Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1 Year After 308 General Election/ 政治海啸一周年

We celebrated 1 year after 308 general election 2 days ago. However, there is still intense politicking and political temperature is unlikely to subside with 3 coming by-elections. There will be more politics and more political drama while we face the economic tsunami manufactured in the USA.

Post 308, ethnic relationship is under stress. Economic downturn will aggravate any social disorder, since we will be facing growing number of jobless people. The retrenchment rate will go up and social security will be a problem.

Against the backdrop, people will be definitely be sick of the politicians from both the political divide. Already we can sense people are getting frustrated and fed up with politicians.
It is obvious that political stability and the politic of development will not please the rakyat. The voters’ expectations are high.

Talk about past glory and achievement do not ring a bell among the younger generation. They want to see politicians to be able to deliver for the present and the future. They want hope, confidence and leadership at this crucial time, not political drama.

UMNO must compete for the Malay votes. UMNO cannot claim to be synonymous with the Malays. They have to compete against PAS and Keadilan.

The Non-Malay votes became crucial. BN component parties, besides UMNO have its internal problem and image problem. It is not going to be easy to shake off this image of playing second fiddle to big brother UMNO.

How to reach out to the non-Malay voters becomes more and more difficult as they become disenchanted to BN and UMNO. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

I must admit a lot of MCA leaders like to sing this old song of independence granting of citizen peace, stability and development since independence.

I am equally guilty of singing this old tune at time.

Najib will inherent a country full of political and economic challenges. He has the advantage of wealth of experience, energetic, intelligent, a good listener and a caring personality. But this is difficult and there is the need to be bold and pushy to implement a host of new initiaves to give hope to rakyat about BN. It is not going to be easy.

There is urgent need to improve the public delivery system. With the economic downturn, the cost of doing business become crucial and time delayed is additional cost. Suddenly the Selangor State Government becomes generous with the State civil servants by granting 90 days for maternity leave, plus public holidays and weekend and leave entitlement.

A public servant in Selangor may just work 150 out of 365 days. We need a superwoman to catch up with work productivity if she works only virtually on estimated days.

Cheaper cost of living is another issue the government needs to tackle. The electricity, water bills and tolls and fuel and essential basic needs should be maintained at its lowest possible cost.

With reduced incomes and raising inflation, a lot of family is finding hard to survive.
We hope to see a more interactive, a caring leadership under Najib. It should not be leaders know best. Rule by consensus, not by top down. Some BN leaders do have swollen head and behave like medieval rulers! With the attitude that I don’t have to tell the world my decision, how to be people’ friendly?

To be fair, Pak Lah gives a lot of room for social and political freedom. Freedom should be enjoyed with responsibility especially the print and electronic media.

There may be gutter politics, lets hope there is no gutter media.

Rakyat wants to see greater transparency and accountability and fairness in government policy, decision and its implementation system. With a very top down system, the public service and the politicians have t walk the extra mile to achieve this. There is a need to beef the government communication machinery. Just the radio, TV and press releases will not suffice.

Every Ministry should have a more concerted effort to talk to media more properly. Be more open and frank. If there is a mistake, just admit it. The rakyat appreciates honesty from the government.

I hope the PR government after 1 year should not be behaving like opposition in their own states. They should roll out more long term plans for their state economy and development. Blaming the previous administration is not governing. It will only kick start the blame game.

The economic crisis should be our focus. The health of the nation economy cannot be good.

Almost every sector is affected. We need politicians who can dialogue and treat.
BN government have led the nation through difficult economic times in 1985/86, 1997/1998 and now 2009, all “Bull yes” BN government have the experience to handle economic crisis. If BN handles this crisis well, then it will generate a lot of goodwill. It may also be the Archilles’ heel of the government, if not done well.

Najib will try to consolidate his power while Anwar will do all he can to topple him. Najib should not be distracted by his political enemy but be focused to discharge his responsibility.






















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