Monday, July 26, 2010

Spat not good for people of Penang

GENTING HIGHLANDS: Penangites will suffer in the ongoing spat between Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and state development officer Nik Ali Nik Yunus.

“If the politicians keep fighting, they will lose focus on development. In the end, the people of Penang will not benefit,” said MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

“I am not trying to show off ... to me, this is a simple problem.”

Dr Chua said Lim, as the state chief, should bring the problems to the state executive council meeting.

Once a decision is made, the state government should inform the Chief Secretary to the Government to remove the officer because of his bad performance, he added.

“Pakatan has been governing a few states for two-and-a-half years. It is time for the people to evaluate whether the state governments under Pakatan have fared better than under Barisan rule,” he said when opening the Pahang MCA annual meeting held here yesterday.

He asked whether the states under Pakatan, such as Penang and Selangor, were up to mark.
Dr Chua said the Chinese community now had higher expectations of good governance.
The party would be gathering the Youth and Wanita wings as well as the main divisions from all states at Wisma MCA on Aug 15 to discuss strategies for the next general election.

Dr Chua said MCA would embark on a high-profile promotion and expose the mistakes made by the opposition parties.

Party deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said in order to regain the confidence of the Chinese, party leaders must show political leadership and speak out for the people.

“If not, people will think we (leaders) are only doing charity,” said Liow.

In Klang, when opening the Selangor MCA annual meeting, Dr Chua said MCA would reject all forms of extremism and would not support anything against the 1Malaysia spirit.

He was responding to a question about former Gerakan vice-president Huan Cheng Guan setting up a non-bumiputra rights group called Perjasa.

THE STAR (Monday July 26, 2010)


Pearls said...

To begin with, shouldnt Nik Ali be sacked for doing something he is not suppose to do? Isnt he not suppose to give press statements? Isnt he very rude in the first place to disrespect the CM of Penang. Say what you like, but Nik Ali has made a mistake that is punishable by termination of service. So, why isnt the Federal Government doing just that? Why all the silly reasons or rationale to support Nik Ali. If we are talking about good governance, than Nik Ali should be sacked! Call it whatever you like, make him an example for the rest of the civil servant to behave or to show integrity or to show professionalism, he should be sacked. The fiasco about the arch at Botanical garden is simply too big and ugly to ignore.

To all fairness, CM of Penang is not wrong and I am very sure this is not the first time some big headed civil servant has overstepped their line. So, if you ask me, I say cut the crap and sack that Nik Ali for good governance. This is what the people want to see!!

The people are evaluating the states run by Pakatan all the time. But we have to be fair to these states too. We have given BN 50 years to do their job and in all fairness, we should give Pakatan the same amount of time if not more too right?! So far, so good with Pakatan. I am very happy with Pakatan running the show in Selangor. Infact, most people would be very unhappy with BN if it tries to repeat a Perak seige in Selangor. You gotta understand this.. we are educated now and we know how to tell the right from wrong. The sandiwara from the real deal. The truth and the false pretense dolled up with PR and all.

If BN can explain the whole water fiasco in all truth, than perhaps BN deserves another chance. However, from the look of things, BN cannot explain the whole water fiasco thing... and let me tell you something.. I rather have water rationing and go dig a well than to surrender my rights to these water companies for them to raise water tariff as and when they like and make us pay for their mistakes!! BN smells ratty in this water deal in Selangor.

許俊銘 said...

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