Thursday, March 26, 2009

UMNO election and Najib as the next Prime Minister

UMNO election has always spark interest to people outside the party. Traditionally, the UMNO President will become the PM of Malaysia. Most of those who are elected to senior position within UMNO often have position in the govenrnment. In short, UMNO party election do have an important bearing on the national political landscape.

Malaysia, whether the state or federal government is made up of ruling parties. It’s a zero sum game as far as government positions is concerned.

For the first time in party history, the top leadership of the 3 wings of UMNO – Wanita, Puteri and Youth and the parent body of UMNO except the President are seeing keen contest.

By Thursday night, Najib will be confirmed as the President of UMNO and the following week to be sworn in as the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia. Najib has waited patiently for more than 30 years to this day. Najib will bring to his office his wealth of experience, both at the state and federal, a good brain, a good listener and a friendly manner but yet firm. He will be facing immense challenges of trying to rebuild UMNO and BN. He has to face the economic slowdown and a likely economic recession that Malaysia faces. He needs all the wisdom and experience, luck and support to overcome these 2 immense challenges. It’s not going to be an easy job.

UMNO needs to undergo an overhaul of change from the quota system to qualify for party election to money politics and a small number of leaders afflicted with arrogance of power. Like all parties in power, for a substantial time, complacency sets in and there will be a lot of self-serving party officials. This is a general illness that afflicts all political parties.

From the time I became Wakil Rakyat in 1986 to my last election in 2004, I can see a significant change in the behaviour and work attitude of some UMNO leaders at branches, divisions and even at state level. Somehow, a lot of grassroots leaders have lost their fire in the belly or passion in their work. Generally, they are better educated and enjoy a higher standard of living compared to the 80s. I notice also that there are more concerns with the trapping of wealth and position. Some can ill-afford it but have to put up with the false front to maintain the gaya of life.

With a higher level of education and standard of living, some of the members have lost touch with the grassroots who remain very dedicated and committed to party struggle. Some have become aloof and believe that whatever they have, power, position and wealth will be in perpetuality.  However, I must admit that there are still a lot of UMNO leaders who are still loyal and dedicated who served and work without monetary consideration. If UMNO leadership can inspire a change among the grassroots leaders to work hard to win rakyat’s support, then UMNO can continue to enjoy the support of Malay masses.

Often, some UMNO wakil rakyat after election hardly visit the non-Malay constituencies. They often leave this in care of component parties of BN – MCA, MIC or Gerakan and this can be a fatal mistake when the component party leadership are weak at the local level. Often local wakil rakyat has to shoulder the blame and face the music. This may be one of the important reasons for the erosion of support for UMNO candidates within the constituency. Traditionally, mixed constituencies have been stronghold of BN until the 308 election where mixed constituencies became the Achilles heel for the defeat of BN. So, one of the significant change in BN wakil rakyat is that they must be able to reach out to all races, failing to do so will cost them dearly in the coming election.

Reaching to the young will be the greatest challenge for any political party in Malaysia. More than one third of Malaysia population is within 15 – 40 age group. While a greater percentage have access to higher education, more articulate and have better understanding of their rights and be more critical of the government of the day, they often show no interest for grassroots political activities. A lot become just armchair critics.

Often how to get them engage constructively would be the most difficult challenge to both the political divide. The image and perception game becomes important and this has worked. In general, UMNO and BN are viewed negatively by the younger generation.

The new media with a lot of bloggers have only served to aggravate the situation. I notice lots of bloggers are often arm-chaired critics and a lot of them do not seem to understand the political realities in this country. While it is good that the younger generation is fired with idealism, they should be more grounded with realities rather than make believe. Until and unless BN can engage these younger generations, I feel that we face a monumental task of changing their negative perception towards UMNO and BN.

Congratulations to Sharizat for winning the Wanita Chief, Khairy for winning the Youth Chief and Rosnah who became the new Puteri UMNO Chief.


Mercedes said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

If you need a boat to cross a river, by all means get one. But if you have crossed the river, you should leave the boat behind, and continue your journey by other means, if necessary.

You don't continue to carry the boat, especially when you have to climb a mountain after crossing the river.

UMNO's 'perjuangan', or whatever that they might want to call their ideology, is irrelevant now.

What is "mempertahankan hak-hak orang Melayu" when the vast majority of this country is Malay, and other races no longer pose a possible threat of overwhelming the Malays politically?

What is "menjadikan UMNO sebagai parti pilihan untuk orang Melayu" when the police force that is under the control of UMNO political masters ever so often used force against their own kind?

To the Malays that do not think the same like them, UMNO and UMNO-conrolled media would call them names, labelled them as fanatics, even their Ulamaks were not spared.

It seems, UMNO is too proud to negotiate or even try to understand others, even to their own kind.

What is the "perwakilan's" complaint that "orang Melayu sendiri tidak berani nak cakap tentang hak mereka sendiri dalam tanahair dia sendiri" when harsh laws such as ISA and Sedition Act were evoked against their own kind?

Today, UMNO no longer have a political agenda. As a political party, it is devoid of political ideology.

It is because of the lack of clear-cut political ideology, their members could not prove themselves to other members except by monetary terms.

That is the reason why money politics is rampant in the party.

They talked of "perubahan", "pembaharuan", yet for Malay this is the very thing that they are afraid of: TO CHANGE.

That's why during the "perbahasan", one can hear that some called for the party to change, their Presiden called for the members to change, there were also some wakil negeri that called for the leaders themselves to change first. At the end, believe me, nothing will come forth.

Some cosmetic changes might occur, but overall everything will be the same.

Today, because of the fear to change, UMNO continues to think that their old ways still bear benefits to them. By doing so, they are still carrying their "boat" after the river has been crossed.

Today, UMNO has a mountain to climb. Yet they believe that their boat will continue to help them to climb the mountain.

Their end is certain.

So is MCA, MIC, and other component parties in BN.

Unless, of course, miracles happen.

呉 和豪 said...

Selamat Pagi YB Dato Seri Dr.Chua

Suka saya suarakan perasaan kepada bakal Perdana menteri Dato Seri Najib melalui Blog DRCHUA9

1)Pemimpin pemimpin ,wakil rakyat dan penyokong BARISAN NATIONAL mesti lah disepadukan dengan erat supaya dapat memberikan perkhidmatan yang baik dan berkesan pada rakyat.

2)BN mesti lah mencari titik permulaan baru bagi menguatkan usaha nya bagi membawa kesejahteraan kepada rakyat Malaysia dan membuat sumbangan yang lebih besar pada kurun 21, berdasarkan pengalaman BN mentabir Malaysia selama 50 tahun.

3)Jangan kita lupakan semangat tokoh tokoh yang memperjuangkan kemerdekaan
untuk Malaysia, peminpin peminpin yang terdahulu tahu kepentingan bagi mereka untuk berdialog dengan rakyat , berjuang bersama rakyat dan berkorban untuk rakyat.

4)Kita mesti percaya keberanian yang tidak terhad , kebijaksaan yang tidak terhad dan kekuatan tenaga yang tidak terhad adalah daya dorong politik dan semangat democratic ada lah nilai yang terpenting dalam politik

5)Dimana kita berada pun , kita mesti lah berjuang berdasarkan tiga nilai murni yang penting ia itu kejujuran , kebersihan dan keadilan.

6)Perubahan dunia adalah cepat ekoran globalisasi, sebagai satu system yang terbuka Malaysia juga tidak tersingkir dari kesan arus globalisasi.Dalam era yang baru ini BN mesti lah berusaha bersama sama rakyat, dan melalui tindakan dan pembaruan yang sewajar ,mempertingkatkan daya saingan kita untuk mencapai kemenangan untuk semua.

7)Pada Abad 21 BN mesti berusaha untuk mendirikan satu Malysia yang hidup dengan cergas(Dynamik) ,mesti memastikan pembangunan yang berterusan
Utamakan modal insan.

8)BN mesti menyakinkan setiap rakyat , semua manusia mempunyai potensi yang tidak terhad. Semua orang boleh menjadi manusia yang cemerlang , cerah dan berinovatif melalui process pendidikan dan pembelajaran sepanjang hayat. Dan modal insan adalah satu factor yang tersangat penting bagi Malaysia untuk terus mencapai kecermelangan di abad ke 21.

9)Patut lah kita tahu hubungan social kita boleh diibaratkan sebagai bulatan bulatan concentric (titik tengah sama) yang terus berkembang , kehidupan keluarga tak terasing dengan keadaan social tempatan , Negara dan Dunia.
Selama ini kita sudah buktikan yang kita orang Malaysia dapat hidup muhibah dan bersatupadu dibawah budaya yang berbilang. Ini adalah sumbangan yang terbesar Negara kita kepada dunia.Dengan status yang cermelang ini kita akan disanjung tinggi oleh Negara lain dan terus memainkan peranan yang penting untuk memupuk semangat damai di dunia.

10)Secara kesuluruhan BN adalah Perbadanan politik yang mempunyai falsafah politik yang baik, ini adalah penting kerana politik yang tidak berdasarkan falsafah dan idealogi akan menimbulkan kekeliruaan di kalangan rakyat , dan menyebabkan kemelesetan ekonomi Negara. Politik yang tidak relevan dengan kehidupan rakyat , akan menyebabkan rakyat sesak arah.

11)BN perlu lah membuat perubahan dan pembaruaan yang sejajar dengan masa untuk memastikan kita terus mencapai kecermerlangan pada abad 21.Akan tetapi jangan lah kita lupakan falsafah baik yang diamalkan oleh peminpin pemipin waktu kita mencapai kemerdekaan kerana politik yang tidak berdasarkan falsafah dan idealogi baik akan menimbulkan kekeliruaan di kalangan rakyat .

呉 和豪 said...


我要祝贺拿督那吉成为巫统得主席及未来的马来西亚最高领导人(首相),我是Kampung Kasippilai的居民。这地方很出名,因为全国最早的睦邻计划中心是在这里成立。

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• 从整体来看国阵友好的政治哲学。这是很重要的因为没有理念的政治、没有哲学的政治只能让群衆混乱纪迷茫,

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.