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First BN Coordinating Meeting in Muar and Bakri

As the Chief BN Coordinator, I have been tasked to look at Parliament and DUN seats that we lost to PR in the last general election. Since this is a new post, there is no precedent and no track record whereby I can seek guidance. I can only learn as I move along.

In order to coordinate effectively, it is obvious that I need the cooperation from all the component parties in BN. There is suspicion and also this perception that BN lost in some of the seats because of internal sabotage. This often come about when a long entrenched incumbent is replaced or you have parachute candidates that are not welcomed at the local level. So, candidate do matter in general election.

I choose to start my first meeting in Bakri since I am familiar with the local BN component party leadership. Muar BN was also invited since there is no clear separation in terms of voting by Muarians. Hence, a Muarian may be staying within the constituency in Bakri but he may be voting in Muar and it can be vice versa. Hence, cooperation between the BN of Muar and Bakri is important to ensure victory.

In the 308 election, BN lost the Parliamentary seat of Bakri and retained the seat of Muar. Within these two parliamentary seats, there are seven constituencies and BN lost three, one to DAP, and two to PAS. The Parliamentary seat of Bakri has always been a BN stronghold until 2008 election. The general feeling is when the incumbent in Bakri was replaced after having served 5 terms, some of the MCA members and supporters were not happy. This is the problem that BN faces when a long serving candidate is replaced with a new face. The incumbents always feel that they have many more years to go before they retire. Hence, in a lot of constituencies, when a long serving incumbent is replaced, there is non-cooperation and what is worst sabotage. Anyway, the incumbent for one of the Parliamentary seats who was replaced did not turn out for the meeting although he is still head of the division.

The meeting proceeded well with input from all the component parties. The consensus was that BN needs to move as a team. The YBs should serve their constituencies well, irrespective of race and religion. They should go down to the ground in order to understand the rakyat better. In the same way, grant should be given to all irrespective of race. BN at the local level should hold meeting at least once in three months and activities should be conducted in the name of BN. A lot of local issues were raised, some of which require state or federal intervention. I promised that once I receive all the details, I would try to contact the relevant ministries in order that some of the long-standing problems can be resolved.

Some of the leaders complained that they still run their service centre as if they are still the YBs. Of course funding is a problem since you need funds to run the service centre. Most of the voters even in the opposition-controlled state or Parliamentary seats still come to their service centre for help. Some of the local leaders felt that this was unfair. My response was to serve and to let the rakyat decide who is serving and who is not.








Vince said...

Hi Dr Chua,

The term "some of the MCA members and supporters were not happy." is an understatement. It should be "devastated" since it was a strong hold for 5 terms. A postmortem should be done to reflect why this happened. It is easy to estimate. Look at Bakri and Muar 20 years ago. Look at it again now, this is 5 term. What has changed? Positive changes (any development and improvement) vs negative changes (cost of living, environment safety, etc....). BN should get the idea. for 5 terms BN has the Budget (All BN state have budget), where has it gone.... take a look at Singapore in 4 years interval change.... compare their pro and con. Be realistic, rakyat is now smarter and much more educated (well informed). By when will we have the pros of Singapore level. I am not saying they are all good... ok? At least nobody dared to rob at day light anywhere there.

Vince said...

Dr Chua,

The below statement is even more disturbing.
"Some of the leaders COMPLAINED that they still run their service centre as if they are still the YBs. Of course funding is a problem since you need funds to run the service centre. Most of the voters even in the opposition-controlled state or Parliamentary seats still come to their service centre for help. Some of the local LEADERS felt that this was UNFAIR."

How can an "ex"-YB complain when serving the Rakyat. Since when funding was a problem, please take out the past 5 years account book. If these people can not serve the rakyat,then they should get their ass out of the way and start a business (everything goes to your profit margin mar....). If we vote for opposition, does it mean we are not Malaysia's Rakyat? IF this is what BN party's thinking, BN has already lost. Take a good look at PR, they lost big time 5 terms, but they still carry on fighting. Like it or not, they are respected for having that type of courage and spirit. They have been imprisoned, ISA, intimidated and mistreated like a street dog by majority of "BN $$ supporters"(those who have stake at hold). Yet PR fight on over the years, they learned to work together, look at PAS (One good example of improvement changes in tolerance of multiracial community "although not perfect ideology"). MCA as one of the 2nd largest BN component party was so silent and it is totally over shadowed by UMNO. Another person name I can hear is "Mr Michael Chong". Like you, he is one of the old timers which serve the people. There is still plenty of good man in MCA but there is more of them that is looking for digging personal $$$ gold mine field (especially the younger ones, "join MCA and you will get projects").
Since when have we see any real community service done in newspaper? If near election, it is protocol bullshit to have 'paid' gotong-royong everywhere.
Don't get me wrong, I still have my respect to some MCA member but not the party because MCA (and Gerakan as well)have been sleeping over these few terms, only to be awaken by a NICE slap by PR. Sometimes I do wonder, have MCA really awaken or still living their day dream trying to dig more personal gold. Leaders must have respect to themselves and to the people who they are supposed to lead. "Respect yourself and others, they will respect you in return." Show us result and not promises, anyone can make promise but not many can keep them.

Unknown said...

Hi! Dr Chua,

Well, Congratulations !
Najib has choosen you as a Chief BN Coordinator similar like hanging you as a punching bag or kambing korban / scapegoat in a hot soup position for public to hate you more. Eventually, you got a BAD IMAGE and BAD REPUTATION if the people decide to vote against BN in 13GE. Then your many enemies in MCA, UMNO and other component parties in BN will boikot, dont cooperate and stay away from you so that your mission fail miserably.

Frankly speaking, it is pointless to speak with members in MCA, MIC, Gerakan and UMNO. Eventually all members are "Pak-Ikut" dare not go against you, Taiko Chief BN Coordinator. Nevertheless, you have failed to listen, see, read and survey the majority voters in losing states on the real reasons for BN defeat. Let us tell you three simple reasons why many Malaysians are fed up and disgusted with BN politicians today.

1. Many BN politicians are very arrogant, self interests, corruptions, cronies, nepotism, connections and no services rendered to their voters / public.

2. MCA, MIC, Gerakan and other small component parties in BN are "puppets or running dogs" to be bullied by UMNO goons. The racist parties are irrelevant to many young generation voters together with the change of mind of old voters willing to vote for People Party (PR) for a better tomorrow and CAT government soon.

3. Financial 1997 crisis, many projects' scandals, abused of power, injustice, discrimination, victimization, poor economy and lack of fiscal recovery carried out by BN goons over past 20 years under Dr M dragonian iron ruled and domant state by sleeping Pak Lah had caused many Malaysians fed up , angry and digusted to vote BN out for tsunami change to PR.

Lastly. the lost of parliment seat of Bakri was a good lesson for MCA. Dont blame on new parachute candidate or find excuses for the lost of Bakri. The true picture is that many Bakri voters were anger and fed up with the old arrogant Bakri MP of 5 terms for sleeping too long to help out the people in Bakri town as compared with Muar town. High crime rate and poor development in Bakri also contributed to BN lost. Similar, MCA-BN Muar will eventually lose out to DAP in the next 13GE. Today many Johoreans are damn anger, worried, digusted, unhappy and fed up with BN govt over high crime rate, notorious, inflation and many immigrants occupied the state.

Once again, we wish Dr Chua well in taking up the high pressure unwanted jobs in BN. Please do take care of your health is wealth, dont make more $ but do drink a lot of water and stay away from H1N1 and HIV for the sake of your children and family members.



Kind regards,

amoker said...

I am Muarian and my whole family decided not to influece each other's voting. we end up voting for oppositions, all of us. My grandma decided not to vote for BN cause she is not sure.

In short, it is not about teamwork. MCA in UMNO is death.Muarians dare to make the choice.

Unknown said...

Candidate is secondary.The over all poor performance from BN for such a long period is the main reason. Specially the in-efficient local concil performance and the "all known" corruption in many govenrment agency (i.e polish, custom,..)is sinking our future.

eddy said...

Congrats Dr Chua for being appointed the BN Chief Coordinator, if there is anybody in Malaysian politics right now who could make good work out of an obviously very difficult job in difficult circumstances going by the comments in your blog, my vote goes to you sir.

I have known you since your days as EXCO in the Johor state Government and I am impressed by your ability to speak articulately in Malay, English and Mandarin, your command of these languages will hold you in good stead I am sure.

Walau bagaimanapun saya mencadangkan juga supaya tulisan blog Dr Chua yang bernas ini dapat sesekali ditulis atau diterjemahkan didalam Bahasa Melayu supaya dapat dibaca juga oleh orang kita yang tidak berapa fasih didalam bahasa Inggeris atau Cina maklumlah sekarang Dr sudah menjadi Ketua Koordinator BN yang merangkumi semua lapisan masyarakat majmuk Malaysia. Hanya satu cadangan sahja.

Salam ceria dari orang JB.

D'evil said...

Huh!. BN YB's go and meet people? In my whole life, I have yet to meet one BN YB. I am not sure they are real people.

How can I vote for someone who I have not even shake his or her hand?

I wish you luck in trying to get these people to turun tanah.

Freddie said...

The men that you purposely place in Muar to replace Chua Jui Meng for last's year election as Parliment candidate. He is a Senator with weak supporter/ grassroot from Muar. He is an incompetent and inexperience men to communicate with people.

Dr Chua Jui Meng is an influential men even now at that area.

Kopi Kau Kau said...

Dr. Chua,

What is the use of stupid post given to you ??? What can you achieve?... You will be face with alot of misery and back-stabbing by your fellow members....
In fact you are not a nobody trying to show a brave face.... Why why why are you still doing this when you are not being appreciated ????.
What do you hope to achieve?
To be frank, your age is fast catching up with you and you are better off idly yourself away at your neighbourhood kopitiam ....
Kopi Kau Kau chi piu........

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