Monday, September 15, 2008

The Government Should Repeal the ISA/ 废除内安法•释放郭素沁RPK

The recent arrests of three individuals, under the Internal Security Act (ISA) have been roundly condemned by politicians and the people alike.

The widespread dissatisfaction with the arrests, especially with what happened to Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng, shows the time is right now for the ISA to be reviewed.

I am glad that at last some leaders in my party, the MCA, and also from other Barisan Nasional (BN) parties have come out strongly against the ISA.

The detention of individuals without trial is fundamentally unjust. In Malaysia we have other laws, including many other security legislations, to deal with issues which are sensitive.

The issue of the ISA does not just affect one race. It affects all Malaysians. Many of us here have, of course, criticised the United States for detaining suspected terrorists without trial at the Guantanamo military base.
I am not suggesting that the police in Malaysia have acted in the same manner as what goes on in the US. But the principle remains the same, that detention without trial is unjust. The police are given far too much discretionary powers under the ISA.

And while I believe right-thinking individuals are a majority within the police, the ISA is still subject to abuse. Politically, this is also a chance for the BN government to regain some initiative in competing for the support of Malaysians.

The opposition parties have for years been using the repeal of the ISA as a rallying cry. Perhaps it is time for us in BN to seize the initiative once and for all and review the ISA. This will show the people that we have a government which listens to them.

The ISA can be replaced with some other legislation which offers protection against abuse and which allows judicial review.

I would also like to take this opportunity to call on the police to immediately release Seputed MP Teresa Kok and blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin. Justice is a bipartisan issue. It does not matter if Teresa is from the DAP and if Raja Petra is a fierce critic of the BN government.

We as Malaysians are mature enough to debate issues in a mature manner. The Malaysia we all aspire to is one which is mature, open and progressive. After 51 years of independence, let us move forward not backwards.










Oink OInk said...

i-say-man my good doctor,

you should have voiced out earlier than your 'comrades' in mca rather than be seen to be joining the crowd. leader leads, followers follows.

anyway, here's a joke for you...

Molester and victim nabbed.

KUALA TERENGGANU, MALAYSIA: An illegal immigrant who molested an 18-year-old student at the City Council bus terminal here was caught by bystanders minutes after his victim screamed for help.

In the 6.50pm incident on Saturday, the Mamak in his 30s was handed to a policeman on patrol in the area. After performing a 'sumpah' that he will be good and and swear never to molest again, he was set free.

The victim, from Chukai, Kemaman, lodged a report at the police station here at 8.25pm on the same day. Immediately after lodging her report, she was remanded and detained under ISA for her safety.

A police spokesman said that she will be detained indefinitely under ISA to prevent her from being molested in future.

Pearls said...

No.. keep ISA! ISA is meant for mad dogs like Ahmad IsMAD and those wannabes! There... that day we saw plenty mah.. tearing pictures and shouting like some diseased dogs! These dogs are not capable of anything civilised or maturity and only ISA is effective to tame such diseased dogs!

The latest ISA drama is a blatant act by BN to create racial dishormony again (once in 1969 and now! Niamah!!!!) and this is a good enough reason to throw BN, yes, all the gemuk gedempol ministers into ISA! These buggers are a big threat to peace and unity in Malaysia!

I dont care what people have to say about how ISA has to be repealled or abolished... it should stay to take care of people who will risk human lives, peace and unity for the sake of their own selfish survival!!

BN is digusting! Yes, that PM and there.. that fatso called Syed duno what Albar should a permanent residence in the address of ISA!

ZORO said...

MCA & other BN componentsare just have to wait on the sideline for UMNO to settle their internal problems before anything positive can be developed. BN would be best to sit still and make little movement as much as possible as BN is now in the middle of Quicksand Pool.
The UMNO-led coalition must be totally revamped but with UMNO to start first, and FAST!

KIMHO8 said...

Looks, Who's talking?

No compliment for your comment at all.

We fully respect Zaid Ibrahim someone from UMNO.

Not just talking but stand up and react.

A good example for our Malaysian Cabaret Association and Girl&Rakan too but I think they will never learn.

NEIL said...

Dr, when incident like this happens, you should condemn with the strongest possible terms like what LKS and Zaid does.What Zaid said was very well received.You can't be a leader if you keep on following the crowd and when you condemn any action you just whisper.Instead of using 'I call on the police....'you should say'I demand that this innocent people be release immediately and I can't accept any excuse to detain them.I shall hold the police,the home minister and AAB responsible for any harm done to this innocent people.Won't this be a strong message!Stand up DR, so we the rakyat can see you clearly when you make a strong statement , not squat down and whisper.

Francis Lui said...

We need to salute Zaid Ibrahim! He is a man with principle and a person with vast experience of laws. Where is the fairness when Ahmad Ismail and Khir Toyo can walk free without any action against them. Whereas Miss Tan & Teresa both under ISA arrest.

笑看风云 said...

Dear Dr. Chua Soi Lek


i am so afraid to comment,
Who know ?

DR. Chua Soi Lek is not charge under ISA
but me

" protected under ISA ""

;( ;( sorry doc.
i got high blood and diabetes.

Ti Lian Ker said...

the end............

when rats began to make demands
where a leader has lost his command
then it is time for him to make a run
before the killer bees starts to stung

when vision starts to be just an illusion
and you can't tell jazz from the fusion
and subordinates starts their own coalition
and atoms have their own course of collision

when the orchestra has lost it's rhyme
and the choirboys are singing out of line
where the premiership is no longer fun
and the moon rise to eclipse the sun

when father no longer can protect son
and the elixir of life has lost it's run
when there are projects but no funds
and songs written that can't be sung

when you can't dig any deeper into the well
and you have lost your magic and it's spell
then it is due time we bid thee farewell
before we all starts to shout and yell....

the end...silence fell.....................................
Posted by Ti Lian Ker at 10:12 PM
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bakakuk said...

If Zaid willing to resign from Umno for his principles, so why can't MCA and Gerakan do the same!!!Are you guys afraid to lose the gravy train!!

It really shows that you guys are bunch of NATO. I can foresee Dr. that MCA and Gerakan will never win the voters that you have lost!unless you guys do what you have to do to protect the innocent.

I believe that you guys have not accepted why you lost in the election. Listen to the voters Dr!

My dear Dr, action speaks louder than words!

Everyday we see the market share drop! this is due to the instability and incapability of our government to run this country.

Do you know how angry I feel about the recent ISA arrest! and especially with a minister who gives a exceptionally stupid excuse. It show that we are being dictated by bunch of morons.

Make you stand loud and clear Dr.
Do not do it during closed door meeting. We the rakyak want to know that you have spoken loud and clear like Zaid Ibrahim.

I admire and respect Zaid Ibrahim on his stand in this matter.

You will need to convince the rakyak that you are worthy for the respect for you principles.

jrajster said...

Please doc,

Let me tell you this. If your aspiration is to help the people of this nation, please refrain from joining BN. It doesn't serve the purpose.

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

Can you hear the mounting frustrations from the people who have regularly posted comments in your blog? They still think your contribution and leadership are meaningful even though you no longer holds any official power in your hands, in party or in govt.

Don't let them down - be brave to voice your opinion even if it makes you unpopular amongst your BN peers. Voice it with more convition - be more assertive not muted.

We don't want a leader to make pleasant statements when things that have happened to our country and our people, are far from pleasant, like the arrest of ordinary Malaysians under a terrorist law - the ISA.

Datuk said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

In my opinion....based on the current political climate in Malaysia, BN is no longer relevent:

i)The big brother is still insensitive to live with changes after the 8/march political tsunami.

ii) Try to employ force power to arrest the grievences of masses. We must be insane to believe this formula workable in the atmosphere of today.

iii) The majority of its politician are lacking idealogy, direction and courage to adjust to suit the latest landscape, thus will be eaten alive by its opposition soon.

iv) No proven track records (compared neigboring countries) to convience the people for rendering continue support; other than to utilise the petrol reserve unwisely over the past 30 years.

v) Lack of framework, weak in execution skills and inherited with a burden of little Napoliean for revitalise our competitiveness
; thus moving backward in the times to come.

why wasting yr times for contesting in the upcoming MCA election? Its' much better, more fun and meaningful to play with grand children ?

Dare to publish my comment ?

James said...

Louder please.

No one heard you.


MCA says that it should have been consulted on ISA. So, has it been consulted? If yes, why is it not demanding a release. If no, why are you still in government.

KIMHO8 said...

Someone belongs to the old fox home.
Who??? I don't know!

Francis Lui said...

I am glad MCA is calling for the release of Teresa and Petra. This is the right thing to do rather using ISA. If they wrong, charge them in court or else release them. Malaysia is becoming Global Laughing Stock, pls do the right thing for the sake of the country and future generation.

KIMHO8 said...

If Malaysian Cabaret Association & Girl&Rakan are not happy with what their bosses did. They should leave. The problem is they can't let go their luxury political career life. They do not deserve the respect, pride and dignity by saying that they have serve the people well for all this time. The unbreakable golden rice bowls have tie them down tightly. A very good leash for a simple minded pet. Maybe we can't blame them but to blame the system and the society. A good individual mindset plays a very important role of life. Courage and justice will preserve the cycle of the human race.

Anonymous said...

If MCA strong we dont need DAP.. DAP are playing the racist issues.. Shows the people as you can works with UMNO and MIC but still you can hold to your principles

Good luck.. although im so called MALAY but for long i've been supporting you and Tuan Chua Jui Meng

989say said...

DR Chua,
Interesting enough to read your stand on ISA in the blog.
Now that u r No:2 in MCA.R u going to work towards the release of ISA detainees?
WE will see...will u do it?

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