million is not related to party issue and Mr.President shall look the remedy on his own way but he is using 10million issue to gain his political mileage. Permatang Pasir result hope will delighten him on the people's aspiration.

he said...

Dato seri, i am really pity about your situation. i am the chinese who concern our nation in this country. Just wonder why the member of party become more on private tools for their benefit this should be the nightmare for the Malaysian Chinese. before the MCA election. A president candidate noted: "I can cooperate with anyone to be my assitance" But now seen not really. I memorise it very very well. because during that time, we feel there is a hope for the chinese society to reborn. but now our heart is again like falling from the 14th floor.

I supporting you Dato Seri Chua is because i feel leadership, hardwork, effort from you. I would hope you could bring our message to MCA strongly we need Chinese party to help the chinese society, and please not only make "show" we are not stupid anymore the new generation are well educated. Please remember CHANGE IS NEEDED.

30years old chinese

Selina said...


Unknown said...

Kuala Dimensi 私人有限公司總執行長拿督斯里張慶信指出,見證他把1000萬令吉捐給馬華的證人,願意在翁詩傑向他提出的“5億令吉名譽賠償”官司上,出庭供證,還他一個清白。他說,這名證人是他的好朋友,也是個有原則的人。



虽然张金主不愿意透露谁是他背后那位千万证人, 但是熟悉马华政治操作的人都会猜测, 那位丹斯里也是一名金主, 有一定的背景, 也是马华领袖不敢得罪的商界名人.

不过, 如果那个证人不是一名丹斯里的话, 而只是一名懂得藏钱普通老百姓, 那又怎么办?

张金主财大气粗, 但是马华人可不好低估这名老粗. 他可是很了解多少个马华人欠他人情欠他钱, 相信某某真假都不真不假的百万马青高层是很明白这位好兄弟, 因为如果不是兄弟情深, 基基相惜, 他那几张金钱飞机的大弟牌早就被开出来了.

撇开张金主的为人和他跟马华的恩怨情仇不说, 他一心为华社, 出很多钱出很多口水的努力倒是赢得不少马华人的认同. 不然的话为什么翁总日夜睡不着, 拼老命放炮轰东马老粗, 就是担心张金主的党东渡, 用金钱买人心, 一下子就把众多马华人买过去.

马华有20亿资产? 很有钱? 金主一个自贸区就几十亿袋袋平安兼拥几架私家飞机, 首相都纵容他发财乱发炮, MACC 也啃不下, 他会怕你马华和翁诗杰?

内部消息传出, 如果不是自贸区丑闻越闹越大, 那个党早就东渡了, 马华一些领袖和党内欠张金主太多人情的兄弟早就跳草裙舞了. 如果你是翁总, 如果你是得罪了太多巫统人的翁总, 如果你是得罪了国阵实权华人老大兼大金主的翁总, 如果你是怕马华收档的翁总, 你会不会做你今天所做的一切?

張慶信守口如瓶, “我不知道,不知道”? 如果你相信他真的什么都不知道, 那就真的是怎么死都不知道.

chapchai said...

Your candidate bemoaned the fact that the Chinese voters let him down. Will you now be punished for not delivering the Chinese vote? Am just wondering why you and your party are wasting your time in BN. You are like the SUPP in Sarawak. Reminds me of the song "Puppet on a String".

D'evil said...

How can anyone campaign for such a person?

Firstly, it is an insult to the voters. It is total disrespect to the voters. I am so glad they have rejected him

Secondly, the blood cuddling hate and shrill racist statements from UMNO and Utusan is causing such anger among the Chinese. I am so glad the Chinese have totally rejected BN

I hope BN have learned a lesson. It has to change for the better.

As the head of BN Laison, Datuk Seri, you must send this message to BN council.

Tan said...

Your continued public display of loyalty to MCA is admirable. There may be a time to realise that bringing change from within is sometime not feasible. You are also right to say that MCA has hit rock bottom - many of the Chinese that MCA is supposed to represent has deserted for a multitude of reasons. I gave up when I was 15 (read this! still in high school then!). When will you?

aku dr amin said...

teruskan perjuangan Dr

leekin said...

Congratulation to you Datuk CSL, for being back to your deputy post.
The rat been slaughtered and his head rolled. The rest of them will follow, slowly but surely.
Work hard for Chinese community and will always be remembered.

Unknown said...

Dr. Chua! PLEASE.. for the sake of all Chinese in Malaysia, can you please keep you mouth shut? There are things you said, and you do otherwise, we are trying our very best to be forgiving, and please, DO NOT CHALLENGE THE LIMIT!!

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