Monday, December 6, 2010

Chua calls for equality

----->Light moment: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (right) talking with (from left) Barisan secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, Dr Chua, Second Finance Minister Datuk Husni Hanadzlah and Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu (partially hidden) before the convention at Wisma MCA Sunday.

KUALA LUMPUR: Every Barisan Nasional component party should have an equal voice to raise issues affecting the people to ensure it is the coalition of choice, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said.

The MCA president said the people always came first, pointing out that Barisan had to articulate the hopes, fears, expectations and frustrations of the various communities in the country.

As such, he said, each component party must be accorded full respect on the basis of power sharing.

“There should not be any big brother or small brother within the coalition. We are working towards the same cause and purpose. We are equals,” said Dr Chua at the Barisan convention here yesterday.

Describing the convention as “most crucial”, particularly with the buzz of an impending general election getting louder, Dr Chua noted that Barisan must not be seen as merely collaborating during elections, adding that there must be genuine power sharing at all times.

He said there was a need for Barisan parties to work as equal partners and that decisions pertaining to policies should not be announced at the Umno general assembly or at its supreme council meetings, which was not equivalent to Cabinet status.

Dr Chua also expressed concern over the public delivery system which very often did not reflect the thinking of the Barisan government, calling on the Government to address such weaknesses.

“We have to accept reality and weaknesses in our system and act accordingly to improve on it. We can no longer live in denial,” he said.

After the convention, Dr Chua said component parties reached a consensus that no party should favour a particular race but should give equal treatment to all.

“No political party should take care only its own race, it should be for all,” he said, adding that the atmosphere at the closed-door event was encouraging and in high spirits.

THE STAR (Monday December 6, 2010)


abu zar said...

So, you want equality? Are the Chinese community in Malaysia feeling oppressed? Really? I didn't notice through all those 'racists' comments on facebook against my race and especially against my religion...Or shall I ask Namawee what are the feelings of the Chinese people on the matter? or Perhaps its just that you just want your face on banners?

Please concentrate on getting the Chinese community to support back the government.

The ball is in your proverbial court now.

Universal said...

I am writing with my best efforts not to have any political inclination or racial preferences.
It takes a lot of maturity, observation, wisdom to recognize we are living in a different age.
We are being influenced by Science and Technology and now the Information Communications Technology (ICT).
We are also living in a tighly knitted society, whereby any environmental conditions of our neighbours would affect us directly or indirectly.
I would like to raise the issue in our nation of over-emphasis on racial based politics so much so, it is like differentiating ourselves based on skin colours, sizes, etc.
This is in reality a very backward (stone age) mentally that is deeply rooted in selfishness of man or in other words, part of our fallen natures.
Just by taking a good look at how our history started, all showed everyone of us starting with past leaders have some form of mix blood or multi-cultural influence in our ancestry.
So also, most of the Prime Ministers of Malaysia, where we could easily trace someone or somebody actually had sokme kind of mixed blood from either India, China, Thai, Indo, etc.
My point is this: We must remove ALL these racial categories or preferences in our consitutions and whatever man-made outdated rules and regulations.
If everyone is to be treated fairly or equally, it is fist to be able to recognize we all come from the same source, same Divine Parentage, God the Almighty Creator.
We must graduate, and progress in life to make our country a better place to live for the sake of our second, third and future generations.
Whenever we take a flight out or into Malaysia, take a good look at vast 'green carpeted land' that we are blessed with.
Why and what the heck are we fighting for?
There are so much resources on the planet.
if we unite centering on God and unselfish aims, we can build homes, education and share econmic prosperity for all without making quotas for certain race.
Life is too short for us.
We are growing older by the day.
We started from the womb and will ending up closer to our tomb.
This is a fact.
I appeal to all leaders to deeply reflect, repent and make a new head start and leave behind a legacy of peace for everyone.
We should seek and find righteous and sincere leaders to work with and for the sake of Universal Peace of common Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Humankind.

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