Thursday, November 27, 2008

CHANGE the Game

Change means courage to challenge the norms, courage to challenge your shortcomings, courage to challenge your competitors, courage to challenge every single roadblock in whatever you strive to achieve.

In other words you become a non conformist

In this sense, Advertising and Politics have parallels. One of those parallels is CHANGE. Both must accept that change is constantly needed, or we become obsolete. When I mention change, I mean meaningful change. Real change. Indeed, change is actually the search for relevance.

“Advertising and Politics have parallels. Accept change or become obsolete.”

In politics, this means a need to stay relevant, to meet the rising expectations of the rakyat.

Obama demonstrates the power of change. Change that brought hope to Americans.

He knew people were tired of Bush, it became change vs status quo. At no time does he project himself as champion of the coloured people. It is the other way round. He rose above racial politics and championed the cause of all Americans, and that energised them. When he started 2 years ago, a lot of Americans, let alone the world then was asking Obama who? He changed all that by clever timing, spinning, packaging and advertising, creating a brand of his own until his brand became an accepted brand. Politicans and Advertisers have a lot to learn from Obama campaign of change and strategy.

If Obama’s platform had been challenging “whites” he would’ve lost. He went with national issues & interests. He wasn’t the hero of ‘colored’ people but for all.
Instead of “Black vs White”, it was “change vs status quo”.

Back home, the 308 election often regarded as the political tsunami, changed the political landscape of Malaysia. It marks the start of the two-party system, hence political parties have to change to be competitive.

“The start of the two-party system means parties have to change to be competitive.”

The rakyat voted for change. It is very obvious, that the BN leaders, my party included, were not prepared and were caught unaware of the voters’ sentiments.

Post 308, what sort of change would the rakyat expect from us?

BN needs to change. It is not an option, but necessary to face the new political reality, to remain relevant and competitive. It is not and cannot be business as usual after 308. Unfortunately, we still have not changed much since...although time is fast running out.

Like advertising, the actual product MUST ultimately match the appeal of the advertising. Or disappointment sets in. It’s like finding out the skin cream doesn’t really make you look younger. Or that the weight you lost has returned. Or Obama isn’t a great president. Keadilan isn’t actually interested in…keadilan.

I think the Opposition and even to some extent the BN is burning political goodwill that was previously built. Ask any citizen and very few will be able to tell you about any concrete improvements in Opposition-controlled states.
Similarly, even after the stinging rebuke of 308, I don’t think any member of the rakyat will say ‘Yes, the ruling government has heard us, they’re starting to improve things.’ Consumers punish disappointment by not buying products. And after 308, citizens have learnt that they can punish politicians by pulling their votes. We are wasting goodwill and we only have a small, limited window to meet expectations. And even when we meet it, we cannot stop.

Change is a process. It is not a singular moment. And if we want change, we must stop looking at it like something that has happened, but something that is still taking effect. It is STILL happening. Which brings me to another point: We have to stop living in the past.

“Change is a process. It is not a singular moment.”

Talking about the fundamental of politics in the country which is organised above racial political lines, WE NEED TO CHANGE so that while we look after our own ethnic group, we need to champion national issues that affects all Malaysians. Issue-centric rather ethno-centric. If Keadilan can project itself to be multiracial and be able to look after the interests of CHI or Indian community, it raises the possibility that MCA,MIC,GERAKAN may not be relevant anymore.

“Our politics is still organised along racial lines.We need to be issue-centric, not ethno-centric.”

I am not so naive as to suggest that race is not an issue. The system, the mentality, has been there for a long while and its improvement will not come overnight. I AM saying that we need to change to address issues beyond the confines of ethnicity. It is very limiting. It is also living in the past.

Learning from the advertising industry - you people are everywhere! One theme, one convention that you cannot seem to lari is ‘three races’ advertising. Every big company sure show some corporate ad which feature coincidentally one Malay, one Chinese, one Indian. What about the ‘Dan Lain-Lain?’

We continue to be defined by our racial lines. Just because we began that way, it does not mean we have to STAY that way. We should be a real melting pot, hence focused on issues – which are really just problems that need solving – instead of colour, which I’m sure Art Directors will agree – is largely a matter of taste.

Think about things like education. The economy. Infrastructure. Are roads more Indian? Is education more Malay? Is money more Chinese? Seems silly when you say it out loud. Because it is. These things are agnostic, neutral. They are problems that can and do happen to any country, any society. Our energy – political and otherwise – is best spent solving problems. Solving problems is better done by skillful people first. And skill is not based on race.

“Solving problems is better done by skillful people first.And skill is not based on race.”

We have to change our approach towards solving problems. For example, the fight for CHI schools shouldn’t be seen as a CHI struggle. If the CHI schools are part of the national education system, it is a national issue. The MCA needs to convey this to the BN leadership. It is a paradigm shift for of thinking for the leadership.

“Chinese schools shouldn’t be seen as a Chinese struggle. They’re part of the national education system. It’s a national issue.”

I hear Creative People always like to try something fresh. As long as it’s better. Can you imagine not being able to do that? Can you imagine always using the old template?

We have to stop using the old template. Our country needs to move on. Moving on is a futuristic thing. We are being defined by the past because we are still living in it. Of course, there are people who will surely say ‘If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!’ Eh friend, it’s broken la.

THAT IS WHY WE MUST CHANGE CONCEPT OF POWER SHARING within BN. The slogan/phrase of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’, of Master and Servant relationship becomes unacceptable…the younger generation of various races will not accept it. We accept Malay Leadership, but not Malay Supremacy.

“We must change the concept of power sharing. We accept Malay Leadership, but not Malay Supremacy.”

When we say we reject ‘Ketuanan Melayu’, we are not challenging the Malay special rights. It is enshrined in our constitution and nobody can take that away at the present moment. In the same way that Bahasa Melayu is the national language. Its status is protected in the constitution, and nobody can change that. That status is acknowledged and respected. So when we learn other languages or put up signs in other languages, it’s not challenging the status of our national language.

We need to change the Malaysian thinking, we cannot be ‘Mono lingual’ in a globalised IT world, we need to stay highly competitive. So learning and mastering more is about enriching our manpower, not anything else.

Malaysians must change to be less confrontational, controversial, emotional on issues that cross racial lines. Bahasa Melayu is a UNIFYING factor, not a DIVISIVE factor.

“Bahasa Melayu is a unifying factor, not a divisive factor.” When you go order food at a mamak you say ‘Boss, maggi goring satu.’ Even if you’re Chinese. And the Chinese guy is ordering food from an Indian man! You never see people going ‘Eh, why are you using Malay?’ We use what works.

If we become less emotional/confrontational and more objective, then the political temperature in Malaysia would be more ‘normal’. There should be more consensus, more accommodating, more equitable basis; not a Master and Servant relationship. The rights of all communities are enshrined in the constitution. Leaders do not necessarily know best. Maybe only what is best for themselves and not for the rakyat.

Hence, this brings us to another change. Malaysians should think more like Malaysians and less along ethnic lines. Practicing your own religion, culture and traditions does not make you less Malaysian. If we can change our thinking that anything affecting different communities affects us as a country, we become more Malaysian, less divided. We really need to change our thinking/mindset to be less ethnic skewed, so that we will not be trapped in this ‘Racial mental Block/Box.’

“Practicing your own religion, culture and traditions does not make you less Malaysian.”

When I decided to stand in the recent MCA party election this year, I actually embarked on a journey of change and hope. I was thinking ‘I must change the public’s perception.’ That a politician can actually be HONEST, when confronted with personal issues. They may be evasive or even outright denials in the case of “look like me, sound like me but it’s not me”.

In my case, I wanted to change by admitting, by resigning/relinquishing all my party and cabinet posts within 24 hours. And when I stood for the party elections, I wanted to change the perception that if you are a public figure you can’t make mistakes and take responsibility over it and move on. Even a convict is given a second chance. What would we tell our children who makes mistakes? That there’s no turning back, no way to rectify the wrong or to own up? So when I stood for the party election I was challenging the norm.

I was hopeful that my comrades, brothers and friends in the party will give me a 2nd chance. I believe that it is better to be defeated by your comrades in a transparent election than by a nameless, faceless videographer and tape that was set up to end my career.

Don’t get me wrong, my (election) as the deputy president of MCA is not an endorsement of the mistake I made, neither is it a reflection of a lack of sensitivity to family values of MCA members. It is just an endorsement from my comrades in MCA, in their belief that I can deliver and lead the party post the 308 political tsunami. The election is not just about me, it is about a change in mindset with regards to our political environment. Where responsibility, effectiveness, transparency, efficacy and leadership of politicians is of utmost importance to the party members (to the rakyat). That they demand more from their politicians and community leaders. That they demand ‘real change’.

Which brings me back to my initial theme – which is also actually my hope. I believe that change is possible, and that change is necessary. I believe that politicians are chosen by the people to be able to change the world into a better one. If we want change – positive change – to be something more commonly found in our society, then we must not fear CHANGE, and have the courage to change.

Thank you for this opportunity to speak to you.

Speech at 2008 Kancil Awards Festival Speaker Series: Change The Game, Thursdar, 27 Nov 2008


Telur said...

沒有官職在身, 才能欲所欲為
提出改革, 不是只提一次, 就表示任務完成
官職代表了什麼? 油水? 權力?


“大成若缺、其用不敝。大盈若冲、其用不穷 ,大直若屈,大巧若拙,大辩若讷,静胜躁,寒胜热,







YB Dato Dr. Chua Soi Lek




For video clip on the following youtube website


YB Dato Dr.Chua Lek

I remember a story from a Buddhist story about Bibimsara who loved sexy woman very much and who were so indulged in Lux but finally he also attained fourth sainthood after he had changed and walked on the right path.

Anonymous said...

Call your MPs now and tell them that We, The Rakyat, reject any kind of politics based on stirring up hate and racism:




Tell them that politics must be based on real issues like the economy, education, healthcare and human rights. The politics of hate and racism have no place in Malaysia today.



Raja Nazrin: We must embrace multiculturalism:

Ketuanan Melayu rebutted:

Know your rights 2008:

Malaccan view said...

CHANGE is a hard word for BN especially UMNO to swallow.Even MCA top leaderships are not comfortable with the word CHANGE.CHANGE meant you need to sacrify many things that you have been enjoyed.Glad that you embraced this magical word CHANGE.If BN dont CHANGE,Rakyat will CHANGE them.

Darick said...

u've just did d right thing ! ur action is very 'scary' to OTK to catct up ! OTK so far can only talk, talk, & talk but no action !

chaptokam said...

Dear Dato

Sorry for writing this as its out of thread , but i need to bring this up . Its regarding the lady who was sentence to 18 years imprisonment for a crime that I believe has an element of doubt . 18 years for physical abuse of her maid ? when cupable homicide is only six years . No one died from this abuse or from her injuries . I feel MCA should come out and help her as I feel the judge is biased maybe racist ?


YB Dato Dr.Chua Soi Lek

I dare not call you comrade because I had tendered my letter of withdrawal as a member of MCA and letter of resignation as an EXCO of a MCA Division.

But yesterday when I watched NTV 7
5.30 PM news I started to regain confidence in MCA ,the news was about Mr. Michael Chong offering assistance to an Indonesian worker who had being tortured.
And also about news of Mr.Chong arranged to help a 22month boy to Trisana child care center. In fact all this while MCA is a Chinese based party who work for multiracial society. The MCA complain department ,KTAR ,UTAR are set up not only to carter for the need of Chinese community but all rakyat. Despite of this ,rakyat especially youngster think MCA is irrelevant. What has gone wrong ?
What need to be done? In my opinion the keyword is "BREAKAWAY".BREAKAWAY from
Inefficient practices, inefficient way of delivery.

Hopefully in future we can invite more MIC friend ,UMNO friend , Gerakan ,NGO to attend functions and seminar organized by MCA.

Over here I also wish to extent my salute to Mr.Michale Chong ,Dato Wong Moo Liang my good friend and other voluntary workers of MCA who has all this while working unselfishly for the good of mankind.

pui ting said...

Dear All,

All and sundry, young and old, rich or poor, black and white had went breaking the norms by electing Obama as the President of USA and the world has once again been shown by USA that they are well ahead of us in many aspects in life, be it politics or any other international issue and agenda. This is a fact and something which none of us could articulately dispute as much as we disagree with them or their policy. However, we must ask ourselves as to the willingness of us, Malaysians, to work towards such a change, let alone, completely changing the system that we are currently living in. Even after the "308" debacle, top politicians from UMNO were and are engaging themselves in hollow racial politics. Ali Rustam was among the first, who came out and said that the election results were heavily tainted with racial outlook. With all due respect, I strongly felt that most UMNO leaders were and are heavily fanning racial sentiments even after the salutary defeat. Will they ever learn? Not until other component parties have the courage and audacity to challenge their policies. To our dismay, none of the recently installed MCA "big wigs" are willing to pick up the gaunlet. Liow Tiong Lai shirked when UMNO warlords baying for his blood and now has gone extremely quiet and probably will ever after.

pui ting said...

Dear All,

Many Malaysians from all races harbour the thoughts that MCA, MIC and other component parties in BN as "puppet" and were there just to make up the numbers. As much as the leaders of these component parties would want to deny, the fact and perception remain that they were and are seen as weaklings and subservient to UMNO. Leaders from these component parties are now coming back to UMNO with the notion that a big chunk of the community that they represented felt UMNO is too domineering and are moving away from BN to Pakatan Rakyat as a result. Even a few leaders of MCA, MIC and parties from Sabah were quoted as saying that they had never been given a fair chance to voice out their issues at meetings. Personally, I do not think that successful political leaders want to see blind loyalty as per se. I likened this as in the case of Rafidah and Sharizat as the latter went charging that the former was too domineering and snacthed away any given chance(s) for her to say anything at meetings. However, in order to move at a pace that is faster than the rest, in order to stay ahead of the pack, there should not be disruption or confrontation for the sake of confrontation. The team has to move in one direction. It is easy and cheap for people to add comment now. For all you now, maybe these people may not have much ideas or views to share. Or even if there are views, they are seen as unsuitable. It is easy to criticize or pass a judgement or comment on hindsight. There are always two sides of the coin, always. A leader may take one view and you may have the opposite view. There is no blind loyalty if you happen to always agree with the leader's view. But then, if you have opposite views and believe in those, by all means raise your opposition. At the end of the day, decisions had been taken and UMNO and BN lost badly as a result. Leaders of BN should just own up to their mistakes and responsibilities.

指南山人 said...

Awareness before changing,
我們要的是能夠勇敢面對錯誤,承認錯誤的領袖! 我也相信每個人有機會重來,一定會更珍惜這一切,Dato seri, 我相信您此刻的心情是如履薄冰 .

sue said...

It took so long to decide the misconception of "KETUANAN MELAYU". Until today MCA is still uncertained. Manifesto after manifesto and at each and every Presidential speeches, none of our leaders had ever touched on thhis so called sensitive misconception.

I hope that it is not merely political gimmicks.

It is also understanble to have such a view now that you are not in the Cabinet or MP. Where is the courage when you were the EXCO MP and Minister. Yes change is good but if only supported by minority , this change will not see the light not in next 50 years unless BN is changed!

sue said...

It took so long to decide the misconception of "KETUANAN MELAYU". Until today MCA is still uncertained. Manifesto after manifesto and at each and every Presidential speeches, none of our leaders had ever touched on thhis so called sensitive misconception.

I hope that it is not merely political gimmicks.

It is also understanble to have such a view now that you are not in the Cabinet or MP. Where is the courage when you were the EXCO MP and Minister. Yes change is good but if only supported by minority , this change will not see the light not in next 50 years unless BN is changed!

Dr. KC Leong said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

You are one of those who like to jibe at the Opposition whenever there is a chance. Spare them. PR is a new kid on the block. They are inexperience but they are more sincere to serve. At least (my personal experience) they are listening. They don't turn us away like the arrogant BN counterparts.

I can see that the Opposition has been trying their best - first they have to tackle all the "shit" thrown at the people by BN over the years; second, they have to fight at all fronts which include sabotages by the losers; and third, they have to find their own resources and finances to carry out their pledges.

What they need to do is just deliver 10%, 20% or 30% of their GE promises, which will be apparently better than 0% by BN over the years.

We, the people, must thank PR. Without them, we are still in the dark why our beloved country and its economy are now in this state of affairs while goons like Tajudin Rahman and Bung Mokhtar continue to reduce the august house into their backyards.

We also are appreciating the advancement of technology which has made it possible for us to get information which we would not be able to access in the past.

In summary, the people are more informed, better educated, and aware of their rights. We are no longer taking every “shit” thrown at us!

We rather give PR a chance (and there is a glimmer of hope that we are heading for a better future) than continuing to turn blind eyes to BN blundering our nation!

With BN, for 51 years after independence, it is a total eclipse! When the world is licking wounds inflicted by the economic doldrums, this may be a point of no return! Malaysia is already in a point of time, its citizens are starting to suffer because the doing of the evil politicians.

Mike said...

To err is human. I do agree that no human being is perfect. Everyone will make mistake some points in their life.

It takes a big man to admit one's mistake and take responsibility. We should always look forwards and not dwelling on the past memory like OTK and bunch of his yes men.

On another note, the upcoming KT by election will be a mid term report for the present coalition government.

With all these pending issues such as high petrol price, TNB tariff, economy turmoil I do foresee quite a bleak outcome on the by election for BN. Unless the present BN leaders are willing and dare to make some concrete inroad to changes for the better…..

B C said...

Dear Dr.,
You've spoken eloquently on the need to change and even what needs to be changed. Lead on. The agent of change must come from within. Many Malaysians desire the changes you spoke about, and many are afraid to make a stand; understandably with ISA / OSA and a near "police state" rule. As a result these voices are very much suppressed, even for changes within MCA. Only when a leader speaks of change with a clear direction and conviction, will the agents of change be aroused to effect the changes desired. Just as Martin Luther King says "I have a dream ....", perhaps you will lead us there too.

Mulder said...

See Doc, I was right! He cares for his minister post more than the party..

In the Utusan today

MCA tak persoal ketuanan Melayu - Tee Keat
29/11/2008 3:29pm

Oleh Sahbulah Darwi

JOHOR BAHRU 29 Nov. _ Presiden MCA, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat berkata, kenyataan Timbalannya, Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek berhubung ketuanan Melayu tidak menggambarkan pendirian parti itu yang mewakili masyarakat Cina.

Tegas Tee Keat, sebarang kenyataan mengenai isu tersebut akan dibuat oleh jurucakap parti di peringkat kebangsaan dan negeri di bawah biro penerangan.

Justeru, pendirian peribadi tidak boleh dianggap sebagai pendirian parti, kata Menteri Pengangkutan itu selepas mempengerusikan Jawatankuasa Perhubungan MCA Johor di bangunan MCA negeri di Jalan Segget di sini hari ini.- Utusan.

Kok Chiang Ng (KC) said...

Why is our official language, Bahasa Malaysia changed to Bahasa Melayu when Indonesia still call their language Bahasa Indonesia? Indonesia do not even recognise Bahasa Melayu as the language of the region. As our official language we should really keep it as Bahasa Malaysia as proposed when we achieved our independence.

shan said...


iamataxpayer said...

Mr Chua, your boss, ccbudin insists that they are TUAN to you, and your party and all chinese in this country. You dare to comment?

He said if you disagree he is MASTER/TUAN, we (none malay) are slave/hamba, then you should get out from the so call Barang Naik place.

you dare to fight back? you dare to comment? you dare to publish this?

I DARE you have no gut at all to fight...

MCA really shit slave, always made chinese be slave, that including you too.


Satria Asia said...

'Ketuanan Melayu' outdated feudal concept. Smacks of master-slave relationship frowned upon by Islam.

I call on my Malay brothers and sisters to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Chinese, Indian and Orang Asal/Asli brothers and sisters in equality so that we may move speedily ahead towards a great future and not be bogged down by racial political baggage!

buzze said...

Chua Babi....

See U in court!!!!!

seehon said...

buzze, wake up lah u.
What a disgrace to Msia.
U know what is the best to Msia?
Huh? What are u proud with our country when ppl ask you? A "dirty" future PM?
A serious corrupted country? or just the Twin towers? Which is nothing at all in others' eyes!

Yes we accept Malay Leadership, we dont want Malay Supremacy! A good leader will definitely earn respect, what are u malays scare with? I wonder....
All of you is like dont want Msia to be good.

Lysendar said...

Hey buzze,

Please mind your word. Please behave like a human, not an animal. But if you like to behave like an animal, this is not the right place. Only know how to hide in the back to scold people. If you got gut, scold Dr. Chua in front of him lah. What a shame as a human!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


经过听其言, 观其行. 最后决定是可以支持蔡细历医生. 现在的蔡医生比较勇敢, 也会用少许智慧. 他不象总会长常常顾左右而言它. 蔡医生也很现实, 准备三年后挑战总会长, 但现在不露风声, 暗中布局. 马华两大巨头, 不需要合作, 也不需要内斗, 只需要良性竞争, 马华便有希望.

jason wong
mca, impian emas, skudai

Anonymous said...

Change from unfairness to fairness. If all this while, one is being treated unfairly, then there should be a change so that one is given the opportunity to stand on the same platform as the others to have the same equal fighting chance. Then this will become a win win situation. All the while it has been a win lose situation. The path to winning has been one filled with deceit and unfairness, example neopotism and cronyism. But now with the change, if there is a change, then everyone, winners and losers are given the opportunity to compete fairly and squarely.

南洋閩學網誌 said...

Good Morning Dato Seri drchua9

我想以两个具体例子来解析 [同时具备相应们]











我们应相信无限的勇気,智慧 及力量是政治的动源、民主精神是政治的精髄。我们要常常守着这斗争的原点、来支柱大马。我们要不断积极改善自己,不论在那儿都以誠実・清潔・正義作为党的原则而斗争。

每个人的生活就像有共同中心点的圆圈不断地扩大, 家庭生活是离不开 ,地方 ,国家、及世界的营运。马华公会站在地球利益,人類利益,也应该为了促进和平及合作,通过与国内外团体的对话来創造互相了解,互相关照的世界。

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.