Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Press Statement by Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek

Today, MCA Disciplinary Council recommended that I to be expelled from the MCA. The decision comes as no surprise because there has been a sustained attempt by the MCA President to subvert the wishes of the rank and file and end my political career.

But as a loyal party man, I have to abide by the decision of the Disciplinary Board and the Presidential Council. I am confident that MCA comrades will understand fully the events leading to the suspension and why the MCA leadership needs to keep me on the sidelines.

It is an open secret that those who are not on the same page with the MCA President are regarded as his enemies or a threat. These people are labelled as:

* Anti-MCA and out to destroy MCA;

* Gangsters;

* Cooperating with businessmen and taking money from them to topple him

The MCA President has outlined 3 main agenda for the party: Economic, Politics and Inter-racial Harmony. But in reality, it appears that his most important political agenda is to remove Chua Soi Lek.

Now that I have been suspended, I hope he can sleep well.

But not all of us have that luxury. For those of us who love the MCA, our work has just begun.

Today, it is not about Chua Soi Lek, neither it is about Ong Tee Keat. It is about MCA as the second largest component party of BN still drifting without direction and purpose.

It has been more than 16 months since the March 8 general election and 10 months since the last party election. But there has been little evidence of change.

There is no closing of ranks, no unity, morale is low and suspicion is the order of the day.

The Permatang Pasir by-election result is evidence of how far the party has slipped.

Comrades who love the party will come to realize that its time to stand up and unite to save the party. Otherwise, we will soon fade into oblivion.

I have confidence that MCA members will not let one man self-destroy the party. It will be a sad day for MCA that if we do not rise to the challenge of saving the party. Doing nothing is not an option; saving the party is the only way to move forward so that we can contribute to strengthen BN and together help to achieve One Malaysia.





* “倒党”分子;
* 黑帮;









Gemini said...

DS Dr Chua,

Don't think that you are indispensable! Without you, MCA will be much stronger! Take our words...

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I strongly support you, Dr.

Unknown said...

I am very sad to hear this. But I strongly support any of your decision, Dr.

Unknown said...

Dr. very sad to know this. But I will fully support any of your decision.

Nordin said...

I wish you all the best Dr. What Tee keat did to you is just aping what what Mahathir and umno leadership did to their political opponents. Samy Vellu did the same to the indians in MIC.These kind of leaderships just cannot accept reforms agenda.They take it very personal akin to challenging their positions. With the power,they just put you into oblivion.Can't you see the similarities?

Anonymous said...

u r the worst kind in MCA. protecting the greedy thugs.
i curse you...

vengai said...

Well, doc Chua,
Cool men. Mr Ong THa Kut is in takut stage now. He can challange Tiong in court but the smell of the case and evindence will emerge in one way or another when the case proceeds in court.

Did you notice non of ur UBN boss defended him regarding that case.

Well ,Ong soon will be damn in you can make your way up again.

Ask the support of other MCA branches to "Gantung" Ong until his name is cleared from that Tiong PKFZ case.

Than he has no power in MCA and u can work out something.May be Ling Liong SeK junior might give u a hand.

Unknown said...

Dr Chua, dont worry! you will have our continuous supports! As you said "its time to stand up". teck zhen

jeikskee said...

Jia you Dr.

Unknown said...


ahtai66 said...

good action from the president to kick out those who are selected by their members to protect himself.People will wait and see, when the president will kick out by the people. Peoples nowadays are not stupid, not because what you said, we will believed...But i support you, Dr Chua......

Fernando said...

You guys still place your individual interest above everything else.

You guys might be the head of MCA, but might not be the head of the Chinese community.

Suci Dalam Debu said...

DS Dr Chua,

To OTK, this is house cleaning. Unfortunately he did not realized that he and his men are actually chipping away the foundation that MCA stands on and soon MCA will collapsed unless reforms are urgently undertaken.

I pray that MCA members will have no choice but to call an EGM to suspend this president. The sooner the better.

As for you. I wish you the best. This is not the end of the journey and remember that those who laughs last laughs best.

3 said...

If you said MCA is without direction for the past 16 months, then what have you contributed?? other than singing the different tune. Let's see if OTK can do better without you. Of course without you sabotaging from outside. MCA did not perform since 308 partly because it is still reeling from the defeat and many are without positions in the half-hearted. Another 50% was due to inside struggle - and you are one of them

analyst said...

I believe the end for mca is getting near and this round mca will gone forever. Shame on you Ong Tee Keat.

eddy said...

Good Luck Doc, you will need huge doses of it in the coming days and months. There cannot be two tigers on a mountain, the MCA is in diarray as the President apparently do not know how to be a President and BN needs a stable MCA more then ever to move forward toward the next GE.

At the end of the battle I hope the tiger on the mountain will be you Doc as certainly the President have a lot of explaining to do in regards to the RM10 million that Tiong allegedly donated to MCA. Mere suit of RM500 million by the President is apparently not going to silence Tiong, he just lodged a police report today against Ong on the RM10million donation with supporting documents as well, this is not the act of someone who lies.

abeez said...

You seems always find some excuses for your wrong doing. When u had a chance to become Health Minister, and ur steamy sex video came out and shock everyone and even CNN also broadcast your news. You really bring shame to every chinese and to your own party. Don't try to find excuses by saying someone wants to end your political career. YOU END YOUR POLITICAL CAREER. This is a time for you to go home and think about what u have done in the past and bring your to this stage. Don't blame others. You should blame yourself.

sinleong said...

actually nobody gives a damn who is the president or deputy president of MCA. MCA is already a sinking ship and as shown in pmtg pasir, and all 6 other by elections in malaysia since march 2008, more than 75% of chinese no longer supports MCA. we rather vote for PAS

ahtai66 said...

DR Chua

Very sad with the decision that have been made by MCA....I believe that if without any revolution, MCA will go to the end of the road soon...They will lost all the people support.Keep strong and fight for the right......

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Oleochemical said...

马华会长理事会开除蔡细历 , 马华民主在那里?票选暑理主席?

Dr Chua get sacked with immediate effect, where the MCA democracy? is his our elected Deputy President?

B. S. Lam said...

DS Dr Chua,

I am very sad & sorry to hear the decision made by MCA Presidential Council. I'll strongly support any of your action & decision..

It's time to change and restructure MCA....

Joshua said...

Without you MCA will koyak keep the fight up... The Chinese community still needs you. If not we will have to look some where else..

Ajer said...

I don't really think MCA can survive beyond next general election as at that time all the top leaders of Dark Side have been wiped out by MACC.

I am with you Dr Chua...

Unknown said...

Dr Chua,
It is alright in whatever statement you make to show your sincerity and loyalty to your party MCA but one thing, please do not quote BN and 1Malaysia. This will make people hate you politicians of BN even more. Now, people no longer buy those kind of words as a very large segment of society do not trust the government especially UMNO, the actual disgusting parasite of the racial disharmony. A known & popular fact of "Cakap tak serupa bikin" government. On the other hand, when you quote as whatever for the sake of BN government you only leave the impression of you BN politicians are mere ball-carriers and by saying so is just to garner sympathy & mercy and to protect your own interest. Now, most people believe comes the ddomday, BN ethnic government can never change when UMNO dominates and all tother component parties are the willing cowards and whipping boys.

OpenMIND said...

I will vote for MCA on next GE.

It seems MCA are going on right direction.

OTK - God bless you.

awies said...

always respect ur way and charisma...

will always my admirer in ur stand


Unknown said...

Hello! Dr Chua,

Bravo ! Tainted UMNO candidate lost badly in Permatang Pasir. Congratulations PAS !

Chinese voters are Kingmakers to decide who can win or lose in any by-election in all multiracial constituents in Malaysia. Unfortunate MCA internal war between Ong vs Dr Chua has caused more Chinese voters to stay away from MCA, a puppet party of Big Bully UMNO in BN. The result of Permatang Pasir showed PAS won in majority Chinese voters in many areas. This means the Chinese voters rejected Dr Chua directly as a BN co-ordinator for 5 states won by PR and also removed racist parties, MCA, Gerakan and UMNO in Penang forever.

Yes, OTK and its members found out your tainted weaknesses like PP UMNO candidate, they conspired to sack and remove you from MCA forever. Your reputation and image has gone down the drain because of your own wrongdoings. Dont blame OTK or other MCA members today but you take the full blame for your past sinful act.

It is a blessing from your internal and external enemies to remove a "A Big Dirty Torn in MCA Big Meat". This is because MCA is a very rich party with RM2 billion assets for them to share out without you and your cronies in MCA now. Imagine Tiong accused OTK took his RM10 mil donation cash for MCA welfare used. Where is the big donation money to MCA now ? Who pocket the million money from Tiong charity ? Well, MACC is still sleeping in their duties unless UMNO masters weak them up ! Otherwise, NFA - No Further Action on OTK and Tiong political war and PKFZ scandal remained cover up by BN.

Yes, OTK and his cronies can sleep very well without your sharp torn in MCA if the President Council found you guilty of misconduct and bury your political career tonight.

Condolence, Dr Chua's political career is bury tonight by MCA President Council! Last but not least, dont worry, Dr Chua still has a good Junior MP Chua's Empire Strike Back to take over MCA President post in near future.

"Life in this world is short, alway pursuit for happiness and not trouble" said the late Bapa Tuanku Malaysia today. ]

Happy 52 Merdeka ! EEE HAAA !!

Unknown said...

I personally feel regret to the decision of MCA Disciplinary Council.
It appeared at “unsuitable time”…

Ivan Tan said...

Dr Chua,
It's time to move forward!
As you always said in the blog" time and tide wait for no man"
It's time to call an EGM!!! Dun wait anymore! Gather Central Delegates and go for it! You are my ideal person to be President Of MCA!!!I'm so disappointed when you announced that you going for Deputy President ten month ago! But this is a very good and brilliant move! Not to split up the Johor C.Delegate's votes.
Now everyone will stand by your side and give you the fullest support!

A call for EGM is a must now! A minutes slow your political career is finish! In your speech, you always like to said "这是理所当然的".. Now, calling an EGM also is "这是理所当然的".

Dr Chua, please act fast to save the MCA and chinese community. I not going to see MCA as a toothless tiger! Move Forward!

Ivan Tan(MUAR, Johor)

Hill isn't Broken said...

MCA may not receive any cent from Tiong but OTK may have taken the donation put into his own pocket. Since Tiong refused to retract his exposition of political donation forwarded to OTK, it could be true that OTK had received it.
Sacking of you, Dr. Chua, it's quite a challenging for him to decide. Six MCA division chiefs wanted to propose suspension of OTK as president temporary until court had given its verdict of the defamation case filed by himself.
He may want to give you a fatal blow, but at the same time the blow will definite hit on Najib who had just appointed you as BN coordinator. This is his last powerful hit on you and Najib. He will step down as predicted.
Without the conduct of PKFZ scandal investigation, no body will know that he is as immoral as hooker. Ride of airplane and 10 millions of donation allegation is enough to make people to believe he is only a hypocrite.

crazyEllysee said...


MCA future is now what I'm getting concern with.
The party seems like left with no much potential experiences leaders. They sound like 'dump' you, will be a big lost. According to the rule and criteria you have listed regarding the party, it seems like the OTK too is 'recommended' to resign from the party in order to hold the 'clean and innocent' name of MCA.
From what we can see now, OTK and many of his crews are abusing the rights of their current position.

Party with too saturated abusing power leader and cronyism actually no worth to be stay anymore since they don't know the right thing to do and deal with. It actually indirectly prove to the public and shown the reasons why many of the seniors in MCA 'jump' to another party as well and their fires on the party get vanished.

Good luck sir.

crazyellysee@hui ling

ongph said...

I think u r wrong!^^ Without OngTeeKeat, MCA will be much more stronger. The VIRUS in MCA. Pls help to remove the insane person who think he is a SAINT, from MCA. This is the only way, to SAVE n if u want we vote for MCA.

Unknown said...

Dear Datuk Dr Chua,

At a press conference at 12.15am on Thursday 27.8.2009 at the party headquarters, MCA president Ong Tee Keat announced that the presidential council had endorsed the recommendation of the party's disciplinary committee to sack MCA deputy president Dr Chua Soi Lek for damaging the party's reputation due to his sex scandal.

Congratulations, YOU ARE FIRE !
Malaysians are very glad and happy to read MCA verdict. Your past sin is washed away clean with MCA decision to sack you. You are a reborn Freeman now.

Dr Chua has predicted correctly by grabbing his throat with his hand and said, "Gantung mati" (hanged to death) thrice in succession. Yes, you are hanged by your own MCA Master without fair trial in Court. A person is innocent unless found guilty. Do Malaysian Chinese people trust the MCA Council members to be fair in their judgement ? Where is true justice in MCA ? Similar, like UMNO has two sets of rules for their cronies and enemies within the party and other Malaysians.

Dr Chua hoped party president and his rival Ong Tee Keat will "sleep well tonight after I'm expelled". You are damned right ! OTK has removed his greatest " A tainted Dirty Torn in MCA flesh" and less painful for MCA in future.

Earlier, Dr Chua, upon arrival at the party's headquarters in Jalan Ampang, was asked if he would join the opposition if he was sacked, to which he shot back with a flat "No! Well, Dr Chua reluctant to learn, dont want to learn and lazy to learn his past sin and present mistake as a Najib puppet.
It is pointless for Dr Chua to continue fighting in MCA when you are unwanted and thrown out.

Barvo ! If Dr Chua Jui Meng is willing to change, accept changes and learn to change.

Why cant Dr Chua Soi Lek is unwilling to "CHANGE TO MOVE FORWARD" in a new political environment in a stronger people power party ?

Does Dr Chua SL still want to appeal kow tow and remain as a puppet or running dog in MCA ?

The wind of change is blowing toward Pakatan Rakyat after BN lost 7 by-elections in Peninsular Malaysia. So Dr Chua can do better to fight for all Malaysians and Chinese people if you can change your mind the next morning.

Dr Chua SL, have a good nite sleep tonite and think wisely, life in this world is short, pakatan rakyat is your last resort alternative for change to move forward and pursuit your happiness and no trouble with MCA problems.

Dont Worry, Be Happy,
Happy 52 Merdeka Malaysia Boleh !!

RBF Online said...


saya menghargai jasa2 anda terhadap bn.

saya juga menghormati dr sebagai bekas menteri.

jika dr merasakan dr benar2 sayangkan bn dan mca,lebih baik dr undurkan diri secara elok.

jika dr rasa mahu terus dipuja,lebih baik dr sertai pkr atau pas

Anonymous said...

Be cool Dr Chua, you were the best leader in MCA that a Malaysian ever known. I am damned sure you will make a comeback, if not with BN, maybe with Pakatan Rakyat. Be patient and your time will come naturally. MCA members, please wake up now. Do something for our beloved Dr Chua Soi Lek.

GTLim said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I hope this is good news for you to take. Just like the christian says, its for the better.

Believe me, MCA is not one that you should cherish and hoping to own or lead. It's not worth your struggle. The worse of pain is to struggle and struggle in vain.

With your qualifications and experience, you are a potential to society. OTK and other balls carrying cronies are idiots if they choose to discard you. Their downfall is benign.

Take a good break, a step back and watch the fun.

This is life!

Vince said...

Dr Chua,

Let's face it. You are being SACKED not suspended. Which means all ties of MCA and you have been cut and it is MCA decision.
It does sound bad, but in actual it could be good. MCA was damaged beyond repair, the structure of power in this organization has been arranged in such away that no reforms can take place.
But don't forget..... IT IS THE PEOPLE THAT MAKES A PARTY, NOT THE PARTY WHICH MAKES THE PEOPLE. Take PR for example, it has been decades since any party can put a dent in the BN Gov. But PR did it in last election, the party is rich with powerful people but they lost the grass roots. No matter how rich and powerful a person is, he is STILL ONE vote count.
IT is time to start over, go to the beginning of the new game, a new PARTY.

Malaysian Chinese said...

Dr, be strong. Its a beginning, not the end. OTK is too much, the way he work, matter of time he will fall.

伟健部落格 said...

Dr, I stand by you.

GTLim said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Alternatively, you can appeal on the basis that there is no complainant of the alleged damage you have caused. And that the action taken is totally biased and being manipulated by someone in power.

In the meantime, organise your supporters in Johor to stage an uprising by calling for an EGM to remove OTK for being incompetent and mishandling of the alleged monies/donations from Datuk Seri TKS.

I think you can guess the next steps once the above has been done.

Good luck!

charleskwi said...

"MCA as the second largest component party of BN still drifting without direction and purpose."

What did you about it for all the years
that you were in MCA ?
Please note I neither support Ong or BN !

呉 和豪 said...

Dato Seri dr. Chua

This is not the end of the world , there are still many things you can contribute, one day when I leave voluntarily does not mean I dont love MCA but it is because I love MCA too much

Datuk said...

Rule 1
No2 has to be bow down as follower to No 1.

Rule No2
Never forget on rule 1.

Dr. Chua, you had failed on both rules. The outcome is inevitable.
Ponder....can you accept Ong behaviour (like you) if he is no 2 and you are no1 in the party???

Treat people as we would like to be treated.

It's pretty alright as a genuine leader to accept the fact but never fight back in unethical way.

Think about the late great leader Deng !

History will be the ultimate judge. Not you or OTK!

Take care.

malayamuda said...

this is standard BN protocol, where when the President is threatened by his Deputy, he prefers to sack him or force him to resign.

eg :
Dr Mahathir vs Musa Hitam
Dr Mahathir vs Anwar Ibrahim
Ong Tee Keat vs Chua Soi Lek
Samy Vellu vs Subra
Kayveas vs Murugiah

this is BN culture where no dissent is tolerated inside BN as when as outside

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Biggest Classifieds said...

Best wishes to your future endeavour.

Actually, there are ways to serve our communities and nation and that is through NGOs. NGOs serve the society without fear or favour and most of the time, free-of-charge too, free from any political biaseness.

May the new breed of leaders rise above self and serve without monetary gains or racial prejudices.

A true, genuine leader must adopt new universsal vision for peace, equal prosperity without prejudice, uphold high integrity (keeping pure love, fidelity in family) and live for greater good of humankind.

Then only 1 Malaysia has hope,
Then, only a world of peace has hope.

Ambassador for Peace

Malaysia Classifieds>

jotan said...

let the shows begin. Doesn't this look like dod bite dog bones. A good reward for an efficient running god

bslim said...

It has been more than 16 months since the March 8 general election and 10 months since the last party election. But there has been little evidence of change.

There is no closing of ranks, no unity, morale is low and suspicion is the order of the day.

The Permatang Pasir by-election result is evidence of how far the party has slipped.

Comrades who love the party will come to realize that its time to stand up and unite to save the party. Otherwise, we will soon fade into oblivion.


Unknown said...


Guess you are stupid as ong tee Keat! The fact is MCA is dying and ong tee keat is the one who trigger the bomb!

leslieroycarter said...

A very sad story for the Malaysian Chinese ! Why people can't learnt from the past history where there will be no peace when there are infightings within the MCA itself.Why can't the nominated leadership in MCA doing gentlemen gestures so as to maintain a strong , cohesive and united leadership? This is the so called politics...?

VvvvV said...

it's a good news, i will support you if you keep your mouth shut

VvvvV said...

it's a good news, i will support you if you keep your mouth shut!

Suci Dalam Debu said...


Fired with immediate effect!

Why the hurry after a long 2 yrs?
They didn't have the facts when you offered yourself for the no 2 post?

What a sick joke by OTK and his gang. I look at it as action by someone in the throes of death.

I feel sorry that MCA will be irrelevant with or without OTK. It is now almost beyond salvage.

KW said...

笨鸟-老翁, 终于先飞!!!
Well, I guess the words 笨鸟先飞 collectively covered all the underlying motives. I was indeed even saddened by certain so called educated people with the un-civilization behaviors and ones could easily spot their responses in The Star and also this forum comments. Anyway, Dr. Chua, I am always respected and trusted you a bright gentleman with open heart minded. I am always standing behind you. Just let those stupid birds soaring high and swooping down and they would eventually suffer the paints. The fact that, they knew their strengths and they are those in the suspicious groups whom always keep an eye on others; to undo away those can do or could do better than them.

From: Resident of Pandan Parliament Seat and A going to resign, Permanent MCA ordinary member

D'evil said...

Dear Datuk Seri

At your age, you should fade away and take time to smell the roses and play with the grandchildren. Let the young ones fight the battle.

Unknown said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

You are a good leader and a good politician. MCA should not lose you.

Believe in yourself and do whatever you think is right for you. Please don't be discouraged. I believe you are a strong man.

I will always support you and believe in your vision.

At the mean time, please take care of your health and rest more.

Wish you all the best and have a happy life. "Jia Yu!!!"

I respect you and always support you and pray for your that everything will be fine soon.

Take care...

Best Rgds

Unknown said...

Please......Dr Chua,would you have done the same investigation on PKFZ if you were the MCA President?
Hats off to Tee Keat for his courage to do that. He deserves the Malaysian support on PKFZ revealation could be the only thing to save MCA after being led by UMNO all these years.
Tee Keat does not need you as a distraction in MCA!!

GTLim said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I am beginning to smell a few rats running around.

Of course! The stupid cat is Ong Tee Keat. By listening to the Rats, he has now created two Vacancies(President and Vice President Posts)for the Rats to zero in. Now that Tiong has lodged a Police Report against OTK, there is obviously some truth in the accusations. OTK has to go whether he likes it or not. Ha! Ha! Ho! Ho!

Silly President!

Ooi Beng Hooi said...


You are legitimately elected as VP by the representatives of the party.

OTK should learn to respect the decision made by the party's grassroot.

Suci Dalam Debu said...

"You are legitimately elected as VP by the representatives of the party.

OTK should learn to respect the decision made by the party's grassroot."

Very well said Mr Ong Beng Hooi. The other Mr Ong never knew this and he is the President!

VT said...

面对这种以高压手段,欺凌民主的独裁者。希望您一定要全力应对 !

Unknown said...

It's truly a great loss for MCA

KIMHO8 said...

Just dismiss the whole party.
Gulung tikarlah, MCA!

StarFish Patrick said...

Can recommend you join pakatan rakyat ...

Garfield said...

ya, i agree to Gemini!!
hey, "Dr" chua,
Kindly remind you tat you should b ashamed of yourself!And you are the most unwanted person in MCA..

Unknown said...


Boy from Negeri Sembilan said...

Dr. Chua,

We all knew your sex case but you were still being voted as the deputy chairman. Therefore, MCA cannot sacked you now using the same excuse and this is really funny and failure of the whole MCA system. Believe me, we all still continuing support you from the past, in present and in the future also.

chin pang said...



Unknown said...


























Atunz said...

Don't worry Mr. Chua..

God say in my religion(Christian),
God did not look what we do at the past and give all the human chance to change.. God will help u if u pray to God.. God bless u...

Tommy Ng 乃 澍 said...



Unknown said...

Dr, I am anti-MCA, but you are the most respectable man in MCA that i come across. IT's too sad to know about your sacking. I admire your courage in speaking up, and i fully support you.

"Time will tell"..this is right and i always believe it. Some day, some how, some one will show his real face..

Take care...DS DR CHUA..Good luck to you...

Unknown said...

I sympathise with Dr Chua on his sacking...

However, if MCA members/supporters can channel more energy to confront UMNO on its unscrupulous acts/ racist remarks/ corrupted practices that would even be better..

To many of us, MCA is the accomplice of UMNO in jeopardizing racial harmony in this country, stealing country's wealth for its cronies (PKFZ super scandal is just one example...there are many more)!!

Our hope is to see MCA going to hell together with UMNO in the next GE, for the betterment of our future generation!!!!!

Unknown said...

Dr. Chua, don't give up~

Suci Dalam Debu said...


The Sun, The Moon and The Truth cannot hide forever.

Below is one proposal to save MCA and make it relevant.

First: members must get rid of the number one enemy of MCA, OTK

Second: then take MCA out of BN. Be independent or join PR or just have a trial separation just as marriages often went through.

Nehemiah said...

Dr Chua,

Be very careful with your actions. Although the chinese community have always wholehearterly abandoned MCA, you still represent a respectable leader to many.

As a Malaysian, the biggest issue is whether the PKZ money can be recovered and whether the criminals will be caught and prosecuted.

Your career or OTK's career or MCA's destiny count for very little compared to the immensity of the PKZ scandal. We have had enough of corruption.

Besides, your inability to foregive your fellow ex-boss for offenses is an offence to God. Do not act rashly and show Msians you really wish to turn the nation around, not for MCA or UMNO or Pakatan.

GTLim said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

The PKFZ, $10m and your sacking are three different things and non related and not of your making at all.

The PKFZ is a problem created by OTK's predecessor, the $10m was created by OTK himself and the sacking was created also by OTK as you were already forgiven by virtue of your normination to be MCA Vice President last year!

Besides, the sex scandal was created out of the ordinary. It is a normal situation like you and me in a realtionship with someone we love. What's wrong with that? Just because someone is cheeky and make a movie out of it, does that mean you have committed an offence???? You were not paid for this? You did not give permission for him/her to film you? He/she should be the guilty party which the MCA should pursue to catch. Instead the President choose to use you as a scapegoat for MCA failing and his involvement in the PKFZ scandal..accepting a cash and kind from TIONG.

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.