Thursday, September 4, 2008


As we move closer to September 16, I do not know if Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim can pull off the sensational feat of overthrowing the Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

What I do know is that there are many Chinese voters supporting the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) alliance. These are the voters who turned away from MCA and gave us a real bloody nose in the March elections.

But PR appears to have support also from the Indians and even a significant number of Malays.

In short, the PR alliance is turning into what BN used to represent.

To most Malaysians, the BN coalition had always been associated with moderation and multi-racialism even though it was recognized that Umno was the dominant party in the partnership.

Right now, BN is associated with racism, arrogance and corruption.

And while all BN component parties should take responsibility, it is Umno as the dominant party which is most tainted by such a perception.

Such was Umno's poor standing, especially among the Chinese, that the DAP had one major rallying cry which won them and lost the MCA the Chinese votes: "A vote for MCA is a vote for Umno."

Six months down the road, MCA is still fighting that perception.

But of course, we in the MCA can never hope to achieve a turnaround in public perception if Umno does not actually change.

Recent events show that Umno, when backs are against the wall, resorts to playing the race card.

It is a matter of public perception that the recent UiTM protests was instigated by quarters within Umno.

The racist comments of Bukit Bendera Umno chief Ahmad Ismail is another example.

So what can MCA do?

Pull out of BN? Will that really help, beyond satisfying our egos that we can help stick the knife into the backs of Umno.

Unfortunately, there is no direction within the MCA now.

We are busy with our party elections. I am worried that once we in the party finish deciding who our next leaders will be it may already be too late.

That is why I so wanted the party election campaign to be a battle of ideas instead of the slander and dirty politics which so turn people off.

Anyone who wishes to be MCA president, or be part of the senior leadership, must be able to convince Umno that multi-racialism is the only way out to save BN.

The BN must become multi-racial and moderate again. We must re-seize that branding back from PR and Anwar Ibrahim.

BN should eventually turn into a single-multi-racial party which really represents the interest of all Malaysians.

Realistically this cannot happen immediately of course.

But we must set it as a real target, instead of brushing the suggestion aside.

Perhaps the MCA should suggest some structural changes within the BN framework to reflect a more multi-racial outlook, to shake off the perception that BN is merely a coalition of race-based parties.

It pains me to see that it is the acting Gerakan president who has come up with suggestions to introduce a code of conduct for BN parties, while the current MCA leadership and those endorsed to take over the party do little to save MCA and BN!












。(Updated on 5/9/08)


ZORO said...

MCA advised UMNO to use the Morale card to fend off the challenge of Anwar?
So, who told the endorsed MCA candidate (for No. 1 post) to use the Morale card as well? The answer is obvious.
As long as these types of politicians still abound, nothing will change for the better for BN. The code of conduct is good but you need extra efforts to enforce it especially the practice seems to go along the "apology via some body or 2nd hand apology" trend. UMNO can and will change only after they've felled, else, they are definitely recalcitrant by default.

ZORO said...

MCA advised UMNO to use the Morale card to fend off the challenge of Anwar?
So, who told the endorsed MCA candidate (for No. 1 post) to use the Morale card as well? The answer is obvious.
As long as these types of politicians still abound, nothing will change for the better for BN. The code of conduct is good but you need extra efforts to enforce it especially the practice seems to go along the "apology via some body or 2nd hand apology" trend. UMNO can and will change only after they've felled, else, they are definitely recalcitrant by default.

siewkhim said...
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BareSheen said...

Dear Dr Chua,

Too little and too too late.

MCA is history. Get used to this idea and move on in your life.

Janitor said...

UMNO cannot and will not survive multi racialism within itself. Racial issue or rather ketuanan melayu has been the mantra of perpetuation for their long 51 years.

Your suggestion to open up their door is like asking them to renounce their religion. Impossible!

CT Choo said...

I agree with your view here, Dr Chua. Read this:

tan, tanjong bungah said...

Hi everyone,

BN to be relevant needs to rebrand to a multiracial and multicultural entity. Discard all its racist policies.

The more difficult task is on how to lose the corruption-tag, that Malaysians feel is endemic and rampant in BN. For this end, there should be no compromise in netting those corrupt, big fishes included. If it is business as usual, then BN can forget about rebranding as it is then a futile exercise!

The BN Supreme Council should draw up and announce a programme to mould and merge into a multiracial and multireligious party. There's no half-measures as Malaysians are definitely on a route to multiracialism, the 'old world' of UMNO, MCA and MIC is on the way out! Failure to take cognizance and action would definitely doom BN in the next GE.

Chee Yong said...

Yes Soi Lek, the race is on between MCA and Gerakan to win the hearts of the people out there. But as much as UMNO is to be blamed, no one put a gun onto MCA's head and say, "Stay in BN or else". MCA is free to choose their destiny. So while UMNO is arrogant, please stop passing the buck to UMNO. Admit your own party weakness before accusing others. MCA is still MCA. Always looking for the fall guy. MCA is guilty for its own cowardice act. MCA comes across to me as Kaki Ampu.

Looks like some things never changed.

Oink OInk said...

Right now, BN is associated with racism, arrogance and corruption.

And while all BN component parties should take responsibility, it is Umno as the dominant party which is most tainted by such a perception.

you've really got the guts to admit that MCA is also associated with racism, arrogance and most of all, undeniably, corruption.

the question of leaving BN is not a question of sticking a knife into the back of racist UMNO. as you've said it, to save mca is to stand up to UMNO, the racist party who has been and will destroy the nation unless it is tamed.

btw Datuk Seri, as i said in my blog, i was a life member of mca. actually i dunno my current status because i've not heard anything since i tendered my resignation long ago.

CP Waterman said...

I'm afraid you have got the Chinese perception wrong that "a vote for MCA is a vote for UMNO", the correct perception is that MCA is a "running dog" of UMNO. Dr. Ng Yen Yen has just proven herself to be one during the PP by-election!(Please correct me if I'm wrong).The former is just a casual passing remark.
So how do you propose to effect change of the detrimenting dog "image" of MCA? I say the way is to come out of BN for a time.
On one hand you are IMMEDIATELY seen by the Chinese that MCA is no more a dog and healing process duly begins.
On the other hand, you allow UMNO time to sort out their own messes:-
1) How they handle the "money politics" issue now that evidence of photos & video are submitted to ACA;
2) How they deal with the so called Abdul Ismail's racist elements infested within the whole of UMNO;
3) How comfortable is MCA with the passing baton of PMship to Najib who is riddled with lots of questions. etc etc..
You are not stabbing their back, you are being polite and act on the best interest of the RAKYAT!
They also need time to heal.

Datuk said...

"BN and UMNO in particular must become multi-racial again to survive"....

In my opinion...this alone is insufficient to restore the public confidence on BN again.

Kindly allow me to express my view on what need to be done in order to regain back the solid support from rakyat.

Let'me be blunt about it.....

1) BN must be able to remove the corruption cell that rooted in BN, particularly the controlling Gerakan DR Lim said's all about money, money, money.

2) BN must be able to implement meritocracy policy as the only solution for us to survive in the highly competitive landscape of today...can NEP be removed from our DR. M has openly said that NEP is a discrimination policy.

Do you think is it possible for BN to do that ??

KIMHO8 said...

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Countryman said...

Dr, you are right in pointing out the clear and obvious thing. In fact, UMNO has already outlived its relevance even as the Malays are concerned, wherein time and again UMNO claims it is fighting for the Malay interests. if that is true, how can time and again many of those in UMNO cried foul that the Malays in this country are being marginalised?

How can the Malays be marginalised if UMNO is doing its part as a political party to champion the interests of Bumiputras? The only and obvious answer is that it only champion for the rich and greedy Malays in power, and these people never seem to have enough. The general and poorer Malays actually did not benefit under any development programmes supposedly to benefit all Bumiputras as a whole.

Honestly, in the views of all non-Malays, and many younger generation of Malays, only if and when UMNO change it mindset, will UMNO in particular, and BN in general have a future in the political stage of Malaysia.

Pearls said...

The latest "pendatang" incident has shown to all that UMNO is not capable of changing. UMNO is not capable of understanding the essence of Multi-racial society.

A few days ago, we have the dumb and dumber team, Najib and Badawi saying so many nonsensical statements in the press. Najib apologise on behalf of UMNO but claim that the words spewed forth by Ahmad has nothing to do with UMNO.. (so, than why is Najib apologising? Tak faham betul) Than we also have Badawi saying that Ahmad didnt mean what he said which to me is saying Ahmad is a moronic dickhead or a brainless child! Are all the these signs of hope that UMNO is able to metamophosis into a party capable of handling multi-racial society?

Today, that Ahmad fella who spewed racial crap said he will not apologise. He dont think he has done wrong and therefore no need to apologise. Is this hope for a multi-racial society?

Admit it la.. BN is a goner... if MCA is to survive, MCA need to get out of BN! Koh Tsu Koon is correct when he said that BN is fast reaching the point of no return. At least he is realistic enough to know the ship is sinking and all on board will sink along with it!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

The 'secret formula' is to go beyond multi-racial
And to be really 'multi-' in all that's seen as 'facial'
So that all people can freely act in manners casual
While going about their daily business as usual

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 040908
Thu, 4th Sept. 2008.

iamataxpayer said...

mca will be automatically bubar by itself right from the moment they lost the power in federal government.

Why? consider this, do you think you guys can cari makan with other job?

Beside than PLAY PLAY politic, what good you are?

As yourself Mr Chua, without political backgroup, do you think you and your mca fellows are fit to be a small manager in a multinational company?

Does anyone out there want to hire people like you? ASK YOURSELF! Is anyone of mca are good in real work in real work? beside than PLAY PLAY and EAT EAT?

Do you think you guys ever to survive be a opposition party withouth any "makan party"?


Dare to publish this out? or just remove as usual?

YOu idiot can't face the reality, god bless you.

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

It will be very hard for BN and UMNO to achieve. So long as the UMNO still behave like this and has no intention to change, nothing can be achieved. A loser is part of the proble, but for winner is part of the solution. If the people is still live in their own life with only their dream, they can't accept the fact and reality. Till now, the problem that lie with UMNO is they still can't see the fact and reality. There is one phase that i like most from MCA youth chief,Mr. liao, is "Why should MCA withdraw from BN, why can't we asked UMNO to withdraw from BN." BN is a very good structure that accommodate every party that from different races. But, just because of the one rotten apple, it ruin the whole basket. The rotten apple should be thrown away rather than thrown away all the good apple right?!! God bless1!!!

C3 said...

A multi-racial structure is the winning ticket to formulate a strong society which is beneficial for economic execellence.

A race based structure GUARANTEES imbalance wealth distribution due to each race has been put a PRICE TAG on respective head by the ruling majority. Ironically, we do not have a COMPETITIVE ruling majority which causes many are suffering for ALL Malaysians today.

We do not need to be rocket scientist to figure the implications of the above.

KIMHO8 said...

About Mr. Mad from Bkt. Bendera. Actually, he is correct. He did nothing wrong!

BUMNO has cultivated them to be racist. He has been taught, instructed and ordered to be racist.

Malaysian Cabaret Association should agree with him too because they always say "We, Chinese do not break the BIG EFFORT which we have built for so hard and so long. It has maintained the harmonious unity between Chinese and Malays until now.(cough)"

Malaysian Cabaret Association, they are just like the old ancient timer, trade their own daughter or children even respect, dignity and pride for their personal survival.

I wish them happy and good luck!

Prachai said...

Howwwwww to change UMNO, dear Dr. Look the its rank and file. You also know there's a Chinese saying that it is easy for land to change hands, but when it comes to habits, it is too hard.

How can we expect the current UMNO people to change their attitude, how? They didn't acquire it overnight.

You are asking people who have been regularly dipping their hands into the state coffers to stop doing that. As if, this is going to scare them.

Yes, it is a case of too little too late already. You guys take care.

And oh, some of my friends in the press tell me that MCA people still want to take a look at prepublish news and give "advice". But nevermind, we get our news from Malay blogs, Chinese blogs, all kinds of blogs now so playing mind control is silly.

Farewell dear Dr ... I shall not waste anymore time trying to see how MCA could change.

CP Waterman said...

"Penang Umno backs Ahmad Ismail
Sep 5, 08 4:10pm
All 13 Umno divisions in Penang today supported embattled Bukit Bendera Umno chief Ahmad Ismail over his stand not to apologise for making racist remarks against the Chinese community.
Meeting not attended by Abdullah
'I didn't do anything wrong'"

Dr. Chua
The above has just proven my perception that UMNO is infested with so many "Abdul Ismail's" ABB did not even dare to attend their meeting. What does that tell you?
Do you think MCA can weed out the racist elements in UMNO by staying in BN?

Now the ball is back to your court and Liao's and Fong's. All eyes are on MCA!

KIMHO8 said...

PM without power and dignity.

Tegur sikit pun malas!

How to change?

ZORO said...

UMNO leadership must change, otherwise, it's unfair for the other components to support the alliance, BN.
While everybody is working hard to revive the alliance to regain trusts and confidence from the rakyat; these spoiled kids (never grown-up) are ruin the efforts.

Look what happens with the Malaysian Ringgit, it's now RM3.5 to the One US Dollar, a decrease in value from RM3.1; probably you don't need the cross-over of 30 MPs crossing-over and the battle is over. It's the collapse of our economy that "kills" the government. Beware!

kangcs said...

Isu Kaum Cina Sebagai Pendatang Asing....

Saya berpendapat, Melayu, Cina dan India semua adalah pendatang asing di Tanah Melayu, Kenapa saya berkata demikian, Ini disebabkan Tanah Melayu adalah dimiliki oleh Orang Asli, dan orang aslilah yang merupakan bumiputera di atas tanah ini.

Jika saya adalah kerajaan, saya akan mengarahkan Polis supaya gunakan ISA untuk tahan / tangkap orang yang mengeluarkan kata-kata yang tidak menggunakan otak ataupun boleh dikatakan tak ada otak / pemikiran yang terbuka....

Dan Saya tidak akan terima penjelasan dan maaf daripada dia (jika di minta maaf) kerana permintaan itu bukan keluar daripada hati dia....

Kita orang cina mesti pandai pandai jaga diri supaya boleh terus hidup dengan aman dan makmur dan ada beras makan...

Sehingga hari ini, saya telah hilang langsung kepercayaan kepada ahli ahli politik....MCA, GErakan DAP....UMNO...MIC dan sebagainya...semua abang adik sahaja... dua kali 5....

U all must do something to show to the malaysian u are the best...and can take care us....



JP said...

Yg Bhg Datuk Seri,

It's no doubt that many Chinese at my age (around 30s+) were grow up from a DAP heart-influenced family.

Many of us choose NOT to support MCA; because they are more influenced by their family where they've planted with rocket was better than {balance mark} mindset!
It's not as you said that "A vote for MCA is a vote for Umno" ! (correct me if I'm wrong)

Now, we have seen enough for that [Joker] hoo-and-haa for defection!
If he really become the next PM, what will fall to Chinese ?(correct me again if I sounded to touch on racist issue)

People did support rocket for many years; but now the rocket is laid on the moon and stucked there (transformed differently ...) !

SO, you MCA is the "fresh" hope to really create a non-racist, multi racial party who bangsa Malaysia can rely on ~

DO it with your guts ~.~

[ the 3rd PARTY ]
[ Malaysia party ]

PL said...

MCA-Gerakan-Umno has too much entanglement and unable to do the right thing to bring the country forward. MCA/Gerakan is good as dead after the Ahmad Ismail issue.

slby99 said...

Hi datuk,

We want to see MCA leaving UMNO....that's the only way MCA can survive, please la don't think so much.....leaving UMNO is best for everyone including UMNO themselves (to make them repentent).

NEIL said...

DR, the moment you step into MCA,you sign your own DEATH warrant.

Rakyat Jelata said...

There is no need for MCA, MIC, Gerakan, SAPP or any other parties to quit BN.

If UMNO unable draw a clear line between thier party & the racists, then BN should kick UMNO out.

We have been told that the spirit of equalities & concessionaries within BN, I wonder how true is this?
We also heard BN was not control by UMNO alone, so should we expect some sort of action or feedback from all other component parties regarding this issue in a Malaysian context?

No parties need to quit BN.
UMNO is the cause of all the trouble.
Just sack UMNO from BN.

Sack UMNO!!!
Sack UMNO!!!
Sack UMNO!!!

moseswhchong said...

MCA and MIC should not leave BN now or ever unless UMNO tells them to. To those who make this call should think hard, think deep and think far again the consequences if both parties leave BN now. I don't wish to give the reasons here for this call. I am old enough and have seen enough to caution both MCA and MIC against taking the plunge but be brave enough to stand up and face UMNO as equal partners.
I have seen 513 and many more racial riots in the past in this country and the recent troubles in Burma and I can tell you that Chairman Mao Tse Tung is right ie POWER COMES FROM THE BEREL OF THE GUN. Please use your brains also instead of only your brawns. I am not an MCA or MIC member and I love none of them. To others who are making the call to both these parties to quit BN now please exercise caution, don't get swollen headed from PR's recent victories and completely forgetting your own weaknesses and your lack of resources. Anyway the mooncake festival is here now and please give a thought after every bite of the mooncake. Happy mooncake festival to the Chinese Malaysians and hoping that other Malaysians too will enjoy themselves during this festival.


Orang Tua.

Fernando said...

Is Sep 16 possible ?

Express yourself at

mohd asrum said...

Pahlawan Melayu atau Pengkhianat Bangsa?
Perwatakan dan gaya Dato' Ahmad Ismail menampakkan beliau seorang Panglima Perang Besar bangsa Melayu yang begitu garang dan tegas. Seolah-olah tidak ada seinci pun yang akan diberikan oleh panglima ini dalam menegakkan kedaulatan dan keagungan bangsa
Tetapi adakah ini kebenaran atau persepsi semata-mata? Kalau benar ia hanya persepsi, silat persepsi sebegini rupa hanya boleh diajar oleh seorang ahli politik sahaja. Ahli politik yang ketandusan prinsip. Ahli politik yang dahulunya berwajah pejuang bangsa dan kini sudah bertukar rupa untuk menjadi musuh bangsa Melayu nombor satu, Anwar Ibrahim.
Seni halus yang dimainkan oleh Ahmad Ismail berbau Anwar. Anwar dengan liciknya menarik perhatian orang ramai kenegeri Sabah dan Sarawak sedangkan pergerakannya banyak tertumpu di Semenanjung Malaysia, terutamanya di negeri kuatnya Pulau Pinang.
Fakta yang sahih menunjukkan Anwar Ibrahim telah mengambil Ahmad Ismail sebagai anak didik politiknya ketika Anwar menjadi Ketua Perhubungan Negeri. Dari ahli biasa, Ahmad Ismail diangkat oleh Anwar hingga beliau memegang tampuk kepimpinan Bukit Bendera. Dalam tempoh ini, segala kemahuan dan nafsu duniawi Ahmad Ismail dipuaskan oleh Anwar. Ahmad Ismail begitu terhutang budi dengan jasa yang telah ditabur oleh mentor politiknya.
Pada tahun 2008, Anwar meraih hutang budinya dari Ahmad Ismail. Namun, bukanlah kenangan kisah silam sahaja yang berjaya membuat Ahmad Ismail mengkhianat bangsa sendiri. Kerakusan dan ketamakan Ahmad Ismail menjadi pendorong utama mengapa dia sanggup menggadai maruah diri, maruah bangsa dan maruah UMNO.
Setelah Pulau Pinang jatuh ketangan Pakatan Rakyat. Dunia Ahamad Ismail menjadi semakin gelap. Dia seolah-olah karam dalam lautan politik yang bergelora ini.Hanya Anwar sahaja yang boleh menyelamatkannya.
Dengan sekelip mata, Ahmad Ismail dengan relanya menjayakan wayang dan mengupas agenda sebenar Anwar Ibrahim yang telah menggegar negara baru-baru ini. Ketika sidang akhbar itu berjalan, pesan Anwar Ibrahim bergema di dalam Ahmad Ismail – "Bakar semangat Melayu, Pastikan BN berpecah tanggal 16 Sepetember ini. Pastikan Gerakan dan MCA keluar dari Barisan. Bila aku kembali berkuasa kau akan menerima habuannya."
Tanggungjawab UMNO ialah untuk memperjuangkan nasib anak bangsa, dan dengan nada yang sama, kepada pemimpin yang sengaja membelakangi tanggungjawab ini demi kepentingan peribadi, UMNO harus berani menjatuhkan hukuman seberat beratnya. Kerana UMNO alaf baru ini tiada tempat untuk pengkhianat anak bangsa dan boneka Anwar Ibrahim seperti Ahmad Ismail ini.

krobo said...

Dear All,

It goes to show that there are hundreds of UMNO divisional leaders that support the view of Ahmad and for him to remain defiant to the end would also point to us that he has backings from hidden hands in UMNO.

C3 said...

Today is a sad day for democracy.

RPK is under arrest and 3 newspapers is in trouble.

Dear Dr. Chua,

I hope you can lead MCA to a new beginning by divorcing BN immediately. Start your own party or join Pakatan. I will support you!


Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.