Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vision School: Chinese Racialist? 文告:华社未排斥友族同胞

Much has been debated about the vision school and the real controversy is that the Malays including Mahathir do not really understand the reason why the majority of Chinese is against the implementation of vision schools.

All of us accept that mingling of 3 major races in primary schools is important. We cannot live in a multiracial country where major races are like aliens to each other. There must be some common grounds of interaction and understanding, mutual respect and tolerance in order to ensure racial harmony and peace.

This basic principle, I believe, is agreed by every Malaysian but how do we achieve it? Is vision school the only way to achieve this?

The answer is no.

There is always this thought that when major races share the same compound as proposed in vision school, then there is some interaction and hopefully understanding. However, the Malay schools will be dominant by virtue of fact of a bigger enrolment of pupils. Since the civil service is dominated by one particular race, there is this fear among Chinese educationists that the Chinese primary schools will ultimately change in character. Hence, it all boils down to trust of the Chinese community towards the government in its implementation of mother tongue education.

While citizens have the right to pursue mother tongue education, it has never been a hustle free freedom to pursue your mother tongue education.

When it comes to actual Chinese primary school development, there’s a host of problem and this has created suspicion and mistrust that is the biggest tumbling block to the acceptance of vision school. It is not that the Chinese are against interaction with other races. We value racial integration just like any other races.

In any community, there will always be people with a very tunnel vision regarding race, religion, education and culture. You can find that in all community, be in Chinese, Malay or Indian. Hence, it is dangerous to stereotype and make sweeping conclusions.

If leaders take recognition that there is lack of trust and confidence, then leaders should take positive steps and policy implementations to show that the government of the day is fair to all races as far as the educational opportunities and development are concerned. It is not just through pronouncement and lip service. Every community must see and feel that the government care and that every citizen’s right as enshrined in the constitution are given full protection.

After 308 election, I do see the change of heart among some Malay leaders as to mother tongue education. Some good examples is:

1) The 1st and 2nd stimulus package has given allocation to Chinese schools. This allocation is given directly to Chinese school board. To be fair, this was a decision made by the government before the 308 election. The result of the election could have hastened the implementation of this decision.

2) Relocation and building of new Chinese schools is to be bored by the government. 20 Chinese primary new schools of which 7 are new schools and 13 are relocated schools. This is a big change in the implementation of the construction and relocation of Chinese schools after the 308 election. Traditionally, this is borne by the Chinese community through contribution and partially only financed by the government.









malayamuda said...

responding to Mahathir without mentioning Kutty...very Good !

michael said...

Why don't people like you give PR a try ?
Yes, seriously.

If the government respond and act positively to vernacular education in the primary level, mistrusts will be removed.

No one thinks UMNO will lift a finger to put vernacular education at the primary level on par with the Malay schools.
At least, under a ketuanan rakyat government, such a mistrust may be removed.

Elize said...

The natural react is to protect our mother tongue. we, malaysia-chinese need to protect our root.I really don't understand what is in Dr.M 's mind!

yatim said...

As usual the Chinese community is are the punching box for the racist UMNO and also the racist Mahathir before the UMNO general assembly. Mahathir timed his comments to gain votes for his son. Same old tactics. These guys have no clue on what they talk and preach.

AnakMelaka said...

Dear Dr Chua,

the main reason Chinese goto Chinese Schools is because the standard/quality is higher than sekolah kebangsaan. Which is why you see more and more Malays and Indians sending their children.

I tried to send my boy to Sek Wawasan or Vision School (in Subang USJ). Since it started and until today it still has 3 primary one classes for the Chinese School but applicants far exceed the capacity.

When we ask why the school does not increase the classrooms to accommodate the overflow of applicants - you know what their excuse?

"Ministry tolak permohonan to increase classes - takut Wawasan jadi majority Chinese school"!

Malaysia Boleh!

Btw, Sek Tun Tan Cheng Lok was the No 1 primary school in Sgor based on 2008 UPSR results.

kenny said...

Mahatir is being racialist to save his little boy in the election tomorrow. I used to respect him. But no more.

May his ill gotten millions or is it billions be burned by the financial crisis.

linda said...

Giving to the Chinese medium schools is the duty of the Govt of the day but I must say that the givings here is merely eye-wash after 308 when BN woke up. The giving here is merely to appease the Chinese for the votes during PRU 13. This is the first step towards wooing back the Chinese as BN knows the Chinese no longer trust MCA.

MCA should not forget our rights are also enshrined in the social contract.

Dato Seri, do not be naive in the hope that UMNO will treat MCA like brothers. They would not abandon the ketuanan Melayu concept. Look at Najib's speech which is typical of any UMNO leader of the past....it is still "mendukung" Melayu. It should be broadly mendukung Malaysians.

Do not take a little sweetness as sugar. It is a mistaken fallacy to fall into. Wake up all of you in MCA or you all will be irrelevant come PRU 13.

I hope this serves as the rakyat's warning to politicians or you all may be doomed. Do not bank on the same old master who had lost his direction, one who has no more tricks to teach, one who would continue to blindfold the rakyat, one which is only interested in the Malays, one which has leaders which are only taking care of themselves....etc

It would be a long list if I were to continue. I think it is better for me to keep my energy for something much better where results of my criticism would have better managed. I have seen it all over the last 30 years of Malaysian politics. It will not change until one takes a step...a bold one ahead and forward.

jotan said...

Why are you still in BN, Dr Chua ?
Were you just born yesterday ? Chinese had been accused of many sins in the past including being communist. Did MCA help them ? You should know the answer

Mike said...


Who is racist here you tell me. Where is our MCA youth ?

the observer said...

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