Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MCA Divisional Annual General Meeting

I have read in the papers that Datuk Chua Jui Meng was shocked and sad over a purported allegation by me in my blog that in the general election, there was sabotage in Bakri constituency by Datuk Chua Jui Meng. I hope Jui Meng read what I posted in my blog on 23rd June and I re-quote: The general feeling is when the incumbent in Bakri was replaced after having served 5 terms, some of the MCA members and supporters were not happy. This is the problem that BN faces when a long serving candidate is replaced with a new face. The incumbents always feel that they have many more years to go before they retire. Hence, in a lot of constituencies, when a long serving incumbent is replaced, there is non-cooperation and what is worst sabotage”. Anyone reading this will know that this is a general statement and that the meaning of it should not be twisted.

I have also read in the papers that in the Bakri AGM, out of 392 divisional delegates, only 150 of them attended the AGM. I hope that the division and other divisions with poor turnout of delegates in their AGMs could take this opportunity to re-evaluate the cause or the root of the problem within their divisions. Blaming and pointing fingers at others will not resolve any problem. It will only cause more damage to the division and to the party.

Apart from that, in one newspaper, Jui Meng claimed that the BN lost of Bakri and Bentayan seats was because Dr. Chua had influenced party members to go against him. I find this hard to believe, as we should now be strategizing on how to win back all lost seats and regain rakyat’s confidence. By just blaming others will not help at all. It will only provoke more emotions. Do not think that those who disagree with you have a personal agenda. I have said many times that MCA must show unity and do not treat party members as enemies, otherwise we will be wiped away come the next general election. Having said that, I wish to rest my case. I have no intention to engage in a media war with anyone.











shltplnk said...

Obviously Dr Chua has very good defences. However, I really do believe that Dato Chua Jui Meng is right about
'要一個分裂區會的人,去領導馬華贏峇吉里一國二州的議席,不可能取勝' 。 ;[

Ajer said...

Dr Chua I throw my support behind you and this is always available whenever you need.

Stay United People!!

Ivan Tan said...

Siapa yang makan Cili, dialah yang rasa pedas....

Unknown said...

Hello Dr Chua,

It looks like "DOG BITES DOG BONE" in MCA party after your buddies lost badly in 12 GE. Well! A spade is a spade with no friends and no enemies in political games.

Dr Chua greatest internal enemies are within MCA leaders like Chua Jui Meng and Ong Tee Keat because you are their greatest competitor in MCA party. They see you more dangerous than any Opposition leaders like Uncle Lim. Dont talk about Chinese Unity since MCA is having internal silent war today.

The old Chinese proverb saying:
" The Evil of Money and Power will always be the main factors for all politicians to create many dog figths among their own species. "

Vince said...

Dr Chua,

People who can not serve and do work over 5 years should get out! We need some one who can work not just talk. We want to see result, current Perak state GOV learn this well, they have started improvement project such as widening the roads, provide more parking space where it was needed and those which benefits the rakyat the long run. Last time they just put up some fancy lighting pole, nice nightlights on tree and claim millions on RM spent on it, DAMN stupid way to use state money. We the Rakyat knows and we are NOT stupid.
Now they improve the necessity items which is costing more RM with the same millions they use in those stupid lights. But i do wonder how long can they keep this up and keep their hands clean.... We will be watching! :)
Pardon me, but where is the improvement action plan for those BN lost states and please get rid of those so called YB who is not willing to serve, they are a SHAME to MCA.

Pearls said...

Aiyooo.... what is going on here!?

Like kindie kids like that.. you say, he say, you say he said, he say you said..GET A GRIP! Stop all these inhouse drama and let's get going along la. If you got something to say, say it right into whoever's face you got an issue with. Dont say it in the press and let it get all twisted.

No wonder la, we Chinese always kena bullied by UMNO and this make us all look bad. This is so so not happening la. STAND UNITED LA.. TOGETHER-GETHER!! If within the party, you people cannot be united, how la do you expect the people to throw their support for you people?

So, stop all these desperate housewives and their bayam story drama!!

Unknown said...

Somehow must convey the message to all again that one must put party interest beyound self interest.
ALSO suggest to put a CLEAR criteria to choose a qualify candidate for election. i.e able to communicate in three languages, ages, background and perhaps voted internally within the local meeting.

Freddie said...

Bakri constituency has always been a BN stronghold until 2008 election, this constituency have for many years of hardworks and contributions of Datuk Chua Jui Meng. Since you took over ‘his’ Ministry of Health during the Cabinet reshuffle by Tun Abdullah Badawi, that really shocked many Muarian and his supporters. Datuk Chua Jui Meng himself has to seek and pray Christain god’s salvation to save him from depressed.

Muarian always feel proud of Chua Jui Meng and appreciate his services, until last year’s general election, Chua Jui Meng did not contest and on the verge of nomination date, there were two candidates, one from local senior leader and another from so-called parachute candidate of other place, and the parachute candidate was place for the contest. This was one of the reasons some of the MCA members and supporters were not happy. They don’t know who is this guy and never see any service records.

When a long serving incumbent is replaced, there is non-cooperation and what is worst sabotage. Yes, members from MCA to UMNO, they voted DAP and PAS. Training of young generation is imminent, we cannot simply replace an incumbent without proper assess of their capability. Chua Jui Meng also must accept the fact that he must give way and with his whole hearted to help the new leader who may replace him. This Bakri constituency has quite a large coverage of areas. New leader may need more time to know the people, to learn and get guidance from the senior. (I see the special secretary to Johor Menteri Besar – Lee Ching Yong is the potential man. He is hardworking and has good records of serving the rakyat in Bakri and Muar. MCA HQ may have better men otherwise).

Your consensus was that BN needs to move as a team, BN at the local level should hold meeting at least once in three months and activities should be conducted in the name of BN. That is your duty to monitor them from time to time.

Most of the voters even in the opposition-controlled state or Parliamentary seats still come to their service centre for help. Both DAP Bakri Parliamentary and DAP Bentayan DUN have been quarrelling with each other and never talk to each other for quite sometime, and sometime they even bar people to make complaint or ask for help, that’s why the MCA still serve the rakyat in Bakri and it still considers the BN as stronghold, if we have a rightful new leader.

Let bygone be bygone, all MCA comrades and BN members have to look forward and work together closely and should unite all members to face and solve any possible threats/problems to our party and Barisan Nasional.

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