Saturday, July 31, 2010


---->蔡细历(中)为马华吉兰丹州联委会代表大会主持开幕后,在会上移交1万7000令吉拨款给吉兰丹中华独中清寒学生援助金计划,由教师代表(左2)接领。左:马华丹州联委会秘书陈永生、主席黄燕燕及署理主席许树兴。 (图:星洲日报)








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chin said...

1 Malaysia, Rakyat didahulukan.

1. "Our Financial Management has weakened over yhe years"

2. "There is more corruption,less transparency and too much overspending and unnecessary expenditure, because of the closed and negotiated tendering system, which is now being rectified slowly".

3. "The budget deficits have risen too high and public expenditure are therefore being constrained".

4. "The Government greater reliance on the private sector as the engine of growth under the 10th Malaysian Plan may be unrealistic, unless more effective policies are introduced so as to have a more even playing field and to encourage more open competition and meritocracy".

5. The civil service and our institutions also have declined and need to be strengthened soon, as the quality of the financial management of the country is directly related to the quality of national management as a whole".

6. "People have been losing confidence in the public service and are inclined to criticise, sometimes even unfairly, because they do not identify with its composition nor its apparent ethnic partisanship".

MCA mesti berganding bahu dengan PM untuk memperbetulkan kesemua di atas untuk memdapat balik sokongan rakyat atau merujuk kepada Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam untuk penyelesaian masalah di atas.

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