Friday, June 26, 2009

Second Coordinating Meeting in Sg. Petani, Kedah

I was in Sg. Petani, Kedah on Wednesday to officiate 3 MCA AGM meetings as well as to chair the second BN coordinating meeting. About 40 members consisting of UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP’s division leaders from Sg. Petani attended the coordination meeting that was held at 4p.m.

A series of issues were discussed during the meeting, including how BN should position itself as an effective opposition party in Kedah. In Kedah, BN lost the Parliamentary seat of Sg. Petani and all the 3 state seats within the Parliamentary seat during the 308 general election last year. In the Parliamentary seat of Sg. Petani, BN lost by a majority of more than 9000 votes. However, within the 3 state seats, if we tally the losses, BN lost by majority of 5300 votes. In other words, there are people who voted for BN at the state seat but rejected BN in the Parliamentary seat. At the meeting, I was told an important factor was that the BN candidate was a parachute candidate. Hence, there was a lot of dissatisfaction among the local community.

BN members have failed to play the role of an opposition effectively in all the PR states. They cannot keep thinking that they are still the government in power and acted like one. They must take action on issues that concerns the interest of the rakyat. During the meeting, we were told by many members of the committee that most PR assemblyman in Kedah do not go down to the ground nor hold any dialogues with the rakyat. Therefore, this is the chance for BN to regain rakyat’s confidence through its continuous service. If PR assemblymen do not want to do their part, we BN will do it for them.

I noted that most Kedah BN members are very enthusiastic in their work and I must thank them for their commitment. They raised several questions on the local and federal policies. They mentioned that they cannot only depend on BN to change, but they themselves must start the ball rolling. They cannot just sit down and wait for orders from the federal. They must act proactively. In the same way, the state BN must also share information with the division BN on national issues so that the divisions are able to monitor PR’s movement. State BN must also take note of local problems through local council and divisions.  

I told members of the BN committee that they have to move as a team at all times and not only during the election. They have to carry out activities together, hold meetings regularly, and when it comes to application to government for grants, it should be done in a very fair and transparent manner. Every rakyat is entitled to benefit from this grant and the grant should not be given only to its own supporters to strengthen the position of the divisional leader. When it comes to activities, it should not be confined only to members of the party. They should open up and welcome participation by the local community. BN leaders have to be more people’s friendly and go down to the ground.

During the meeting, I also told the members that all BN coordinators must unite and work well with members from other BN component parties if they want to regain the confidence and the support of the rakyat come the next general election. Only through hard work and good performance will we stand a chance to regain seats lost to PR.

Although it seems to some people that BN can do no right and PR can do no wrong, it is of utmost importance that BN members in PR seats stay focus, continue to serve and also to monitor PR state government’s performance. We must have a short, medium and long term plan to counter PR’s strategy. I believe that together with the cooperation from the state and local BN and the changed attitude by BN leaders BN, we hope to reclaim the lost seats in the coming general election.


Unknown said...

Hi! Dr Chua,

Your comment on the short meeting with 40 BN goons in Sg Petani is indeed a big laughing stock so to speak here. We, Perakians and Kedahans totally agreed with you that BN ADUNs are still dreaming and sleeping in their laurel positions in the Kedah State Assembly that they have forgotten about their Opposition roles now after they ruled the state for 51 years under BN. The BN ADUNs still very arrogant, selfish mind and tidak apa attitude for not serving their own constituents won by BN.

Dr Chua should go down for a survey in the entire Kedah to find out who really serve the rakyat. We listen, read, study and survey done on this subject and suprised to learn that PAS Aduns worked extra hard to serve their Malay people in many rural areas and influence them on the goodness of an Islamic state with CAT policies whereas DAP and PRK ADUNs do worked hard to serve their urban voters which cover bigger areas as compared with rural areas. Nevertheless, BN should do a fact finding to speak to Kedahans on the TRUE stories instead of listening to complain and cakap kosong from your BN buddies. It is untrue and baseless to accuse PR ADUNs laziness in carrying out their duties in this poor state. Well, PR ADUNs' method of services are very humble, soft approach and attend to the problems raised by their grassroots, urban voters and kampong residents.

I did understand that a DAP Adun drove 50 miles to attend to urgent calls from an Indian and a Chinese smart students with string As failed to secure scholarships and intake in USM after their names were rejected later.Both students wrote to DAP and BN service centres for HELP on their tertiary education. Why PR ADUN attended to their calls whereas BN buat tak tahu or silent ? As usual good excuse by BN never received their appeal letters. Finally both students managed to secure study loans and admitted to local universities with the HELP and recommendation from PR state govt today.

Dr Chua, please tell the readers and bloggers here:-

"Who are serving the rakyat now - BN or PR ? Which ADUN is working or sleeping today ?

In short, your short meeting in a small town Sg Petani and short discussion with a small group of YESmen from BN parties do not bring fruithful result to 1Malaysia Boss because BN goons dare not face the changes because the "TRUTH always PAINFUL"

Similar, your MCA Taiko Ong TK is fighting a "LONE RANGER" battle war with DAP Taiko Uncle Lim KS over PKFZ billion $candal. Unfortunate the majority of BN goons are staying away from Ong TK alone to defend his ex-MCA taikos and UMNO warlords over this scandal. What a pity PANDAN MP ?

A good Chinese proverb saying :-
"The smart Dogs ran away with the goodies but the kurang bijak new Dog takes the blame from his Masters' wrongdoings and now facing the strong voices from BN goons, PR Oppositions and general public". What a great SHAME ?

We think Dr Chua should request BN to focus on the increassing crime rate in Muar and JB areas instead of handling the affairs of PR Kedah govt. This is because it is a great laughter in JB state assembly today when the DAP ADUN said police had declared that the crime rate in JB had declined but based on media reports, it was still rampant compared with the neighbor island, Singapore.

“Security in Singapore and even Thai­land is better than ours,” the DAP ADUN said to laughter from the assembly. What is Dr Chua next comment on this hot topic about JB crime rate ? Please explain and clarify.

We, Kedahans and Perakians are non political biased, freedom and independent without any political agenda here. Appreciate that you will allow to publish our sincere positive true comment in your blog.

Ribuan terima - kasih - Doc !

Kind regards,

Anak-anak Tuanku
Perakian and Kedahan
Malaysia BOLEH Land

D'evil said...

Dear Datuk Seri

With reference to your statement, quoted below

" I was told an important factor was that the BN candidate was a parachute candidate. Hence, there was a lot of dissatisfaction among the local community."

I would like to point out that the dissastisfaction is the local BN community and not the local community. The local community dont care two hoots. They wont vote him/her anyway. It is the local BN community who would sabotage BN efforts. So much for unity.

jotan said...

Dr Chua,

MCA is only good in acting, do you think the Chinese based party can still fool the cChinese community ? Think again !

I swear said...

Dr Chua,

Your fellow MCA woman Ng Yen Yen said RM1million was nothing (on payment for Toad's expenses). Please pass my mesage to her that my wife and I worked till our back broke, tears also came out and after 15 years, our savings are nowehere near RM1 million. Since she said it was nothing I would appreciate if she can give me RM1 million (since RM1 million is nothing).

I have been promoting Malaysia during all my overseas trip and definitely promoted Malaysia more effectively than Mr Toad and definitely deserved the RM1 million more than Mr Toad.

mns2121 said...

Dear Dr Chua,

You can hold as many meeting as you want even weekly, but the result of the next PRU wont changed and may be worse.

Your office shall start new line of leadership and very coordinate and effective stategy.. fresh from any corrupt practice... I mean any corrupt practice... then, you will get much better result.

No hope at all with current and previous office bearers.. sad and truthful to say..

fr SP.

Unknown said...

Dear Dr Chua:
You are a good and capable man. When you were the Health Minister, you have done a lot to improve the ministry.
What you said in Muar recently is correct, MCA activities are mostly syok sendiri and many rather pay RM40 to attend opposition ceramah dinner than going to the FOC=come-with-lucky-draw MCA function. Well, I am one of them.
Stop giving beautiful slogans to lure voters. Do away corruption and inequality exist, I might vote for your coalition the next round.

Unknown said...

This has more become a popular platform for many to highlight the weakneses of BN and MCA which did not looks pleasance in reading BUT it definitely serve the main purpose for Dr to collect the fact. Not necesarry true for all the comments received but certainly reflected what is the expectation close to most people wanted.

l藍海 said...


Dr.Alvin Lee Chow Hui said...

hi datuk dr.chua,

I think BN need a major revamp in the organization. There are too many issues arise from the rakyat that remain unsolved. I have written an article about political tsunami in BN.
The link as below:-

I think we need to capture heart of young voters too as they will comprise from 3-4 million voter for next election.

Ok thanks.

Alvin Lee Chow Hui

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