Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MCA Integrity Watch Group/ 马华(选择性)监督小组

Ever since the MCA Integrity Watch Group (IWG) burst into the scene, it is obvious that this integrity watch group were set up to continuously attack me and my supporters. A better name would be MCA Selective Watch Group. I don’t have to be an Einstein scientist to know who is behind this watch group.

Since then, I face mounting pressure that another group should be set up to monitor another MCA leader. Granted that no leader is perfect, it is never difficult to find issues, which are also of public interest.

My response has always been that we should be above all this. There should not be any personality attack. Things should be more towards issue-centric. In the same way, loyalty and support should be to a cause and should not be personality driven. One should not forget that leaders come and go.

What will happen to MCA if there are more IWGs just to harass a particular leader? It will be a politic of self-destruction rather than politics of construction.

I love my party more that I love the politics. Till this day, I resist in setting up another parallel integrity watch group.

How long I could hold up is anybody’s guess.







Elize said...


PoliBug | 波力拔克 said...

Bravo Doctor! "I love my party more that I love the politics."

This is the only reason that why most of us are still in MCA today.

kenny said...

Sue the IWG. Take out an injunction.

Pan Zer said...


Is the MCA endorsing what the MCA Integrity Watch Dogs (the "Dogs")'s actions? I am puzzled as to why MCA is tolerating the attacks that the Dogs are making on elected party leaders. For disparaging the characters of the MCA leaders, these Dogs should be stripped of their memberships. The MCA disciplinary committee should hound and haul these Dogs up and shut them up from barking on the wrong trees.

Instead of attacking the opposition, these Dogs are shitting around in their own backyard and biting their masters.

Our esteemed and respected honourable president Ong Tee Kiat should teach these Dogs a lesson and have them on a muzzle to shut them up.

raintree said...


Dear President,
Ever since the last party election, I have yet to see the new party leaderships have genuinely formulating a concrete agenda to rescue the party from the humiliating and devastating defeat in 308 general election.

The recent meeting with the Chinese NGO leaders is a typical political show which has been proven to be not only a waste of time and resources but also expose the party weakness openly. The reason is simple, The issues raised by the Chinese NGOs are same old issues bringing forward over the years but not solved!

The MCA Central committee's recent plan of implementing a new political culture and winning over the Chinese support especially from the young Chinese voters is another typical political rhetoric of yours.We do not see any concrete efforts from your plans.

If at all you are serious of winning the support of Chinese Community, just tell UMNO leaderships What we actually want from the BN Government, The Chinese Education issues like the medium of instruction in maths and science subjects in primary schools,more allocations and more new Chinese schools to be built,more intakes of non Bumi students in local universities.As far as Chinese religious and cultural practices are concerned,we like to see more liberal recognitions from the BN government and not just the window dressing for the foreign tourists!
AS a Cabinet Minister and the MCA President, you do not need the Chinese Community leaders to remind you.More so you have your platform to tell the UMNO leaders straight to their faces.IT IS NOW OR NEVER !

I am very doubtful of your leadership, both your capabilities and integrity. Instead of addressing the problems faced by the party, you choose to create hatreds and animosities amongst the party leaders.You blatantly misuse the prerogatives and rights of the MCA President by single out and marginalize the elected Deputy President and his supporters.You have many a time openly making remarks on his personalities and insinuating baseless stories on him.The recent formation of MCA IWG is unbecoming,disgusting and distasteful to many members and Malaysians.ON one hand, you want to protrude to be a saint but on the other hand you are so silent on the dirty practices of UMNO leaders during the ongoing party elections.

Many of us are sharing the spirit of Dato Sri Dr.Chua soi Lek That " I LOVE MY PARTY MORE THAN I LOVE POLITICS." Bravo Dato Dr. Chua !

A dedicated and a grass root member
Ng Nai Soo

James said...

Hi DOoc,
Well its rather sad that your enemies are out against you and wants to play God over your minor misendeavour .
Nothing much you can do at the present moment!The President of your party holds tremendous powers and he has his KingS men behind him solidly.Your position hangs very delicately in the party and perhaps if you were President like him could you imagine your impatiality.
We are talking of the responsibilities one have to bear.AT THE PRESENT MOMENT nothing is against your record in your character, your work style and all the rest.
The public here in Malaysia regards morality issue like a plague and forms conclusion .You cant fight this stigma because you will be judged not on your records but on this costly mistakes.
Hell ! look at Najib now ! You can forsee where trhis will lead.
In truth i never supported The MCA doctrines as it is way out of the today"s league in proper governance, but i admire your work values, your brillant views concerning your time as Min.of Health and your bravado to call a spade a spade!
Reading your blogs reminds me of being treated like a Pariah by your own party and we see so much division now!Sometimes you should ask yourself whether it's worth your time and efforts to co lead the Party.As famous RPK says CHINA can be bodoh at times!
I feel sad for you that they could'nt care a damm ed at you.As long as the President is not making a tiny effort to cajole you I see no hope for you to change MCA from within.You could follow what Syed Ibrahim did.A wise move but he is at peace with himself.
Hey! i forgot you have the talent to move things and i am sure forming a new Mca could give MCA a run for the money.
I wish to say from most of us you are justing wasting away.Please ponder and forget loving your Party .the party at present does'nt love you one bit!

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