Monday, June 29, 2009

No Indonesian Domestic Maids

Finally, the Indonesia government reacted by banning Indonesian maids to work in Malaysia. Individually, Indonesians can on their own apply to Malaysian employer on a direct basis to work in Malaysia. Hence, how effective this government ban will be, only time will tell. Many unemployed Indonesian ladies would work to circumvent this official ban. After all, there are many illegal Indonesians working in Malaysia. In fact, illegal Indonesians constitute the largest group of illegal workers in this country. The ban may only be good on paper.

With the Indonesia government facing an election year trying to be popular, decision made can puzzle the outsiders. This ban on Indonesian maids to work in Malaysia is one classical example. All right thinking Malaysians condemns employers who abused their maid. The abusive employer is to be found in every part of the world, not just among Malaysians. The ban would only serve Indonesian maids finding its way to work in Malaysia illegally. Then, when the employer becomes abusive, the illegal maid will be at the mercy of the abusive employer. The maid will then have to choose to report to the police and at the same time having its status of being an illegal worker be exposed. In short, the abusive employer may go scot-free since the employer is aware that the illegal maid may not seek legal recourse.

Indonesia media enjoy Malaysia bashing. Apparently, this is popular among the rakyat in Indonesia. On the other hand, the Malaysia media have been rather professional in their reporting of the countless crime committed by Indonesian workers in this country. It is the Malaysia media who should be doing Indonesia bashing considering the countless suffering inflicted on Malaysians by Indonesian criminals in Malaysia.

Any rational Malaysian would want to see a cordial relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia. Malaysia subscribes to the concept of prosper-thy-neighbour. When our neighbours are doing well, we gain by investments, by trade and by the inflow of tourists. When they have problem, we inherit part of the problem. The annual haze that we are subjected to because of the open burning in Indonesia is a classical example. It is the same with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants coming from Indonesia because of the poor employment prospect in their own country. In general, no Malaysians look down on the Indonesian workers. In fact, most Malaysians have a lot of sympathy and understanding of Indonesians working in our country. It is a few bad Indonesian apples and a small group of abusive Malaysian employers that served to strain an otherwise cordial relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Malaysian employers may have to look to other alternative sources for their household maids. Maybe the government should introduce minimum wage for Malaysian maids working in Malaysia. This may partially solve the problem of homegrown domestic maids.









D'evil said...

I think Malaysian should stop having maids. For those who can afford it, they should pay a premium.

It is not right to hire these Indonesian maids as almost nothing.

Pearls said...

I too think Malaysians should stop having maids!

If each employer is compiled by law to provide decent day care for children under the age of 12, their workers will not have to waste money and time running around dealing with all the headaches of having a maid. It's a big headache having a maid!!

Infact, productivity might just increase with parents having a peace of mind to concentrate on their work! Yup, parents can pop into the day care and see their kids whenever they are free and this fact is enough to calm any parents. Yup, having a maid take care of your kids is no joke ok. You worry endlessly as to what is happening at home.

Of course for children above 12 years of age, schools can have activities to hold them back till 6PM. All sorts of extra classses that kids goes to nowadays can be held in the school compound. The schools should be allowed to be creative by having piano class, ballet class, tuition, guitar class, drum class, etc for kids and I am very sure parents wouldnt mind their kids taking these classes in school even with added fees. Turst me, such deals save parents a lot of hassle. I should know!

What else? Housework?? Everybody in the family do their part la!! What's with this nonsense of being tired and no time. Got time to sleep until sun is blazing on the butt or watch korean movies from sun down to sun up, got no time to do housework ah? That's why people are getting fat and unhealthy la! Get those jelly butt up and get going la. How hard is that?

Once everyone in the family is force to do housework, everyone will make the effort not to mess it up and be responsible.. no more cups behind sofa, spillage on kitchen counter tops, dirty sink, stains in toilet, dirty clothes all over the place, etc.. Trust me, such exercise work wonders with teenagers and hopeless & pampered males in the house.

What else do people need maids for? Gardening? Do it yourself! Instead of trawling shopping malls and spend more money, get down on your knees and work out a little. Upkeep of pets? Get the kids to do it! Let them learn to be responsible. TEACH THEM! It is good to work the kids out like some cheap slaves.

I go to work, bring up my kids, manage my home, run a small side business selling cakes, have a garden that is an envy to everybody that comes thru my gate, have 2 cats and oh! nearly forgot, got time to surf net, blog and put in comments here and there. Yet, I dont have a maid!

My house is not messy nor topsy turvy, my kids are not delinquent or failing badly in school or unhappy, my cake business, garden, cats and home life are thriving. So, how can one say that it is a must to have a maid?

Think about it.. I for one will not be held ransom by maids or anything. Do without them!

Unknown said...

Agree with what Pearls said.Malaysian has abused the maid facility. part of it is because most of us affordable to hire. BUT not really help for our new genearation where thay have growth up without doing any household. We spoild them.
It should be professional services like weekly cleaning, gardening that is more suitable to engage.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if the Indons find MYR 150 equivalent to 437,320.70 IDR ( Indonesian rupiah ) per month an insult actually. Really ! What can one do with RM 150 per month ? With that kind of labour's salary, of course, you cannot expect any higher standard of service from them. Indonesia is not in a strong negotiating position because it is a country polluted by problems of corruption, religious extremism, poverty. She has to rely on others more than others relying upon her. So she is helping when she stops all these maid businesses because she is helping us to cut down on own problems. Gone were the days when locals became maids. If you still need this kind of service, definitely the local maids will ask for more. Therefore if you can, be a superwoman or a superman in your home.

Unknown said...

Dr Chua,

It looks like Malaysian families cannot survive without maids to help their houseworks. Well ! many modern wives are too dependent on foreign maids to do their dirty jobs and housekeeping. So these young wives have hot tempers after their job pressure and husband disastisfaction , they blamed and abused the maids to release their tension and pressure.

It is time that we must teach the young wives and children to be more self dependent and independent when they have own families. In short, Malaysians are getting very lazy and enjoy life above their means. The maid problem cant be resolved overnite and forever if Malaysians MALAS LAZY attitude unchanged.

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