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peter leow said...

Dear Sir,

The power of Minister to deal with irresponsible civil servants are not as expressed but Tun Mahathir had shown the administrations of civil services can be as he had governed.

I do not agree with you that Minister can not serve the disciplines to the errant civil servants.

I trust Minister of Education can have the power to send the headmistresses to be re trained, and also direct the Director General of education to review the positions of headmistresses.

The direct power to fire the headmistresses may not be with Minister concerned but it is NOT a reason to sit and watch!

The actions to repair the damages done by the headmistresses will show if you are a leader of just and fair or you are simply a leader of no principles.

Save and all those administration procedure, it is the swiftness and responses to the racial extremists will show if you are a government of Malaysia or a government of your own!

I bet to differ with your statement that Ministers had no power to deal with errant civil servants.

Warmest regards,

Peter Leow

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