Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Manifesto/ 竞选宣言

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malayamuda said...

Dato Seri,

Include one more




You are sure to win the elections !

CT Choo said...

Good luck in your campaign, Dr Chua. You are a good man. Chinese Malaysians need leaders like you.

NEIL said...

DR, are you sure that Master and Servant altitude will end?I have too many question marks in my mind.Sorry I'm not convince at all.You sound good but you don't look good.

freelittlebrain said...

Dr, I learn that yr opponents are using yr sex scandal for campaigning against you. What is yr strategies to overcome the issue?

Anonymous said...

There is still the Internal Security Act because both Malaysian Chinese Association / Gerakan and the Malaysian Indian Congress do not dare to talk about it with UMNO. Therefore, UMNO sees you all as frightened politicians who do not mind to be pushed around as long as at the end of the day, you all are given some sweets. UMNO dares not to touch PAS because they are no pushovers. Not just because they are an opposition. They are also Malays but they know what they really want.

A.S said...

wish u the best of luck..somehow it must be glad if u'll be the president MCA

Dr Lim Song Chai said...

Dr Chua,I found that you are right for contesting the deputy instead of president.After hearing your thought,your view and your vision yesterday at palace, some of the delegates know you are a good and capable leader. They said if you are contesting president they will not give you the votes because of the.... but since now you are going for the deputy they said they will give you the votes.I foresee it's going to be a close fight.Whoever seeing and meeting more delegates especially personal contact will win the race.

Anonymous said...

高谈阔论, 不如善用杠杆平衡原理来的实际.

Edmund said...

Dr Chua, I personally think you are a good man and mean what you say and what you are fighting for but honestly I think it's just a waste of time. I am from East Malaysia and I have been following what has been happening to this country of ours and frankly I am disgusted with our gov't and with all the BN component parties. Honestly , MCA does not fight for the chinese or for that matter any races except for their own interest. As far as I'm concerned, MCA is a disgrace to the chinese coz it's nothing more than a "ya and botut" party & lapdog to UMNO(United Moron Numskull Organization). We are all malaysians irrespective of where our ancestors are from and we should all start behaving as one nation, otherwise this country is screwed. In all honesty, I sometimes think that if we put primary school children in parliement, they will actually do a better job running this country than some of our moronic (M)aha (B)esar like our moronic "Botak" Syed Alamak... Does he think we are all cacat without a brain...? May God( or Allah in his case) have mercy on his sorry ass(soul) coz I'm definitely do not have any symphathy for him if he burns in hell for his machavellian horse shit....
Datuk, I wish you all the best but I pray that you will do the right thing...... At this moment in time, I fear for this nation...!!!!

vin said...

If Dr Chua and CJM will the election,they will not pull out from BN. you know Dr Chua is a very self-fish person,I know him about 9 years.He is the person who only think his benefit first, his attitude is very bad. I have post quite a few of comment regarding about his attitude but Dr Chua not deal to show in the public. Dr I felt very sharm for you.

CP Waterman said...

All the best to you Dr.Chua!

BTW this is the 1st time I get to hear Minister Liow on the issue of ISA -

See how evasive he is.
He sure carries that foul stench of the arrogance of UMNO. Honestly with him around MCA is doomed!

Noit said...

Dato Seri,

Pls bring changes to all of us when you're elected and get rid of that MORON!!!!!!

Negara said...


KIMHO8 said...

Your manifesto??? LOL

We will see who is the clown?

citizen said...

争来斗去, 又何苦?

989say said...

Dato Sri Dr,
Can your 3R convince the Malaysian voter or just MCA delegate? MCA claims to represent the Chinese but can't even win the heart of the majority Chinese. In the past MCA being repeatedly reminded by your partner that MCA won bcoz of the partner's 'charity'(you won in minority Chinese seats)and that is one reason you can't speak out much. If MCA is to remain in main stream politic you must be brave to reject your partner who play up racial issue.Chose a partner who treats every one as a Malaysian.

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