Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Biscuit makers seek help

Dr Chua, who is the party's government policy monitoring bureau chief, said major producers representing the RM2.5 billion biscuit industry had expressed to him their frustration at the ministry. These include the ministry's slow lab results and red tape involved in issuing clearance letters to certify that the biscuits are safe.

"Importing countries now want a letter of analysis of the biscuits and letters from the government that guarantee the safety of the product.

"Their problem with the ministry is that there are five labs which take two weeks to test their products. Because time is of the essence for businesses, many producers have sent their products to be tested in Singapore, where it only takes two days to get the results.

"However, the Health Ministry here does not accept these results." Because of the delays caused by the Malaysian labs and the ministry's hesitance in backing up local producers, Dr Chua said demand had been reduced significantly.

"Last week, the 'big boys' (public- listed biscuit producers) told me the export market which used to be RM600 million a year, has dropped by 50 per cent. Local consumption, which used to be worth RM1.5 billion to RM2 billion a year, has also dropped by 40 per cent."

Coupled with the uncertain global economy, Dr Chua said that many producers were afraid they might not be able to finance the loans they had taken.

"Therefore, I suggest that the ministry accept the analysis done by Singapore. The companies which do their testing in Singapore can issue a letter of guarantee to the ministry stating they are fully responsible for the quality of the products. "

The ministry should not hesitate to announce their names should the results be proven untrue. Based on this trust, the ministry should issue a clearance letter for the producer. I think this is fair."

He said the ministry should also educate the public about melamine so that consumers can make informed choices and not live under constant and unfounded fear.

"Melamine in biscuits is different from melamine in milk. In China, they intentionally added the chemical to increase the protein count in milk. Using nitrogen as a measurement, milk from China contained 2,000 parts per million (ppm) of melamine. "

"But melamine in biscuits is a contaminant from the raw materials imported from China, not an intentional ingredient. Human tolerance for melamine is high."If someone weighs 15kg, he can tolerate up to 9.5g of melamine daily. But to reach that level, he would have to eat 32 servings of biscuits a day. Who eats that many biscuits a day?"

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I swear said...

Does biscuit makers deserve help and sympathy? I do not think so. Likewise I think the current Health Minister should be sacked too. It took Vietnam, HK and Thailand to tell us that or biscuit are contaminated and melamine enriched.

One or two weeks ago, the Health MInister had the cheeck to say new discovery of melamine tainted biscuits from Malaysia was due to old stock. What an idiot who obviously thinks there is no need to recall alll melamined enriched biscuits. The biscuit maker was also irresponsible for not recalling all their melamine enriched biscuits.

Ever wonder how many had been poisoned by melamined enriched biscuits and todate had not sought treatment? Still thinks we should help those irresponsible idiots?

Help those who deserve help and responsible. Do not help those who did not learn and not responsible.

But I do agree that we should accept test results from S'pore Health authorities. We all know they are better in this respect. Unfortunately can we overcome PRIDE?

NEIL said...

Dr, You know why thy delay the result.it's becos all this companies are Chinese ones,so they are not interested to rush.If these companies are bumis,i can assure you it will be instant.this is what malaysia is all about.
Dragging their feet will result in all these companies going bankerupt and they are more happy to do it.

南洋閩學網誌 said...

Dear Dr.Chua9

You are performing your function very well ,by forming a bridge between the people and the authority.I do agree goverment action need to be taken according to scientific data and research in a most of the cases .If you continue to do good thing you wil be able to win the heart of Rakyat and will be rewarded one day ,I am very sure.







Mike said...

As a transport minister, the policy OTK is trying to implement after taking office appears to be lack in synergy with the rest of the Government Departments…

Recent hasty enforcement of back seat safety belt, lead me to question OTK real political and public management intelligent. Has the policy been though through properly with all possible scenario covered before implementation ? ?

1) If the intention of enforcing back seat safety belts was to save life, what about those travelling in the public transport such as LRT, Express Buses, Trains… If they are exempted do you mean if these vehicles collided, passengers don’t get hurt / killed ? Why then airplanes required safety belts because in an air disaster there is not much different if you worn safety belts or not…

2) Those vehicles produced before 1995 which do not have mandatory back seat safety belts installed, will these vehicle been summoned when caught? If not why have a double standard policy that exempt these vehicles from the current enforcement? Why not wait until all vehicles are properly equipped before enforcement? What seem to be a hurry? This only general further confusion to law abiding road users.

3) With this back seat safety belt policy, does it mean there is now a legal limit as to how many passengers a private vehicle can now ferry. With only three back seat safety belts in a typical car, does it mean only five passengers is now allowed in a vehicle ? Those with six, seven passengers will they be summoned when caught? What about legal liability in term of accident insurance. Will the insurance reject a claim when more than five passengers were injured in an accident?

4) My neighbor has five kids, with both husband and wife and a maid, a total of 8 persons now cannot squeeze into their current vehicle ? or Can they ?

5) Our hard working Public Work Minister is so happy to announce yesterday, Plus will give discount to encourage private vehicle to travel in the wee hour of the morning (12 pm – 7am). I believe this will further alleviate the already high road accidental rate which is indirect conflict with transport minister drive to reduce our current high road accident rate and fatality. By 12pm most people are exhausted from the daily choir and required a proper rest. To drive long distance in a poorly light highway and travelling in high speed, what will be the consequence of a fatal mistake. I reckon if the toll concessionaire is not sincere in giving discount ,, then please don’t give at all ….. As all life are precious, to lost one is one too many …

These questions keep puzzling me as all are rather simple and down to earth questions that even the road side hawkers can logic with you. Why can’t these so called leaders representing us foresee all these problems ? ?

I don’t really expect OTK to actually read and response to these questions, as I have lost my last ounce of hope and respect in him.

Prehap Dr Chua will be my last hope in getting some of these questions answer...

Ah Chin said...

" The freezing ice of three feet is not the result of a night of cold." This was the snide comment from Ong Tee Kiat when asked by reporters to comment on your first salvo at the MOH. Of course every chinese educated person knows what OTK was trying to imply. The comment shows that OTK and his team will never appreciate your contribution to the party in particular and the welfare of the people in general. Trust me, they will pull out all stops to throw a spanner in your works as Deputy President of the party.
Their fear is not about how badly you go about doing your work, but how good. The odds are heavily stacked against you and I'm sure you know the enormity of the obstacles you will face in trying to do your job in, as you said, a professional way. I hope you have enough steel in you to take on the president's men. Good luck.

Stanley said...

OTK should resign to take responsibility for this problem.
Let me be the first to demand for his resignation.

Pearls said...

Ok.. here is what I think. These bisket makers are just being a spoilt brat! How often are they tsunamied with such problems? Every month? every day? every year? Oh! come one la!! This melamine thingy is like what? The first disaster in a few years? And here they are crying their eye balls out about how much losses they make and yadda, yadda, yadda..

To begin with, they deserved it! If they have been true to their conscience, they wont be scouting and using cheap stuff to increase their profit! These bisket makers make a lot OK!! 100% upwards in net profit for each bisket OK!!

Another, these bisket markers are not poor ok.. most of them is jutawan ok. Year in year out make so much money never make allowance for such disaster ah? You kidding me!? Well, HELLO!! this is business right? if they didnt make allowance for such things as disaster funds, than this is call bad management! Don't cry for being dumb!

Ya la.. the Health Minister should have, could have acted ala PRONTO.. but hey! everybody in here just arrived from Shanghai by boat issit?? Don't know how these government people work ah? Nowadays already a little bit better, from snail speed to tortoise speed... Don't ask so much la! (wahahahahaha!!!)

As for the Malaysian people... what can I say but KIASI!! These people cannot get simple concept into their big grey matter.. YOU NEED HELLUVA LOT OF MELAMINE TO KILL ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE LIKE AN OX SO BIG AND HEAVY!! Eat that little bit of bisket, make so much noise. Aiyah, like you have said lor.. not to say eat bisket by the boxes everyday. HOW TO DIE LIKE THAT? Smoking also can kill la, infact kill even faster and painful ah, these people also puff like there is no tomorrow?? Sheesh!

James said...

It"s ok if you are going to help this bicuit manaufacturers but you have to get the facts right.This manufacturers have themselves to be blamed and kicked in their arses!
They knew very well those raw materials from China were dirt cheap and most probably a little tainted!It was on their onus to test the incoming raw goods!They took us public for fools as anything baked in the hot oven is o k for us to consume.
Now with the melamine scare ,they were caught with their pants down!
What happen if those countries didnt detect those malaysian biscuits were tainted.This manufacturers would carry on of not testing the in-coming materials.The manufacturers were mainly to blame for the cheap raw ingrindients and THEY ARE USING YOU AS A MAJIC BULLET FOR THEIR CURE!

南洋閩學網誌 said...

Dear drchua9

While waiver is neede at this critical stage.Our manufacturer should also be reminded of their obligation to operate accoprding
"ZERO DEFECT" concept.

It is time for us to encourage local beverage manufacturers to research into the possibilities of manufacturing toxic cleansing drink.I am sure our country jungle
has plenty of plants that can perform toxic cleansing function.
Sometime crisis do also provide opportunity

Anonymous said...


After Dr. Chua’s criticism of health ministry’s handling of biscuit industry’s problem due to melamine scare, the ministry suddenly accepts Singapore’s laboratory reports, announces to the world that biscuits made in Malaysia are safe and organize worldwide briefing tours. Why sudden efficiency? This shows it is matter of want or don’t want.

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