Monday, June 1, 2009

On Leave To Beijing Until 5th June – sorry, hence no blogging, dear readers

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of the China-Malaysia anniversary, the PM of Malaysia will be making an official visit to China. He will be accompanied besides the official delegation YABhg. Tun Hajah Rahah, the mother of Najib and the wife of the Prime Minister Tun Razak who established the official relationship between China and Malaysia in the year 1974.

Relationship between China and Malaysia has grown from strength to strength. Today, we can visit China freely provided we apply for the visa. In the early days when the China-Malaysia relationship was established, there was a lot of suspicion by the Malaysian government on Malaysian Chinese visiting China. Often, delegations are accompanied by special branch officers. Today, the visa requirement is imposed by the Chinese government and not us.

There is a lot of trade between the two nations. The China’s market is an important market for our export of primary commodities. It is also an important source of tourist. Most of the daily common necessities in this country are imported from China. China is today the engine of growth for Asia. Cordial relationship between the two nations is important to promote trade, investments and the free flow of people between the two nations. Hence, this visit is not only important historically, but also hopefully to spur further investment and trade between the two nations. Hence, besides the official delegation, I understand that there is a big troupe of businessman. A lot of MOUs will be signed. Let’s hope that most of these MOUs will be implemented. Often, Malaysians like to sign MOU when they are overseas to impress Malaysians VIP. This MOU remain just as a piece of paper with no implementation.







stupidhead said...

you are going to kowtow to the chinese communist party yet your government stops an old malayan soldier who headed the malayan communist party from coming home. why?

will your mod censor my comment?
i'll take a screenshot of this and post it on my blog just in case...

Haddy Haswyra said... is the medicine

呉 和豪 said...

敦拉萨的果敢的决定, 促进了区域的和平,也软和了国际之间的紧张局势,间接结束了冷战。
马来西亚虽然不是强大的国家, 但是在促进世界和平扮演着很重要的角色。

Unknown said...

actually we sent MARA student to study in China university BUT our government nvr recognize the degree from China university? ELSE it can opne up more options for those graduate from chinese independent school.

JR said...

My dearest Datuk Sri Chua Soi Lek,

Why is the Government is seem neither-here-nor-there in approaching PKFZ scandal. Is it enough and adequate for Ong Tee Kiat to hand over the PwC audit report to MACC??? Sincerely, should the Barisan Gov does not take this 7.5billion loss into accountablity, Najib's administration would likely to be the last Barisan premier and it'd prove and adjudicate RAHMAN's priciple.

R-Tunku Abdul Rahman
A-Tun Abdul Razak
H-Tun Husein Onn
M-Tun Mahathir
A-Supposed to be Anwar but- Pak Lah
N-"Tun" Najib

People do hope the Government brings some radical change in the system.

1)Ong Tee Keat, Chor Chee Heung-
RM12.5billion PKFZ scandal
2)Muhyiddin- Simply wanted to wash off his hand on Manohara-Indonesia Model case.
3)Najib- Mongolian
4)Khir Toyo- worst corrupted MB

All these are Barisan spot-light.

I personally, sincerely hope the Government under najib's Administration could alter the current downturn.

Your appoinment was very constructive idea of regain confidence of people towards Barisan but it couldn't work effectively if The federal government itself is "lembap"!

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