Monday, March 23, 2009

Land Scam reported by MCA Integrity Watch Group/ 土地舞弊案

I read from the newspaper a report was lodged at the MACC Putrajaya by the MCA Integrity Watch Group against my former political secretary about a purported land scam.

The said land was acquired by Ministry of Health (MOH) for the purpose of constructing a health clinic in Johor Bahru. Every year, MOH acquired many pieces of land and the size of land acquired varies according to the type of health clinic to be constructed.

Acquisition of land by government agency is often a complicated process where the Minister and its staff is not involved. In the case of Ministry of Health, often the process start from the district health clinic which make the recommendation to the state and finally to the MOH headquarters.

At the Ministry, there is this committee, “Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Tanah” or the Land Development Committee, which is chaired by the Ketua Setiausaha (KSU). If there is a need and there is budget allocated, then the committee will evaluate the status of the land. Valuation of the land is then done by the Valuation Department. If the offer price of the land is way above the valuation as done by the Valuation Department, then often this is rejected by the said committee. Then there is the process of gazettement of land and the actual process of acquisition, which is done by the local land office.

In the whole process, the Minister and its staffs is not involved. Hence, in this reported case, I am more than willing to cooperate with the MACC so that any founded allegation can be rebutted.









xiao wei said...

All I can say Dato' is that all this while we suspect that this so called "MCA Integrity Watch Group" is set up by the President to "take care" of his opponents inside MCA. They have proven us correct and it is laughable for them to call themselves independent!

Hen said...

If you can make the profit through this transaction,why don't you get more?B'cos all of the Umno leaders have always do it.What to scare?shoot lah!

Pan Zer said...

Few questions come to mind :

1. How did the MCA Integrity Watch Dog ("MCA Dog") get access to confidential Ministry documents which come under the Official Secrets Act?

2. Could it be that the MCA Dogs were fed with those information from the powers that be in the Health Ministry (no prizes for guessing who is the master supplier to the MCA Dogs).

3. If anyone bothers to read the land scam documents, it is very obvious that the MCA Dogs wilfully mislead the public by arriving at ill conceived conclusions. For example : Authorising a person (who is neither a director nor shareholder) to collect a cheque is no big deal. All Malaysian cheques are marked account payee and non-negotiable, so what is the fuss?

4. If you read the Companies search, the Phua fella only owns 30% of the shares in the company. If there is any wrongdoing, why are the MCA Dogs not going after the 70% Bumi shareholder? Afraid that the 70% Bumi fella has a powerful master?


The way I look at it, at the rate the MCA Dogs bite at its masters, there may not be a party for the MCA Dogs to watch. The dog eat dog must stop.

P/s: The last I checked, the MCA Dogs took down their blog on the land scam *lol*

Dogs will be dogs..

bluesky said...

Dr Chua...sure you know who is behind this.....

兔宝宝 said...

Don't try to divert attention, we want to know whether the family did get benefits from the transaction!

RM8mil to RM29mil is alot to poor people. whether MCA or Umno, it is still the BN "companies"!u guy know the best opportunity to grab the gold mine, that's what we call crony!

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