Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chua's bureau: Watchdog on MCA ministers too

Malaysiakini Fauwaz Abdul Aziz Nov 17, 08
MCA deputy president Dr Chua Soi Lek said the party’s recently set-up bureau to monitor government policies will keep tabs on all ministries, even those with ministers and deputy ministers from his party.

"None will be exempt," the former health minster told a press conference at party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today.

The bureau under Chua will appraise policies and decide if they are funded in line with the "demands of the time".

It will also identify which policies need review, withdrawal or even create in line with the people’s aspirations, said Chua.

The bureau - to be made up of persons recommended by the state liaison committees - will be professional and provide "constructive criticisms", while its website will help disseminate information and collect it.


朱墨华 said...

Keep up the good work, Dr. Chua, you're making a difference.

I swear said...

DR Chua, may I ask why Chew Mei Fun is not keen to act against those responsible for mismanaging taxpayers' money? Is Pempena a SPV to park certain people who might be of use to certain party?

yintaoshu said...

Dr Chua, I have always admire you when you was Health Minister. To me, you are someone who can make things work and you show that you really serve the people by pushing for policies to be improved, changed and amended for the better when you are the Health Minister.

And this time I am not surprise that you had start to work immediately upon your appointment (unlike some people who had appointed you, can only see him talk on what he INTEND to do, but so far can only see nothing). You had shown to public that you are someone who is willing to follow when needed and to be a leader when the need arises.

Dr Chua, I hereby salute you for the goods that you have done for all Malaysian.

Mercedes said...

Dr. Chua,

Yesterday I watched with dismay the MCA MPs in TV2 8pm Chinese News. They worshiped the prerogatives of president. They talked as if the president has got absolute power.

I think these YBs were wrong.

The president was elected by party members. so were the deputy president, and other posts in the party.

If the president is supposed to have absolute power, MCA might as well let him appoints his deputy and all other posts in the party, why bother to have so much hassle in calling for election for such posts?

If you can't be fair even to the second man in the party, how can you be fair to the third, the fourth, the fifth etc. and the common members?

When the positions for the second man are given to others, can this be seen as practising cronyism?

指南山人 said...

Yes, Mersedes.
I agree with you. No need to elect
others post.
Elect the 'KING' is enough.

yintaoshu said...

Mercedes, I agree with you too. MCA become like UMNO now?

Mercedes said...

Dr. Chua,

I'm afraid I want to report to your Bureau about some disturbing events.

The Undertaker has emerged recently. While trying to force you out, he dug out two corpses from an ancient graveyard.

If that's not scary enough, he has turned these two corpses into his zombie watchdogs.

Do something.

aje said...

Dr.Chua,please continue to speak up without fear or favour issues affecting the chinese community.I am sure you will be rewarded in the next MCA general assembly.

vin said...

你们这些人每天在support Dr Chua.我是要你们知道当一个人不知怎样处理他的家庭,How he can manage the country. Don't be stupid. I know Dr Chua about 8 years already when he was Johor Exco. His character is poor,he don't know how to treat people,how ca we treat him good. I can tell you his character will never change. Believe me.
so my suggestion he is not suitable doing any post in cabinet and MCA

南洋閩學網誌 said...

Is the person heading the bureau to monitor government policies being paid any allowance or token
.In my opinion there should be a provision for that in order to motivate a persons to work harder.
What I ask could be a sensitive issue to other but please do not misunderstand me ,what I am trying
to say is that one must be approrpriately moivated in order to work harder and effectively.As evidenced by high efficiency of government servant in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Darick said...

y OTK appointed ChorCH in his new MCA line up?

Chor has supported polis brutality in resident BMC-GrandSaga fracas & anti-ISA rally @ PJ !

Chor also supported polis inaction for serious rising crime rate !

Chor has successfully 'korek korek' >$50mil in Pempena with gaji putih $10k/mon too & w/o giving any explaination!
may b he is following his bos OTK "i don hv to explain to d world of my action...."

if like that, how MCA can expect rakyat (Chinese) to swing back to MCA/BN in next GE? OTK was soooo..... 'lan si'

J.S.Lim said...

Dear Dr.Chua,

Please do something on the car motor insurance for older cars 15-20years and above.We are forced to buy higher premium on our older cars,and if buy comprehensive like Berjaya Sompo,they now need car inspection by their agent/respentative.I was given 2 hp numbers to contacts but not reachable.The car motor insurance company now really give bad service to the car owner.Please do something before the bosses at insurance always change their requirements on buying policy from them.It's very ridiculous.Thanks so much for your time viewing my article.

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