Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am Sacked!

Today, I am partyless. I served MCA as a divisional chairman since 1985. On the 2nd January 2008 when I resigned from all party posts, I was still an MCA member. Today, I don’t even have a party. So, my position today is worst of than when I resigned on 2nd January 2008. I did not realize that MCA disciplinary board led by an aging lawyer have deemed fit to recommend me to be sacked 21 months after I have resigned from all party and government posts for the same reason as when I resigned in January 2008. If there is provision for sentencing of death physically, I am sure that the disciplinary board would have no hesitation in recommending me to face the gallows. The reason is obvious why I need to be sacked. Will my sacking boost up the image of the MCA? I have to assume that the President today is as clean and clear as crystal. Only time will tell.

Since last night, my phone has not stopped ringing. Today, I spend my time trying to read all the sms. Probably, this is to keep me occupied since I am now partyless. The press has not stopped harassing me. It is actually quite funny and fun.

My family and friends will be going away for a short holiday. I need to enjoy this partyless status. So friends, give me a chance to rest. People will be thinking that I will be working very hard, but as usual; I take everything in my stride. Hopefully I can live longer to see another day and another battle.


Dr.Alvin Lee Chow Hui said...

Dr Chua,
Have a good rest. Chinese community will have a great loss for losing you.
All the best Datuk!.

Alvin Lee

Hasbullah Pit said...

Please consider to join Kelab Penyokong PAS.

Donplaypuks® said...

You don't need them.

They are a spent directionless force who will be decimated come GE 2013.

Perhaps God is showing you the way. Forge a new path, form a new Party or join another Party and move on. Surely you can see that race based political parties are finished in M'sia?

Destiny awaits you!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

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bslim said...

Makes NO difference at all to all of us whether you are partyless or in the MCA. After all, when you are in MCA, you have NO GUTS to fight for the Chinese community's rights and you are just only good at carrying "bola" of your masters.

The real loser will be those whom you carry their "bolas".

Bye bye....go retire.

Unknown said...

Since you have been caught with your pants down, why not just fade away gracefully?

You still can do many good things, like taking care of your grandchildren, the needy and the poor.

Perhaps, you will find more personal satisfactions than the dirty politics!

Unknown said...

The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.

Unknown said...

Grow a pair Sir and join Pakatan Rakyat!

Unknown said...

Fight Back Dr. Chua
No retreat no surrender

Suci Dalam Debu said...


Makan Buah simalakama, swallow it father dies, spit it out, mother dies.

There are two issues here.

1. MCA is Chinese Malaysian buah simalakama. Don't know what to do with MCA. Support it for what? Whether OTK or CSL helms the party, comes GE13, MCA will be finished (together with GERAKAN, MIC & UMNO).

2. You are OTK's buah simalakama. OTK don't really knows what to do with you. He wants to hang you but the delegates give you another chance. Simpan salah, buang pun salah. After the RM10 million saga, he knows he is drowning, so better pull you down with it.

The delegates voted you in after your apology and background is known. Now they have a duty to call EGM.

Sir, you are the only YB who took responsibility for your actions and for that I salute you.

Chua Jui Meng is correct. Support for change.

Meanwhile, have a good rest. There is life without a party, so don't worry.

戆居居看天下 said...

good luck to you.

Eugene said...


How come MCA does not follow proper procedures? Like grandfather owned company where the head can simply do anything.

Even if my company want to sack me they need to follow proper procedures. If I already resigned because of past mistakes and then reapply as a new recruit and they accepted me, does it mean they can just sack me again the next day?

How silly is MCA? Just to show to us public how MCA operate without any system. Not professional at all.

By the way, am not a member nor supporter. Just a member of public.

dheep said...

hmmm. time join DAP.

Chris C said...

You better retire and enjoy your time with your family.

Why bother to get involved in the fighting and corrupt BN govt ?

talkosong said...

Dr, I saw this coming and it's not a surprise at all.You days in MCA are only prolonged by Najib's help but you know very well that OTK is plotting your downfall.As a fighter you should have saw it coming and take steps to counter this before OTK make this critical move.

Anyway, this is a blessing in disguise and I'm sure you have your ways of making a come back into politics as you are not the one who would go quietly.

mca knows very well that your grassroots support is very strong or otherwise you won't be elected as deputy.Also your son is one card you can still play.At the end of the day my bet is OTK will be the one who will be buried for good and you will make a comeback.

Take a rest and plot your next move and make sure it's DEADLY.If you want to take Goliath down ,you must make sure you are fully prepared to crush him once and for all.Remember,cut the roots ,not the branches.

Wish you the best and keep healthy!

Unknown said...

Dr Chua,
Have a good rest and spend quality time with your family.we malaysian have great loss for losing such good man(with honour).I feel that Dr Chua you should join Pakatan rakyat.

We malaysian will support you.
Take Care ..

Vince said...

Dr Chua,

With the MCA link severed. Will you still be coordinator of the special task that Prime Minister given to you? You are now partyless and have no link BN at all, so based on what ground will you be helping BN?
I did not see any reason or so, unless you are hired as consultant. Ha ha ha....... After your nice holiday.
Think about it, what is your goal and what is the way?

Happy Holiday!

Leok Soo said...

As Soi Lek's classmate from Form six through university, I would like to express my heart felt sympathy and moral support from home town Batu Pahat.
MCA politics is at an all time low right now but many people in BP are solidly behind Soi Lek.
His service records in Johor have not been forgotten.
I wish Soi Lek and family all the best as they take a break.
Leok Soo and hubby

GTLim said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Take a good break and in the meantime keep abreast of the situations in MCA cos you are going to have the last laugh.

I hope Datuk Seri TKS is reading your blog and I urge him to insist on BN to remove OTK immediately, failing which he should pull out of BN cos he cannot be in a relationsghip with someone like OTK who is a Tiger in sheep clothing.

There should be an EGM being call very very soon. The demise of MCA in the hands of OTK is not very far away.

Unknown said...


eddy said...

Hang on there Doc, fortune always favour the bold and the brave.

You are bold and you are brave. You will have the last laugh.

Unknown said...

Dr Chua,
Take a short break and fight back. I think you are a real "Man" and the only politician that i respecting the most. Do wish to see you to help all of us to fight for the rights. Although myself is partyless, but I will still support you no matter which party you end up with.

Keep healthy!

Paklong said...

Dr, Chua,
Walau pun saya seorang Melayu tetapi saya amat menghargai Dr. dalam menjalankan tugas sebagai seorang Menteri suatu masa dulu. Rakyat Malaysia terutamanya majoriti ahli MCA dan kerabat BN akan kerugian dgn pemecatan ini. Tabah dan sabar. Saya percaya YAB PM ada cara utk terus menggunakan khidmat cemerlang Dr.
Cuma satu persoalan- adakah Presiden MCA ini begitu bersih? Kenapa YB Bintulu sanggup menuding jari kpd beliau dlm kes PKZ? Kenapa 5/6 bahagian MCA Perak menggesa Presiden MCA berundur>. Nampaknya MCA sedang mengikut jejak sebuah lg komponen BN dimana Presiden adalah segalanya.

Salam perjuangan dan moga tabah hadapi dugaan ini.

Rico Ho said...

Dr Chua,

There is NO right or wrong decisions. Decisions are made by people who have the right; not necessary by the right people.

The only right that is left is your response. Maintaining your dignity is paramount. Let it go, enjoy your rest and live to fight another day. It WILL come; perhaps sooner than you think.


lanaibeach said...

Chua Soi Lek
Sex video got him again
Paid once with his position and government post
Now MCA expelled him
After over 19 months

A deputy MCA president
He got elected in the last election
Now the cracks will hit MCA
The way it should be

Beat it down
National Day looming ahead
Internal bickerings will nail it in
Like Umno, MIC and PPP
Self centred leaderships
The death nail hammering in

What is new?
When the ship going to sink
Captains can't make proper decision
Afraid to lose deny the rift

What now Dr Chua Soi Lek?
You were a gentleman took the crap
Yet your sacrifice isn't enough
MCA wants you out

The racial party self destruction
The captain will disagree totally
You are there not because of you alone
It is the people and they have changed

Unknown said...

of cause you are sacked. Tell your BN friends real reform is needed, not cosmetic type, OTK knows it.

I like your political style, and brave, but always beware, do not be a political tool to destroy "truth".

Unknown said...

i have to admit that i am ultra malay. but when i heard you got sacked, i think MCA has some screw lose somewhere.
As a party man, i understand that you felt sad , betrayed by the people you have protected and sacrificed for the sake of the party.
I support you and hope that you will get up and fight again.

ahli UMNO

Elize said...

still can not understand why things happen like this??无语问苍天!

Fernando said...

At one time you are saying you respect the disciplinary committee decision, and at other time you said the committee is led by an old lawyer, you are confusing the public !

Just leave gracefully and retire in peace. Do you want people to convene an EGM just to safeguard your own self interest.

Your are different from Anwar Ibrahim. You have admitted your own fault in front of tv cameras.

Unknown said...

Dr Chua,

We support you.

MCA "Wan Wan Sui"

Anonymous said...

Dr. Chua,

I believe this is not ur ending show. However, i do believe this is the ending show for MCA president.
Believe me, you're not finish when you lose, you're finish when you quit. So dun quit. I hope you can handle back the ministry of health again because the current minister is absolutely useless, especially facing the H1N1 crisis.
My sister is a doctor, she said you're a good doctor and good minister.
So, dun let us down. Make a better future for us.

Admin said...

pelakuan sex telah terpapar umum..
ia tetap telah menjejaskan reputasi sesiapa saja.. atau dalam bahasa lainnya..tidak bermoral

Patrick said...

Don't give up Dr. Fight fight and fight... never give up!! We are here to support you!!

Unknown said...

Dr. Chua,

Take a good rest and plan for a longer journey!

chrisloh1008 said...

身为batu pahat人的我永远支持你...我就是因为太爱马华,所以恨马华...觉得今天的马华已经非过去的马华...以前团结的时代已经不复在了,变成现在一人独大的一面...我们需要改革...如果改变不了,何不认真考虑家境行动党或公正党?或许能散发余热和表现出你应有的领导能力来继续为人民服务...像Dr蔡瑞明和陈仪乔一样...他们都市因为太爱马华而离开...离开并不代表结束...或许离开会更快乐和清松...去一个更懂得珍惜你和欣赏你能力的党,此处不留人,自有留人处...找回应有的尊严...我们什么都能没有,就是不能没有尊严...相信如果真心支持你的人无论你加去哪个党都会永远支持你和跟随你的...因为你有的是能力...去找一个会珍惜你这种千里马的伯乐...请认真考虑是不是时候应该离开了...天下没不散得宴席...我们永远支持你...

Unknown said...

Have a good rest..

You are the only YB who took responsibility for your actions and for that action, I SALUTE YOU.
Hard to find such a responsible person like you nowadays.

Past is past..just keep on moving.

All the best to you..
Glory is on yours..

Ng Kooi Wei 吴贵伟 said...

Support Dr Chua Soi Lek Club (声援蔡细历医生俱乐部)

johnming said...


KIMHO8 said...

I agreed with Hasbullah Pit.

You should consider to join Kelab Penyokong PAS.

Wei Ee said...



dreamer said...

I respect your honesty in admitting the sex scandal and the way you handle the health ministry 'cos there were vast improvements in govt hospitals and clinics. This info I got was from talking to some hospital employees. Your expulsion is an obvious conspiracy to get rid of you 'cos it's only initiated after close to 2 years.

Going into current people sentiments, they are fed up with race parties and or religious overtures. I've talked to many races i.e. ordinary people on the streets and they concur. Do a national referendum and you'll see. Haven't OTK website poll on leaving BN a revelation that he's balls-less and fishing for votes? And, that he'll do anything to remain in govt? If he pulls MCA out of BN, he won't be a minister, can he?

Your issue now, as I can see it, is you're stuck. Your heart may want to fight for the citizens via MCA but you're too hasty in saying that you'll not join the Opposition party and that you're loyal to MCA. So, the only way is to oust OTK but then, come the next GE, MCA will be ousted. Also, to oust OTK, your action will be seen as a vendetta. Thus, you're STUCK between the devil and the sea.

Bottomline: throw away your pride and ego and join the Opposition ala Chua Jui Mengs' style, if you are genuine in changing Malaysia for the better. Do damage control from there.
Anyway, have a good rest and holiday. We still need people like you but not to sway into the "dark side". May the Force be with you!!! May God bless with a long and healthy life in this mortal world.

P/S: I know my "interviews" with the people on the streets and taxi drivers are genuine 'cos I'm a retiree and got no hidden agenda.
Note: I am a Barisan Rakyat supporter, not Pangkatan Rakyat. Get what I mean?

Unknown said...


Dont fade away. Go away, travel a bit, talk to people. Come back when ready to take on the next battle.

The reality is "they" will not let you rest in peace.

Who are they to cast the first stone?

Strategise and offer yourself as an alternative. A seasoned politician like you has the people's sentiments close at heart.

Unknown said...

When Ong Tee Keat dug out the PKFZ scandal, he had all our support and cheers, but when he wasted no time in removing you, he had our scorn and despise. What a man is he?

Tarnishing the party's image, more than 20 months after this had happened and after you had resigned all the party posts and re-elected by the central delegates?

These central delegates had said loud and clear, that they were prerpared to forgive you and give you another chance to serve the party. Does he think all these central delegates are fools and idiots. By doing so, not only him, the disciplinary committee and the presidential council members are equally stupid in their act.

OTK is clean? we are not sure, of course we hope he is, because he always claims he is the cleanest. If he is so clean, why he wanted to take free rides in other people's private jets and not paying? The Disciplinary Committee member Low Bong Hong is clean and flawless an dno sex scandlas? Just ask any older MCA members about his past.

MCA cannot have a leader like OTK. The sheer fact of his character will not allow him to have a cordial working relationship with UMNO leaders, which is critical for MCA if it to function effectively. This does not mean kow-tow to UMNO, but a good leader must be politically shrewd, magnimimous to his opponents, even enemies, able to consolidate all power and strength he is able to garner and consolidate? Can OTK do that? I really doubt so.

Dr Chua, take it as one of those struggles in politics; take a rest and fight back. Even Fong Chin Oon and so many senior MCA members have started to voice their anger. The day will come, and you shall return.

Note: I am not an MCA member, but I just can't stand the way OTK does things and lead a political party.

Puisi Hatiri said...

Fight back Dato' Seri, I believe there is space for u in Pakatan Rakyat... Long Life Dato Seri Chua!

bent said...

Take Care Dr.Chua, You are the Best

Liz O said...

Dr Chua,
"Take a good rest now..., in order to walk the longer journey in future". I m not into politic, but I support you. Because your track record speaks for itself, you are probably one of the few really hardworking minister we have had. You did bring some progress and benefits to the rakyat in terms of healthcare in our country, and could probably done more if we still have you as a minister. Hope to see you make a comeback soon, good luck and god bless.

Ah Yun Wong said...

Dear Dr Chua,

Come back to BP, and have a good rest.

A cheerful loser is a winner.

Agilan said...

DR.Chua,it will be so nice if you join opposition and teach this betrayed party leadership a good lesson.

Jacky said...




LK_P said...

伤心。。。没有你伤心,sad without you,伤心。。。没有你。。。。。。

bantiek said...

Being a delegate,no one can stop me from attending the EGM. OTK should be sacked instead.

WK said...

Have a rest, and enjoy your life now even Chinese community ia having a great lost.

By WK Aug 09''

庄凯伦 said...



加油 and take care..


Angie tan said...


Unknown said...

Dr Chua,
Take a rest and let the culprit dig their own grave. Exit gracefully. When the time come, 'he' will face the consequences.

Guang Ming said...

Dr Chua,

We support u..

I swear said...

Dr Chua,

You do not need to be in a party to do good to mankind. What is so great about MCA? All my Chinese friends and clients spit when they hear MCA. Does Dr Chua wants to be associated with crooks? If yes, pls do by all means fight for political survival in MCA.

If Dr Chua is really keen to help the Chinese, I would suggest Dr Chua helps all Malaysians, not only Chinese. And it mostly cost time and a sincere heart, not much money is needed.

Khoo said...

Dr Chua DOn't GIVE UP..
MALAYSIA's Chinese Still NID U!!!!!!
you still can serve people even though u dont have any post in MCA...

MCA is not the only channel for u...there are lot of way out there...

Allan Kuah said...

have a good rest, take your time.

1, Justice will prevail, only time will prove.
2, Hope to see you in very soon, with stronger and bold.
3, Clean and lead MCA.

Unlimited support from me.

ms.ahdoi_emoLOVESme said...

Hai Dr Chua...
I am a secondary student....
Actually i am not interested in politics at all...
but once i get knew that you had been sacked...
quite angry with tat...
by the way..
i am just a student...
cannot comment anything with that...
i just can say that...
we hope you wont be surrender so easily...
my whole family are your supporter..
Good luck and take care there^^

Allan Kuah said...

have a good rest, take your time.

1, Justice will prevail, only time will prove.
2, Hope to see you in very soon, with stronger and bold.
3, Clean and lead MCA.

Unlimited support from me.

robertchai48 said...

It is not what MCA have done for the last 50 years but how MCA can plan for the next 50 years. MCA had lost their direction looking to kill their within enemy and infighting among themselves. Are OTK and his crony really care about the Chinese communities? Thay are too busy planning to kill their enemy within. There is more urgent issues that need to overcome in the Chinese communities such as education issues, H1N1 issues, racial imbalance in civil service, economy doldrum, unemployment among Chinese youth and etc.
OTK and gang have no respect for democracy and MCA delegates.

Bryan Khoo Seng Kiew said...

Sir... I am also from Batu Pahat...
do you ever consider joining DAP or PR? they have a bright future there. Youngster now all wont support BN. See, even Chua Jui Meng went to pkr. If you got heart to serve us, We Batu Pahat will always support you no matter you in which party. Anyway, enjoy your holiday, relax and recharge for a greater journey ahead.

John said...

Dr Chua,


我也是华人(Chinese community),如果马华能够有好的改革,我觉得是好事。


D'evil said...

Dear Datuk Seri

I sincerely believe this is a good time to fade away. Let MCA goes its way. Take the burden off your shoulder. And spend more time with the family before it is too late.

wangguo said...


Unknown said...

Hi Dr. Chua,

we the chinese community will support you always. What you have done is history and we do see someone taking rm10 million is more guilthy than what you have done.
We will always support you when the next AGM or EGM is held.
MCA, 1 Party with 1 Leader which is you. Hope you make a comeback soon to support and lead our malaysian chinese community

~BP BOY~ said...

no sacrifice, no victory!


Hamdan said...

Dr Chua,

I see one way out for you. If you are still partyless till the 13th election then be an independent candidate in that election. Sure you are going to win. I think you are a very much 1Malaysia man.And Malaysia still needs your opinion and ideas.

Bong said...

Dr Chua.
You are no 1 hero!When you were minister i remember you told the student "those who scared of blood ,please do not study Medical, leave the chance to other who wish to study".Any minister dare to tell this?
When i went to General hospital KL that time you were minister,the staff is improved their service, be nice, smiling.It was a great loss when you are not around.
Even im not MCA supporter but you are the one who can give me the "safety", the way you perform things.Calm, brave, mature.
I hope that after have a good rest, will see you again on politics.

Thank you

Your supporter.

Hamdan said...

Dr Chua,

Be an independent candidate in the 13th general election. Sure to win. You are very much a 1Malaysia man. Malaysia still needs your ideas and opinion. And parliament is the best place to speak out for a man of your age. Datuk Ibrahim Ali has been successful in being an independent. Follow his footsteps.

Azli said...

Dr Chua,
Don't despair as what you faced is just simply normal in the strong racially-divided and racist culture of BN.

Dr Chua Jui Meng has made the right move. The Rakyat is moving towards a New Politics.

Join them....

Hill isn't Broken said...

Decision of MCA to sack Dr. Chua Soi Lek as deputy president is definitely exactly the political assassination to end his political career. It is evil and malicious malefaction done by MCA OTK to put Chua into such difficult predicament in order to eliminate him from politic.
At the moment, Chua's political destination is accounted upon Najib deliberation. Chua won't be faded away from his political career he intends to uplift as MCA's presidential council to implant it as sacking him from party. I hope Chua will stand affirm himself to fight on till the last drop of blood to rewind himself and make a come back again proudly.
People outside or inside MCA, believe his MCA comrade members need him to fight back efficiently. Can not let those MCA's morons to wreck Chua as this way. He can be considered an honest person compares to other self-proclaim high ethnic hypocrite in MCA such as OTK himself.
At the every moment, MCA needs such a capable politician as Chua to shoulder on. He is the ideal person to maintain the ultimate important of MCA in BN folder. Chinese as well need him to work for Chinese community to uphold the basic betterment politically and economically.mudszlc

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk Doctor Chua,
In case you still have your own clinic, please let us all know. Who knows if I will be needing your consultation ? You cannot imagine the amount of microorgranisms that I am breathing in at my place of work; both AH1N1 and non AH1N1 viruses. And the stress ! And MOH just reads the report and thinks everything is fine. What an occupation hazard ! Anyway, you have fought and you did not forsake MCA, BN and the Chineses. It is part of the MCA that has forsaken you. Since not all Chineses support MCA or see eye to eye with MCA, this means that MCA is in hot soup. Take this as a long leave. Do something else. Who knows along the way, you will actually do something which you are really destined for. Take care.

Unknown said...

2009年8月27日 星期四











马华最终真的可能变成“小而美”的华人政党,不知算老几。 said...

i am sadden with the decision made by the party.

Dr Chua, jia yu.............

Unknown said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Take a good rest. I believe when God close one door, He will open another door for you. Enjoy your holiday. I sure you'll have better future.



leree said...

Please consider join PKR . We need you... In the future, peoples of malaysia need you too!

coollexx said...

Dr Chua,

Now you partyless??
Sounds weird to me...
Party 1st or People 1st??
If Party 1st...yeah u r partyless now,
But if People comes 1st...u still can serve if u meant it.
Think abt it...have a good rest.

Nistelrooy1911 said...

请问dr. chua何错之有?事情发生后,他对妻子家人道歉并得到谅解,而且公开向全国人民道歉及辞职以谢天下,纵观大马政坛那么多年只有死不悔改鲜有做错承认并引咎辞职的,这点我看许多巫统领袖都不得不佩服蔡先生的敢做敢为!!!






Johnny Yong said...

I was never your fan. More of a 'fried bee hoon' fan. But I think your episode has just made me your a fan. I must say, OTK has changed after securing his position on the helm. Though not for long...

According to Sun Tzu, 2 ex-MCA, Chuas is equal to 1 Ong Dynasty. No one will blame you you and you have nothing to lose or gain.

Fredspliaw said...

Its a great loss for MCA.No matter what the worlds had saw or said.One day i'll know you'll be back.For the time being enjoy while you can.Take a rest and come back with a BANG.Cheers

Fredspliaw said...

Datuk chua,At the present moment have a good day,i know you'll come back with a bang.I know you're a real gentlemen and scholar unlike OTK(chicken)You'll be miss dearly.Take great care and stay healthy.Cheers

Kawan Nizar said...

Hi Doc,
I think you need to consider joining Pakatan Rakyat. Follow Chua Jui meng's steps, there you can easily lets rakyat know what is actually happpen with BN and it's component party. They really in chaotics situations and very very desprates but they thoughts they still can win the PRU13 with flying colours. Anyhow they are still the ruling party and they can make use of all the goverment bodies and instruments. Think wisely Doc, I think you might know better than me.... All the best Doc, do it for the people and for your dignity...

kakfid151 said...

Even I am not chinese or MCA supporter but i like the way you perform the problem, calm, brave and mature.Dr. Chua, u are really good as Health Minister.

I hope that after have a good rest, will see you again on politics.

Thank you

Your supporter.

jimmyay said...

Dr Chua,

I am from Batu Pahat...thanks for the jobs well done since my Primary School in SRK Montfort. I support you as an individual and not as MCA man. Walking down a mountain will give you option to walk up to another greater mountain.

All the best.

baijaybee said...

Datuk Seri Dr Chua,

Apa yang berlaku ni sememangnya telah diduga akan berlaku..Semenjak PRU 12 yang lalu nampaknya kebanyakan parti komponen BN masih tidak 'berubah'..Perebutan kuasa ala diktator masih meresap di sanubari dan jiwa segelintir pemimpin parti..Saya berharap Datuk Seri bersabar dan bertenang..Ahli-ahli parti perlu bersatu dan berani membawa pembaharuan untuk menentang Presiden 'diktator'...EGM perlu diadakan..Saya berharap Datuk Seri tidak berpaling kepada Pakatan Rakyat..Mereka ini semua hanya tamakkan kuasa walaupun pada hakikatnya ideologi politik masing-masing adalah berbeza sama sekali...

lawrence said...

alright..after they sacked you i dunno which party to support for the next election...

aku dr amin said...

i am malay
but i know who is chua soi lek
very very well
better for me to write in BM, Thanks
bagi saya, saya lebih mengenali siapakah dia Dr Chua Soi Lek lebih dari pemimpin MCA yang lain. mungkin kerana selepas peristiwa vcd yang tersebar. saya tidak ingin mengulas isu lama. namun selepas itu sayan sering mengikuti perkembangan dr chua bersama masyarakat cina malaysia. memang pada pendapat saya pengunduran dr chua selepas peristiwa tersebuuat satu pegaturan politik yang mantap demi menjaga imej parti dan membersihkan diri. walapun perkara yang lepas mngkin tidak boleh ibah. dan dalam pemilihan MCA selepasnya , dr chua berjaya memenangi kerusi timbalam presiden. mungkin pada pandangan masyarakat cina, dr seorang yang cukup bertanggungjawab terhadap kesalahan dr dan tidak salah untuk dr kembali menjadi seorang pemimpin. isteri dr pn boleh menerima dr. namun, selepas itu , dr seolah olah dinafikan hak sebagai seorang timb. presiden MCA. dr bkan ahli parti biasa sehinggalah pada hari ini dr sudah tidak berparti. mungkin inilah masa yang sesuai buat dr untuk berehat seketika dan mula mencari idea idea baru. mulakan langkah baru. saya yakin masyarakat cina MCA sebenarnya masih berada dibelakang dr. teruskan perjangan anda if you are truly a politician. for me, a politician never quit.
gud luck for dr chua soi lek

i am nothing but i know dr chua much more the president know. it seem

Micky's World said...

Is a good time to join Pakatan Rakyat since MCA is not appreciate what you contributed.

rc said...

Dr Chua,

It's unfortunate to you as being dismissed from the party.

I, as a public without involving in politics, clear that there is an ending once we step in the politics.

We would not able to PREDICT or even CONTROL within the circumstances happening.

You have been a leader for a long period, who is clearer than any of us to WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO NEXT.

May god bless with all the happening then looking up for the scrutiny.

Unknown said...

Hi Dr Chua
After seeing the names of the 5-man MCA disciplinary board. What more can I say. Yesterday early morning, my colleague said 'You favourite politician got sacked.' I'm always proud to be associated with you that way. I smiled. I support the human not the party. It's a relieve somehow. Take care. I like your guts. Yeah!

Unknown said...

G'day Dr Chua,

As a non MCA member, I sympathize your predicament. Obviously, it is a political maneuver to bury you for good. Since the previous president took over, the primarily Chinese educated has overwhelmed the leadership of MCA. They tend to abuse the Chinese/Confucius philosophy to their advantage. Just like some ancient Chinese emperors, the president behaves like a paranoid person who never believed in giving 2nd chance to their comrades including their own siblings.

For me, I want a strong and united MCA which provides leadership and direction to the community and nation. I want a MCA which champions the excellence in education for all. The present leadership focussed mainly in Chinese education to earn political mileage and totally neglected Chinese who sent their children to national schools because they wanted their children to learn science and maths in English.

To MCA leaders : " A true man does not believe in gilt by association. Respect And Disdain, have to be earned.."..

To you Dr Chua : " Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will"...Mahatma Gandhi.

Good luck.
SK Yeoh ( Penang )

dOmOgEnKi YIK said...





Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

The outcome is expected. And i know that you won't just let it be. Just follow your heart to do what you think is right. I as an outsider can't comment anything.

Just wish you good luck.
May God Bless You.................

Unknown said...

Dr. Chua,

Thanks GOD you are sacked.

If you are going back to Politic again, you can count on my vote. I am Chinese and I dont like MCA at all.

Enjoy your life and quality time with your family.

Admin said...

The right time to join another party..
utamakan rakyat..bukan parti..bukan kuasa..bukan pangkat!

Fernando said...

What would be the public perception on MCA if Dr Chua Soi Lek became the President of MCA ?

not your ordinary blogger; said...

As a sensitive Malaysian....I am deeply sadden by the sandiwara by MCA and all the others party regardless their ideology! Since the general election in 2008....all this shit has not stop....everyday there are bounce to be new case or new sandiwara! most of it I can say is ashamed to the country....U guys are doing no good to the country..nevertheless destroying the country's image at the eye of the world! My friend throughout the world already labeled malaysia as a "BOLEH LAND"! I am ashamed of myself now being a malaysian! worse of all with the leadership right now...I dont see my future....I am scared, worried and wondering....will I live long enough to see a better Malaysia???
Question MCA still relevant to us the chinese society? OR u guys are just fighting for ur won hunger for power & money? I dare you to tell the truth to us.

Unknown said...

hi dr.chua,

i do not know much about you and your service to the community. however i do believe there is strong support for you from the grassroots esp on mca side.

your sacking from mca, may not do them much good considering the influence that you have esp in johor. if the chinese community decides to vote for opposition at the ratio seen in other states, bn johor is as good as gone.

however, i wonder whether moving to PR will do any good for PR. no one is quilified to make moral judgement on another person, but from political point, you joining PR may seem to be "selfish" in nature and may erode the support for PR esp on "moral" grounds.

if you love your community well enough, pls go out there and tell your supporters to vote for PR, but pls stay away from joining any PR component parties. sorry to say but you may end up being a liability.

InderaPutera said...

Datuk Seri Dr Chua

Saya meminati cara kepimpinan Datuk Seri ketika Datuk menjadi Menteri Kesihatan. Datuk Seri seorang yang tegas dan berperinsip.
Sekiranya Datuk masih mahu meneruskan dunia politik, ada baiknya Datuk menjadi calon bebas pada PRU 13 kelak.Jika tidak, habiskan sahaja masa Datuk bersama ahli keluarga tersayang.Life must goes on.

pyton said...


If The corrupted party don't need you !why would you wanted to stay ?If you were clear as water and crystal then should join up the PR and fight back...

MCA is breaking and torning apart with those corrupted leader is taking care their own interest .Once PM voice something they become yes DOG...

How long did MCA needed to cheat the chinese community ?

Unknown said...

Dr Chua, in politics: NEVER SAY DIE!

sarawakman said...


Take a good rest... but u must come back soon.. your chinese community need u...

We know who is the REAL LOSER here... Very obvious, u won without a FIGHT...

Let The CRAZY DOG continue barking.. Very soon, there is no one else to blame... Or... No more party to bark..

God bless u & family...

Unknown said...

It's sad.
I used to believe that your ideas combined with his courage can really change MCA.
But apparently he's too arrogant.
He's a failed version of Tun M; hardcore but narrow minded.
Do not give up on MCA.

P/S: I hope he won't yell at me the next time I see him.

Alvin 5 said...

i see lots of comments suggesting you take a rest in the meantime.
Me too, please take a rest
recharge yourself suficiently
the road is still long ahead for ppl like you
when you are fully recharge, your mind works better,
you can then plot and strategise with clarity of mind.
meanwhile your opponent could have been heavily bruised with the onslaught he is getting everyday.
when the time is apt, make sure its decisive and whack with confidence.
i have admiration for you
Keep it up, Malaysia needs ppl like you with your guts.
take care Doc

Alwin Yau said...

Hi! Dr Chua,

Congratulations- Dr Chua said
"I'm sacked!

You deserved to be sacked by MCA Taiko for your past sinful act. Dont worry, you are partyless now and now you can enjoy your lovely holiday to seek their forgiveness from your family of your sinful mistake in life. Well, OTK does a right move to remove " a dirty torn out of MCA flesh" to avoid deadly inflamation disease in MCA wound now or never.

Many Chinese believed you became a No 1 - "Chinese Traitor" after Najib appointed you as a BN co-ordinator to destroy 5 PR govt states in next 13GE. Many Chinese communities and biz people supported OTK decision to save your ass today since you have became an UMNO running devil dog who can destory Chinese constitution rights and business interests in Malaysia.

I am unpolitical and never support MCA or OTK because what I read MCA is a puppet prostitute party used and raped by UMNO for past 52 years. Read the latest article from Raja Petra in his blog today about MCA save UMNO ass hole. Believe it or not!

Raja Petra Kamarudin

To understand the present, one has to go back to the past. And in the case of the PKFZ, it has to be at least 25 years into the past.

25 years ago, MCA, the ‘number two’ partner in Barisan Nasional, was going through a crisis, like what is happening today. Neo Yee Pan, the new President, had taken over the party leadership in March 1983. He, of course, was ‘Team A’. And as soon as he took over, he ousted his opponents from ‘Team B’ led by Tan Koon Swan and his running mate Ling Liong Sik. With a stroke of the pen, so to speak, both Koon Swan and Liong Sik were out in the wilderness.

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who himself had just taken over the leadership of Umno a couple of years earlier, was not too pleased. He wanted Koon Swan and Liong Sik to head MCA, not the man whom Umno called ‘the pork seller’. Yes, that was what Umno called Yee Pan, the pork seller, maybe because they thought he looked like one. .....check it out more stories in his Malaysia Today.

GTLim said...

This came into the news from Malaysian Insider on 29/08/2009

Read it and convince yourself about OTK ...A TIGER IN SHEEP CLOTHING.

MCA didnt receive the $10,000000.00. Where is the money????? In OTK and wife's Bank Account of course!

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 28 — Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing’s alleged RM10 million donation to Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat was handed over in three cash installments of RM5 million, RM1 million and RM4 million, the China Press reported today.

The Chinese-language daily said the details were obtained from a copy of the police report made by Tiong against Ong last week.

According to the report, Ong had asked Tiong for a RM5 million donation in 2008.

Tiong claimed that the RM5 million in cash was put inside two briefcases and accompanied by two of his staff, he had delivered money to Ong’s friend at the Petaling Jaya Hilton Hotel.

A few weeks later, Tiong was approached again by Ong for another RM1 million.

This time the money was delivered to a representative of Ong at the car park opposite Armada Hotel in Petaling Jaya.

Towards the end of 2008, Tiong agreed once again to donate RM4 million to Ong.

But this time, Ong came in his own car to collect the money at a government guesthouse.

The money, Tiong said in the police report, was put inside the boot of Ong’s car, the newspaper reported.

Speaking separately today, Tiong repeated his challenge for Ong to disclose how much he and his wife had in their bank accounts.

He also said that Ong’s decision to sack Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek as deputy president was clearly meant to distract attention from the RM10 million issue.

Ong filed a RM500 million lawsuit against Tiong this week after denying the allegations.

But Tiong appears ready to go to court and has said he has witnesses to prove he gave RM10 million to Ong. MCA officials say they have no record of the money.

Tiong also denied today that he was backing Dr Chua to topple Ong.

“If I am so good with Chua then I should have originally donated the RM10 million to Chua and not to Ong.”

Ong has found it hard to brush aside his once close ties with Tiong.

Although he has denied taking RM10 million, Ong has admitted to taking free rides on private jets owned by Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB), the company owned by Tiong.

KDSB was the company being probed in relation to the scandal-hit Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) when Ong took rides on the company aircraft.

But in an attempt to burnish his image as a leader that did not tolerate wrongdoings, his ministry blamed Tiong’s KDSB for the PKFZ mess.

Pearls said...

So now how? After all the holidaying and resting and all.. apa maciam?

bantiek said...

EGM must go as planned even though OTK might step down before the start of it. The reason being that the position of Dr. Chua must be reinstated.

Orang Lama said...

Dr. Chua, I hope you consider to joint DAP or PKR. I appreciate you as a gentleman. Actually I hate racist goverment govern our country since 52 years ago. Hope you able work together with others Malaysian to change this situation for sake of our children in future.

Think Dr...

Ok boy said...


Unknown said...

Dr Chua ,dont give up and dont retreat.I will support you .Wish you all the best too

Unknown said...

Hi Datuk Seri,

It's a sad sad day for MCA.
What ever little glimmer of hope about the party being resurrected to its former lost.
How the party is conducting itself is a farce. Instead of closing ranks and thinking of how to serve the rakyat better, reflecting on what went in the last GE, your president was busy shoring support in a sinking ship...
it's ok,there's not much use of the singking ship anyway

your passion and talent should not go to waste...

do consider starting a new party, a party that's in line with 1 malaysia, no racial skew perhaps, the half of MCA that's loyal and appreciates you would be a great base to start with....

all the best datuk seri....

our country will still appreciate a talent like you.....

in the meantime enjoy holiday, i'm sure you'll be back contributing to the rakyat shortly....

J.R. Moo said...

don't give up
your brain power are tremendous
chinese community love you
don't give up
fight until the end
be a man
i know you will have the way to become a party deputy president again
good luck~!

J.R. Moo said...

don't care what others said
don't care
don't let them to influence your decision
go for your own right

Unknown said...


IvanLee-ZX said...

Dr Chua,
Well...Now is the time for all Malaysian to watch things happen between chinese and chinese. What a shame on it. I'm not interested anything about politics. Just because of your dvd and I was so suprised that you admit it. This make my eye open and have a clear look.."who's is Dr Chua SL" He really got the guts of admit. So Dr Chua since you are partyless..just do what ever you want or you never have the chance to do it. Maybe this is the time for you to enjoy your life. Don't bother about MCA anymore. Always remember that "A smile is your greatest social asset"

Happy 2009

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

To many Chinese, MCA is no longer relevant!

When we saw MCA members put up banner, showing their fist in support of EGM, most of us really want to vomit!! What is MCA now?

When UMNO/BN talk rots against Chinese, labelling Chinese as "Pendatang", when Utusan Malaysia and all BN-controlled media created super racist remarks, when Teoh Beng Hock died mysteriously, when legitimate Perak government robbed by the bastardised BN, WHERE IS MCA? WE DID NOT SEE MCA MEMBERS SHOWING SUCH FORCE TO QUESTION UMNO????!!

MCA has no balls at all, and only good at infighting - for their own personal interest (and cronies' interest)...Rakyat's interest has never been in MCA mind

Conclusion: Whether Ong or Chua wins, it is irrelevant, we pray for speedier demise of the rotten MCA - lap dog of UMNO!

Unknown said...

James Ganesha I support Dr Thaksin from Thailand & support Datuk Seri Dr Chua from Malaysia...they are nice people...only those who knew them...James Ganesha..."You have enemies ? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life."...

Unknown said...

Honestly, the present Minister of Health is useless at all...but good at something...u know, I know, the Earth and the Sky know...take a good rest with your best wishes for your future endeavour as I will always support you although I am from Penang...

CK's Blog said...


Ailin Osman said...

Dear Dr. you're a good and great MCA leader and previously a good health minister as well. no matter what you do 'they' shouldn't take personal issue into count. is a great lost for MCA for loosing someone so dedicated like you. me and the rest of Malaysian will always continue our support to you and wish you all the best. Enjoy your holiday...

Unknown said...

no worries....this time MCA going downhill.OTK eat cow shit......usless thwart. wert a shame to chinese race

Unknown said...

I'm not a supporter of MCA. Neither I have hated OTK or other MCA members. In fact MCA is branded as "running dog" of BN. It only works for themselves and the people who are related to them. And it only spares a few percentage of time and money in cultivating for Chinese benefit educationally and economically. MCA can not stand for all Chinese community in Malaysia as it claims. It is mainly fighting for themselves politically and financially. And totally quagmire of power in cabinet of Bn which is Umno dominated.
I intended to side for Chua is because I found that Chua is innocent of being treated as lower standard of morality due to his sex CD exposition by his rivals conspiratorially. No body has ever paid attention to his encounter of being taped in the hotel.
Who had done it? It is still unknown to anyone. As what I see it, it is the main point to rule out who are evil and try of demolishing Chua. Since MCA presidential council took the sex scandal as reason of sacking Chua from the party, they have the duty to find out who had done it in the first place. Other wise it is considered unfair to Chua. The expulsion of Chua can not be treated as righteous intent. It is murderous of his political career.

dotcom said...

Dato Seri Dr. Chua,


Zulfadli Bin Yusmar said...
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Unknown said...


T.C.T said...

DR Chua,


爱党不一定你本身在位. 未来主人翁可能就是你的公子.

再说若有人比你强,你应该看开,甚至支持他! 这才是爱党.



Unknown said...



Unknown said...




事情演变到今天,已经不是挺蔡或挺翁,而是教训那些野蛮/专制,视民主和民意于无物的伪君子的时候。不作声等于纵容他们, 大马华人不要如此的领袖!

Unknown said...

Dr Chua
Your SACKING is a disgrace to the members who voted you back into the party.I am sure OTK will see the demise of MCA in the next election.He is just creating a SDN BHD in MCA.Pity our PM who is working hard of uniting and MCA OTK is just doing the opposite.May God Bless You.

GTLim said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

It's going to be an uphill battle for you la! OTK is so flushed with monies that he can do anything today. The $10m certainly has gone into his pocket.

I am wondering why our Nazib or other malay Ministers are not doing anything such as asking OTK to step aside. Are they one of the recipients of the $10m as well? If they are, OTK has got them by their balls.

At this stage, if BN dont do anything and if MACC comes after OTK before the EGM, then he has to step aside and the two vancant post will be taken over by "DR LIOW" and one of his cronies. That will be very suicidal for you huh?

So, Dr. Chua I feel sorry for you but nevertheless me and my friends are with you. We will join you in the uprising of the Chinese whatever the circumstances.

D Hong said...

Dear Datuk Seri Dr Chua,

I've seen your press conference response video in Youtube after your sacking and I would want to reply by saying: ''You are not alone Sir. I'm still your supporter (Minister or not).''

You joined politics to fight for human rights and welfare. You are a hero no matter which party you are in.
As for the central delegates decision to have sacked you, I believe it is 100% unfair. Nobody's Perfect!!! Just look at the MCA president and his problems he faces with Datuk Seri Tiong, PKFZ and KDSB.

I have a request. Please join your former comrades Datuk Chua Jui meng, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and YB Lim Kit Siang. Join PR. Continue your fight for the people. Just fight under another banner as your other responses have told you so.

May you continue to fight for the people. GOD BLESS AND HAPPY 52nd INDEPENDENCE.

Unknown said...

Dr Chua,
I am a supporter of leader with Integrity. You are NOT.
Only hustler support your action. Although your scandal happened and you resigned in 2008 to show that you are responsible.
1. That doesn't mean M'sian, especially Chinese at large will feel at ease to let an individual with bad record to represent them.
2. Further more, your comment in the newspaper didn't show that you want to be responsible. You BLAME others for spying on you (they won't get their way if you are clean in the first place. Please be responsible of what you have done, dont point fingers. Is disgusting (meluat, menjijikkan) to see a senior leader to do that.
3. Your comment about MCA, (especially after the President had announced a new policy) clearly shown that you have your own personal agenda. Be a supporter doesn't harm you~! M'sian Chinese at large hate it when we see you as the 导火线 "batu api" in MCA. You only break the party.
4. You are putting voters against you and affect MCA. Everybody sees that! Be a supporter, else bow out and go. People will respect you more.
5. You already have enough $. You don't need to earn extra. You dont have other burden. Isn't 62 a good age to retire? Don't have to be so power crave 恋权!?

gal said...

u sacked is good trhing for all malaysia chinese.. u make malaysia chinese feel shameful on wat u did.

gal said...

u should step down

Unknown said...

"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place."-dedicated to Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek

Unknown said...

Do you think the present MCA president is a leader with integrity?Also the present Minister of Health!One is SDN BHD & the other one is very good at should know better than I do!Two Of A Kind!"A wise man first thinks and then speaks and a fool speaks first and then thinks.""The wisest of people in this world are those that admit when they are wrong"...

Fernando said...

Chua Soi Lek nak duduk Tee Keat punya kerusi, Lim Kit Siang tentunya banyak happy ; DAP akan sapu MCA punya kerusi di semua negeri, Tak dak kerja hari-hari makan roti.

企業教練 said...

總會長似乎更注重個人議程;從邊緣化異己;州聯委會安排; 市議員人選風波; 千萬献金疑案, 一直到今天翻舊賬革除異己, 看起來這年頭"改革"這名詞真的很好用!!!
從開除事件由5人小組定奪一位票選署理會長, 再批抨開特大是害黨,造成黨分烈等; 到今天又自己主動召開特大; 這種反覆行為難道不是因為局勢不利於己嗎?不是因為個人議程嗎?而更可悲的是一群跟隨者更是無所適從一位變幻莫測的領導者; 從開始的抵制,反對開特大到最近似乎又開始發表讓代表們決定的假民主;當總會長發出召開特大時; 是否有留意被開除者仍有14天上訴權力;上訴者未上訴不代表他不上訴;小弟不才,這樣是否已否决了被開除者的權力;趕問中央幾位法律專才,是否是如此,因你們在匯報會的法律知識很專業,只是不知標準如何拿湼?
國家尚有種種的事等着您老總去做, 何苦趕盡殺絕?
Dr Chua, 我們支持您!

aku dr amin said...

sudah tiba rasanya dr Chua Soi Lek memulakan langkah terbaru samada terus melawan Presiden MCA ataupun bertukar ke Pakatan Rakyat samada bersama DAP mahupun PKR. sudah tentu mereka berbesar hati menerima dr. segalanya boleh berlaku dalam politik . yang penting beranio dalam segala tindakan. lagipun Presiden MCA telahpun mengarahkan mesyuarat agung luar biasa ( ECG)untuk diadakan . Ini adalah semata mata untuk mnegukuhkan kedudukan beliau sebagai Presiden dan mengenepikan semua yang berpihak kepada Dr Chua

T.C.T said...

有了民主,老二就可以反老一? 老三又可以反老二?中央代表可以反高层?you got no love!... joking..

Unknown said...

Ong Tee Keat should now be known as Man of EGMs.. in his very 1st term as Youth Chief leading the MCA Youth, he convened an EGM to opposed the President... Now in his 1st term as President of MCA, he, yet again called for an EGM!!!.. this time to suppress his DEPUTY! This man is a JOKE. He was lucky that he fought (the non-party loving frog prince and president wanna-be) Jimmy Chua, during the party elections. Due to the lack of strong contenders, backed by the outgoing Ka Ting and Kong Choy, he won. After winning his presidency, instead of uniting the party, he chose to consolidate his own position by sidelining other leaders not friendly to him eventhough they are chosen by the Central Delegates. He used the party platform to portray himself as the Lone Ranger Hero thus refusing team work to solve the community problems. The ONLY man in party history to convene 2 EGMS, one during his youth leadership and now as the President... a leopard never changes his spot.. and this one very well DOESN'T.
Going by history.. Will he be leading the MCA into a chair-throwing fracas in his maiden AGM/EGM too????

John said...

Dr Chua,

Wah! You good lah. Got ATM support your campaign.

Aiya, you sure win one lah! Big ATM machine sure can topple OTK. Not enough you can ask the ex-PKFZ gang to share out some of the money RM 125 Billion.

Chua, I support you. Let's topple OTK and dont let him halang us make money.

fadzly said...

Dont worry senior.. i will support u..

GTLim said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Why is everybody saying your sex scandal is a crime? If the lady was your wife, and you were caught on camera, would that be a crime?

In fact. the crime that is being committed right in front of our eyes is the bribery scandal of the $10m which everybody is keeping quiet about it. Weird eh?

What is most admirable of you is..although your so called scandal is not a criminal offence, you did punish yourself with the resignations of all portfolios that was not easy to come by.

Here, we have someone (OTK)being exposed of accepting bribe of $10m and is a criminal offence not willing to relingush his positions.

I think he must have realised how sweet and juicy the $10m was and wanting more. He has gone as far as hitting you below your belt because in order to get the support of his cronies he has to give your position/post away to him. That makes him very unworthy to be the MCA President.

Unknown said...

We are quite dissapointed with MCA situation. Ong Tee Kiat does not perform well as presiden. He is ambitious and brave, but does not has the wisdom and EQ of a top leader. All the MCA members trust him that he can lead the party towards unity and better future(no body knows what MCA will be in the future).If we look back into series of action by Ong, from PKFZ to sacking of Chua Soi Lek. We can see that he is lack of planning and strategies when he carried out these actions.From what he told the reporters, he seems like, no planning of what to says and prediction of what is the reaction by other parties so that he can have a complete counter plan. Everything seems to be spontaneous, no consent, no deep consideration. If i am correct, he is the worst lah among all the MCA presiden. Ong Ka Ting far more batter then him.

yvonne said...


Ah Wong said...

Go for the jugular, Dr. Go kill him politically and finish him off once and for all. Kill him Kill him, Fight with all your might, bring in your supporters and the whole gang of MCA members. If you don't kill him he will haunt you forever, go kill him. Do all you have to and make sure you get both sides of the divide to be involved. Fight him, feed your ego with his blood. Its now or never, how can he do this to you, you are a true leader. Stab him, let him bleed to death.

Unknown said...

Dr Chua,

TQ for entertaining me with your MCA sandiwara !!!

You cant blame me becos i never believe in MCA becos you guys are self seekers.

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Madeku367 said...

Dr Chua,

Hope you are well.

It was a mistake to fight for the VC post. Should have just mellow down and retire gracefully.

Caught with pants down is not an easy matter for the ppl to accept. They don't want their leaders to have moral issues, be it sex scandal, rasuah or others.

Nevermind lor.. I think your family needs you. Time is hard to find nowadays and what matters most is family.

leekin said...

Dr Chua,get all delegates to swear to god that they are not adulterer before they can vote you out!
You are just unlucky to be filmed by cowards.

Unknown said...

Datuk Seri Chua,

I m Sarawakian, although far away but Mr Chua keep moving on i think you will be better and better. We are waiting for you to come in Sarawak. Take Care.

Moses Law.

leekin said...

Dr Chua, now that the EGM is on, I hope you will come back strongly and can become the next MCA president one day.
Chinese here need brave and bold leader like you to fight for fairness for all races in the far there were none!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Dr Chua,
pls dun sonsider any party, fight for justity.

Ailin Osman said...

Agreed with Voon... Fight for justice.. don't run.. you must win the game..

Unknown said...

Dr Chua,
i agreed with re-election for MCA. not only for chinese community but also MCA. it's fair to all party. if not no meaning fo 101009.

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