Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama's victory/ 奥巴马的胜利

I am back to work.

One must admire and congratulate Barack Obama being elected the 44th President of USA, and the first Afro-American to be elected.

This is indeed a proud and defining moment for American politics. Race or colour of the skin does not count in US during election! Obama’s victory is a watershed in US and may change the American political landscape. Civil rights activists have finally realized their dreams and the US’s dream of the opportunity.

I cannot say the same about Malaysia. Colour and religion still play an important role in Malaysia daily life. I am not even talking about the position of the PM and Deputy PM, if the CEO of Government Linked Companies and State Development Corporations colour do matter (e.g. PKNS recently). To many people in Malaysia, race matter a lot.

The colour of the skin may work against you, though you may be the best candidate for the job. Martin Luther King once said: “Judge a man by his content of his character but not his colour.” Racial harmony is fragile and very superficial in Malaysia. Some call it mutual tolerance.

John Mc Cain, fought a long and hard battle, like an old warrior that never die. He should be admired and congratulated for his grace in conceding early defeat and accept the American voter verdict. He had no hesitation in congratulating the winner, no bitterness, no excuse and certainly no signature campaign to show that he still have significant support.

Accept the verdict of the voter and life move on. MCA politicians should emulate Mc Cain’s graciousness rather than bad mouth the victor in the party election. To the loser, it is not the end of the world. To the victor, it is only temporary since party election is once every 3 years.









St Ong said...

Sir, welcome back.
Hope we also looked the new era of MCA new leadership team.

Huang said...

Dr. Chua, you are the Obama of Malaysia, IF you really and boldly want to CHANGE the nation for the betterment of the people.

Obama has broken several records. First, he is an African-American. Second, he is a black , a minority, in a white world. Three, he is the Harvard law graduate, the most qualified man.
Four, he has turn the red States blue! Ohio, Florida, Pensylvania.
Five, the Democratic Party holds sway in both Houses of Congress.

Have you noticed that the word " Change " has indeed changed the world? "Change" became the symbol for change in Malaysia in the March 8th election. The Opposition Parties made " Change" as a sign of progress. And progress is what people want.

S.H. Huang


Millions of young people, people of color and ordinary workers have had their confidence raised. Many will be inspired to step forward into political activity as a result of this election. Many of them will see the need to mobilize campaigns and protests in an attempt to keep Obama's attention on those who elected him. Others will be forced into struggle to defend themselves against the cutbacks and attacks resulting from this recession. The wave of political awakening which Obama rode to power was not the creation of his campaign, and the radicalization of the U.S. working class won't stop with the end of this campaign - just the opposite, in fact!

Movements that develop will inevitably come into sharp conflict with an Obama administration. Events will expose Obama, and Congressional leaders as representatives of big business. As a result the way will be prepared, for a new political and class awakening in U.S. society. Consciousness of the need to break with the Democratic Party will grow. More than ever, the question of building a political voice for working people will emerge onto the political agenda. The idea of a new anti-corporate, antiwar political party, a party of working people, will gain traction in the minds of millions, as ordinary people struggle to find a path toward genuine change, a way out of the economic and social crisis engulfing U.S. society.

Johnny said...

1. America took 200 years to achieve this dream - The best man for the job.
2. Malaysia will take 2000 years. However I am sure we will achieve this dream also.
3. But for now the Chinese's hope is on MCA to look after their rights and interests and not sell out their race.
4. There are still some MCA leaders who think more for themselves rather than the party or the race.

Ikrak said...

But your are remembered as the florist cheebye fucker.

Obama don't fuck cheap florist cheeby in cheap hotel.

But in Malaysia polisickening like you are well accepted. Look at those scums in your other component. You have people after the fucked Mongolian slut they murdered her to get maximum thrill. There your PM.

Pearls said...

Yup.. Obama and John McCain are shinning examples of what leaders should be. It is very unfortunate we have none here....

Our leader in waiting is scandalous with nothing to offer but flip flops statements about our economy. Dont even go near that path of inspiring the nation or renewing faith in the nation like what Obama did during his victory speech. I dare not even think what our future is going to be and that is simply pathetic!

So, while the world has seen a great nation take a giant towards unity and peace.. we?? God help us!!

Clement said...

I feel sorry for ikrak,a man who has only porno image and bad thing in his mind.

If you are a man tell PM straight to his face. Coward!

max said...

Dr., welcome back!
All of us also have a Dream.
Hope the new leadership will
achieve more.

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