Monday, December 1, 2008

Stand on Ketuanan Melayu: Which is which?

I am confused about my President Dato’ Seri Ong Tee Keat's stand on Ketuanan Melayu.

It was earlier reported in China Press on 29th November night edition that he totally dissociates himself, in fact he said that what I said in Kancil Award Ceremony is my personal view.

He then went on to warn that only state chairman and designated leaders of MCA can speak on behalf of the party. The rest I suppose are like the monkey series- Hear Not, See Not and Say Not. Good Luck Comrades!

His comments of course were given a lot of publicity in Utusan Malaysia on the 30th November.

On the same day I read in the Star that the President was pleased (of course I am also pleased) that I have the same thinking as him on this issue.

Now which is which? Maybe I am a simpleton who articulate what I think is right irrespective of the audience.

As for some of the Malay leaders who blasted me, I will answer at another appropriate forum.

Meanwhile, may I suggest that they read the full text of my speech( in my function before getting excited.


[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

Yg Bhg Datuk Seri,

I'd also got shocked when I read in newspaper your dear Man in the chair said that "that was his(dr. Chua) personal view",
then he had given such the points of his own (or represent"ED" your thousands of member) view that sounded similar with yours !! ??
(correct me if I wrong)

From my point of experience in my field, this is so called "challenge" !!
Somebody kickstart the "spark", and this may lead to your party (or Chinese ?) to split amongst !

I believe Yg Bhg must have awared of this and act smart.

"SILENCE not means we are COWARD"

Good luck,

the 3rd PARTY
Malaysia party

Eugene said...

I'm not much a commentator, but I think you have the right to speak up. MCA was built by the people, run by the people. You are just talking about what the people have in mind all this while. I know being called a "dog" for UMNO wasn't a pleasant one, but it's truth that it's time to make a change now. The people are not as blind as they used to be. We are educated, we have the informations fast enough to make judgment.
Well, put it this way, I'm from Penang, I had seen enough Pedigree running the state before DAP took over.

NEIL said...

Dr, OTK is a lost man.He don't know what he is saying so how can he know where will MCA be going.You listen carefully ti this man and I can assure you that he got nothing in his skull.He proclaim to be angel but in fact he is not.What have he try to do since he have been elected.I don't expect him to do wonders or miracles but at least he must get down and start to chart MCA direction ,instead of getting even with those supporters that didn't vote for his chosen one,OKC.Dr,it's time you give him hell,for only this way will he come to sense that he can't have his ways in doing what he likes.

firefly said...

I think your boss is acting like what the Chinese says: ' see a man , talk like a man, see a devil , talk like a devil.'I think it is common in political scene.

iamataxpayer said...

Mr Chua, although we chinese have no more hope to your party, but stilli feeel so SICK to see that OKT (or OTK, whatever) dare to do and say these words to you, afterall you are ELECTED by the members.

Althought we have no hope to your party, but this doesn't mean we have to stand all kind of sh*t fight between you and the Oh Tau Kui, yes, in this case i am bit on your side because i feel like that oh tau kui don't even know what he said, just keep pusing pusing pusing and the end nobody understand what he actually mean!?

We chinese found he has that problem after become a Mini-ter.

Althought in this case i am bit on your side because ungly talk of Oh Tau Kui but doesn't mean we suppose you, at all your party has been Slave and wanted all CHinese be slave to your TUAN. HOW CAN we support you?

Take care.

PS: I have changed a little bit about your son (better image) when i found out he is the most out spoken MCAss MP in parliament. However, he is still in MCAss party, hence, he is still belong to Hopless/Slave group. Too bad.


To all Malaysian

i)I think majority of us do not object to ketuanan Melayu , because we are loyal to our king and sultans.

ii) Every one has to be master of his destiny , eventhough initiaaly have to get parent support , country support , who ever we will be in the end , depend on the path each individual has chosen.The famous president of USA cum scientist Franklin had ever said
"God will only save who those save themselve"
In the case of MCA we encourage the rakyat to be master of their own individual destiny through Life Long learning

南洋閩學網誌 said...

YB Dato Dr.Chua Soi Lek

Kalau Ahli ahli MCA diibaratkan bagai emas , MCA diibaratkan bagai
Singa Emas, maka Kepimpinan tertinggi MCA boleh diibaratkan bagai tukang yang mengukir singa emas.Samaada singa emas cantik atau hudur ,menarik atau tidak menarik bukan terpulang kepada kemahiran keseniaan tukang itu sahaja. Tetapi ada kaitan dengan kebolehan tukang untuk memahamiBab Singa HUA YUAN華厳獅子章dan mempratikan konsep ini dalam pentabiran.

Seekor Singa emas yang mempunyai kepala tapi tanpi mata , mulut dan telinga, tidak nampak singa.

Faizal Zakaria's Blog said...

Dr.... Jemput ke laman blog saya ;-)

Papan Tanda Kat Negara Kita Dah Sengetlah :-)

南洋閩學網誌 said...


若以黄金比喻为马华基层, 马华公会为金狮子,马华领导人就是师匠。 造出来的

金狮子是否生动吉祥, 不但要靠师匠的手艺,也要看师匠的思维。

[華厳獅子章]教导我们 成就在于因缘和合,因缘相辅相成。

獅子有了头而没有 眼,耳 ,口 ,还可成为生动吉祥的金狮子吗?

NEIL said...

OTK,lately ,after been elected to the President of MCA post,you are starting to show signs of arrogant.You seem to follow the footsteps of those former lapdogs leaders of MCA.Now with you daily internal tit for tat style with your deputy,I think you are slowly creating a rift in the party and that rift is getting worse each passing day.If you add fuel to this small fire that have been raging in the party,slowly and surely,this will turn into a big fire that will finally engulf MCA.You are on the collision course by not reconciling and giving Dr Chua a ministerial post.Time and time ,the chinese are seeing you ingniting the fire and not putting it out once and for all.As a person who is a leader,you must show grace and reconcilitary altitude.But you have non,OTK!
As for what Dr Chua says about Ketuanan Melayu,there is no such bloody thing .This phrase was been used by umno leaders to increase their extra grip on to the power.By shouting Ketuanan Melayu,these leaders knows very well that the malays will vote for them with the hope that the government will make them millionaires.All these are bull shit!.It's like MCA saying that if the chinese don't vote for OTK,the chinese will be chase out of this country and their citizenship canceled.What alot of crab!All these are BN propagandas which is used to achieve their selfish ambitions.

John said...

SL, the title of this article appears to be touching on the subject matter of 'Ketuanan Melayu', but the actual story is about OTK and you again. I sense very clearly a strong vibrating current in your comments which directly challenge the President, "Which is which?"
The other interesting observation is OTK's warning that only state chairman and designated persons are allowed to make open comments on such sensitive issues. I can't help but asking you whether you are one of the designated person since you are not the Johor state chief anymore and anyone can guess you are not designated. In the coming days, there will be more surprises between the two of you and the trump card is obviously held by OTK who will use it by bringing out old wounds especially the stigma of your scandal.
The final question to both of you is simply, "What are both of you doing to improve the deteriorating leadership of the party?" Throwing pot-shots at one another is not healthy for MCA and shows the dividing unity at the top. On one hand. there is the young turk at the helm and the other old man trying to yeach him how to handle the reins.
How then can the Chinese community put their faith in MCA when they cannot work together and hope to work for the Malaysian Chinese
and others. I really wonder.

John said...

SL, one part of your biodata (profile) is incorrect, Your higher education, MBBS (U. Malaya) was completed from 1968-1973 and not from 1963 where you were still in Form 3 together with me.

Syahrul said...

Datuk Seri Dr Chua,

1. I agree with GOHHOEHOE's 1st point. The Ketuanan Melayu is meant for Kesultanan Melayu and NOT "UMNO supremacy". It is only in this land (previously known as Tanah Melayu) that the 99% of Malay in this world are resided. Unlike malaysian chinese and indians where you have China and India as your motherland, the Malay has no other land to be considered as his motherland.Dont say that Indonesia is the Malay's motherland! Why? Please read history about Kerajaan Kedah Tua, Johor-Riau, Acheh, Majapahit, Melaka etc.

2. You said that you accept Malay leadership but not Ketuanan Melayu.. If say I'm one of your son and I say to you that "I accept you as 'leader' of this family but not as 'father' of this family" do you feel?

3. I, a malay young man from Batu Pahat, admire your frankness in highlighting your view on Ketuanan Melayu to the public. At least UMNO and the malay community in Batu Pahat, Labis and even the entire Johor can understand why you have such view.

4. Hismauddin has also been franked when responding to your view and his view is shared with me and maybe the entire malay community in Johor. I hope you can accept his response professionally.

5. Finally, since you and hishamduddin have been franked to each other, both of you shoud meet up and resolve the different views for the benefit of BN as well as all johorean. At least now we know our different views on the subject matter.

Bonus point.

6. PAS (from their blogs) said there should not be ketuanan melayu. It should be Muslim and Kafir(non-muslim)or maybe we can described this as "Ketuanan Muslim". What is your opinion on this? Frankly, I agree with PAS on this.

Thank you Datuk Seri.
Newly registered voter.

Ahmad Yazid said...

I heard GMM made a police report on your statement about Ketuanan Melayu and want you to apologize to all Malay people in this country.

I'm a Malay guy (not like i chose to be one when i was born) and i have to say that you don't have to apologize to me on your statement. I like it actually and i'm sick of being given that privilege status that sounds so ethnocentric.

Anyway, i still think you were an idiot for cheating on your wife and had to resign because you were doing a good job at the Health Ministry. :)

重炮手 said...


cakap mesti bikin siap siap said...

Hi Mr OTK,

Please make clear your stand on this Ketuanan Melayu issue. You are supposed to be the leader of Chinese community. Your Deputy has said it clear and loud. When is your turn to make your stand clear and loud.?

OTK, Please don't run away from your responsibility. You have asked people to vote for a change in MCA and you have been voted as the President of MCA. Now it is time for you to deliver. We want to see action and clear direction. Please walk the talk.

Cakap mesti bikin siap siap.

Eric Chor said...

UMNO慕克里兹: 建议废除华小淡小



Suara Adiwangsa said...

Latok, be rationale about KETUANAN MELAYU, it can be translated as Malay Supremacy, regards as Malay Sultanate according to the constitution. Why need to fire-up this issue..

NEIL said...

Dear GGMM,
Ok,let me finish this with GGMM.
1,Dr Chua owe you RM2,000,000.
2,Anmad Ismail owe the Chinese RM 10,000,000.
3,Khir Toyo owe the Chinese and Theresa Kok RM 8,000,000.
4,Racist Mahathir owe Lim Kit Siang RM 6,000,000.(operation Lalang)
5,umno owe the Malaysian Chinese RM 50,000,000.

So the total amount they owe the chinese is RM76,000,000.
The Chinese owe GGMM.. RM 2,000,000.
So GGMM still owe the Chinese RM74,000,000.

GGMM, if you don't honour this debt to the chinese,a letter of demand will be personally handed to you and you have 7 days to pay the Chinese,if not the Chinese will sue you all until you all shit like hell.

NEIL..certified accountant.

tualang3 said...

Dr Chua,

I think you are history..You talk much about change...Why now? After all these years in politics, I have not heard much about you until the chapter on sex. In other words, before this you are nobody to the Malaysians. In other words you fail to impress. So why now?

I don't think you have the required energy to face the new world..especially the politics of today. Remember, Obama is 47 years of age. Only a man of his age can take the world. So don't make a fool of yourself. Success in politic is sheer luck. It has nothing to do with `ketuanan Melayu' or `Kepemimpinan Melayu.' Your luck in politic is over.

தமிழ் மாறன்™ வேலாயுதம் said...

in respons to malaysiakini reports- "Soi Lek dituntut minta maaf"

dear dr., no need to entertain those rhetoric organizations who claim they're guardian of Malay supremacy





You said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Your are right to say so. I agree with you absolutely. If anyone reading your blog here is not sure of what you claimed or blogged, please go to this link to see for yourself:

See who is the real Tuan??


YB Dato Dr.Chua Soi Lek

Dato Mukhriz suggestion might seem to be one of the way to foster unity , suggestion is just a suggestion ,it might not work in the end. Not only chinese will object to this but many malay parents ,Indian parents ......may object to this suggestion. Many malay ,tamil ,sikh , sinhalese , thai , kadazan ,iban parents have sent their children to chinese stream school because they have international view and they want their children to be competitive in future.

Encourage every Rukun Tetangga and resident association to organize more sport , educational and cultural activities and get Rakyat from all walk of life and cultural background to participate , this is a better way to foster unity.

seepot seedot said...

Why you said that KETUANAN MELAYU is not relevant???Are you want to be a HERO???!!!!

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

First, i don't know what happened to OTK? How can a party's president keep changing his mind? The next thing he would said is, the report misunderstand my words!! Keep changing his mind again!!! What a shame!!!! I think you don't have to bother him so much.

Second, you have to bother about the GMM. Another group of people that got nothing better to do. Too free, think about the solution that can help to improve the current economic situation rather than this!!

Third, hope that you can more concentrate on the other issues rather than fighting with OTK. Do more talk less, and people got eyes to see and judge. Action is louder than words. Hope that you can tackle more issues that can help the country and malaysians.

Thank you and GOD BLESS..........

Pearls said...

Syarul, Suara Adiwangsa,

Perhaps you are correct about the term KETUANAN MELAYU and that is, it is all about the Sultans BUT may I remind yo, twilight twerps, in reality, Ketuanan Melayu has or was not made to be as such for all sundries. If you are not sure, please look back at some of the old newspapers with our PM telling all about this Ketuanan Melayu or better known as Malay Supremacy and not Sultan Supremacy!!

If it is indeed all about the Sultan, than for the love of GOD and Sultan, please change it to Kesultanan Melayu and not Ketuanan Melayu. I for one is dead against this Ketuanan Melayu which by the way, if you are not aware, uses the English term "Malay Supremacy"!

So, if I am you people, I wont putar belit this whole Supermacy story. What history has said about it and what the current situation spells is 2 whole different thing! If anyone is to be blamed, it is the people in power for manupilating this whole Supremacy story to their liking!!

As for Supermacy of Sultans, well, does that mean these Sultans should have absolute power and blanket immunity as per Regent of Negri Sembilan has suggested? If so, I WILL BE DAMNED!! The things some of these Sultans have done or are capable of doing are...err.. disgraceful is a very mild and polite description.. I can think of some really harsh realistic words but won't say because these people are deemed SENSITIVE!

水兴浪 Gavin Tee said...

There is a story called " Before and After " it tells a man changed as the pocket size and power in hand changed.

For Special Privileges, it is only given to the best or to the worst ( the ones who need help, ie poorest) in the world. But this does not apply to malaysia, nobody feels shame in malaysia, read my blog on Rich Bumis shall not entitle to special discounts in property investment at for story

The real fact in malaysia is WHAT IS RIGHT HAS NEVER BEEN RIGHT, WHAT IS FAIR IS ALWAYS UNFAIR, and of course, that leads to WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS NOT IMPORTANT. After travelling for many countries, this is how sad i feel to my country, a country that i sacrified every opportunities and came back to serve, to share and to live, but i have never been given a chance, not even to share. Gavin Tee

Malaccan view said...

DS DrChua,
You dont need to make any further clarification as what you said was as clear as crytal.It's only that some idiots,pot-headed flers are taking advantage to create issues out of nothing.Your president is also another square-headed person who is not consistence in his action,he can twist and turn words like snake.
Anyway,DS we are always at your back as what you said truely correct.

NEIL said...

CSL,you have my full support and all our friends in Pontian,Johor in the even you want to challenge the president of MCA.
As for what you have said ,you are absolutely right.Add another blow to those racist by telling them that the chinese, been the second biggest party ,should be given the DPM post.Ya,why shouldn't we!

Anonymous said...

Not surprising if more and more people are beginning to wonder about Dato' Seri Ong Tee Keat. He is very careful with the words he speaks. Sometimes he hesitates for a while before continuing his words. Looks like MCA is under draconian control.

jazrul said...

Every one has to be master of his destiny ,

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jazrul said...

You are just talking about what the people have in mind all this while.

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