Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Johor MCA Youth and Wanita Election

A lot of people think that since the State Wanita and Youth candidates who are closely aligned to me lost in the state elections, it means that politically I am dead. The Chinese press has gone to town on this.

Not many people are aware that most of the MCA central delegates come from MCA parent body rather than Youth and Wanita.

In terms of numbers, they are small. But in terms of perception, it is important and those that do not know MCA politics may feel demoralized by the lost.

In fact I think the Youth candidate who lost had done creditably well in securing nearly 46% of the votes. Considering that he comes from the parent body being a divisional chairman and preparation for the elections was done barely 5 days prior to nomination, whereas his opponent had been Youth secretary for 2 terms and had the backing of 2 deputy Ministers who also hailed from the Youth movement in Johor.

As for the Wanita candidate who lost by 51 votes, she lost because of the extreme poor turnout by the delegates (of less than 65%). This however appears to be the trend in all states as far as the Wanita component is concerned. There is a pressing need to look into the root causes of this phenomenon.

Since the delegates have decided, we will have to respect their choice. Life has to go on, in the same way, politics has its ups and downs and it is how you handle the downs rather than the ups that determine your lifespan in the political arena.


artic turban said...

Could the LOW turnout be also due to other reasons, like abandoning MCA for Pakatan? After the Ahmad fiasco and PM'S INACTION, I am surprised that Mca still is in BN or has members left.

Huang said...

Dr. Chua,

Whether the winners are aligned to the Top MCA leaders and the losers are from your Team makes NO DIFFERENCE to most Chinese Malaysians. They have voted for the Opposition! So, why quibble over the winners are from the other team and the losers are from yours? The sooner MCA GETS out of BN the better it will be for the Chinese community at large and for MCA leaders in particular. WHY stay in when there is NO mutual respect from UMNO ? Look at the racist and seditious remarks made by an UMNO member in Penang ! And look at the response of UMNO President and UMNO Deputy President!

An APOLOGY is NOT good enough! He should be hauled up by the Police and charged for sedition and locked up! Compare that with Lim Guan Eng's case when he remarked about the 14-year-old girl in Malacca! He was charged and JAILED!

There are many other examples; but I won't waste my time or yours! YOU have NOT responded to any of my comments!!! So, WHY waste time ?This my LAST response to your blog! BYE, BYE!
You can do anything you like with MCA!If you really want to FIGHT fro the JUSTICE and for teh CHINESE Community, you should FIRE UMNO and MCA leaders and get out of BN and MCA!

S.H. Huang

Datuk said...

Dear Dr chua,

1) Although it's premature to conclude that yr political career is dead after last week johor state election on wanita and youth candidates ..but as a matter of fact you had loss some meaningful amount of supporters in Johor.

2) The chance to beat the lineup of current incumbents in MCA is slim if judging from its history. You need to create miracle to dispel the odds that against you.

3) Your old ways and old thinking of politicking would be a burden for you to overcome especially after the 8/march political tsunami in Malaysia. You need to invent yourself first and conviencing mca central representative to align with you later. The times has ruuning out. Can you do these ?

4) The public image of OTK is so solid among mca central representative and supported by previous proven records (MCA youth president and elected vice president, he beaten the odds)in his political career.....what can you do to block him this time around....

Dare to publish my comment ?

vin said...

you stupid fucker,what you don't deal to put my comment in your blog.are you scare know that you are a prono star i have your dvd and you don't deal to pt in i will download to your tube let the world people see it.
you know you got attitude problem cannot represent chinese in malaysia

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

Is is worth fighting for the post of President of a party that no longer has the majority support of the Chinese community in Malaysia?

Made worse with a political eunuch like Ka Chuan, who can't even speak proper Bahasa Malaysia nor English, and who has frequently uttered some of the most stupidest public statements by a Federal Minister, declaring his intention to stand for the post of Deputy Party President!

O' my God! Is MCA so bankrupt of capable leaders? Wither the party - when guys like Ka Chuan can be considered top partymen material!

Please someone, anyone, please challenge him and stop the rot. Not that I really care - but as a responsible Malaysian, I think I have to speak my mind. We can't have a Federal Minister who has the habit of making stupid statements and a poor command of spoken language.

vin said...

Hi, As my information Dr Chua will not fight the chairman.Dato Chua jui meng will represent him to elect MCA Chairman. Donald Lim will elected deputy chairman.when Dato Chua win the election, Dr Chua soi lek will become secretary general. As i also know that Dato Kong Cho Ha is the suppoter of Dr Chua.So everybody don't worry Dr Chua.

krobo said...

Dear All,

It is an uphill task for any aspirants in MCA wanting to win important positions without being a Minister, Deputy Minister himself or aligned to certain powerful individuals. The recently concluded MCA Perak Youth election clearly demonstrated to all and sudry that Ong Ka Chuan is still a powerful force in the state. Many would concur with me that Ka Chuan is less charismatic as a leader than others but the fact that he has a Ministerial post is good enough for his "ma-chai" to be elected. This is the simple truth and one must reconcile with the fact that without a Ministerial or Deputy Ministerial post or aligning themselves with those who are not currently in power or shall I say in certain cases, "has beens" would only end up securing the loser's seat in any MCa forthcoming elections.

artic turban said...

I think the time has come to choose whether they want to continue being subservient to UMNO or join the people kicking umno out of power, LEAVE BN, MCA.

Today saw a slap on gerakan and MCA'S face, yesterday the slapped on the wrist the moron ahmad with a 3 year ban, today they arrest RPK UNDER ISA, SINCHEW REPORTER ALSO ARRESTED FOR DOING HER JOB, and reporting truthfully, now the latest news, Teresa Kok detained under ISA as well
She was believed to have been detained at 11.18pm.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng speaking at a press conference has described it as a “travesty of justice” and “a mockery of democracy”. There appears to be a massive crackdown to prevent 916 from happening, he observed.

Gerakan leader Teng Hock Nan is leading a candlelight vigil with about 20 Gerakan activists while human rights activists are also holding a vigil.

A crowd of about 200 people are now gathered at the police station in Penang. Some are milling around, some are singing “Suara Rakyat”.
if with the fascists you will have a lot of walkouts from mca, don't believe me, go ask your members, those who don't depend on business from umno, ask the real chinese how they feel. FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE BE TRUTHFULL WITH YOUR SELF.

lum said...

Dr Chua, I appeal to you ,please do something and speak up foe the innocent reporter from Sin Chew!!!Do whatever you can and with your relationship with MCA top guns,pleasea send the message of our concern to the well being of Miss Tan from sinchew.This is an appeal from all concerned malaysians.

Kevin Lim said...

I have truly missed you since you left the scene as our Minister ..we in healthcare have missed you teribly ..come back soon

Kevin Lim

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