Monday, March 23, 2009

Tiger Park in Georgetown/ 槟城建老虎公园?

I am one of those against the proposed Tiger Park in Georgetown. The 40-hectare allocation is too small an area for a big animal like the tiger. It will not be a “wow” factor in its attempt to keep the tourist dollars flowing. It is an ill-conceived eco-tourism development.

Penang has many tourist attractions: food, arts, multiracial culture, beaches, shopping and its World Herritage status.

When I was the chairman of the Johor Tourism Committee, I noticed at the international level, Penang or Georgetown has instant name recognition. It is not difficult to promote Penang.

Many Europeans, Middle East and China tourists like Penang that has the appeal of a tropical island. What is lack is continuous promotion and marketing upgrading of tourist facilities and good tourist package.

There is lack of cultural activities at night. There is no attempt to twin with other nearby island and to create convenient package like Bangkok and Saigon.

There are enough eco-tourism sites from Penang hill to Pulau Jerejak. More should be done to promote home stay programme in the suburb of the city, like in Balik Pulau with its fruit farms.

A Tiger Park of 40-hectare is too small to create any impact. Looking after big animal in a man-make setting is difficult. It will just become a zoo. There are already many zoos in our country.

If the state government is serious, then it should think of a night safari with other added attractions. Just depending on the tiger will not work. The tiger will only be at ease in its national habitat – the forest, not a man-made environment.








如果州政府认真发展旅游也,可考虑建立一个夜间动物园(night safari)。只有老虎的公园起不了作用,老虎最适合在大自然森林中生活,而不是受困在人造的园林。


G. Balamurugan said...

Dr Chua,
I completely agree with your views about the Tiger Park in Penang. Penang has much to offer to tourists and these have not be fully capitalized.

You may want to read my views about the Tiger Park and some suggestions for Penang Govt at my blog

Mike said...

While some people care about the tiger park in Penang, I am more concern about the day to day welfare of the average working Malaysian.

Those of you working for a living, have your notice your monthly income suddenly reduce since the last monthly pay.

If you check with your employer they will tell you government has instructed them to increase your income tax withhold by a huge of 20%. 20% my friend not 2, 5 or 10 but a huge 20%.

Read on the following news;

Tony Pua (週一,3月23日)在下議院參與1967年所得稅(2009年修定)法案總結辯論時,提出這些觀點。








You see the these sort of politician keep telling us they care about the working family, but in reality they are sucking us the helpless working class family dry.

Where is our outspoken MCA leaders and cabinet ministers? Why are they keeping so quite on this issues? Is it because most of them don’t need to pay tax and hence not affect by this ridiculous increase in tax withhold at this financial hard time?

Dr Chua do you know of about this or not? The tiger park issue to me should be put on the back burner.

Low said...

Forget abt Tiget just restore the snake temple. this is so call unique and surely attract tourish.
Improve the trafic problem, build the monorial. Emphasize the "Dragon Boat racing", Carry the Big Flag on the street, beutify the many thing to do other than Tiger !

stingray said...

Great to have a tiger park so that we can put those crooks who stole our money with the tigers.

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