Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy Weekend

Over the weekend, from Thursday right up to Sunday, I was kept busy travelling to Kelantan, Johor and Malacca. In Kelantan, I officiated MCA AGM in five divisions. In Johor, I launched a Youth program in Muar. In the same day, I held the first BN coordinating meeting in Muar. On my way back to KL, I officiated another MCA AGM in Malacca. On Sunday night, I was back again in Johor Bahru to officiate another MCA AGM.

In Kelantan, MCA only has a state seat and we lost in the 308 general election. However, in most of the division AGM meeting that I have attended, I noticed that attendance in the AGM is satisfactory considering there are not many Chinese and MCA members in Kelantan. The Chinese make up about 4-5% of the total population in Kelantan, which are about 30,000 to 40,000 people. I suspect the younger generations are mostly working outside Kelantan.

Travelling through Kelantan, I notice that there is not much change in term of development and economic activities. In Kota Bharu, I noticed that are some new shop houses and shopping centre. On Friday, there was traffic congestion during lunchtime because of the Muslim’s Friday prayer. Otherwise, it’s the same old Kota Bharu. I was wondering why Lee Kuan Yew in his visit to Kelantan did not make any observation about the development in Kelantan and other states. In Penang, he commented that George Town have not seen much changes compared to Ipoh and Seremban. This was enough to trigger a verbal war between Koh Tsu Koon and Lim Guan Eng. Maybe Kuan Yew being a ‘political animal’ did not want to offend PAS.

PAS has a formidable party organization and has the most number of members compared to DAP and Keadilan. Hence, it is not surprising that the PAS President Hadi Awang and his supporters have been very vocal in stating their claim to be the Prime Minister if they come into power. Of course this has not gone down well with Anwar and Keadilan members. I am wondering what is DAP’s stand. I suspect DAP will go along with Keadilan rather than PAS.

What Kelantan has achieved under PAS in the last 19 years is not very encouraging. If PR comes into power at the federal level with PAS taking the lead, then a lot of us may not be so enthusiastic about the future of this country. The fundamentalist in PAS would over emphasize religion over economic development.

Kelantan today has the highest rate of poverty in peninsular Malaysia. It also has the highest unemployment rate as creation of new jobs is lacking. It has hardly any foreign direct investment. However, it has one of the highest incidents of the HIV and drug addicts. I was also told that it has one of the highest divorce rates in the country. Maybe, it has low crime rate. If this is the record that we have, then I shudder at the thought that PAS’ leadership like this can be in the pilot’s seat at federal level.


islander said...

Look at Johor Bahru, it is close to Singapore but it is not anywhere close to Singapore. The crime rate is alarming. But authorities are playing it down. Johor has been the stronghold of BN and has been extremely loyal to BN. But what has the BN government done to improve Johor?
A BN assemblyman was shot dead in his party headquarters and his case remains unsolved, Nur case has not been solved, snatch theft, robbery and murder are very high. The police do not care because there are no one to question them. It is sad to see all the politicians do not dare to talk about the crime rate in Johor.

Unknown said...

you have set up a bad example yourself when mentioning about aids in kelantan !

Elize said...

"I suspect the younger generations are mostly working outside Kelantan."
对。有谁人要呆在一个没有发展空间的地方?低薪,没娱乐,life quality 不高。所以党没有new blood.datuk sri 见到的人也不过是来去那几个人罢了。

Greenbug said...

You are a political animal yourself mentioning Kota Bahru state of development.

The truth of the matter is that voters and taxpayers now are smarter and can see for themselves, no need for politicians to tell them.

Look at JB, I am afraid to stop by on the way back from Singapore eventhough I worked there in the 1980s.

Dr Chua, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Poo Ching Loong said...

Dr, there are reasons why they are there for 19 years; why people love them so much, although mentioned poor. Put it this way, if look at it at different point, rich city like KL & Selangor which full of development also ruled by PR. What Malaysian look at things now very different from the 80-90's which my father involved in politics and shared with us on the situations. If BN to change NOW, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Hello , Dr Chua,

It is indeed disheartening to read your negative comments about Penang and Kelantan ruled by PR teams.

We agreed with Islander comments that it is indeed a HELL state in BN stronghold. Johor recorded the highest crime rate and most notorious state in Malaysia. Do you know that UMNO has marginalised and victimised Kelantanese and never pay a single $en on oil royalty in this poor state? It is a disgraceful for BN to call for unity govt with PAS when the UMNO goons played out the PAS religious brotherhoods in the past. Nik Aziz is right to admit how UMNO victimised their own muslim brothers in Kelantan for past 50 years. The social problems and investors shy away in Kelantan because BN cruel policies on PAS.

Gerakan taikos were failure in Penang after Dr Koh took over from Tun Lim. Penang Free Port was abolished by BN caused many foreign investors ran away. Gerakan is a puppet of UMNO Penang when the DPM is more powerful than Penang CM. What a great shame to Gerakan ? It is obsolutely right for LKY to voice his displeasure over the poor development in Penang for past 20 years as compared with Ipoh and Seremban. LKY indirectly told the new CAT CM to improve the economy, financial and development in Penang and dare to voice out for Penangites. His advises also indirectly blamed Dr Koh for his failures and Penangites to continue supporting DAP and reject both MCA and Gerakan in Penang.

Many MCA grassroots and senior members are going to resign and already resigned from MCA after 12GE. Furthermore, the Perak impasse by UMNO against the Chinese rights over their freehold lands, scholarships in JPA, universities intakes and etc have caused more Chinese people to hate and blame MCA for their cowards and unwillingness to help them.

Dr Chua should observed clearly many Chinese people attended the opening of MCA centres because of they respect you as a victim of MCA greed leaders. But you failed to ask them who they will vote in Kelantan in the next 13GE. We bet you that majority 99% Kelantanese Chinese will vote PAS today. Similar, majority 99.9% Perakian Chinese will vote DAP if a fresh state by election is call today.

MCA Taiko Ong TK is a "toothless" tiger, a coward in Parliament but acted hero outside. Chinese people still prefer Dr Chua to take over the MCA Taiko post with an open heart and mind to listen and see the crying calls from many Malaysian Chinese people today.

The Malaysian GDP is going south -5% in 2009 is going to hurt more Chinese biz and workers without any financial stimulus packages give out to help Chinese.
Chinese people are major income taxpayers in Malaysia but we never gain any financial assistances and support from the BN govt for past 51 years till today. Chinese people know who to vote and support the relevant parties can able to deliver their promises and hopes. Honestly speaking, todate MCA has failed its mission and vision to change the mind of Chinese people after 12GE. The power grab in Perak by UMNO with MCA played evil middleman to topple DAP state admin had created a deep "HATE" by all Perakians especially Chinese people cursed MCA leaders as running dogs in Perak today.

Appreciate Dr Chua should praised Nik Aziz and LGE for their untired service efforts and unselfish agendas to introduced CAT system for the benefits of all Kelantanese and Penangites.

Dr Chua must carry out a pool survey in your blog like MCA OTK to determine the current Chinese bloggers, readers and people vote on a proposed subject :-

We assured you that the pool results indicated below:-

(a) 80% - NO

(b) 15% - POSSIBLE

(C) 5% - YES.

Thanks for reading and publish our comments in your blog.


Kind regards,

Perakians, Kelantanese and all Malaysian Chinese people

Datuk said...

Dear Datuk Seri,

Your overall comments on Kelantan is completely bias.

You had once again proven to the public that BN politicians were not down to earth and out of touch when comes to comprehend the business sector.

Let' me tell that my business had recorded above avarage growth rate in Kelantan compared other states of peninsular during the ruling of BN government.

Kindly do your homework first prior to given public comments without supported by fact.

Hill isn't Broken said...

Dr. Chua,
As you see it yourself that BN has no chances to help develop this country of its state governments due to its incapability. PR is the new master of Malaysian central government rising up after GE13th. You might no know that how the outcome would turn up, but in reflection of all of blogger comments, answer is there. BN is going to be displaced. Today's progress yesterday's premeditation.

Mike said...

Frankly we don’t really care where you go and what AGM or coordination meeting you held. The critical issue to handle now is this H1N1 pandemic in Malaysia.

I strongly believe our Health Ministry and relevant government agencies are over confident and not taking the appropriate actions to deal with this flu epidemic. Look at Liaw TL, he is like a headless chicken running here and there. Went to Europe to attend World Health Meeting for what? Coming back the flu is out breaking in Malaysia. Few questions I have in my mind and so does many people I speak too….

1) Why the government did not take any actions on expert’s warning that when many oversea students (particularly from States, Cananda and Australia) are expected to return for the summer vacation this month?

2) Why no travel advisory issued to out break countries such as states, Australia, Japan etc. Who determine it is not necessary? When it is necessary ? Until someone die? Those students unnecessary visiting Australia is a clear example…

3) Liaw & YKS just happily announced school closure and home quarantine for the suspect. But what are the measures and guideline for those home quarantine? What can they do and where can they go? How do the agency monitors to ensure compliance (they don’t secretly sneak out and spread the virus?) Or even spread among their family member? Those home quarantine can their family member go out? You see these are very fundamental issues that the health ministry or related agencies must already come out with the emergency response plan and crisis management plan. Look at Singapore, there is an outbreak but they have established a clear guideline and procedure including monitoring and enforcement for those home quarantine. Here in Malaysia we just Cakap sahaja.

4) The KPI issues already drag on too long by this Nenak Koh S K. My goodness to take 2 years to implement the KPI things. Most companies get their ISO certificate in 1 year and just imagine this reflect on the efficiency of the government departments.

Truly this H1N1 pandemic reflect the capability of the government and politician heading those agencies. And we haven’t even touch on the West Port shit scandal yet.. Sad… real sad.

Pearls said...

I once asked my Kelantanese friends why continue to vote for PAS election after election even though PAS has not brought much to the state. Their replies were that they like their Kelantan the way it is.. unspoiled, slow and quiet. They are not too keen to have all sorts of development which, to many of us, means employment and revenue to the state.

To these Kelantanese, they can travel far and away to see all these big development and earn the money but when they go home, they want to go home to a place that has not bee contaminated with development. It might be a very queer way of thinking but everyone of us are entitled to think the way we deem fit. So, having no development or not earning mega bucks in state revenue is not an issue with these Kelantanese.

As for social ills, I suppose it is everywhere and as long as the society turn a blind eye and deaf ears to these social ills, it will never be eradicated. This is the price we pay for development.. you win some, you lose some.

Sigh.. LKY made comments on Penang based on the pass government's achievement. I am sure he is not stupid to make any comments on Penang based on the present government.. afterall, it has only been in power for the last 16 months and during these 16 months, they had hell from Federal government. So, let's give Penang State Government a break... Give them the space to grow and learn. If we can tolerate the many beyond stupid things that happen during BN's ruling, why cant we be as gracious to PKR?

We will cross the bridge when we get there... meaning, When PR comes into power, which will be by the next election, the matter of who will be PM and DPM will be decided then. What's the fuss? Why the need to speculate? What is there to get scared and worried now?

We got time.. We got time.. The problem here is whether BN have time or not? To rectify or convince voters to change their mind? As it is, people are getting pisser (Hmm.. must check if there is such a word.. more piss.. more fed up.. more TULAN)and pisserer by the day with BN. So, if I am you, I wont jaga tepi kain orang.. sendiri punya kain tengah bakar ni!!

Unknown said...

Surprise to see so many people responding to this topic. Perhaps Dr. Chua can see clearly what type of topic that catch people attention.

I do not see any good of BN politician comparing and commenting the achivement of other none BN state. Because one can only highlight the negative side.

Should just focus on own state, listen more to the public complaint, oversee the local concil efficieness, be practical and realistic. The vote shall return.

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