Thursday, November 13, 2008

The police must be seen to be fair

There is a general perception that the police in Malaysia is not only unprofessional but is also racially biased.

Recent incidents involving police action in enforcing the law when faced with so-called illegal public demonstrations seem to suggest that such a perception is not completely unjustified.

While I am sure, a majority in the police force want nothing but to be seen as law enforcers and they are good. But they have to accept the reality of this negative perception.

The police must not only be fair but they must be seen to be fair.They must ensure they have a better relationship with the public to reduce mistrust and mutual suspicions.They have to ensure all guidelines and procedures are followed when enforcing the law.

And they must enforce the law fairly. They must treat everyone fairly.As such the onus is on the police to repair the mistrust and suspicions which the public have of them.

If it is just a case of a few complaints here and there against the police then we can easily dismiss them.But there is a clear public perception which is negative. Surveys have shown that a majority of the public feel the police are unprofessional and that they are corrupt.

Now there is even a perception that they are racially biased.

This must be addressed. The public must have confidence in the police in order for the force to tackle major issues like preventing crime.

Some senior officers have shown before that they can engage in proper dialogue with the public.They have successfully implemented Community Oriented Policing (Rakan COP) in some areas.In my home state Johor, the police have actively engaged the public in fighting crime.

But all of these efforts will come to nought if the public has no confidence in the police and consider it unprofessional. Perhaps MCA ministers should bring up this issue in Cabinet. The Cabinet can then deliberate on measures to restore confidence in the police.










NEIL said...

Dr,I have never regain my confident in the police since that day when Rahim Noor gave a black eye to Anwar.Before that I knew they were unfair but I treat it as minor.But after the black eye incident,I found they are getting worse.This rascals have bend rules, shift goal post and manufacture evidences to their whims and fancy.In the good old days,this men in blue are always praise but now they are hated by the rakyat.
All sorts of allegations and crime are been committed by these rascals.
Remember the drugs that have been stolen from the police station in JB,shoot to kill,collecting protection money,even top police officers are involve in underworld activities.
How can we trust the police when in fact they are the very ones who are here to protect us.
These men in blue have failed to do the job professionally and fairly.
I really felt ashamed when you look in the newspaper every now and then,you see police are involve in illegal activities.The name of this highly held post are completely been tainted by those who are selfish.
Remember when the gov't set up a Royal Commission to investigate the conduct of the police and I remember Lee Lam Thye was one of the member.They went to most of the states in Malaysia and interview selected rakyats.Till now nothing happens.I guess the report show gross misconduct of the police so someone must have put the report into the shredding machine.
Reports after reports shows that there were massive corruption and the gov't are fully aware of this but never have there been any action taken.
Take for example Musa Aman.Anwar lodge a complaint against him but he is still on the job.In fact he should stand aside until the allegations against him is proven to be untrue.
The gov't thought that by increasing their salaries and building better housing for them will solve the problem but it doesn't.I say it is getting worse.
They can summon the public who have tinted cars while their officers and their close friends are driving around in the darkest tinted glass.Is this fair!
This are only the tip of the iceberg.If this topic are allowed to stay for comment for a month,I bet millions will join in to write all the bad habits of the men in blue.It's never ending.As I write this my blood boils.I hate when my country's pride are been question.
But alas,they go for their pockets not their pride.

oic said...

Dr Chua,

Here is my experience encounter with a high ranking police officer 2 years ago in KK,A friend of mine introduce me to him in kopitiam,I were risking my life to gave him some info of a brothel but he turned out to extort the owner instead of making arrestment.After he knew that I been travelled to Golden Triangle a couple of times and know some keymen of the drug biz,he offer me to be his partner with the strategy find out the local drug dealer storage,strike them,extort $ for the exchange for their freedom,take over their market,but he warned me not to touch the biggest guy because he send Rm20K to his boss in Kepayan HQ everyday,but the dairy demand for syabu in KK are 6.5kg and this man only obtain a quarter of the sale,I refused because I believe in Karma and I would never trust a cop esspecialy those with stars on their shoulder.

NEIL said...

Dr, where is your ministerial post?You are been rob again!They are undermining your capabilities.As I have said earlier,MCA is all about themselves,never about the chinese at all.Even before the dust have settle,you are at each others throat.I hope you give OTK a good screwing.He is too arrogant.


Dear drchua9

As a commitee member of Rukun Tentangga Kampung Kasippilai Kuala Lumpur , I would like to know more about Rakan COP programe. We hope you would be able to spend time with us to englitened us on this matter ,you may call Mr.Lee (R.T) 0123925907 for the arrangement.
Thank you

Satria Asia said...

I think that if you were to look at the recent spate of arrests as a result of demonstrations, you will see that all races are represented in the black marias.

tualang3 said...

DR Chua

My perception on u has been unfair..but that is the reality. As far as police work is concerned, u are only seeing one side of the story and that equates you definition of what is fair what is not. It takes a mighty power to change that sticky reality of perception, so to speak.

tualang3 said...

Dr Chua,

COP stands for crime ortiented police...they only fight crime, and that is their image. Similarly with HANTU, hantu hanya menakutkan orang and that is their image, haha. And for your information hantu pun race, gender, and age biased..So that is the reality of Malaysians. If not because of that reality, you would not have been given the second chance in MCA..But I don't think you will be given a second chance in the cabinet. It is not a question of hantu can become cop, and COP can become hantu, it is a question of hantu is hantu and COP is COP...that is the perception.

Malaccan view said...

Dr Chua,
I am more than agreed to what you have said.
Racial discrimanation still exist widely in PDRM.Of course political disfferential is there to stay.
PDRM prepare send huge police force to disperse peaceful assemblies of innocent citizens but look helpless in fighthing crimes like mat rempits maniacs,snatch thieves,drug addicts..Why?because these crimes are commited by particular race in our country.Take example of merciless attacked on Chinese youths by Mat Rempits at Lock Yew recently,even with the present of Policemen,but what have they done to protect these youths from being attacked by this particular race???.Police report have been made and yet no actiion seem to be taken against anyone eventhough all major newspapers flashed with clear pictures of them.
Malaysia if all Malaysians,not for particular race.

pui ting said...

Dear All,

First of all, we should realize that Malays form the majority of police officers and personnels. While having no official numbers to support my comment, I would safely say that they form some 89% of the entire estimated 90,000 personnels in the police force. Therefore, when there are arrest being made on illegal assembly, road speeding, criminal offence and all, very likely that we have a situation whereby the person making the arrest is a Malay police personnel. Racially laced comment may arise if the person arrested is a non-Malay. The comment may be further exacerbated when you have a situation whereby the next of kin of the person arrested encounter difficulties at the police station, who may be there trying to find out further details of the arrest. By rule of thumb and the statistics given where 89% personnels in the police force are Malays, he or she may be very likely talking to yet another Malay officer at the station.

Second of all, human care only for themselves and priority will be given to their next of kin, relatives, friends and of course, political affiliates. Human will never try to understand his or her shortcomings until of course, they have been incessantly shown or told. So, whenever an arrest is made on a person by the police particularly when the person is a non-Malay, they will of course plead innocence and blame being victimized.

Third of all, and again, without having any official statistics at hand, I would again safely say that majority of the criminals in Malaysia are non-Malays particularly the those involved in robbery, kidnapping, hijacking, drug related offences, secret societies etc.etc. We have seen in the newspaper many Indians and Chinese hardcore criminals being shot dead by police in the past. To be honest, when we hear or see in the newspaper of some criminal being shot dead by police or motorcylist being rammed by a bus, the very question we ask or appear in our sub-concious is to know the race of the victim. Similarly, if a group of Chinese kidnappers are being shot dead by police special crack force team, we will say that they (the police) may not kill them all if they are Malays. But then again, I think we are being too deeply rooted on this race issue and it has extended to form major part of our life. This is not healthy and we should try our best to mature above the subject.

Having said so, we are also at mercy of the various government policies and this is where MCA should play its role proactively, something which majority Chinese claimed been sorely lacking.

NEIL said...

Dr, where is my comment about the police.Don't tell me it has been deleted!

Anonymous said...

Doctor Chua,
Malaysia's Police Di Raja Malaysia still has a very, very, very long way to go before it can be considered as one of the world's finest disciplined force. No doubt some of them are really good. But as usual in Malaysia, the really correct, fast and friendly officers are drowned by a huge wave of shoe polishing officers. In addition, political interferences is not helping the police force at all. If come to uniform's competition, undoubtedly PDRM's one will be one of the winners. But it is no point looking great but in actual fact cannot perform equally great feats. Please take care of yourself during these very trying times.


Dear Dr. Chua,

Please read this entry in Meiyen's Corner:

Ong Tee Keat in his usual tenacious self, refused to comment on his selection of office bearers at MCA when he was questioned by reporters. The one answer everyone wanted to know, was his reason for sidelining Chua Soi lek. But come on, do we have to ask? Isn’t it obvious, that though they both may deny it, OTK and CSL really, really do not like each other.

CSL was made chief of the newly created Government Policy Monitoring Bureau which I thought was most appropriate. Ever since his announcement to vie for the top posts at MCA, he had been speaking out against government policies very, very religiously and I don’t think anyone at MCA can handle that job better than Chua Soi Lek.

But since OTK’s announcement of office bearers, CSL has become one very unhappy camper. He did not show his fangs but he sounded a warning so loud that everyone took notice.

He cautioned the leadership, meaning Ong Tee Keat “not to play with him” and that he would not compromise if he ever found out that he was lied to about not being selected for a ministerial post when in actual fact his name was not even submitted for consideration. Wow!! That sounds like a threat if you've ever heard one. It's like make me minister or else?

I wonder if Chua Soi Lek remembers that he has a baggage that’s super-glued to his back and wherever CSL goes, baggage will follow and it’s not a likeable sight.

We must be deaf not to hear the snickers from the opposition and who can forget the salvo from Karpal Singh? The snickers will get louder and become more boisterous should Chua Soi Lek be given a ministerial post. The noise will come; don’t even have to go searching for it.

Ong Tee Keat’s very simple reply into space was “To whoever wanting to say or make public statements, don’t twist and turn”. Period! No more talking.

This dog and monkey fight is not going to end soon. Why dog and monkey fight? Well, according to the Chinese horoscope OTK was born in the year of the monkey and you’ve guessed it. Born in the year of the dog is CSL.

Now, the horoscope also tells us that these two titans will not only, not get along, they will … holy Moses! ….bring out the worst in each other … and we have seen it, haven’t we?

The Blogger's Link:

yintaoshu said...

Dr Chua, I agree with you that the majority of the police are good and really want to serve the country and people. It is really upsetting that a few bad apples can easily ruin the efforts of these good peoples and stain the image of the police in the eye of the public.

Whenever people mention Malaysian police, negative thinking will come up : bribery. What a sad thought. I sincerely hope that we can change this image one day.

Dr Chua, I would like you to know that there are people who is still supporting you. OTK had made a grave mistake in this selection. There are still many voters who had not registered. And they have the power to create something unprecedented if MCA still in such a follower. Pls tell OTK that we want something practical. Don be a NATO. Thank you Dr Chua and wish you always healthy and happy.

yintaoshu said...

Dr Chua, OTK had made a mistake with his selection. I still think you are the best choice that we have to represent MCA.

朱刚明 said...

They are not only seen as unprofessional, racially biased, and corrupt; they are (those minority bad apples)commonly seen as "working" for their "special clients" like some "illegal" businesses and powerful peoples on the wrong side of the law and justice.

Their attitude must change that they are not the master of the peoples; they are actually the public servants. They should be answering to the people’s expectations on security. They are not the “ruler” nor are they “boss” of the land. They are just like any body else except tasked to carry out the responsibility of looking after the peace.

So far, apart from some improvements over the recent years, our police force has not been performing consistently and up to standard. We still have a long way to go.

Lastly but not least, they must be "educated" the right way especially on their attitude towards the public. They are the Malaysian Police and not the police for particular groups.

Pearls said...

I have seen police brutality many times and it makes me wonder if I am in 1950!! Sigh...

Aiyah.. we can all complain, grumble and say whatever we want until the cows come home but if these men in blue who call themselves Police RAJA di Malaysia does not want to change their ways, frankly, there is little anyone can do!

Just take a look at our current IGP la... He look like a big time gangsta himself!! Gosh! would you trust him with your life?? I is NO lor...

Oh.. by the way, I just saw another police brutality today at KLCC. I stood there and watch the whole scene... it is so shameful to see how the traffic police verbally abuse some of the drivers just to make way for some ugly VIP who happens to want to go KLCC for shopping. I was thinking.. if I was the driver.... Hmmm.. siapla the policeman! TALK TO ME SO LOUD better have some flowers and studs on his shoulders!

didi7349 said...

lead mca out of bn...lead chinese out of misery...u will get all the power and be remebered more than tan cheng loke...if u have conscience still

Zashnain said...

Ong Tee Keat seems too busy with strengthening his political base rather than tackling and lobbying for positive changes for the community. He does not seem to be a capable leader, much of his arrogance and ignorance comes from his confrontational ways.

I do believe that the police should practice more diplomacy and consultation with Malaysians whether people are engaged in an illegal assembly or trying to seek justice peacefully via a peaceful march. How else does the police expect to collectively work with our society on crime reduction, when many people are unhappy with the mentality of the police?

Perhaps Ong Tee Keat should seek humility and abandon his haughtiness and pride and work with everyone in MCA to find true solidarity. The same goes with the police.

NEIL said...

Dr, Tell OTK to get lost from Johor!And where is the Minister for Transport post that you have been promised?
A person who speaks with grinding teeth are the most cunning people.Watch out DR.
Coup detat,Please!OTK should be taught a lesson.MCA is not a personal property.

Anonymous said...


On Nov 7,2008 some non muslim womens group up and made protest against the Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan on the woman's dress attire.

What's your take on this Datuk?

Negara Kita said...

小民对polis raja di malaysia的印象是:
1. 大贼不敢抓,专为难手无寸铁的小市民。
2. 做国阵的帮凶。
3. 他们要过年时,就很努力捉交通犯规者。

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Dr Chua,

In the last 5 yrs, I have never come across anyone who has a good impression of the police.

A once respected force is now in the same league as Somalian pirates, only this one is licensed.

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I think majority of the people will agree with you which including myself. Being a Malaysian, all things being talking again again and again, but what we see in the end, the answer is NOTHING. The world is changing, but not our government. To the root of the question, who pay for their salary? From government? NO NO NO!!!! It is from the rakyat who pay Taxes. I think they should bear this thing into their mind. But i think 20 years down the road, the situation will still be the same, and it will never change......

By the way dr., with the recent argument with ATK, i personally think that, both of you shouldn't using the media to voice out, but to solve the issue by using the wisdom. All along i am very admire and respect you. Hope that you can settle it with your wisdom. On the other hand, i don't like and agree the way OTK handle things. He is too arrogant and without wisdom. As a leader, you should know what to say and at the right time. Being a leader, you are not only represent yourself, but also represent the whole organisation, the way you talk and do is very important and it means alot to people. May god bless.................................................................

Mercedes said...

Dr. Chua,
first, I apologise becos I am not commenting on your view about the police, but on OTK.

I think OTK has shown the arrogant side which he had succeeded in hiding it from the public so well for so long.

When he was with Min. of Youth Culture and Sports, everyone ignored him and he 's got no friend.

Then he moved to few other places, same thing happened to him.

He was known to be a long ranger. I saw him once waiting alone at senai airport before boarding. This guy ain't got no friend, I thought.

He even wrote poems during that lonely time. Looking at what he has done to you and the Johor MCA, those poems depict hypocrisy at its highest level and truly making me vomit!

Judging from his loneliness at senai airport sometime ago, his decision to take over such important post in Johor while having done no contribution to Johor shows extreme arrogance.

His ignorance of those who had long fought for and contributed to Johor MCA is also a sign of selfishness.

The past leaderships of MCA were not saints either but they were of much better people, at least when they don't like characters like OTK they still gave him DUE opportunities, due to members who had voted for him.

None had said things like what he said in the past couple of weeks.

I for one could not stand what he did to attack you based on the criminal breach of privacy, saying no one put a gun on your head to force you to do those things etc..

There are those like him amongst the Extreme Religious Fundamentalists, who always think that they are the holiest, everyone else deserved to be perished.

These type of people, like everyone else, would commit sin, too. But when they do, you bet, they would do all they can to cover up because they simply cannot afford to let others know what they did.

Wish you luck in dealing with people like OTK. You can't fight him, because I-Ching says it is not the time yet.

But I-Ching says the 'TIAN' (i.e. GOD) will get to him.

PL said...

How others think of our PDRM.

Singapore – PDRM officers are after only one thing…..that is bribed money to settle any offence. After giving money to a traffic police officer for speeding on an expressway, he will give a bonus by telling the driver where the next speed trap is.

Indonesia – PDRM officers are a big bully and extortionist.

Malaysia – PDRM only serve the wishes of Umno, afraid of Mat Rempit, racially biased.

Let me relate a true incident which happened early September 2008 during the fasting month of Rahmadan and witnessed by my neighbour who was at the scence.
A woman was shot in the neck by a man who was trying to steal her Camry. The incident happened at a petrol station cum MacDonald’s restaurant right next to MMR2 along Jalan Kepong at around 7.00pm. The wounded woman ran into the MacDonald and summoned for help with the bullet still lodged in her swollen neck. A MacDonald’s staff immediately called the police. The answer from the police officer on the line was….Sekarang bulan Rahmadan dan baru buka puasa. Kita kekurangan pegawai sekarang. Kalau boleh, kita akan hantar pegawai selepas makan.
Fortunately, the ambulance from Selayang Hospital arrived within 15 minutes and took away the woman whom was in critical condition.

yintaoshu said...

Good day Dr Chua,

In order to stop bribery, we must revamp the police force. I am not sure whether it worked or not, but judging from the system in neighbouring country e.g. Singapore and another good example will be Hong Kong, their police force have been having good image for the past 20 yrs. I seem to remember that Hong Kong had a past record of being a police force that is full of bribery. And so, Hong Kong had come a long way since the bribery time. I believe Malaysia can revamp the police force too but the duties and responsiblities cannot fall on the police force alone.

In order to curb bribery, all units, div, depts, the whole country system including the people (mentality) need to change. Personally, I think Malaysia had quite a good legal system "in paper", but it's always the implementation part that go haywire.

For all the bloggers here, I would like to ask, how many of you will advise your children to join the police force? Most of the people I know, they will say, are you crazy? The salary is so low and the risk is high compare to other jobs? Therefore, I believe the salary of a policeman must be high enough for them to have a quality lifestyle. But they cannot take "gaji buta". To earn this kind of salary, govt. also need to ensure that these people really "earn" the salary. Therefore, the requirement must be strict too. We don't want police with such a big belly that we don't have confidence they can outrun a thief should they come across him. We don't want a police who will pant after run for 100m. We don't want a police who don know what is law.

In short, I, as one of the people who is contributing to the country through paying income tax would like a police force with high standard.

Lastly, I hope there is no more discounts to be given to those people who had flout the laws. Please implement this immediately, if not people will just disregard any summons they get.

Zashnain said...

The problem with Ong Tee Keat is that he seems paranoid about the people around him and fearful of insurrection among his MCA community.

For the past two weeks he has shamefully shown his inability to maintain fairness, uphold transparent decision-making process and most importantly treat MCA like his playhouse.

Instead he should make every attempt to close ranks, maintain the highest integrity and show respect to other people, whether they hate him or love him.

Surely OTK will go down in history as a lonely man with no common sense and displays a ruthless political streak with everyone.

He needs a friend. Please, someone give him a shoulder to cry on!

Anonymous said...

Am disappointed with you. The way you presented it, showed you were 2nd class MCA Politician. As a senior politician you should be more thoughtful. When you said "The Police" - means the organization ie the whole police force. The person involve may be racialist but to say the whole police force as racialist is so unbecoming of you. There are better ways to gain political mileage.

Now, you are seen more racialist ie after the MCA election than before the election. I suggest you better stop giving this kind of negative racist view. It will not help the chinese and MCA either.Its dangerous to support you. You are just adding fuel to the already raging fire. You create instability to our society.

John said...

SL, it's funny that so many people are not responding to your comments on the police force, but rather on the hot topic of OTK and you.
In the recent concluded MCA elections and the announcements of office bearers by OTK, anyone can see crystal clear that you are indeed a threat to him and his appointments in by-passing you on more important portfolios in the party is seen to place you in 'cold storage' or being marginalised. By appointing himself to be the Johor chief speaks clearly of cutting off whatever authority and influence you have in Johor. Both OTK and you have implied in your own way that the road is going to be rough ahead and I wonder how MCA is going to keep its unity. History has shown the unhealthy trend of the President and Deputy colliding in MCA in the past leaderships. Looks like history is going to repeat itself even before the new leadership takes off ground.
The statements issued by OTK are in no way compromising and exhibits a high level of arrogance and authority. If leadership is all about authority and power, then I fear the worst for MCA. It's often said that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The leadership must not focus on self-interest and grabbing power to ensure their position, but ought to be like-minded for unity and the party. I do not believe MCA can achieve much with all this bickering from 'camps' and arrogance of top people in the party.
Thank goodness, I am not a member of MCA.

Anonymous said...

Dr Chua,
I was very surprise that Dr still have the words 'fair'.
I still remember when I applied the Yayasan Johor loan during my in University time, you together with Jimmy Lau interviewed me.
Both of you seen busy talking to each other, only the Malay officer asked me a few questions. Then later you start to notice my present, and ask some questions that I feel really stupids.
Questoins like : Who your parents vote for? why no MCA...
Then I was asked to go out.
I sure i will not get the loan.
After that I found out that I need a recommned letter from MCA head or something. so is this fair?


Datuk said...

Dr. Chua,

As a good politician,you has to be a realist...respect the nbr 1 in the party admist the differ in opinion with you....becos you are nbr 2! Otherwise....the running of party will be in messy mode.

Hence....although yr emotional might be not feeling good but that's the reality to be faced.

Never respond to outside trumpet tha are not will be save and secure and be able to charter yr new jounrney admist less room to operate....

Be a realist, be a pragmatic and be a visionary utilize the given space to operate effectively..after all, that's the different between a real leader and a follower.

Good Day.

tualang3 said...

Dr Chua,

My perception on OTK has been very positive all this while. Since he won the presidency, he is a changed person. He behaves more like an Emperor of China who would bulldoezed anyone who tend to go against his wishes. He is a man who would keep his throne at whatever cost. If MCA still wants to keep him, BN would be in trouble.

指南山人 said...

To increase the "soft power" is important; not just "hard power"

南洋閩學網誌 said...








Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.