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Bukit Gantang By-Election Campaign/ 为武吉干当助选

On the 30th March morning, I arrived in Simpang, a Chinese new village in the constituency of Bukit Gantang. Accompanied by BN candidate Ismail, the MCA Bukit Gantang division chief Datuk Ho Cheng Wang, the former MP and Ketua Wanita Gerakan Datuk Tan Lian Hoe, we started our door-to-door campaign.

Simpang is a prosperous Chinese new village, which is filled with a very busy market and a lot of hawkers. We made our usual rounds of introducing our candidate. I am surprised that almost all the residents and hawkers recognize me and call me in full name. Majority is friendly but some obviously have no warmth in their response to our request to vote for BN.

During our round, we met with PKR and DAP members, mostly young and middle aged Chinese men and women. It was a friendly encounter with exchange of pleasantry.

I was disappointed that the candidate and the MCA and UMNO members who follow us did not bring in a lot of campaign materials. In this respect, the PR group did a better job, at least in campaign materials, which were devoted to criticizing both the state and federal government. Somehow, BN have not done enough to counter a lot of these allegations in written form. Over a period of time, some of these allegations will be made to appear to be the truth. There is this famous saying that ‘if you repeat your lie often enough, it do not become a lie anymore’.

BN machinery needs to brush up in campaign materials. We must not forget that PR after its victory is in high spirit. It now has more motivated members and more resources in waging this election war. From the banners, party flags, t-shirts and badges, it is obvious that PR today have resources that can match BN.

In Bukit Gantang, BN will be facing an uphill battle. Here, we are facing a candidate who is a former MB of Perak. Although he is only MB for 1 year, but the controversy surrounding the fall of the Perak state government have generated so much of interest that he became a well-known personality over a night. Apparently, he is also a popular figure and some command of Chinese dialect and mandarin that he possesses have been also of great help.

I am disappointed that he chose to avoid the press. I can understand how some of the press treats opposition members. One must not also forget how the press selectively treats people from BN. The best is to tolerate them and regard it as occupational hazards. I too, have personal problem with one English media who is out to gun me down. As usual, I take it in my strike.

MCA leaders should be prepared to walk the extra mile by going door-to-door campaigning. While it is time consuming and saps your energy, it is worth the effort. That morning, we walk for 2 ½ hours. Many issues were brought up by the local residents, including a land issue of an Indian temple, which happens to be sited next to the market.

Issues brought up should be followed up so that it then could be resolved. Hence, the walkabout is not just smiling and shaking hands. It needs coordination between local, state and central leaders to effectively resolved issues that are brought up. Then only the rakyat is convinced that you do care and you are genuinely there to serve and not just a political showmanship of vote getting, but no problem solving.

I know some MCA leaders do not like my frankness when it comes to telling the truth to the voters. It’s an old habit that dies hard.





国阵需要在增加竞选宣传品。我们不能忽略,民联在州取胜后至今仍士气高昂。它们现有更多志气昂扬的党员,也有更多的资源逐战。从竞选布条、党旗、T 恤和徽章看来,今天的民联有足够的资源打宣传战和国阵较量。







Gemini said...

Why campaign in Bukit Gantang, knowing fully well that BN has an uphill task? In fact, it is an impossible mission. The voters in Bukit Gantang are not fools!!!

CH said...

It is suggested by Hamdan Ibrahim that the Perak Malays feel they're being marginalised because the PR government allows the chinese to BUY the lands which they (the chinese) have been residing for decades to remove their misery from facing such cruel uncertainty. If such disgrunted malays are god loving and strong believers of Islam, they should admire the compassion of the PR government in resolving the long suffering of their fellow malaysians at the hand of unfair treatment by the previous government. Those chinese are not taking the lands away from anybody. They have been stay there for decades and now they have to take out their hard earned money to buy the lands, not given free for heaven sake. I'm a Perakian and if there are fellow malay Perakians claim that they are being marginalised just because their long suffering chinese neighbours are given a fair treatment by the PR government, I have no hope about this bunch of sickening malay neighbours.

bantiek said...

I can read between the lines. It simply means that BN is bound to face a setback.

阿土伯 said...

BN will face big problem in this round of By election. Wait and see. Save your time to fight for minister seat in MCA. I support you.
Since you are from Johor, Johorean who invested in Dana Johor and Amanah Sahan Johor especially chinese really hope MCA can help to fight back better compensation.
Kindly help to do something.

呉 和豪 said...

YB Dato Seri Dr.Chua

Please send my best regard to all my friends and relative in十八丁

十八丁is famous for MEE UNDANG
Dr.Chua make sure that BN win so that I will be in good mood to visit KUALA SEPETANG with my family and friends.I advise my relative in SePetang to vote wisely , BN candidate who is sincere to help fisherman , petty trader to solve their problems,


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Pearls said...

Good!! at least you are awake and realise BN weaknesses. So, there is still hope.. ok la.. small small tiny bit of hope.

But frankly, I do hope PKR will win as PKR has done quite a bit of good for the people in Perak, taking into consideration that PKR is a young inexperience party and was only in power for less than 1 year. And, if compared to BN.. err.. after all these years!! My Gawd!! what has BN actually done for the people in Perak ah? Hmmm..

Well, anyway, we shall all bring out our little stools, arms with loads of kuaci and wait for the results. Pretty exciting time!

FY said...

Dr. Chua,

Since you are campaigning in the BN camp, what is your's and MCA view on money politics ? UMNO's stand is long known as can be seen in their recent elections as well as the frogging of 3 PR candidates from the Perak State Assembly.

KT was also full of money politics and newspaper reporters were dragged in as well.

Do you sincerely subscribe to such practices and if it hurts your conscience , why don't you and MCA speak against it ?

Man of principles and political conviction need to speak up on all issues that go against their beliefs but I am disappointed that some of the MCA and Gerakan leaders are afraid to do so.

When you want to win, win fairly as what you had been telling your opponents in the recent MCA elections.

Poppercaster said...

Dr Chua,

You have my respect for your frankness.

Nevertheless, during your visit, did you notice the nicely patched up and resurfaced roads around town. That's the good work of PR right after 308.

BN should seriously consider giving freehold or at least 99 yr leasehold titles to the farmers, town/kampung folks, orang asli etc and not merely 10 yr or temporary permit. Pity esp the farmers, many dont even know whether the lands that they work on will reap enough harvest to sustain them in yrs to come. Or they have to handover the plot before harvest. Do advise your members to lower themselves in the shoes of these people to understand their plight.

People will remember what you did after election and not pre-election.

I do remember your great work during HM days to restructure the dilapidated ministry. Sincere thanks.

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