Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today, the MCA Disciplinary Board convened a hearing on the videotape involving me. The hearing is the result of a complaint filed in May 2008, a complaint which since has been withdrawn.

At the outset, let me say that many of my comrades in the MCA urged me not to attend the hearing, pointing out that it was just another attempt to bury me politically. At the same time, others wanted to turn up at the party headquarters to show their support for me.

I am touched by their concern for my well being as well as my future in MCA.

Regardless of what may be the motivation behind the disciplinary hearing, I was always going to show up. Why? Because a political party lives and dies on one critical fact - the ability of its members to respect the institution of the party and obey orders.

In addition, mounting a show of force would only add unnecessary tension and aggravation to MCA and Barisan Nasional at a time when we need to show our best side to the Malaysian public.

When I apologised and resigned from all government and party posts on January 2 2008, this course of action was prompted by a desire to take personal responsibility for my actions.

I went through a life crisis and I must thank my wife and family members and friends and comrades for their support during that difficult period.

When I stood for party elections last year, I made it clear that I was putting myself at the mercy of my party comrades. If they felt that I was not a suitable candidate and did not have any more contributions to make for MCA, I would have ended my political career. As is turned out, I received strong support from party comrades, enabling me to be elected deputy president.

Now that I have been elected by my comrades as a deputy president and appointed as a BN chief coordinator by the Prime Minister, I have a duty to perform and have been travelling to various states to strengthen the BN machinery. I hope my comrades would allow me the space and time to dedicate my time to the party and BN. I have no other agenda.

I have served the party for 24 years. I want to immerse myself in my work, rather than be distracted by character assassination and other shenanigans. I realise that there are people that will continue using the tape against me. I cannot stop them.

I can only promise to do my best for MCA. The Malaysian public has little patience for political conflicts, mind games and spin. If we fail to meet their expectations, we will all be consigned to oblivion.

I hope my comrades would remain calm, united and continue to serve the party, while awaiting the disciplinary board to make its recommendation to the party.






目前,马华和国阵极须向马来西亚全民表现最好的一面,政治领袖在这关头派伐互剿,只会进一步加剧内部的压力。 20081月,我公开道歉并辞去所有党职和官职,以示我对个人的行为负责。能从容地面对和渡过这场生活危机 ,我必须要感谢我的妻子、家人、朋友以及党同志们,在困境中对我的无限支持。









企業教練 said...

Dear Dr.Chua,
對於紀律委員會; 感覺如同"司馬昭之心,路人皆知"; 真的....悲哀!!!

春天 said...

Brave man deserves big applause !

Pak Pandil said...

You are a threat to OTK. He is afraid that you will outshine him, so he needs to 'finish' your political carrer now.

Well if MCA and BN don't want you, then you are welcomed to join PR. I think they will appreciate you more....

Suci Dalam Debu said...

In Politics, you suffer alone but share the have to share any gains with supporters and foes.

At this moment, somebody wants to nail you kaw kaw.

Lawan jangan tak lawan.

Anonymous said...

It is good you showed up in the hearing because this will help many people to understand the situation. Do these complainants receive any rewards ? By the way, you were at Jalan Ampang today. But there were so many people surrounding you and it is too far away to say hello.

Unknown said...

Dear Dr Chua,

Malaysians are very touched to read your press statement pertaining to your sex scandal in 2008. We felt proud with you when you apologised and resigned from all government and party posts on January 2 2008, this course of action was prompted by a desire to take personal responsibility for your sinful actions.

Yes, you are a real gentleman politician in Malaysia. However some enemies in BN said that you are a running dog for UMNO leaders since you have defended the policemen actions against anti-ISA supporters and PR in your recent article. As such, some Chinese and other Malaysians may wonder why Dr Chua is playing "two faces political sandiwara" game in MCA/ BN after your Empire Strike Back to win VP MCA post. Frankly speaking you are unwelcome by Ong's teams because many MCA members and Chinese were very worried about your strong connection with UMNO and going to topple OTK in MCA Taiko poll.
It's TRUE ? Are you a real coward dog for BN Masters and is going to betray Chinese people in Malaysia ? Otherwise, you are a good guy in MCA whereas your enemies are bad dogs in MCA. Who is angel and demon now ?

Well, the Disciplinary hearing today is intended to raise hatred in the Chinese people against you with such dirty complaint from a MCA guy. If you seek forgiveness from your family members and Buddha, then go ahead to defend Chinese constitution rights. Otherwise, kindly reconsider to join your former comrade, Dr Chua Jui Meng in Pakatan Rakyat for the benefits of Malaysians.

All Malaysians have a big "LAUGH" out loud to read the front topic in Utusan Melayu news today when a smart Malay journalist calling his own race, "MALAY IS A COWARD" society to stir up racist issue for UMNO masters. What a shameful coward article?

Yes, Dr Chua is a brave man cum politician and not a Chinese coward who dares to speak out for all Malaysians Malaysia. BRAVO !!

Donplaypuks® said...

It is plain BS that once a complaint has been filed that it can't be withdrawn by the very person who lodged the complaint. This is not a charge under the Criminal Code and parties and societies have a lot more flexibility.

If the very complainant has withdrawn his charge, then there can only be 1 reason for Ong Gua Ta Kut to proceed with any inquiry.

Vendetta and power play at a time his popularity has sunk to the bottom because of the PKFZ scandal!!

By this selfish act, OGTK will have sown the seeds for MCA's implosion and DAP's upward surge!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

D'evil said...

Dear Datuk Seri

I sincerely believe that this is time for you to resign as Deputy President and fade away.

This is time for the new generation. MCA need to be strong to stand up to UMNO. You, Datuk Seri, is making MCA weak. You, Datuk Seri, is helping UMNO to make MCA weak.

This is time for you to make the ultimate political sacrifice. Please resign.

wongysg said...

Well you should attend to face those joker.Why waste your time already proven deputy post ,whats there to show jump over why torture by them.Datuk first WE were bully by umno and now another joker come tomrrow what next.I only mca member not bn member.

問文 said...





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